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  1. Hey Wyrdos! Thank you all for participating in this first ever virtual Gen Con! Waldo may have been chewing on some wires over here, but you stuck with us and helped make this a great time. It was fun talking with you, answering questions, and giving previews about upcoming content. We still haven’t shown everything off, so keep your eyes on Waldo for future teases and news about our games! Did you miss any of our events during last weekend? Fret not! We have compiled a list of links for you to browse and catch up on all the awesome things we did. What better way to start off than with a video previewing a new Explorer’s Society model being sculpted? Take a look at the Bellhop Porter! Ready for the kick-off event? Watch the designers preview content for The Other Side, Through the Breach, and Malifaux: Finish up with a second sculpting video for Fat Cap, an alt Metal Golem: Then, listen to Craig Shipman from Third Floor Wars sit down with the Malifaux design team and ask them some questions. Ever wondered how Malifaux’s eighth Faction, the Explorer’s Society, came to be? Want to see previews of another new Explorer’s Society Master, English Ivan? Sit down with us here: Remember Lord Cooper and his crew of mighty Apex hunters we showed off? Well, they’re back in this 50 Soulstone game played by the gents at Third Floor Wars. Lord Cooper’s Apex keyword goes against Von Schill’s Freikorps in this first ever public game of the Explorer’s Society! Who will be the most dangerous hunter? Place your bets and check it out here: Have you been curious about Through the Breach? If so, catch up with Dead Aussie Gamer and his band of Fated as they set out to a small contract town hosting a no-holds-barred music festival. If only we knew about an infamous band in Malifaux that might want to crash the show… It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Through the Breach or a player with dozens of One Shots under your belt; Dead Aussie puts on a great show! Watch the chaos unfold here: If you didn’t get a chance to snag this year’s Nightmare box, Malifaux 1988, don’t worry! Gumdrop and her crew will be available again during our Black Friday sale in November, along with Fat Cap: a Metal Golem kitted out in cyberpunk style. That’s it for this week, Wyrdos! We want to thank all of the teams and individuals that helped us put on these events; they have lots of content to keep whetting your appetite for everything Wyrd, so go check them out: Third Floor Wars: https://thirdfloorwars.com/ DAG: https://www.twitch.tv/deadaussiegamer World Anvil: https://www.worldanvil.com/ Have fun re-watching your favorite Wyrd moments from Gen Con 2020. We’ll see you all back here next week!
  2. You can also check out the story in Shifting Loyalties (called Shifting Loyalties), and one of the Ten Thunders vignettes in Ripples of Fate
  3. Hey Wyrdos! It’s that time: Wyrd’s annual Gen Con sale is now live, so start picking up all those crews and new Masters you’ve had your eye on. Remember, every $100 you spend gets you 1 Miss Guided (alt Fuhatsu). If you don’t see Miss Guided in your cart, DON’T WORRY! The proper number of Miss Guided models will be added to qualifying orders when they are processed. Our fantastic Nightmare Box is also available. Malifaux 1988 puts some cyber into steampunk and lets you bring a re-imagined Foundry crew onto the table. WYR21043 Malifaux 1988 $75.00 If you’re just a bit away from the $100 mark for a free Miss Guided, pick up one of our brand-new Fate Decks (or three); there’s full character art on each card, and are great ways to show love for your favorite faction. Our Gen Con sale will run from July 29 to the end of August 4, so make sure you get your orders in before it ends! Here’s a full list of all the new releases that will be available during the sale: WYR23020 Guild Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23021 Resurrectionist Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23022 Arcanist Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23023 Neverborn Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23024 Outcast Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23025 Bayou Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23026 Ten Thunders Fate Deck - $13.00 WYR23216 Ravenous - $45.00 WYR23307 Primal Fury - $48.00 WYR23314 Troubleshooters - $38.00 WYR23318 Poisoned Storm - $40.00 WYR23321 Arachnophobia - $40.00 WYR23404 Things that Go Bump - $30.00 WYR23408 Juvenile Deliquence - $38.00 WYR23409 Lyssa - $27.00 WYR23414 Brood Mates - $18.00 WYR23505 Between the Ley-Lines - $45.00 WYR23517 Folsom Prison Blues - $30.00 WYR23518 Dead Outlaws - $24.00 WYR23520 Tainted Filth - $35.00 WYR23609 Copycats - $35.00 WYR23633 Terror in a Barrel - $35.00 WYR23707 Jakob Lynch Core Box - $60.00 WYR23722 Devoted Students - $40.00 WYR23728 Ancestral Icons - $45.00 WYR23729 Lords of War - $45.00 WYR23504 Von Schill Core Box - $55.00 WYR23507 Auxiliary Forces - $40.00 That’s all for now, Wyrdos. Remember to check out our Gen Con events running through this weekend, starting with a kick-off and discussion tomorrow at 3PM EDT. We have exclusive previews, raffles, and more to share with you all!
