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  1. Pinocchio

    Grammar/Spelling Thread

    The text for the Aversion’s Oppotunist also shows up in the Misery ability.
  2. Pinocchio

    Lightning Bugs 2 - Daventry - 13th October

  3. Isn’t the 3rd a Saturday?
  4. The guy who runs the rankings got back to me and asked if 1) the results could be sent again to him, and 2) if he could get the factions everyone was running. Tobias Dracup - Neverborn AJ Barr - Gremlins Tommy Brown - Outcast? Declan - Arcanist? Tristan Malone - Neverborn Bert Diamond - Gremlins Michael Elvins - Arcanist Jay Malone - Ten Thunders Elliot John - ? Owen Barnes - Guild Alex Billing - Arcanist Thomas Chapman - ? I could be wrong with the factions. If any of them are wrong, just update it and then either i or the TO can send them of to the rankings
  5. Pinocchio

    [SOLD OUT] English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

    Hey Troy, AJ and I are up for the meal on Saturday. Tobs
  6. Pinocchio

    Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

    Ticket bought. Tobias Dracup
  7. Just paid for mine. See you tomorrow. Tobias Dracup
  8. Pinocchio

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Hi John, I’m afraid I too won’t be able to make it tomorrow. sorry bud
  9. Pinocchio

    Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

    Oh man, England are playing that afternoon as well!
  10. Pinocchio

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    Sorry Tom, i'm afraid i'll have to bail out of this event (job just turned up and I can't turn it down).
  11. Pinocchio

    The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018

    Since I don’t want to miss out on this band wagon, I rocked out Collodi all 5 games. (16th)
  12. Pinocchio

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    You can ask @WyrdGeorge if you want. I think he can answer that question perfectly!
  13. Pinocchio

    Sphere's Given Form: Clash Of The Titanias - 19th May 2018

    And paid! Tobias Dracup
  14. Vasilisa has the upgrade A Friend To Talk To (AFTTT). Collodi satrts within 2" of Vasilisa. Collodi Activates/ Can Collodi use My Will, to make Vasilisa take a walk action, thus drag Collodi around? I know on AFTTT states when this model declares a walk action, but the wording on My Will the model takes a (1) action. Does it make that model declare the action? In other words if the answer is yes, Collodi can effectively piggy back on Vasilisa making both of them move 18" up the board, and then accomplice into Vasilisa to move a further 12" up the board (30" in total!)