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  1. I mean... All of them. But you have a good selection. I do support owning all the supplement books as they have new rules/pursuits and a bunch of information on the world. I am preparing my group for Night in Rottenburg which is a fun one that ties into Under Quarantine well.
  2. Gremlins are a living parody of humanity. So it is very tongue in cheek. The city of Malifaux is sold to humanity as one of the safer areas breach-side. So most folks don't go too far out of the walls without a good reason. Exploration is dangerous outside the walls. Plus there is a lot to explore in the city and a lot of intrigue/mysteries to explore. Also the campaign is not long (5ish sessions per player) unless you tweak the system. So the city can easily take up an entire campaign.
  3. I would say they are all good starting places as each of the full PDs expands the world a bit. The one shots have a little scenery expansion and are where you find some pre-gen characters. Night in Rottenburg expands on the southern slums of Malifaux City. The Northern Aggression and Northern Sedition Penny Dreadfuls link together. Fire in the sky takes the adventure back to earthside. Bayou games obviously takes place in the bayou. So it really depends on what you are looking for in your pregen adventures. If you are looking for more world info, the supplemental rulebook are great world info expansion sources.
  4. Absolutely. If the character has knowledge/experience that would clue him/her in I drop hints. But generally, I also expect players to use their skills before getting into fights or if they are surprised by the attack I give them a brief description of what the enemies look like, have and any distinguishing feature (that blade the old lady has is coated in a slime) to give them the opportunity to use appropriate skills. I should have been more verbose. I don't totally put my characters in a dark room. My players are experienced. They know to ask questions and use skills if they feel I am not providing enough details.
  5. I would let them find out. In other words, don't tell them anything they don't need to know beforehand. I had a player who also played Malifaux and liked to tell everyone what he thought the stats of models were and would get surprised when things hit harder or did not go down as easy as they did in Malifaux. I changed up stats and added abilities to keep folks on their toes. If they know everything, they will not be as surprised by models.
  6. Each book fleshes it out a bit. I have been working with Campaign Cartographer to build up more as players explore.
  7. August. But those dates are start dates. They are a small company (less than 20 last I checked) and they work 10 hour days 4 days a week. They always get lots of orders. So it may take as long as 2 weeks to get caught up with all the orders. This isn't Amazon we are talking about here. Good news is usually everybody is working the warehouse after gencon to get things out the door asap.
  8. Not out yet. No word yet on release date. Hope it comes soon. My most anticipated release since the kickstarter.
  9. You can always both flip the cards for strat and scheme and take a photo to send to your opponent and declare factions via email. That's what we have done since the start. There will still be terrain to sort out that may affect your crew choice. But you can narrow you models down a lot. Setup is quick and honestly even if designing crews at the game it doesn't take long. It's 10-15 models and 1 minute of card flips.
  10. Yay! Can't wait to hear what you have in store for us with Through the Breach! Congrats and welcome back!
  11. I have not yet. My printer has yet to have the attention it needs to get thing printing. Life has conspired against me. But I will. Hopefully next month.
  12. Welcome! I look forward to seeing what you and Wyrd have in store for m3e event support.
  13. I backed the dungeon set for the sewers and am backing this set as well. Rocket Pig Games does great work. The detail is great.
  14. There is always the Bowling Vampire.
  15. That is the typical standard policy for the convention. Not just the individual events.
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