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  1. Will there be an update to this list?
  2. More for hard to kill and the bounties. I usually get at least one bounty out of it (killed widow weaver) but since he was my martyrs target I wanted to keep him alive or make my opponent work to kill him
  3. So I love to take the trapper as he has done a ton of work killing scheme runners or just doing so good damage. its true you Don’t deploy him super far away from you group. He is there to threaten a zone and he is good at it. I don’t always take him but due to my success with him he has become a good target for martyrs. as for Symbols, yeah the freikorps are not as suited as other models for it. If Freikorps play into it they are playing more defensively and it’s harder vs crews that can spread out
  4. Played a game today: Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Von Schill Totem(s): Steam Trunk Hires: Arik Schöttemer Hannah Lovelace Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Engineer Freikorps Scout Soldier for Hire Prospector Symbols of Authority I took Hidden Martyrs and Research Mission. Played vs Dreamer We didn’t score any strategy points until turn 3, when he also scored his first point from his own Research (web markets EVERYWHERE). He scored breakthrough turn 4 and I scored first point of Martyrs when his bandersnatch killed my prospector. Turn 5 I denied his second scheme points. end was 6-4 in my favor. turn two I yeeted his dreamer into my crew worth VS (misplay on his part) and I proceeded to wallop him with my crew. Turn 3 I nuked chompy with Arik. overall it was a good game and a good challenge. My opponent didn’t let the early master loss mess with his groove and I had to fight for my points. overall, fun, but Viks are better into that strategy for sure.
  5. Fair enough. Yeah I will agree with this. The crew can function in MOST pools fine and do quite well but others can definitely shine brighter and with more flair. I think part of playing the crew is also seeing the reaction of the opponent. My locals groan when I bring out VS because he make their lives so hard with his adaptability. I need to get some more reps in the update the strats and schemes part for gg1
  6. Unfortunately, Leveticus is again overtuned this edition, but this time largely the fault of his crew being as good as they are without the downsides. The Freikorps crew is a high skill level that can adapt to most any situation, but they don’t usually excel at any above other masters other than just not dying. I disagree with 7/10 being their max but to do better you have to just be a good player at the game in the end to get higher. This is a crew that rewards high level play much better than others imo
  7. Dreamer isn’t an issue I think, but you have to play better. It’s a matchup that is definitely more skill reliant, again showing how this crew needs to be piloted with precision. Dreamers summons can be problematic sure, but you need to pick and choose you schemes specifically with those mechanics in mind. Imo picking scheme marker schemes is a mistake and if that’s the pool, then you should probably pick someone else.
  8. So here’s a question then, is Hannah a better alternative than talos?
  9. Actually i have found that halfblood gives more problems than any other neverborn I have faced. They are immune to blasts and have some decent tech. Swamp fiend just makes you play differently. It hasn’t been a big deal and Laz becomes super valuable
  10. As far as upgrades, I think hired soldier is ok. It’s nothing special but great in certain spots. I have used it well in Freikorps on my minions to increase their durability as well as get some extra resources. wanted criminal is bad... it is not worth the stones on any but a wokou Raider. outcast upgrades are meh overall but it’s nice they don’t feel autoinclude *cough* arcanists *cough* Scout is good, and so is lazarus, but the freikorps crew is a challenge to play in general and neither scream auto take or completely ignore. Just tech pieces. Check out my write up for more info as both have tons of use in the correct use. grenades are situational true, but clutch there. Don’t discount them and never forget that the marker removal is incredibly strong. i think the viks crew is fine, as they have some very good strengths and very key weaknesses. Winged plague need a tiny boost and there has been a lot of chatter about it in the Facebook groups. i suggest pride gets his mele fixed as it doesn’t have he mele symbol and is 0” range
  11. Wokou raiders are fantastic in the right place and really pissed off my opponent with their scheme marker stuff. Gotta position then right so they don’t get ignore though
  12. In the rulebook under resistance triggers is specifically states opposed duel.
  13. Confirmed, resistance triggers can only be declared in opposed duels. I didn’t realize that and will use that! I frequently face the yasunari
  14. The advantage they have with top decking is they don’t have bad stats either. The lose the control of having a hand but can still function
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