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  1. Clarification incoming! Walking Fortress applies only when characters would specifically gain permanent Wounds from a source; not increased Resilience or anything else that adds Wounds as a side effect. The pursuit step grants +1 Wound once per other Talent, so Walking Fortress would grant +1 Wound from Unnatural Vigor. Tough Enough's temporary Wounds are a buffer. They do not count as permanent, nor are they ever added when calculating effects regarding a character's total Wounds or health. Headliners cannot permanently increase their Aspects except through
  2. While below half health, a Painkiller with this Talent: -Does not end her Focused Condition at the end of her turn. -May discard a card to gain Focused +1 (max Focused +3). Waldo stole our extra conjunctions, so we wrote it that way...
  3. The materials used in construction are mostly there to provide Fatemasters and Fated with some idea of what things would cost in Malifaux. For example, creating one of the legendary Coryphee or Mannequins is going to be much more expensive than making a Marionette. A bit of cloth and some sticks, however, is going to let a Fated make a much cheaper (and usually weaker) Doll. The same goes for which materials go with which Doll. This is mostly just based on visual cues. A vast majority of puppets are cloth with some wood. More complex ones, like Stitched Together and any mechanical Doll,
  4. Yes- Fated playing as Puppets will need their own Twist Deck to make flips and actually play the game (see Step 14 of the Core rules for how to do this). While a Destiny isn't necessary, players should feel free to flip cards from the main deck and assign those to their Mind, Body, Root, and Endeavor Destiny Steps; they just wouldn't gain any Aspect changes or Skills from those steps. They also exchange the "Just a Bit of Consciousness" Talent (pg. 117 in From Nightmares) for the "I Am Real" Talent on pg. 119, which gives some more information about how to make Fated Puppet characters.
  5. All Talents are written to have Requirements built into their profile, as a vast majority of them do require having some prerequisite before a character can take them. A Talent with no Requirements means anyone, including Fated and Fatemaster characters, can take it.
  6. Hey Wyrdos! As all of you must know, Waldo is only one of two people in the office that can’t deal with spiders. Whenever one comes around, the rest of us get called to bring in the trusty Spider Containment Device (a cup and a piece of cardboard) to escort the arachnid elsewhere. When we heard Waldo’s characteristic shriek from the warehouse, we knew what to do. Except this time, it was something far more dangerous: We aren’t sure how long they’ve been lurking around, but the webbing and weird black veins on everyone’s neck made us realize we might have a real problem on our h
  7. Hey Wyrdos! It’s no secret we at Wyrd love Halloween. Some of us love the candy. Others prefer zombies and bad horror flicks. Waldo’s a fan of everything ghoulish and ghastly, and secretly loves stomping on particularly crunchy leaves. But what about things you don’t see? What about that creeping sense of dread, knowing that something evil might be lurking right around the corner? If you want to explore some of Halloween’s more psychological thrills, then we humbly suggest you spend A Night in Hallow. This new One Shot adventure for Through the Breach sees the Fated come to the
  8. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo decided he wanted to trick-or-treat a little bit early. He dumped candy onto all of our desks and paraded around, making a big show of doing costume changes and having us put candy into his small Halloween bucket. So far we’ve seen a sheet ghost, a cowboy, a Lord Chompy Bits with two fake arms, and one of Colette’s Performers. Since Waldo’s in the festive spirit, we thought it would be fun to help you bring that same spookiness to your games of Malifaux! First up is All Hallow’s Eve, a special story encounter that pits the nefarious Carver against some of
  9. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo decided he’d try his hand at crafting his own motorcycle (we think he’s still envious of Rollins Black from a few weeks ago). Waldo decided that lights, our microwave (we can’t seem to keep him away from those), some extremely high-tech equipment, and his old tricycle would make a fantastic bike. He proudly presented his light-tri-cycle (he still can’t do two wheels); we were all dumbfounded and more than a little worried for his safety. But he plunked a helmet over his horns, pressed the “on” button, and shot off. Only three trails of neon light signaled his
  10. It’s that time of year again. Zombies stir in the loose soil, spirits cut through the veil between living and the dead, Nightmares skulk in darkness, and Waldo eats far too much candy corn for his own good. Whether you’re a fan of autumnal colors or just can’t get enough pumpkin spice, let’s not forget one of the best parts of fall: Carving Day! To celebrate this spooky season, the Rotten Harvest painting contest has come back from the grave. It’s a time to showcase your skills and put paint to some of the scariest models in your collection… To enter the Rotten Harvest paintin
  11. Hey Wyrdos! If Waldo’s displays of pumpkins, strings of bats, and skulls (we don’t ask where he gets them) are any indication, it’s almost time for the spookiest season of the year! That’s right: Carving Day and the Rotten Harvest are creeping upon Malifaux once again. Light your jack o’ lanterns, grab a handful of candy, and come see what we have in store. This year, we’re releasing a second alt crew alongside Malifaux 1988. Called Witches and Woes, this box has almost everything you need to get started with the Woe keyword for the Neverborn. Pandora, her Poltergeist, an
  12. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo decided he’d spice things up by trying his hand at fishing. He got his pole, tackle box, and hat, then proceeded to dig outside the office for some bait. After an hour or so, Waldo had only managed to wrangle a few earthworms… until the ground started to rumble and shake. It looked like Waldo’s excavating attracted the attention of an upcoming creature for the Explorer’s Society, and an existing crew: Somehow, Waldo managed to disturb one of Malifaux’s native Sand Worms and let it loose on the office’s front lawn! Sand Worms are huge and hungry
  13. Hey Wyrdos! This week, Waldo pulled up to the office on his new motorcycle. Well, what he called a motorcycle. It’s actually just a tricycle that he painted black, and makes little “vroom” noises when he pedals around. Still, our little imp has embraced the biker lifestyle, leather vest and all. Waldo sauntered up to the front desk and asked if we’d heard about the man who rode around with a couple of ladies on monowheels and a dog with more boiler than tail on his backside. Waldo scooted away on his bike before we could ask how he’d heard about the infamous Wild Ones gang…
  14. Those are Tarots from the expansion books! WW: Waterways Tarot, Into the Bayou LL: Lifeline Tarot, Under Quarantine AL: Assembly Line Tarot, Into the Steam RH: Ram's Head Tarot, Above the Law CR stands for Crossroads Tarot, or the one in the Core Rules. If you're looking at older Chronicles adventures, there's a good chance those were written before TTB's second edition, so the Tarot tie-in might have been changed. Hope this helps!
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