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  1. Not out yet. No word yet on release date. Hope it comes soon. My most anticipated release since the kickstarter.
  2. You can always both flip the cards for strat and scheme and take a photo to send to your opponent and declare factions via email. That's what we have done since the start. There will still be terrain to sort out that may affect your crew choice. But you can narrow you models down a lot. Setup is quick and honestly even if designing crews at the game it doesn't take long. It's 10-15 models and 1 minute of card flips.
  3. Yay! Can't wait to hear what you have in store for us with Through the Breach! Congrats and welcome back!
  4. I have not yet. My printer has yet to have the attention it needs to get thing printing. Life has conspired against me. But I will. Hopefully next month.
  5. Welcome! I look forward to seeing what you and Wyrd have in store for m3e event support.
  6. I backed the dungeon set for the sewers and am backing this set as well. Rocket Pig Games does great work. The detail is great.
  7. There is always the Bowling Vampire.
  8. That is the typical standard policy for the convention. Not just the individual events.
  9. Had our first tourney yesterday. Guarentee there will be more.
  10. I would buy more if they became available. One thing I am noticing is that keeping track of who put what token down where is tricky. I have already lost a few as they are identical to the other players'. Simply having more of the plastic available means I can use whatever the other person doesn't and not have to worry. But right now there aren't enough in the plastic version for a game.
  11. Wyrd is in the preview cart now. Lots to choose from.
  12. Yeah. I don't think there is a definitive source on the badlands. Snippets here and there. I feel it is left vague on purpose for the Fatemaster to flesh out as seen fit.
  13. Nythera has a penny dreadful https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/through-the-breach/products/penny-dreadful-nythera As well as pdf https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/through-the-breach/products/penny-dreadful-nythera It has a bit about the badlands and specifically Nythera.
  14. I know they have been looking for someone to run events. I know they still have a number of events to add. But I don't have any knowledge if they found someone or not. I have done it in the past. But my family needs have made it impossible for me to dedicate the time necessary to organizing events. If anyone wants to run events, I will bring the terrain.
  15. LOL no. It was empty. I live in Chicago. Just couldn't find shade parking. It was an extremely hot day. It was a dumb thing to leave in the car. It all adds up. It didn't melt to a puddle of plastic. But there was a hole starting by the time I got back.
  16. Funny thing is I live in Chicago. We only have hot days like that for a few weeks. I can't imagine what Southern states go through in the summer.
  17. I don't leave things in cars anymore. I had a neoprene mat melt. I had plastic minis melt. I had a water bottle melt. Those three incidents taught me that a hot car is no joke.
  18. Wow! Sorry to hear this but very happy for you Kai. Best of luck.
  19. This is correct. 2e Core book replaces the Fated and Fatemaster Almanacs both in one book with updated rules and clarifications.
  20. Those books are all 2nd Ed ready. They are in the deck. The only books that wyrd changed for 2nd Ed are the Fatemaster and the Fated almanacs.
  21. Fated Almanac and Fatemaster Almanac are the only ones that are not current
  22. 1) Haven't read much yet. Flipped through. Looks great as always. 2) Bureaucrat, Commander, Gunner, Mage Wright, Marksman, Propagandist. Advanced pursuits= Executioner, Guild Lawyer, Mage Killer, Soulstone Aficionado, Witchling Handler. 3) I am enjoying how the book breaks down the hierarchy, methodology and recruitment and training in the various divisions of the Guild. Also the history of the Guild is good in that it finally answers the questions of where the guild came from definitively. Haven't gotten much further than that. The new tarot is fun as well. You get a Vice card that you can swap out for any other flip on the Ram's Head tarot. It gives your character one of 6 vices (based on suit/joker) that shows how the guild is corrupt. If your character decides to up her standing in the guild, she has to give in to the corruption. At least that is my spin
  23. You can always ask. Can't share pictures.but we can talk about it.
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