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  1. The goal of this thread is to be a one-stop index of all published TtB materials. I’ll do my best to come back to this and edit/update the original post as necessary. If there are any non-Wyrd blogs/groups/wikis/etc that you are part of that I’m missing, please let me know! Publications marked with "*" contain pre-generated Fated characters (flag me if you see any incorrectly marked/unmarked). Updated 3/16/22: It appears Wyrd has reorganized how they display purchasable TtB products, which is frankly far more aesthetically pleasing compared to my list below. However, I'll still keep this post up-to-date, as it keeps track of a bit more information that might be useful for FM's looking for additional resources (ie which adventures have pregens, which Chronicles has free articles and/or One Shots, etc). I've also decided to include the back-cover taglines of some modules, to better guide FM's on what to expect in each product. I have also found that some of my links are broken now. I'll fix them at later updates. Cheers! Core Rulebooks: TtB 2.0 Core Rules Start here for both players & FMs! Contains the Crossroads Tarot to make generic human Fated. The Fated Almanac (1st edition only) Previous edition core book for players The Fatemaster Almanac (1st edition only) Previous edition core book for FMs Supplementals: Into the Steam Sourcebook focused on the M&SU, its affiliates/competitors, the Arcanists, and the land outside Malifaux City Contains the Assembly Line Tarot to create Invested (cyborg or construct) Fated Under Quarantine Sourcebook focused on the undead, Resserectionists, and detailed looks at the Quarantine Zones Contains the XXX Tarot to create XXX (undead) Fated Into the Bayou Sourcebook focused on the Bayou, Gremlins, and other "residents" Contains the XXX Tarot to create Gremlin Fated Above the Law Sourcebook focused on the Guild, its branches, and its influence both on Earth and in Malifaux Contains the Ram's Head Tarot to create XXX Fated From Nightmares Sourcebook focused on the Neverborn, other Malifaux natives, and detail histories of pre-Breach Malifaux Contains the Bloodline Tarot to create various species of Neverborn Fated (Mimic, Nephilim, Half-Blood, Woe, Nightmare) Penny Dreadfuls: In Defense of Innocence "Decide the Future of Innocence" Northern Aggression (Part I of the Northern Trilogy) Part I of the Northern Trilogy "The First Shots Have Been Fired" A Night in Rottenburg XXX Nythera* (World Event 2015 reprinted) XXX The Bayou Games XXX A Stitch in Time* (World Event 2017 reprinted) XXX Fire in the Sky XXX Northern Sedition (Part II of the Northern Trilogy) Part II of the Northern Trilogy XXX The Obsidian Gate* (World Event 2018 reprinted) XXX Days Without Accident "Manufacturing Lies" FAQ and Errata: Through the Breach FAQ and Errata Adventure Boxes: Brotherhood of the Rat: One-shot: Extermination "Beware: The Rats!" Also includes three M2E story encounters The Crossroads Seven: One-shot: Landslide "I Went to the Crossroads" Also includes three M2E story encounters Adventure Box Collection 1: A digital collection at DriveThruRPG containing both... Extermination Landslide Creative Taxidermy: One-shot: Porksplosion XXX Amphibious Assault: One-shot: Torrential Rain XXX Twisted Alternatives: The Tortoise and the Hare: One-shot: The Great Race XXX DriveThruRPG.com Penny Dreadful One-Shots: Recruitment Drive "Face Off Against the Iron Zombies!" FreeRPG Day 2015 Product Contains pregen Fated characters In the Gutter "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing" Contains pregen Fated characters, specially designed for a new play group Legacy of Darkness "There is a Legacy" Contains pregen Fated characters Night of the Carver "Rustle, Rustle, and Snickity Snack" Contains three M2E story encounters Bad Blood "How I Wonder Where You Are" The Ferryman "The River of Nightmares" Bad Moon Rising "Trouble on the Way" No Strings Attached "OMG... Puppets!" Dirty Deeds "Miners on Strike!" Last Remains "It Remains to be Seen..." Honor Among Thieves "Their Honor Has Been Slighted..." Contains pregen Fated characters Sixteen Tons* (FreeRPG Day 2016) "Workin' in the Mines" FreeRPG Day 2016 Product Contains pregen Fated characters Madman, Interrupted "Sometimes the Only Way to Stay Sane..." Child of