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  1. And that’s me paid. Tobias Dracup
  2. Room for 2 more Wyrds? Tobias Dracup AJ Barr
  3. Ah, that is an important distinction. Good to know for competitive play.
  4. It reads that the upgrades can be put onto non-insignificant models, so Serena can have it which in that case (until and FAQ says otherwise) can make for a pretty nasty surprise for your opponent
  5. I'm surprised no one talks about the scheming capabilities of Aeslin. Whenever I see a scheme that needs a scheme marker or 2 near an enemy model, Aeslin is the model to do it, with the Draw Out Secrets trigger. In fact, out of the whole NB faction there isn't another model that can put scheme markers down next to an enemy model (unless you are doppleganger with don't mind me). I've taken Aeslin out of keyword because of this and I never regret it. Stone intensive yes, but trade up 1ss for a VP, worth it, even better when you don't have to stone for it.
  6. Boom Baby! Paid and looking forward to it! Tobias Dracup
  7. Couple of bits a bobs to shift. Prices exclude p&p. Also willing to trade for Monster Hunters M2E Scorpius - Sold M2E Red Witchling Stalker - Sold Vintage Pandora - Sold Miss Terious (Alt Death Marshal) - Sold M1E Lady J Crew - £30 M2E Death marshals - £10 M1E 10 Thunder Brothers - £10 M1E Teddy - Sold Saloon Deck - Sold
  8. That thread is pretty much out of date because there are some models now that don’t have condition removal, and some of those models you either have to attack (and damage) your own models or they only affect themselves.
  9. To be perfectly honest, there isn't a lot of condition removal in NB (primarily a NB player). Just Serena bowman, but even then that's a free action. And yes, there is eldritch magic, but the issue would be who to put it onto. The issue is, even with condition removal, brewie's crew has a means of putting poison back onto models that just had poison removed. Yes, it takes more than 1 ap to get back up to poison 3, but when you land your first initial hit and the model has poison, it just makes it easier for brewie to hit them again and apply more poison. It's not that difficult to get the poison ball rolling.
  10. So I had 2 games with Brewmaster (one against him using pandora, and the other using Brewie against Misaki) and it's suffice to say that both games led to the same conclusion about Brewmaster: Intoxication and Closing time both make him a very oppressive experience. Game 1 Reckoning - Corner Detonate the Charges Hold up their forces - B Take prisoner - P Outflank Assassinate - B + P Pandora + Inhuman reflexes + 5ss Poltergeist Hooded Rider Aversion Aversion Aversion + Ancient Pact Changeling Kade Brewmaster + 6ss Apprentice Wesley Popcorn Whiskey Golem Bert Gebson Moon Shinobi Moon Shinobi Moon Shinobi Turn 1 Aversions move Kade, Pandora and Hoodie. Gremlins gained focus and moved into position, hoodie over extended itself too soon and got gunned down by bert (5 damage on first attack followed by another severe to take him down, despite H2W). Pandora moves up and tries to use fears given form on brewie and popcorn to no avail. Brewie lures Pandora and gives poison +2. Turn 2 Pandora goes in and tries to reduce brewie only to learn that he is now WP9 because on closing time! Then she tries to unleash self loathing onto popcorn only to learn that she is on a neg to popcorn's attack, so instead just focused and made popcorn do moderate damage to itself. Opening the box didn't lead to anyone getting damaged or stunned so Pandora was a bit of a sitting duck. brewie goes in and attacks pandora dealing damage and poisoning her in the process, luckily she can butterfly jump out of there. kade brought popcorn down to 2 wounds only for the wiskey golem to heal popcorn. moon shinobi move into place for hold up. Burt goes chasing down 1 aversion. Brewie scores for hold up making it 1-0 to Brewie. Turn 3 pandora player in a bit of a deadlock; activate kade and it won't kill popcorn or a moon shinobi in one go, activate pandora and she gains slow and can't kill a model out right (whiskey golem had armour, popcorn had me on negs and brewie was on wp9), activate the aversion next to burt and it cannot kill burt outright (not that i was expecting it to). So i went for pandora, and tried to gun down the golem with no success. brewie goes in and reduces pandora to below half wounds for assassinate (with a combination of charging, walking, attacking and then blood poisoning). kade tries to have another stab at popcorn, doesn't kill him outright, golem goes over and heals him again. 2 aversions gang up on burt bringing him down to 1 wound. popcorn kills kade. End of turn 3 it was was 3-0 to brewie. Since it was clear that pandora was going to die and so did the rest of the crew, we concluded it there that it would most likely be 6-1 in the end. Game 2 Reckoning - Standard detonate hold up - B dig their graves - M outflank assassinate - M + B Brewie + 6ss Apprentice Whiskey Golem Popcorn Burt Moon Shinobi Moon Shinobi Moon Shinobi Misaki + 7ss shang ototo yamaziko torokage torokage Sniper archer Turn 1 Misaki buries herself. Models moved into position, mostly gremlins taking cover from archer and sniper. Ototo using smoke bombs to move himself up the field. Miskai appears and goes after one of the moon shinobi leaving it on 1 wound. Brewie and popcorn goes up and starts handing out poison. Turn 2 Misaki buries. sniper pings off the shinobi. ototo goes after popcorn brings him down to about 3 wounds until golem goes in to heal him. Misaki appears and goes after brewie to learn that brewie is now DF7 and only landed 1 hit out of 3 attacks. brewie strikes back and brings misaki down to half her wounds for assassinate. Moon shinobi move up to ototo and yamaziko for hold up, burt is still wevaing from cover to cover, chasing after the archer. Popcorn 1 shots shang for reckoning. End of turn 2 it is 2-1 to brewie. Turn 3 misaki buries, now the poison bubble is in effect and the big models in the centre (yamaziko