  4. Hey Wyrdos! Wednesday has finally come again, and with it, news about Wyrd’s Gen Con events! Even Waldo is excited; he’s behaved himself all morning in anticipation for the announcements. Without further ado, here is what you can expect from us at Wyrd during Gen Con 2020: Thursday July 30 Gen Con Kick-Off! (3:00-3:45PM*, on YouTube) Come join in celebrating the first day of Gen Con! The Wyrd design team will be there to talk about our game lines (Malifaux, The Other Side, and Through the Breach) and share news (and maybe a preview or two…) about upcoming products. Malifaux Q&A with Third Floor Wars (4:00-6:00PM*, on YouTube) Hang out with the design team as they sit down with Craig Shipman, host of Third Floor Wars’ Tabletop Talk podcast, and discuss all things Malifaux. There’s going to be chances to win prizes! Waldo might even be able to convince us to answer a question or two from the community... Friday July 31 Malifaux Live Play with Third Floor Wars (4:00-8:00PM*, on YouTube) Get ready for a rumble, because the gents at Third Floor Wars are bringing in the beasts! Get an exclusive first look at how the Explorer’s Society Apex keyword plays. We’ll be sure to pull his crew aside and show them off properly so you can get a good look at their ferocious mugs up close. The Wyrd design team will also be there to make comments on gameplay, answering questions, and (of course) raffling off more prizes! Saturday August 1 Through the Breach Live Play with Dead Aussie Gamer (4:00-8:00PM*, on Twitch) Enter the ‘faux-verse with this awesome live play hosted by Fatemaster Dead Aussie Gamer and his ragtag group of Fated! They’ll be traversing through the Badlands on a specific mission for some very important people. Of course, Bad Things Happen in Malifaux, and the Fated might end up meeting dangerous enemies at the crossroads… The Wyrd design team will be there throughout the event too, so make sure to join us (prizes, of course, will be raffled off). Think that’s all? We will be showing off more great stuff during these times to whet your appetites for everything Wyrd. You’ll get to see upcoming sculpts, new artwork, and more before anyone else! And, if Waldo is to be believed, maybe even a painting video or two from Mr. Angel Giraldez himself… Remember, you’ll also be able to pick up new releases and our Nightmare Box, Malifaux 1988, during our Gen Con sale. Every $100 you spend also gets you a free a free Miss Guided, who can stand in as an alt Fuhatsu. That means $200+ gets you 2, $300+ gets you 3, and so on. The Gen Con sale runs July 29th - August 4th, so make sure you get your orders in! Where Do We Go? As Gen Con 2020 will be virtual, we will be posting links next Wednesday to guide you to Wyrd events as smoothly as possible. In the meantime, check out the content being produced by the awesome groups helping us this Gen Con: Check out Third Floor Wars on Youtube.com! Check out Dead Aussie Gamer on Twitch.tv We hope you’re excited for Gen Con, Wyrdos, and can’t wait to see you there! After you check out Third Floor Wars and Dead Aussie Gamer, why not pop by our forums and start speculating? What are you hoping to see? What are you most excited about? Let us know! *All times are given in Eastern Time, so make sure to set your clocks. You won’t want to miss a second of Wyrd’s Gen Con 2020!
