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  1. History from Malifaux. Where do the Neverborn come from. Where do the Fae come from? the Gibbering horde? What makes the different "species" happen? Expansion of the Malifaux world map. Where are the oceans in Malifaux that the Gibbering Hordes spilled from?
  2. I am missing bandersnatch, lelu and lilitu, and insideous madness. I know the later 2 are due in January. I hope bandersnatch is soon after that.
  3. For the free model choices a pop up window appear every time you reach a tier. For the free Waldo, there is a checkbox before you checkout that states he will be automatically added to your shipping box.
  4. Yep. I believe it was a store promo if I recall correctly.
  5. They have accepted paypal in the past.
  6. They have not in the past. Alt card usually have the alt Name on the front and the Counts As name on the back. All upgrades have just had the Counts As names on them.
  7. Named soulstones could be cool. Like the Hope Diamond. just a list of some of the more epic-class soulstones and their histories, where they are now, rumors of their abilities above and beyond "normal" soulstones.
  8. Brine and bones was released at GenCon this year for $75. Miss Feasance was a free with purchase tier model only at GenCon this year. So, we won't know what the price to purchase is until we know.
  9. Yep. However that was also the last year the Wyrd did pre-releases for Black Friday and Easter as they had talked to a number of disgruntled distributors and stores and changed policy to only sell pre-releases at GenCon. So Reva did sell as a pre-release that year for Black Friday as well. But, they no longer do pre-releases outside of GenCon. So expectations for pre-releases are not going to be rewarded.
  10. No pre-release at Black Friday. GenCon only. Black Friday and Easter are all about LE figs.
  11. 1) there are 2 possible answers: a) it was an old set of data that never got update. b) Brett has some upgrades that aren't mentioned. Either way, it is an example and isn't meant to be taken as precident. 2) right. It has no armor value. So does not lower defense. 3) yeah there is a newer character sheet in the resources section of the website I believe. 4) root skills don't have to be mental. Also, the game is written to be more about role playing than min/maxing. The character creation process is a storytelling aspect. For instance your character may have learned skills without being naturally gifted at them. The characters start out as slightly better than a common person so while they may not be super fast super heavy hitting combat machines, they can be the equivalent of someone who has had some training like a rookie cop or a college graduate. Not everyone had access to higher schooling back then. It actually does a good job of representing someone learning a little about a number of skills. Not to the point of savant in any of them. But more than common knowledge. 5) initiative got left off the old edition sheets.
  12. Yea! Welcome! I can't wait to see what you have in store for Through the Breach. Been waiting for the Neverborn book since the kickstarter.
  13. Correct. They are from The Other Side. That may help with your searches. The decks from the starter set were only available there. You might try the Wyrd Trades and off topic group on Facebook for any decks you are looking for that are no longer available. Also, there are a few print on demand decks available on wargame vault aka Drivethrurpg.
  14. Correct. Wyrd does not have much in the way of app development staff. It is a small company. I am not sure if they have hired anyone to replace Mason on product development for Through the Breach yet. Kimberly has been doing a great job with writing discussion articles. Not sure where her app development experience is. Having said that, I am currently working on a Realm Works data set for my campaign and if anyone knows development side info for HeroLab, I would be in interested in collaboration.
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