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  1. Yeah, Gluttony was a complete pariah in M2e, but he's worth looking at now. Reaching out to 10" to snag an enemy, and throwing them into their own Markers both for removal and damage - it's pretty nice. He is a 7 Stones opportunity cost on something else, but if you know you're going up against a Marker boss...
  2. No-one would fault you for playing that as an Alt McTavish. Especially since on this model the rider is *actually* sitting on the damned gator!
  3. Gluttony is another Versatile option for Marker removal. It's less straightforward than the Emissary's way of doing it, but Gluttony has a few of his own good things going on there. I used both Emissary and Gluttony against Kaeris last week, and - because of positioning and other things - Gluttony ended up removing ~4 Pyre Markers, Emissary 0.
  4. Yeah, it's now (in M3e) worded specifically that the target suffers damage from the Poison Condition. I know in M2e it was clarified that Expunge just did plain old damage, but this is ... suspicious. I'm going to go with what's written, as CD1248 agrees, unless I see otherwise. And as far as I know, no-one else has questioned this, so it must be fairly uncontroversial? Or do we think most players are probably just playing it the same way as M2e Expunge, out of habit?
  5. Hi all, Just taking a gander over M3e Brewmaster for the first time, and then reading a mate's batrep about a McMourning game, and I wondered how the two would interact when faced with each other? To me, "Blood Poisoning" reads kinda like the damage done from it is actually Poison damage, rather than generic damage: "Target suffers damage from the Poison Condition equal to the value of its Poison Condition (to a maximum of 5 damage)." So am I correct in thinking that the defensive abilities of both Brewy and McM's crews regarding Poison would just negate the Blood Poisoning damage (also thereby Healing the filthy Rezzer crew. Sigh...)? Thanks!
  6. Gotcha, thanks. I hadn't even looked at the Summoning upgrade yet, so that makes a whole lot more sense.
  7. Had my first M3e game last night, and I'm stepping out in style with Lynch! Had quite a few issues though with figuring out what Brilliance is supposed to do on my own models (beyond Illuminated). Why the heck do Beckoners receive +2 Brilliance at the start of the game, when they seem to have no way of using our themselves?? Only thing I can see is that other models (Kitty & Depleted) can target them to lose a Brilliance so that they can push towards the Beckoners. Is that it? Ta! P.S. (also, really surprised the Beckoners don't impose a -ve to Wp on their Lure for each Brilliance a target has. That would be pure fluff, right? It's a shame)
  8. Forgive the necro... But we've just started playing a bit of HH as a last hurrah for M2e, and in order to get some enthusiasm back, ahead of M3e (which we're hoping will be soon??). Last night, we all took models we'd never/hardly played in M2e, and most of us got wasted by this combo: Ryle + Executioner (Ready to Work) + Hunter + Brutal Effigy. The Effigy's (0) "Fear Not The Sword" proved too useful, and who needs both Ryle AND an Executioner in your face? Also, the Hunter was working surprisingly well with its Harpoon dragging our models out of position, and into the death zone. So far, this is the list to beat (in our little group). Just FYI, I took: Samael (Witch Hunt, Dampening Field) + Witchling Handler + 2x Witchling Stalkers. Wasn't happy with Sam's squishiness, and it always seemed that he had to be the one putting Burning on models, for some reason. I know - I didn't play him well, but I'm keen to try him again, as his damage output is enticingly high. Just was disappointed by the lack of synergy of the other models, in that none of them gained anything from an enemy having Burning. Any ideas? I'm already thinking about a Freikorps Specialist and a Guardian instead...
  9. BLAM!!! "Let me through - I'm a doctor!" BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! "Okay - better call the morgue, actually"...
  10. And the Sawbones gets to use that attack without: a). Paying 1 AP to ready the weapon; b). Arousing suspicion, as he's just carrying a simple and inconspicuous Drs bag 😉 Still - that shotgun bag could also be inconspicuous. The first time...
  11. Yeah, I think that in the process of adding the above question, I kind of answered it myself...
  12. Hi all, I'm running a Chemist, and have just taken the Specialized Toxins talent. In the Core v2 book it's been changed to read: "When this character performs an Action or declares a Trigger that would give a target with the chosen Characteristic the Poison Condition, it affects the target (even if the target is not Living), and the target gains an additional Poison +1 for each chosen Characteristic that it possesses". Rusts n' Oils and Necrochemist say: "When this character creates a compound (...), she may choose to have it affect (Constructs/Undead) instead of Living characters". So anything that delivers Poison onto a target can be used under Specialized Toxins for affecting non-Living targets. Whereas the other two Talents also apply with any compounds that don't (or do), deliver Poison. A lot of the Alchemistry Toxin compounds deliver both the Poison & the Neurotoxin Conditions, and the way I'm reading Specialized Toxins is that as long as Poison is involved, the compound's entire effects will be felt by the target (so Neurotoxin, Crazy, Suffocating and Paralyzed, as appropriate). Sound about right? The Necrochemist/Rusts n' Oils Talents are still useful for all of the other compounds, especially for healing non-Living members of your own party. Thanks!
  13. Hey all, We're looking at starting an adventure Earthside, and as all the Tarots are supposed to represent characters starting out in Malifaux, has anybody got ideas/suggestions about creating fresh characters over on Earth? Ta!
  14. I agree. I guess I could just put them both, but the mobile formatting is shonky enough as it is!
  15. Would people prefer the Rank #, or the Station ("Minion", "Enforcer", etc)? Which is easier to parse?
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