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  1. The obvious ploy would to have the GG travel undercover, and have Lucius on the train instead...
  2. Hi, I'm using your sheet for my game a lot (Running a smallish, but successful, LARP). What's the chances of getting the Under Quarantine stuff implemented? Also, the Talent Description vlookups (Character!D59, etc) seem broken. Thanks for your hard work!
  3. Also, maybe we could do a transport section. There's the rail, and foot, but there's also skycars, horses, and gyro-carriages (Crossroards). These would have approximate costs and things like the Sky-car might need a map too..
  4. I'd love a two-page version of the core Fated sheet. I've been using the Steam version, and new players get so confused.
  5. Apparently I've posted the fron twice. Here's the original zip file link https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7gosbyvemn0bs1/CardCreator.zip?dl=0
  6. I've got many of those, plus Into The Steam, Under Quarantine and Crossroads. Happy to pitch in for this. Reckon we need to make Tourists' Guide and Locals' Guide in order to avoid spoiling stuff for new players tho.
  7. I've got a backup Original zip file https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7gosbyvemn0bs1/CardCreator.zip?dl=0 If it's been removed because of copyright I'll take it down.
  8. So I'm wondering how many Scrip most Fatemasters are awarding per session? I've been awarding 3SS base per session, with a max cap of 8 per month (but not charging players for room, board, maintenance, etc). This is based on the idea that 1 Scrip is around $100. Meaning players get around $300-$800 per month as disposable income. However the Showgirl pursuit has the ability to generate 50SS per calendar month, which blows this whole system, and its assumptions, out of the water. So, how much Scrip are other Fatemasters giving out per session?
  9. Under Quarantine Index: The Trinkets and Rare Weapons are on page 140
  10. So the starting Aspects for Fated characters in the Fated Almanac are balanced out to equal 0 in both Physical and Mental aspects, with the ability to add two +1's to these during the Modify phase. However, in Into The Steam and Under Quarantine there's a much different range of total values, ranging from -2 to +3 with more than twenty of the fifty-six values being unbalanced, and the ability to add a single +1 to those during the Modify phase of both. Invested can add +1 to a Physical Aspect (max 4), while the Stitched Brush card can give them a +1 Physical/Mental (max 3). I guess what I'm asking is - why the sudden change away from zero sum for Aspects? I understand the goal of diversity of characters, but it seems weird to give this diversity to (potential) Constructs (there's a ~1/5 chance an Assembly Line character won't be one) and Undead. Moreover, why give some characters a mechanical advantage over others in this area, when the core book worked so hard to preserve it?
  11. Brilliance is covered on UQ page 153. It's an entire page of text. There's also stats for Depleted, Illuminated and Beckoners on p.187-189 of UQ. I believe they're also in the Fatemaster's Guide. If you are looking for spoilers, however, I'd suggest you have a look for which Malifaux Masters field those models
  12. I'd kill for some Ten Thunders support in there - maybe a Smuggler Pursuit which deals with the River and the Bayou?
  13. Or makes you into... <spoilers Sweetie> <dies for a Ten Thunders book>
  14. The separation between Investigation skills and Action skills would be the main system difference. Investigation skills are not rolled, but are instead a spend resource, with each rank as a point which can be spent in a scene to gain clues, but only if they exist. If the scene clues don't exist then the spend is wasted. Action skills are normally tested, but are player-facing (in the same way that Through The Breach is) I'd also suggest checking out Nights Black Agents (same Gumshoe system to Trail) for its Conspyramid (with the ranks can be mapped to Henchmen, Enforcer, Master, etc), as it is a more action-focussed variant.
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