Flame "A Dangerous Rescue Mission..." Ghost House "The Haunted Mansion Awaits..." A Malifaux Christmas Carol "'Tis the Season..." The Hand That Feeds* "Give Your Boss a Hand" Contains pregen Fated characters Til Death Do Us Part "To Honor and Cherish" Earthly Desires "A Statue Has Been Stolen" FreeRPG Day 2017 Product Contains pregen Fated characters Heart of Darkness* "It Moves in the Shadows" Contains pregen Fated Characters Jurassic Faux "Welcome to the Wildlands" Deemed a more challenging One Shot for experienced players and their Fated The Show Must Go On "A Showgirl Has Gone Missing" Contains pregen Fated Characters The Badlands Invitational "Rev Up Those Engines!" Silurid Showdown "Silurid Showdown" Self identified as a 'dungeon crawl' style adventure Bubbling Up From Below "Bubbling Up From Below" The House That December Built "Your Breath Will Cloud, Your Veins Will Freeze..." The Dead Tide "Uncover Legends Washed Away by the Deathless Seas..." The Iktomi Shuffle "If You Can Plan a Train Heist..." Uncontainable "Get Your Gloves On" Deemed a more challenging One Shot Voyage to the Moon "A Trip to the Moon!" Deemed a more challenging One Shot Into the Logic Engine "Enter Neo-Malifaux" Deemed a more challenging One Shot A Night in Hallow "Hour of the Rotten Harvest" Price of Progress "Grab a Pickaxe and Start Working!" It is the biased opinion of this post-er that this is the absolute best One Shot. You should get it, make multiple DrivethruRPG accounts, then get even more copies. Absolutely stellar! Beneath the Baumwood "Witch's Brew" Waves Off Cordacove Delve into Cairns' secrets... Blood and Snow "Climb the Mountain" Wyrd Chronicles: Chronicles 11 Advanced Pursuit: December Acolyte (reprinted in Into the Steam) Chronicles 14 One-shot Starter Adventure: An Easy Mark Chronicles 15 One-shot: Train of Thoughts Chronicles 16 One-shot: A Dragon and a Vase Chronicles 17 One-shot: Smuggler’s Run Chronicles 18 One-shot: A Night at the Star Chronicles 19 One-shot: The Whispering Affair Chronicles 20 Location: The Meat Market One-shot: Good Faith Chronicles 21 Article: Creating a TtB Adventure One-shot: Cold Front Chronicles 22 One-shot: Owner of a Lonely Heart Chronicles 23 One-shot: Dawn in the Bayou Chronicles 24 One-shot: The Death of Truth Chronicles 25 One-shot: Rust and Ruin Chronicles 26 One-shot: The Forgotten Chronicles 27 One-shot: High Spirits Chronicles 28 One-shot: Denial of Sanzu Chronicles 29 One-shot: Organ Donors Chronicles 30 One-shot: Bad Medicine Chronicles 31 One-shot: Stonetooth's Folly Chronicles 32 One-shot: Fears of the Young Chronicles 33 One-shot: Worked to Death Chronicles 34 One-shot: Elements of Matrimony Chronicles 35 Article: Master Class (Masters in Your TtB Campaign) Chronicles 37 Augment: Widow Weaver Augments: Wyrd recently compiled all the Augments into the TTB Resource Page (sans the Widow Weaver, since she's the only Augment that appears in a seperate Wyrd Chronicles). But since I've already started the list below, I'll try to remember to continue compiling Augment additions here so this remains an unabridged one-stop-directory for all things TtB: Chronicles 37: Widow Weaver (See above Chronicles) The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea (Sea Devil) Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Silent Knight) Love is a Battlefield (Aphrodina Trott) Spiders All In Tune (Spelleater) Tongue Tied (Tome of Tongues) Just Like Me (Klaus Norwood) See You at the Crossroads (Crossroads Seven) A Merry Little Krampus (Krampus) Jumped the Gun (Ella Mae Cherterfield) Green with Envy (Lugharcan) Speculated Future Supplements: Northern "Dreadful 3" - Unnamed Third Book of "Northern" Trilogy Return to Innocence - Sequel for In Defence of Innocence Penny Dreadful The Voyage Volume - Physical collection of currated One Shots 10T Supplement - Unnamed Ten Thunders faction sourcebook, currently in beta Fan-created Resources: Through the Breach RPG (Facebook Group) FM Character Index (For Fate Master eyes only! Credit to Chris Foster for making this and posting it in the above FB group) As you can see, I’m not including gaming resources like the Multi-pose Minis, Fatemaster’s Kit (ie FM Screen and Character Sheets), Spell Decks, or the TtB Vassal Module; focus is left on only literature materials. Additions, comments, and questions welcome!