and ototo) effectively have slow, can't hit brewie and are on negs against popcorn. So miskai unburies, tries to have another stab at brewmaster, only for brewie to dodge 2 of her attacks again leaving her sitting there. Golem goes in for the kill against miskai, ototo lands a single hit against golem, same goes for yamaziko, leaving the golem on 4 wounds. At this point my opponent really didn't know what to do; his stuff was slow, Brewie was impossible to hit, we called it there. So after both games it has came to my attention that I am surprised that brewie (or more to the point intoxication and closing time) made it this far in the beta! Intoxication is no fun what so ever! Most models, if not all models in the game has to give out slow either in an opposed duel, or at most get it off as a trigger. Here there is no resist, it's just you have poison +3 and you are punished for not having condition removal. And if you do remove it, there are models that can simply put it back onto you again. I'd say at least give the opponent an option like to discard a card or gain slow. Closing time: What the heck!? DF7 WP9!? And effectively cast/Melee 8!? And I thought people were complaining about Pandora being hard to hit. Brewie laughs at terrifying, and no one can land a hit on him unless you flip the Red Joker or brewie flips the Black Joker. I know there are some masters that have a built in neg to hit them, but that can be mitigated by focus. What can mitigate DF7? Someone with Ml 7. What can mitigate WP9? A black/Red joker flip. My fix would be to lower his wp to 6, and only have closing time increase the total by 1 against models with poison (irregardless to how much of it they have). The rest of the crew seem quite balanced although I can't understand how the whiskey golem can do a heal for free, whilst some models still need to hit a target number to heal. At least slap on a TN for the golem's heal or remove the TN from other models.
  11. Note: I could only get 2 turns in because it was getting late and I was needed for daddy duties. Strategy: Corrupt Idols - Flank Breakthrough Harness the Ley Line Dig their graves - P & V Outflank - P & V Claim Jump Pandora - 6ss Poltergeist Candy Carver Aversion + Ancient Pact Aversion + Ancient Pact Sorrow Sorrow Viks - 5ss Taelor Bishop Vanessa Ronin Big Jake Student of Conflict Desperate Merc Turn 1 Desperate Merc reduces a sorrow to 1 wd, forcing it to take cover and focus. Aversions pushed second sorrow and carver towards corners. 1 of the Viks tried shooting at Candy, only to stone the damage and take none. Candy and Pandora combined reduced a Vik to 3 wounds and gave it slow (whilst the Vik spent all 5 stones to prevent damage and to put damage flips to negs). Turn 2 Viks and Ronin rush in to try to kill candy with no avail. Carver interacts with an idol taking 3 damage. Taelor and Vanessa tried to bring carver down only brining down to 2 wounds. Aversion places a scheme marker close to ronin, pandora kills ronin scoring dig. Sorrow reaches corner and carver holds other corner, with a poltergeist as back up in carver's corner, to score outflank. End of turn 2 and game 3 to pandora, 0 to viks. Thoughts: The only confusion I had was could I remove Focused before my opponent could use it either offensively or defensively? I can see this being a great counter to Focus heavy crews like Perdita, but it could also lead to being quite a NPE since their focus ends up making my models stronger (then again, only 2 models can remove Focused; Pandora and Carver, and even then it's only a pos to the attack or defence flip). I like how the new opportunist and Misery works. Kind of shocked Pandora's defensive trigger has changed, then again it was ott! Makes her terrifying her main defence, barring stones. Misery makes doing schemes that needs scheme markers near enemy models easier (not too easy mind) i.e. dig, etc. Candy is in a good spot. Felt like a mini pandora, but just a peg down in terms of power. Carver didn't do much apart from moving the idol and taking fire) and surviving them due to stone and terrifying. Polty, this is my 3rd game with pandora and I still can't polty's function. you want him to get in there to give negs to wp duels, but he can go down so quickly it's crazy. Maybe it's due to play style, but i've yet to keep playing with him to find what makes him tick. Note: for his Telekenesis I think it should read scheme markers and terrain markers, because according to the wording I think it can also remove the idol markers as well. Not sure if that would be a good move to have models removing strategy markers from the game this way. Sorrows and aversions: Aversions push models around, sorrows just scheme run. Not much to add there. Viks: My opponent was getting to grips with them and even though he didn't do much with them apart from throwing them into my crew and trying to kill anything, he thoroughly enjoyed using them.
  12. The guy who runs the rankings got back to me and asked if 1) the results could be sent again to him, and 2) if he could get the factions everyone was running. Tobias Dracup - Neverborn AJ Barr - Gremlins Tommy Brown - Outcast? Declan - Arcanist? Tristan Malone - Neverborn Bert Diamond - Gremlins Michael Elvins - Arcanist Jay Malone - Ten Thunders Elliot John - ? Owen Barnes - Guild Alex Billing - Arcanist Thomas Chapman - ? I could be wrong with the factions. If any of them are wrong, just update it and then either i or the TO can send them of to the rankings
  13. Hey Troy, AJ and I are up for the meal on Saturday. Tobs
  14. Hi John, I’m afraid I too won’t be able to make it tomorrow. sorry bud
  15. Oh man, England are playing that afternoon as well!
  16. Sorry Tom, i'm afraid i'll have to bail out of this event (job just turned up and I can't turn it down).
  17. Since I don’t want to miss out on this band wagon, I rocked out Collodi all 5 games. (16th)
  18. You can ask @WyrdGeorge if you want. I think he can answer that question perfectly!
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