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  1. Brilliant! Appreciate that there's an up-to-date resource!
  2. Just saw THESE!: https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/toil-and-trouble-rotten-harvest-zoraida-limited-edition-alternate-nightmare-editino?_pos=4&_sid=981bdecb0&_ss=r https://www.gadzooksgaming.com/products/beware-the-lights-rotten-harvest-limited-edition-nightmare-alternate?_pos=2&_sid=981bdecb0&_ss=r But - what's the deal? Last year it was Pandora as a ... WITCH! And this year, it's her best-in-faction-buddy Zoraida, as a ... WITCH! Okay, I'm pegging Rotten Harvest 2022 is going to be Lilith, as a ... WITCH!!! Brilliant! Or Som'er Teeth as the Witchsmeller Pursuivant. Brilliant!
  3. So I've had 1 game with Ulix since posting all the above, and 1 game with the Freikorps. With Ulix, I went up against Marcus, and we were both highly inexperienced with our Masters (my local group is 4 players who own far too many Masters and switch between them after just a game or two, and 1 player who is sensible and tries to get 10-20 games in with a single Master to actually unlock it before trying another). Anyway, found Ulix to be kinda "Meh" fun-wise, and I just kept tripping up over all the 50mm bases. Not really into pigs as a theme either, but I'll keep an eye on the War Pig for my Zoraida crew... 😉 The Freikorps, on the other hand, were great! Really enjoyed them, didn't find them nearly as taxing as most of the other crews I've tried, and I even felt like I was using some of the proper interactions and Abilities on them. Score!
  4. Sweet! Moving into Outcasts, that sounds like the deal!
  5. I agree completely. Definitely finding M3e Wong lacklustre in comparison, and too mentally taxing for me. Som'er was hilarious in M2e, but with the removal of the heavy self-flagellation theme in Gremlins ("Dumb Luck" triggers specifically, but also being able to hit your own guys for squeals, etc), I've really lost a lot of my love for Bayou. Have also sold some off - Mah and Ophelia - and thinking of chucking Ulix, Wong and Som'er. Would be fine with keeping Brewmaster and Z, and yet to try Zipp (I think I'll be moving to Outcasts with Freikorps to begin with, as they're quite fun). RIP M2e Gremlins! 😉 (just my own opinion, of course)
  6. Wow. Bayou - and especially Zipp - really are privileged in this regard. Enough to make me think twice about coming to Outcasts, given In going to be facing Titania quite regularly 😉
  7. Or Zipp. Smugglers are both Bandit & Infamous.
  8. Boo. Well, if it's a fairly rare capability, I can't be too bummed out that we don't have any. I'm just switching over from Bayou where we have Gluttony and the Lucky Emissary that can both do it, so I thought it was a bit more common across the board.
  9. Hey! New to Outcasts, and I'm just wondering how Outcasts go about getting rid of non-Destructible markers, such as Titania's "Underbrush", Mysterious Emissary's "Hungry Land", etc? Thanks!
  10. Cheers for that. I've had a look at all those cards now, and yeah - the Umbra stuff appeals. The Spelleater looks like a PITA for an opponent (stealing suits during opposed duels? Urgh!), and it's a Witch Hunter - at least - so that'll go with the Sonnia crew I've never actually used, but keep meaning to 😉 Looks like the Explorer's Society might be the shiny
  11. Do you mean the Explorers Starter Box? I'm starting to develop a looking for what's been shown of the Umbra keyword models, but I imagine their Crew Box is some ways away yet?
  12. Hey y'all, Just checking - have I missed this? I haven't been paying attention since Beta, and since the Wong box is out, In guessing that the facility to special order just the Alphonse model has come and gone, right? Thanks
  13. Good point, thanks. Reminded me to check out "Dmg Prevention" vs "Dmg Reduction" in this new edition, but it seems that there *is* no more Dmg Prevention? Soulstones can be used to Reduce Dmg in M3e, rather than Prevent.
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