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  1. i dont think the gunslingers are bad, but i personally am a bigger fan of sue in their place. it is of course all preference. I am a firm believer that nothing is unusable and most pieces are preferential. I like using actual characters vs nameless models, tipping sue in my favor
  2. Gunslinger can’t use soulstones, upgrades doesn’t grant that. But yeah his def trigger isn’t easy to achieve
  3. I need to give the gunslinger more chances, but I only run one regardless. I can see him doing well as long as I don’t want him to be getting in the opponent’s face. Sue is great for defensively shutting down triggered and even charging into an enemy to keep defensive trigger shut off
  4. What the outlaws add is the god pseudo obey (good especially in corrupted idols), good utility against crews like yanlo or Marcus due to upgrades, covetous cravings is another good counter to scheme markers, they have good use for only 6 stones, but they are generally betting on daw, I agree. If I want extra healing I will take the effigy or emmisary tbh. And I hate hold up their forces..
  5. So this is the “all comers” core I am thinking about: Parker - master doc Mitchell -totem mad dog - his damage is incredible and if the opponent fails to spread out he will destroy their crew. His blown apart is incredibly valuable in certain situations bandido - a solid core minion. Flexible with decent damage. I sometimes take 2 Sue - a main damage dealer with built in crit strike and can help zone and draw cards. thie is 22 points for a core and I am gonna be experimenting with certain other models for possible adds either as a core or for certain needs: Barbaros - a versatile pseudo tank with some movement control. Haven’t tried yet so still need to experiment hans: tech piece against concealment, cover, and terrifying, also good for hitting models like Zoraida with conditions to minimize their effectiveness woku raiders: too expensive to take more than 1 but in a pool with mostly scheme markers or vs scheme marker crews she can be incredible. Also a good roadblock vs pure Mele models dead outlaws: I can see their use especially taking one vs taking a second bandido. Not sure what specific role they fill other than a slightly more damage focused vs a bandido midnight stalker - a crutch model as he fit anywhere as either a scheme runner or a runner hunter. I like taking him but he is used so often it bugs me lol my go to for breakthrough and search ruins Hodgepodge emissary - a great model for added mobility and utility.. but I struggle to get the greatest use out of his upgrades in this crew other than regen on mad dog. Since this crew spreads out more I find him less useful than elsewhere. prospectors - another model I have yet to try but I can see their value particularly in scheme marker heavy pools, bandits seem to have a heavy synergy with him. I will be taking 1 every game for at least 3 games to evaluate his value to me. Pride - a model on my painting table that can lock an area down. Looks great on paper and will have to try him in my games. He looks great at stopping a major beater from being able to do much but both both nullifying the cheating potential and handing out distracted. Convict gunslinger - I only see myself taking this vs crews with a lot of shooting tbh.i don’t like them very much but can be useful as glass canons So far out of all the crews I have played in outcasts this crew is the most flexible. You want at least a 4-5 bandits to get side out of bandit raid and draw their attention but can fit pretty much anything else is. The crew doesn’t need to bubble so it can spread out and be quite Mobile. any other suggestions, recommendations, or comments about potential choices? Anything you agree/disagree with?
  6. I have put down the woku raiders a lot but I recently saw the light! Played a scenario that was almost 100% scheme marker based an just one Raider not only proved a decent roadblock but she shutdown their schemes hard by eating, moving, and otherwise disrupting there scheme markers
  7. The way the rules forum works sometimes things get out of order lol
  8. Can you point me to the rulebook page reference please? It’s something I want to be able to show when the issue comes up again locally
  9. So I know I saw it somewhere but now can’t find it. When the bandit get their trigger to force markers to be dropped, the enemy model is dropping them. Normally they would then be friendly to that enemy model, but the ability says they drop an “enemy scheme marker”. Does this mean it’s enemy to the model dropping It, thereby being friendly to me?
  10. Played a Hench led crew with nix.. not a good game style for the plague models.. you need hamelin
  11. I agree, control is a part of the game but it’s also not a game about just killing things. Playing the strategy and schemes is huge!
  12. Maybe I am misunderstanding you, but the range is based on the model being targeted vs from the scion. That is the difference here.
  13. So first of all.. welcome to the game! Now for the main meat: you crew looks solid and 2x hanged are never going to be a bad idea as the are really good. this crew is a lot of fun to play as but be warned.. they are akin to play black discard in MTG. They can be super powerful and delightfully sadistic in game terms, but they can be very frustrating for the opponent. this crews challenge for you to learn is going to be maximizing their unconventional movement. They have a lot of pushes and hanged and daw basically teleport to enemies. You are about to have a lot if fun with this crew... maybe try out dead outlaws too
  14. Upgrades there are per taste imo. That can certainly be an effective tactic. I prefer servant on mine but I could see changing it out based on the scenario
  15. I also run him in outcasts 😜 so a bit different on upgrades
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