  5. Hey Wyrdos! This is a special Monday update packed full of information about Gen Con, our new releases, and more. We at Wyrd are putting on events for Gen Con 2020! We will be sending out a newsletter (and a Waldo’s Weekly, of course) that has a list of our planned events. We won’t spoil anything just yet - check back on Wednesday! As usual, we will have some new releases available for purchase in our online store during the Gen Con sale (July 29 - August 4), including some fancy new Fate Decks. Take a look at the complete list below: WYR23020 Guild Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23021 Resurrectionist Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23022 Arcanist Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23023 Neverborn Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23024 Outcast Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23025 Bayou Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23026 Ten Thunders Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23216 Ravenous $45.00 WYR23307 Primal Fury $48.00 WYR23314 Troubleshooters $38.00 WYR23318 Poisoned Storm $40.00 WYR23321 Arachnophobia $40.00 WYR23404 Things that Go Bump $30.00 WYR23408 Juvenile Deliquence $38.00 WYR23409 Lyssa $27.00 WYR23414 Brood Mates $18.00 WYR23505 Between the Ley Lines $28.00 WYR23517 Folsom Prison Blues $30.00 WYR23518 Dead Outlaws $24.00 WYR23520 Tainted Filth $35.00 WYR23609 Copycats $35.00 WYR23633 Terror in a Barrel $35.00 WYR23707 Jakob Lynch Core Box $60.00 WYR23722 Devoted Students $40.00 WYR23728 Ancestral Icons $45.00 WYR23729 Lords of War $45.00 *WYR23204 Kirai Core Box $55.00 *WYR23207 Honor Roll $50.00 *WYR23208 Study Group $50.00 *WYR23504 Von Schill Core Box $55.00 *WYR23507 Auxillary Forces $40.00 *WYR23608 Ophelia Core Box $55.00 *WYR23621 Mudlight Whispers $38.00 *WYR23622 War Pigs $45.00 *WYR23631 Squealers $35.00 *Availability subject to change Our limited-edition Nightmare Box (Foundry keyword), Malifaux 1988, will be available to pick up during that time as well. If you fancy neon colors, pompadours, and cool constructs, this crew is for you! Remember, our Miss model (alt Fuhatsu) is also available for free to anyone that places an order of $100 or more during the Gen Con sale (July 29 - August 4). WYR21403 Malifaux 1988 $75.00 Miss Guided (free with purchases of $100+) Given the current global situation, some of our releases have been changed or pushed back. If you’re curious about where something might be, read on. The Explorer’s Society is still out adventuring; we expect them to return in November, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about them closer to that time. Still looking for a specific model or box that isn’t on our Upcoming Releases page? The final releases for Malifaux 3E are also planned to be available for purchase later this year. Make sure to pick them up from your local game stores as they become available. That’s all for now, Wyrdos. Our Waldo’s Weekly will be chock-full of even more information to help you prepare for Wyrd’s Gen Con 2020, so meet us back here on Wednesday! And remember: the Gen Con sale is July 29 - August 4.
  6. Hey Wyrdos! Waldo decided he’d break out his summer look this week. We aren’t sure exactly why he thought an all-denim ensemble was a good idea, but our little imp refuses to take any constructive criticism on his choice of outfit. While Waldo struts around in his denim sunhat, denim arm warmers, and denim overalls with a denim handkerchief in his front pocket, we thought it would be a good time to show you another model that’s getting a new look! Meet Miss Guided, our Miss model for 2020! As an alt Fuhatsu, Miss Guided offers Ten Thunders players of all kinds the opportunity to give their usual madman a quick vacation. If you’re looking for a great model to paint (or just a bit less craziness with just as much Gatling gun), then Miss Guided is for you! She’s going to be available during Wyrd’s Gen Con sale, and will be included for free on all orders over $100. Read the spiffy image below for more details. Waldo’s now trying to make sandals out of denim, so that’ll have to be all for this week Wyrdos. Stay tuned, as we’ll be revealing more regarding Gen Con and all the Wyrd goodness that you can expect over that weekend!
  7. Ah, this is one instance where the Fatemaster makes the damage flip for the Fatemaster character! Page 301 of the Core Rules might give a little more clarity on this. It's definitely one of the very few exceptions to FM characters not flipping cards, so good catch! Hope you and your Fated enjoy Days Without Accident!
  8. Welcome! It's good that your group is already excited to start delving around in Malifaux. Remember, it's your game, so if you feel killing off more powerful characters instead of having the Fated attack them until they deal enough Severe Critical Hits is up to you- just make sure they've earned it! (See pgs. 303, 312-313 of your Core Rules on how to deal with Unconsciousness and higher-rank characters). Fatemaster character triggers are explained on pg. 286 of the Core Rules; it has to do with what cards are flipped against them in specific duels... As for Scrip, it's again up to you (and how fast your Fated can spend it). A Guild Guard earns roughly 2 Scrip per week, while a Death Marshal earns about 4. The higher the risk (and the more skills a job requires) the more rewards there should be! Take a little time to feel out what each player wants and needs; don't give them everything at once. Are they looking at a nice shiny Peacebringer? They'll need to work hard to earn it! Lots of our One Shots on DriveThruRPG also give out listed rewards during the Epilogue, so you can also use those as a good way to determine how much a job might be worth. Best of luck, and we're glad to have you!