  2. Hello! I'm looking to build up a group for face-to-face TTB. Based in Worcester (UK). We could do with a couple more players so if you're interested please let me know. First-time players welcome.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there is ever an issue (in competitive) with using the malifaux through the breach mulitpart kits to make alternative figures? Maybe just for extra non unique minions like ronin, rail workers etc? Is there any issue with making more unique characters especially if you make sure the opponent knows what it is (name on base maybe) Thanks
  4. New to this RPG inn page 286 of the CRB 2e it says that some Triggers require multiple suits and that to do that the 2nd suit has to come from another source, "mostly likely through having the suit associated with the skill..." But it does not say how a suit is associated with a skill. Further, the Step 0 talent for Criminal is Improvise which let's you create a shiv that lasts until used. It has a trigger that requires 2 Crows but I see no way for it to be activated, let alone by a starting character. I feel like this has to be something I am easily missing somewhere. Please help a clueless guy out 😉😂
  5. Good time of the day, everyone! Here's a little bit excentric proposition, an idea I got after playing Sunless Skies for quie a while. I wanted to combine the mechanics and the feel of Through the Breach with a different setting to create an unusal odyssey-like campaign for myself and my players. Yet I found it difficult to find players for such a cadaver, here's hoping some of you might be interested. Sunless Skies is a Victorian/Lovecraft steampunk setting about London which has slipped to the cosmos surrounded by things new and strange, where you travel across the stars with the help of locomotives and Suns are literally gods. Our group consists of 4 people, myself included, all good and friendly, the only problem is when someone can't join the session can not start properly. It is the beginning of the campaign, so you won't be missing much, also, most of the players don't know the setting themselves, so it is perfectly alright if it's the same for you. We are playing on Fridays, from 4 30 pm CST onwards. I hope some of you would be interested in this idea of mine. We use Discord for voice chat and Roll20 for game itself.
  6. Hi all, I have a Through The Breach Alt Hannah still new on sprue, with card(s) and packaging and everything! Based in the UK so would prefer UK/Europe buyers, but will post worldwide (with appropriate postage costs incurred). I'm looking for £120 + postage, which will be tracked and insured.
  7. Hi, everyone! This message is a generic placeholder for all Through the Breach events happens to be organized in Riga, Latvia. Details on next upcoming event could be found below. Feel free to join us on Sunday, November, 24th 2019 at GameStation Bar (Arhitektu iela 1, Riga, Latvia) for 4+ hours game. Will be starting out new adventure from Wyrd Chronicles. No prior experience required, but any RPG experience is a plus. Fated characters are provided. First drop me a line here or via email (malifaux.Latvia[at]gmail.com) if you would like to join. Usually, games are played in Russian, but other options are available upon agreement. Participation is for free, but drinks should be purchased in-house, not brought with you. See you!
  8. Hi all, Looking at Through the Breach again since M3E's app came out and can see that we're still a bit behind on a couple of things. 1.) Obviously the cost of the app is heavily reliant on demand which there may not be a chunk of. But looking at even a character sheet with only the core rules creation options built in, and expansions costing some $$$ would be wonderful for players. 2.) The character sheet is still a little lackluster, I can see there have been some great advancements but there's definitely some room missing for magic users, and trigger explanations. Maybe even if we just have an additional page that had a bit more free-text space for more expansive writing of how rules work rather than just having room for the title and having to look it up elsewhere. 3.) For the love of all things...please can we get a full index page? With so many rules referencing others, and combined with the above point to not have somewhere to write out individual rules it causes pauses at almost every rule to scour the book for the reference. Even if it's just a printable sheet we can slip in the back of the great tome I think every player either side of The Great Breach would appreciate it. (Also you are loved, by so many and so much)
  9. My group and I are new to TTB and we're still learning the rules. We understand the abstract concept of the Height aspect, but a lot of us are really detail oriented and would like to know just how tall is a height 1 or 2 character? Is height based on yards like all other measurements in the game? If so does that mean a height 1 gremlin is maxed out at only 3 feet and a height 2 human is maxed out at 6 feet? Again, we understand the abstract nature of it for actual game play, we're just wanting to know some general ranges for the flavor of our characters.
  10. Hello, Wyrdos! Unicon is the greatest Latvian convention for all geek related topics. This year we are going to provide you with Malifaux experience both in wargaming and RPG format. Two days of fun and play are coming August 3rd and 4th, 2019 at Kipsala. Checkout Unicon page to find more about tickets and venue.
  11. ok i need a bit of a help on this so physical and mental aspects range from -5 to 5 and the most that you can get any aspect to at character creation is 3. ive searched through character advancement combed through the general Talents and skimmed through pursuits looking for any hint about if there is a way for the fated to increase their aspects outside of character creation. any help on this would be appreciated.
  12. Howdy Wyrdos, Last Friday's game of Through the Breach was a success! Starting now, and until further notice, we will have TTB games at Stormcrow Games, Lubbock, TX every Friday night from 6:30pm-10/11pm. If you're in the area and want to join us for a session, shoot me a message and we'll fit you in.
