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  1. Hey Wyrdos! Waldo loves tormenting us. The only thing he loves more than seeing one of his nefarious plots come together is hearing about others who share his love of mischief. Recently, Waldo has been totally absorbed in a new book. We managed to snag it while he was stealing our lunches from the fridge. Days Without Accident is a four-Act, full-size Penny Dreadful adventure for Through the Breach – it’s definitely worth a few lost sandwiches! The Fated are called to the Corners, a “worker’s paradise” wedged between Downtown, the Industrial Zone, and the southern New Construction Zone. They meet an infamous Guild lawyer who believes he is close to uncovering something big involving the M&SU… as well as possible Arcanists. What the Fated believe to be a simple protection job soon throws them into the center of a conspiracy larger than anything they could have imagined. Sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong rarely ends well, especially in a place like Malifaux City. It’ll be up to your group of Fated to decide how to handle their allegiances; do you stand with the rams of the Guild, the laborers of the M&SU, or cast your lot with another group entirely? We didn’t get to read the ending before Waldo came back to his lair, but you can pick up your own copy of Days Without Accident right now on DriveThruRPG for just $15! A physical copy will also be available later this year. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. We’ll be back next Wednesday with more decoy sandwiches for Waldo. If your Fated get to the end of Days Without Accident, come by the forums and tell us about it! Just mind the spoilers… Waldo hates spoilers.
  2. What’s rocking, Wyrdos? This week, we found out Waldo kept a chunk of the Rosetta Stone he stole a while back. He’s been calling it Sylvester and made a little nest for it out of shredded newspaper and at least three of our jackets. To make it worse, he’s making rock puns all week. We decided to share some of his best with you. We apologize in advance. Now, we know you don’t take previews for granite, so let’s get rolling like a stone! This week we have the Surveyors: gneiss chaps with chips on their shoulders that will boulder you over for being sedimentary and not playing some Malifaux! They use their Surveyor’s Tools to basalt their targets while using metamorph-antastic Hooked Chain to make enemies quake in fear. Marble at those Triggers, too! With Surveyors on your side, you’re sure to slate up some victories. Now, head over to the forums and talc about alkynes of Strategies and Schemes you can see the Surveyors rocking at. Hopefully they whet your apatite until next week… it’s not our fault if they don’t!
  3. Hey Wyrdos! This week Waldo decided he’d cozy up with some popcorn, a cask of orange soda, some minty-fresh toothpaste, and his favorite steel wool blanket. What was the occasion? A true crimes show marathon, of course! Not everyone in the office was a fan, but Waldo said that the only thing better than a good murder mystery is a good party. We’re not quite sure how those two connect in his mind, but we’re keeping an eye out all the same. While we’re avoiding Waldo’s plans for what he’s calling “murder brunch”, we thought it would be fitting to show off one of the latest Explorer’s Society models with a background equally excessive and mysterious! The man who helped found Winston Dirigibles and survived the Massacre at the Star Theater (after returning under mysterious circumstances): Winston Finnigan himself! Winston is a showstopper and utterly charming man, brought out when his employers need someone to handle the more delicate social side of things. As you can see by his card, he’s quite good at doing so. He’s also very lucky… after all, there was a reason Fate put him at the Star Theater that night… Who hasn’t dreamt about rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful? Just make sure you’re up to the job; Celebrity, Don’t Mind Me, and Luck Thief make it difficult to get Winston’s attention and pin him down. Escape boring conversationalists with Fortune’s Favor (even better: send them off on a Dirigible Ride!), or admonish them with Sharp Wit. Best be careful, though. Finnigan is a man of incredible luck, and he’s got his ways of making sure things go his way. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Waldo may think he’s the life of the party, but he’s too engrossed in his documentaries to start any trouble. We think. We’re counting on Waldo’s natural laziness to kick in and last until at least next week!