  9. **SYSTEM START: run program “STANDARD_GREETING.vid” …initializing… … … … …initializing… ++HELLO WYRDOS ++waldo has temporarily transferred us to cyberspace. we don't have time to explain (it involved the sentient microwave from last week, a pouch of fruit snacks, and what we think was a small hadron collider he picked up from somewhere) ++luckily he trapped us in the computer that had this file on it. **OPEN file CODENAME: YANKI_PIRANHAS ERROR Data File Status: Download FAILURE. 23% complete ++uh oh. give us a second… 01001101 01100001 01101100 01101001 01100110 01100001 01110101 01111000 00111010 00100000 00110001 00111001 00111000 00111000 00001010 ++did you get that? no? sorry… one second… ERROR ... ERROR ... ///://\Reinitializing- ++Launch Protocol Gy0: ((Nightmare Box 2020)) ++there we go! just gotta type in the password so you can open up the file too… **ENTER password: Malifaux: 1988 **OPEN file MostAwesomeNightmareBoxEVER_2020.png **OPEN program ReturnTheWyrdTeamToTheOffice.lol …downloading… 97% complete… launching… Whew, that’s better! Now that we’re back, let’s take a look at the leader of the crew and boss of the infamous Yanki Piranhas gang: Gumdrop, a reimagined version of Mei Feng. She’s the same Foundry master you know and love, and brings an all-new style to her crew’s cards. Need more hardwired tech and gritty neo-futurism? Of course you do - who doesn’t? The other members of the Piranhas are slipping through time and tagging cyberpunk buildings right beside her: Mean Streak (who counts as Kang) King Crybaby, Mad Mop, and Tag Line (who count as Rail Workers) Spritz (who counts as a Forgeling) Remember, Malifaux: 1988 will be available on Wyrd’s webstore during our Gen Con sale. Ride the monorails and vent spray paint instead of steam, because the Yanki Piranhas are ready to roll! That’s all for now, Wyrdos, but keep checking back. In the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing other models available at Gen Con as well as what you can expect from Wyrd during the convention.
  10. Hey Wyrdos! Waldo decided he’d try and become an inventor this week. He grabbed a bunch of random odds (scissors, yogurt lids) and ends (shoelaces, sticky notes) from everyone in the office. Then he stole the office microwave before anyone could stop him. We didn’t see him for a few (wonderfully) quiet days, but that was the calm before the storm. Waldo burst from his laboratory this afternoon chased by a furious machine (simultaneously cooking a chicken pot pie and destroying everything) that looked suspiciously like it was once a microwave. While we hide from Waldo’s creation (which he swears he has under control…), let’s show off another solitary inventor who is far more successful. This is Gibson DeWalt, a new member of the Explorer’s Society with some shady ties. It’s been a while since the inventor has used his light-bending technology, but now he’s been called out of retirement. DeWalt brings those pieces of tech to the battlefield. Take a look at his stat card: Pretty neat, right? If nothing else, it’s worth taking Gibson DeWalt so you can say all the cool names of his abilities while you use them. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Stay tuned, as we’ll soon be revealing more exciting things that usually start happening around this time of the year.
  11. Hey Wyrdos, Ever feel like things are just running too smoothly? Is your group of Fated hopelessly lost, unable to pick up on the most obvious clues you’ve so lovingly planted in your adventure? Need a way to incorporate that new One-Shot into your campaign? Well, we are pleased to announce that we have a most elegant solution for you. Enter Klaus Norwood, a Mimic investigator, spymaster, tea aficionado, and all-around morally gray character. Despite not having ears or eyes (or a nose, for that matter), Klaus is a fantastic observer. He can find out almost anything for anyone… assuming he’s fairly compensated for his efforts. While he might be a little expensive, there’s nobody quite like Klaus to save the day with a well-placed bit of blackmail. Of course, you can also hire one of the Mimic’s other personalities. Klaus seems to know people everywhere he goes, and that can open many doors, indeed. Check out this Augment if you’d like to learn more about our beloved Klaus and include him in your own Through the Breach campaigns! That’s all for this week Wyrdos. What would you ask Klaus if he came around? What are you expecting your Fated group to inquire about? Do you think Klaus is a snappy dresser? Let us know!
