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  1. Kurai

    Tarot sized character sheets?

    Thank you! This is great! I've even found sleeves they can fit in.
  2. A couple of days ago I started planning for a three-day event to play "In Defense of Innocence" with some friends. They have never tried Malifaux, but I wanted to make pregenerated characters with matching painted model. After a while of planning I realized that I would like the character sheets to match the Malifaux character cards. Obviously there is a lot more info on a sheet compared to a card. However there is the new Tarot Fate Deck. I think it should be possible to create something similar on two doublesided tarot sized cards. Has anyone considered to make a tarot-sized character sheet? I would try to make one of my own if I had a decent program to design them in, but unfortunately I don't. If you do have one, please share!
  3. Kurai

    Wyrdscape Preview

    Me too!
  4. Kurai

    TtB Publication Index

    I would like to know what fates each adventure is tied to. Would help a lot to pick relevant ones.
  5. Kurai

    2nd Ed Errors

    In the skills table Pick Pocket is associated with Speed. In the skill description it is associated with Intelligence instead.
  6. Kurai

    MDT Hobby Blog

    I love the fur on your Yokai! What colors did you use?