  4. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo got bored and decided he’d break out his summertime water gun a bit early. Of course he did it right as we were finishing up answering correspondence from some new esteemed colleagues. Waldo’s aquatic attack almost ruined our letters. We’ve set them out in the sun, but they just don’t seem to dry. We aren’t saying the water he used was magic, but, well… take a look for yourselves: Attached was also this drawing… Any ideas on what that might be? It seems like our new friends have some ideas. Maybe we’ll be hearing from them again soon? In the meantime, let’s see what he might look like on the table: That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Waldo’s squirt gun has been confiscated, but he’ll no doubt be back to his hijinks in no time…
  5. Hey Wyrdos! This week we found Waldo cleaning out cobwebs from the warehouse. We thought he was just trying to be helpful, but then we noticed he’d been looking up recipes for spiders. None of us asked any questions, and we’ve been avoiding all of Waldo’s containers in the fridge. There was some commotion back there, though, and of course we went to investigate. We didn’t get a good glimpse of what gave Waldo and his Spider-Smacking Stick™ a run for their money. And we’re not sure we want to … Waldo’s rather rapid retreat knocked over heaps of paperwork covered in cobwebs. We did come across one rather interesting tidbit while cleaning up though: Maybe you could find a place for him in your Through the Breach games? Of course, I’d read the report first so you know what Sonnia and the Witch Hunters have been uncovering in Malifaux… For our Fatemasters, you can add the Spelleater to your campaign with this Augment! Spelleaters are a great way to throw some challenges at your Fated group, especially if [REDACTED] or they like using magic. Through the Breach Augments are all about adding new challenges and curiosities to your games, and the Spelleater fits all of those categories! Lastly, we thought we should give you all your first taste of an Explorer’s Society stat card. Looks like someone got to this card’s information, too. Hmmm… I wonder what the missing Keyword is. Either way, enjoy! That’s all for now, Wyrdos. We’ll be back here same time next week with more previews. Assuming Waldo doesn’t burn the place down… or Sonnia.
  6. Hey there! Welcome to Through the Breach! Penny Dreadfuls and One Shots are a great way to introduce players into a campaign. While most of them involve combat to some extent, I think the following ones are great starting points, especially if you're still getting a feel for balancing and playing the game. They also focus more heavily on narrative, non-combative skills, and mystery: -Til Death Do Us Part -The Iktomi Shuffle -Jurassic Faux -Heart of Darkness Alternatively, if you and your group want some practice going through an adventure with the option of using included pre-generated characters, the following One Shots are great choices too: -The Show Must Go On -Sixteen Tons -Earthly Desires You can find all of those on our DriveThruRPG page, RIGHT HERE The Penny Dreadfuls and One Shots are usually written for about 3-4 Fated characters, but scale in a number of different ways. As the Fatemaster, you can change an enemy's Rank Value by a few points to make them weaker and easier to take on. This will reduce how hard and effectively they hit, and how many Fate Points they receive (pgs. 312-313 in the Core Rules). Otherwise, the adventures scale fairly well. They will dictate what enemies the Fated will fight, and generally add more based on how many are playing (for example, a group might consist of 3 enemies, plus 1 per every Fated character). Wounds might seem a bit low, but Fated are tough and can keep fighting even if they hit 0 Wounds; check pg. 302 of the Core Rules for more info on Unconsciousness and dealing with being reduced to 0. Control Hands also get replenished a bit more often than you think: pg. 283 of the Core Rules lists the four different ways Fated can refill their Control Hands. Hope this helps, and we'll see you when you go Through the Breach!
  7. Yup! The Core Rulebook is second edition, and combined a lot of the content from the Almanacs to give everyone easier access to Through the Breach. We recommend using the second edition of the rules, especially if you're a newer Fated or Fatemaster; they're what we write all of our new TTB content for. While a lot of the content carried over, you can still look at the Almanacs for some neat lore tidbits, items, and potential ideas for campaigns. But definitely get the Core Rulebook first if you plan on starting an adventure in Malifaux. Happy playing, and I'll see you when you go through the Breach!
  8. Hey Wyrdos! This week Waldo has been talking to himself a lot. That’s not out of the ordinary, but usually it’s about how to weaponize potatoes or finding the best spots to hide our pens. When he started reciting nursery rhymes, of all things, it made us a little concerned. We took down what he was sleep-mumbling during one of his rare week-long naps. See what you can make of it: Have you heard the story, About the man of one in two? Who went into the darkness, And lived where shadows do? He was indeed right out of place, He bore no robes a-flutter, No claws and teeth all shiny-sharp, Or limbs with shift-a-stutter. A fun and fancy banquet Did await the spectres here, But unnerve’d were these shadows, For the man, he held no fear. The man did make a gesture bright, And caused the murk to fade, Cut away by lances of light, Each and all man-made. Shadow locked within his tech, And the man took up his throne, For one of us had finally won, Against the Brocken and their own! Some of the words do look a little strange. I guess we’d need people to really go in and check for any hidden meaning there. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. We’re sure Waldo will be back to his old, plotting self in no time!