  12. Hey Wyrdos! A few weeks ago, we foolishly trusted Waldo to place an order for a bunch of new office plants. He kept grinning maliciously while they were being delivered; that should have been our first clue! Turns out, Waldo decided to acquire a multitude of carnivorous plants instead of normal ferns and flowers. We tried to make the best of a bad situation but underestimated just how “bitey” Waldo’s plants were. After a few close calls, we decided we needed to call in an expert. Cue the distinguished Dr. Seymour Audrey the Second, a renowned botanist and horticulturist! He’s been the one helping us deal with the bloodthirsty flytraps and creepers. Unfortunately, it seems like Dr. Audrey has his work cut out for him. Between shouts of “Have at thee, beast!” and “Feed me!”, we aren’t sure who will come out of this unscathed. We’ll update you on the fight next week Wyrdos! In the meantime, come on down to the forums and tell us who you’re cheering for in this botanical battle!
  13. Wyrdos, This week, Waldo, that clever boy, was out rummaging in his giant archaeological pit in the back of the office. It got very quiet (never a good sign when Waldo’s around) and then our cups of water started to ripple. There was an ear-splitting roar, and lo and behold, Waldo stomped into view riding atop a… well, take a look for yourself: It seems like life, uh, always finds a way. Thanks to Titania’s magic, the Malisaurus Rex once again walks the Wildlands! Curious to see just how big this royalty-among-lizards will be? Take a look at the sculpt*: With the Fae and Apex keywords, the Malisaurus Rex can be included in Titania’s force as well as Lord Cooper’s. The other Explorers can borrow Cooper’s pet**, of course, but need to pay a little extra. Want to venture further into the Wildlands? Want to raise a pet Malisaurus for yourself***? Then check out Jurassic Faux, a Through the Breach One-Shot that specifically focuses on the new growth between the Knotwoods and Nythera! You can grab it here for just $5 on DriveThruRPG! That’s all for this week Wyrdos. While we try and help Waldo get his new reptilian vehicle under control, come on over to the forums and tell us what you think of this dino-riffic addition to the Explorer’s Society! How are you going to paint yours? *Hog Whisperer not included. **Just how did Cooper manage to get one? I guess we’ll just need to wait and see… ***We cannot recommend doing this. Malisaurus are very bitey. Ask your Fatemaster before attempting to ride one into battle.
  14. Hey Wyrdos! We found Waldo drinking strangely colored liquids today. Normally this wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but they all seemed to be inside old beakers and bottles. I mean, they’re inside an imp’s stomach now, but they WERE in old scientific bottles. Waldo told us (between rainbow-colored, bubbly burps) that he’d gotten them from a weird lady that had seemed eager to get rid of a bunch of stuff. We picked through half-empty jars, broken petri dishes, and a ream of torn up paper while Waldo continued his gastronomical adventures. Most of the notes were scratched out. This was one of the only legible pieces we found: We aren’t sure what it means. We asked Waldo who exactly this lady was that he saw, and he provided a fairly good likeness… we think. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Tell us who you think this mysterious doctor is! What is she studying? Why did she get rid of a bunch of vials? Why did Waldo drink them? These are the questions we need to answer before next week. We’ll see you then!
  15. Hey Wyrdos! Waldo loves tormenting us. The only thing he loves more than seeing one of his nefarious plots come together is hearing about others who share his love of mischief. Recently, Waldo has been totally absorbed in a new book. We managed to snag it while he was stealing our lunches from the fridge. Days Without Accident is a four-Act, full-size Penny Dreadful adventure for Through the Breach – it’s definitely worth a few lost sandwiches! The Fated are called to the Corners, a “worker’s paradise” wedged between Downtown, the Industrial Zone, and the southern New Construction Zone. They meet an infamous Guild lawyer who believes he is close to uncovering something big involving the M&SU… as well as possible Arcanists. What the Fated believe to be a simple protection job soon throws them into the center of a conspiracy larger than anything they could have imagined. Sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong rarely ends well, especially in a place like Malifaux City. It’ll be up to your group of Fated to decide how to handle their allegiances; do you stand with the rams of the Guild, the laborers of the M&SU, or cast your lot with another group entirely? We didn’t get to read the ending before Waldo came back to his lair, but you can pick up your own copy of Days Without Accident right now on DriveThruRPG for just $15! A physical copy will also be available later this year. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. We’ll be back next Wednesday with more decoy sandwiches for Waldo. If your Fated get to the end of Days Without Accident, come by the forums and tell us about it! Just mind the spoilers… Waldo hates spoilers.
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