  13. I want to play hybrid TTB/Malifaux games, with my group. I want to create characters with the TTB system, and be able to use them in Hybrid Malifaux games. Is there a conversion system? Because the TTB profiles do not match those of Malifaux. Thanks! 269/5000
  14. As stated by the title, November's open rpg day at Isle of Games will be Through the Breach. All comers welcome, we'll be doing a simple introductory campaign between 12 and 4 p.m., session may run slightly longer or shorter than that, as sometimes happens, but will try to fall within that time frame. Hope everyone is ready for some organized chaos!
  15. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 402-991-8699 Date: October 22nd Time: Starts at 6pm Cost: $0 Mr. Cooper has once again opened his Fields of Terror for the haunting season, and all are invited, but will you make it through the night? Bring out your favorite Malifaux mini on a 30mm base, or gain some bonus VP by painting up a halloween themed one, and pick a TTB based stat card for them. Players will team up in 4 rounds of nightmarish fun as you try to gather VP and survive until the end. The event will use the TTB skirmish rules, so bring a fate deck to make your twist deck. Should be a haunting time.
  16. Hi, everyone! This message is a generic placeholder for all Through the Breach events happens to be organized in Riga, Latvia. Details on the next upcoming event could be found below. Feel free to join us on Sunday, October, 12th 2018 at GameStation Bar (Arhitektu iela 1, Riga, Latvia) at 19:00 for 4+ hours game. Will be starting new set of adventures based on scenarios published in Wyrd Chronicles. No prior experience required, but any RPG experience is a plus. Fated characters are provided. First drop me a line here or via email (malifaux.Latvia[at]gmail.com) if you would like to join. Usually, games are played in Russian, but other options are available upon agreement. Participation is for free, but drinks should be purchased in-house, not brought with you. See you!
  17. The climatic final battle is here! Join us Sunday 12 for the most epic battle ever! We have sake and katanas! Come join us at laGuarida (Barakaldo), around 5:00 pm As this event is an RPG session, there'll be no prizes nor entry fee. As this'll be the last day of the Campaign and we're preparing a proper TtB campaign, anyone that wants to take part should contact me to find a day for creating your Fated.
  18. At the club "HobbyTown" will host a demonstration game Malifaux. All are invited. Address - Socialisticheskyi 59
  19. Hello everyone! Waits everybody at Malifaux tournament in Barnaul! 40 SS, scheme & strategies from GG 2018, 3 rounds for 3 hours each, first round start at 11:00 a.m. Address - Socialisticheskyi 59
  20. Try to play TTB, are all waiting for you at 12-00, club HobbyTOWN. Address - Socialisticheskyi 59
  21. Hi, wyrdos. I'm going to master 3rd part of TTB campaing of Obsidian gate for my mates. Welcome to join us. Like-A-Geek Moscow, Mikhailovskiy pr-d, 1c2 Start 17:00
  22. Hi, wyrdos. We are going to play last part 4 of TTB Obsidian Gate. Like-A-Geek Moscow, Mikhailovskiy pr-d, 1c2 Start 17:00
  23. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: June 16th Time: Demo through the day starting at 12 noon Cost: Free Join us for an adventure! To confirm a seat at this table, please comment with your name within this event https://www.facebook.com/events/398535907291032/?active_tab=about, or call The Game Shoppe and we will confirm your seat. Please show up 5-10 minutes before the table is supposed to start. Through the Breach Number of Players: 6 Experience Level: Beginner What I need to bring: An awesome attitude!
  24. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402)991-8699 Dates: June 18th Time: Due to time limits, the adventure starts right at 6pm Cost: Free Face off against the Iron Zombies! Professor Albus Von Schtook is looking for new students to enroll in his University of Transmortis. In the dark of the night, his students - twisted abominations of mechanical engineering and the darkest necromancy - crawl up from the sewers, seeking unsuspecting victims to drag back to their subterranean classrooms. Those who are killed in the struggle are the lucky ones. Recruitment Drive is a one shot adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game. This adventure contains six pregenerated characters and an adventure focusing on the twisted alumni of the University of Transmortis. This is part of the on going TTB adventure for the Omaha community. Anyone is free to join in using a pregen character.
  25. After one of the players scored an unexpected travel to Korea (maybe to do some research on the Obsidian Gate?), we'll resume our campaing next week. Next Wednesday 30, we'll start the second chapter of the Obsidian Gate TtB Global Campaign at laGuarida. Anyone who is interested in joining us is invited to do so. As this event is an RPG session, there'll be no prizes nor entry fee.
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