  9. Hey Wyrdos! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and that means chocolate, flowers, and candle-lit dinners. For everyone except us, of course. Waldo has proclaimed himself our office Cupid. We’ve been dodging his crossbow bolts all week; only those chalky candy hearts have been able to keep him occupied. He’s currently crunching away at a handful, so we have a little bit of time to take part in the festivities: Ah, star-crossed love. Is there anything more beautifully tragic? Technically yes, as this new Scheme for Malifaux is sure to set hearts aflutter (and make them go still quickly after). Lover’s Dilemma can be added to any Scheme Pool, so you can be sure to have a Valentine’s Day massacre wherever you are. How Lover’s Dilemma becomes part of the Scheme pool is intentionally left open-ended. If you’d like to add this only if a Joker is flipped, or replace a Scheme that you don’t particularly enjoy, feel free! Just make sure that both players are ready for the holiday-themed fun. To download the Lover’s Dilemma Scheme, just click this link! Half-price candy is always good, but love potions are even better! This free Through the Breach Augment lets you introduce Aphrodina Trott, a strange but enthusiastic peddler of love potions. Most of these drinks are just tasty, but some have a peculiar bit of magic-infused into them. Have the Fated take a drink and see what happens! To download this Augment and use it in your next adventure, just click this link here! That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Enjoy the festivities and get some good games in over the weekend. We need to restock on candy hearts and boxes of chocolate; the cardboard has been helpful in keeping Waldo’s ‘bolts of love’ from causing much more than a few flesh wounds…
  10. Happy Wednesday Wyrdos! This week, Waldo got really into pirates. It’s been question after question about ships, cannons, parrots, and where EXACTLY all that gold is hidden. We’re all tired of trying to explain to him the difference between booty and “booty”, so we’ve decided to distract him with this: We’re very excited to present The Dead Tide, a new Penny Dreadful One Shot for Through The Breach! This adventure features the infamous Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet, a captain whose greed and desire for legend brought her down a dark path. Fated characters will need to explore her ship and uncover the mysteries within its holds if they wish to have any chance of escape. If they’re lucky, they might just come back with a bit of treasure of their own… It’s also a great way to utilize your Brine & Bones Nightmare Box, as well as the Salty Seadevil! Just don’t tell your players that, or else they might get cold feet… The Dead Tide is available now on DriveThruRPG!
  11. That's the great thing about Through the Breach! You can shift and change stuff as much as you like (so long as you check with your Fatemaster). I'd personally recommend using the given stats and changing them based on flavor and appearance. The Seishin could easily be weak specters or the outlines of a painter's thought (a Concept?). Onryo could be more aggressive blots of shimmering color (replacing the Vengeful Shriek action with "Color Pulse" or "Pain of the Artist"), and Goryo could be humanoid figures surrounded with darkness and screaming half-real phantasms of other artworks or images the artist draws. Gaki would make excellent sketches or weird madness-creatures, all spikes and limbs trying to feed on the real world to sustain themselves. Your Seirei (if your Fated really gets into being a Medium) could be called a Masterpiece. Maybe a colorful Spirit version of your Fated, or the most frightening dreams that always seem to reoccur? You could always suggest adding Triggers to attacks or Talents that your summoned Spirits can gain to really drive that thematic idea home. Manifested Powers are a great way to do this too. Ultimately it's up to you. Create something new, or use any of the great TTB resources to pick and choose stuff you like. Make the campaign your own! Just remember to okay it with everyone else so they don't get surprised when you're showing up with VERY strange Spirits!
  12. You could also have it be just a regular Talent that is based off of a Social Skill instead of Magical one. It might look a little something like this (with your own values put in for the AV and TN): (0) Bring It (Centering/Tenacity) AV: X ===TN: X === Rg: 8 ===Resist: Wp The target immediately takes a (1) Action against this character. You could also add: "The target cannot use Actions against other characters they consider to be friendly."
  13. Those still look awesome! Can't wait to see everybody strutting down those streets.
  14. Sounds neat! I might make the penalty for failing a bit harsher (2 margins of failure?). Really push that feeling of NEEDING luck to be on your side for that next flip!
  15. Looking forward to 2020! I'm so excited to keep building the TTB community here, and to see where the strange and twisted roads of Malifaux take us!
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