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  1. Good morning (well it is for me anyway) . Tonight our lucky lottery winner Liliana Valentine will be on my live stream creating her character using the Assembly Line Tarot from Into the Steam Sourcebook. We will go live Monday May 10th (tonight) at 8PM EST. Also I will be pushing out a number of short (10-15 minute) TtB 101 type streams this month in an effort to reach the next level in Twitch streaming so I can re-upload and make permanent the livestream with Kimberly Cooper that I didn't realize you had to check something to make that stay in my video channel. *WHEW* I can use all the v
  2. Also using positive twists will help flip cards you need.
  3. Quick browse through the books: Pursuits that add suits to skills ABOVE THE LAW -Bureaucrat: The System Is Rigged-Treat Ram and mask cards as having both Rams and Masks -Magewright: Transmutive Comprehension-add ram to enchanting skill CORE RULEBOOK -Academic: Mental Conditioning- add a suit to a mental-based skill -Dabbler: Arcane Musings-add Tome to your sorcery skill --Graverobber: Morbid Thoughts- add crow to your necromancy skill -Overseer: Supervision-discard a card to add the suit to final duel total of any friendly character that can see or hear her (incl
  4. There are a few spread through the sourcebooks. I will need to look.
  5. It does not spend the suit. You can get suits added to skills via talents. Or you need to flip/cheat a card with the suit required.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1397487777140304/?ref=share
  7. Congrats to our lucky lottery winner Liliana Valentine! Liliana and I will discuss when is convenient to create a character for Through the Breach using the Assembly Line Tarot found in the Into the Steam Sourcebook. I will post a link to the livestream channels once we have a date and time selected. For those who didn't get lottery picked, we still have Waterways, Lifeline and Crossroads to go. Keep watching for the next round.
  8. There is a Facebook fan group where a number of content creators post including myself. I try to remember to post here as well. But I am just starting out. I will be doing videos on character creation formats, source book walk thrus and short learning videos initially. Eventually I will also be doing an online campaign. Here is a link to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1397487777140304/?ref=share
  9. Howdy folks! So y'all have spoken and picked the Assembly Line Tarot to be the next ShadowopalStreamingStuff Character Creation Livestream session. Now we just need a test subject to undergo modification. Nothing serious just replacement of a few limbs. This will be done as always, post "I wanna be modified" below and I will enter your name in the lottery. Previous lottery winners will not be entered so as to give everyone a fair shake. Entry period will end Monday April 12 at midnight CST. Winner will set up a convinient time for them with me to get on Skype and create a character u
  10. Short answer: there isn't a collected organized timeline in the wild that I have found. Long answer: a few people have started collecting various forms of data and organizing it. I have been (very slowly) inputting every book Wyrd has published into my campaign for Realm Works. Once that is completed, I may be able to put that kind of a timeline together. But it won't be any time soon.
  11. We have a winner for the next ShadowopalStreamingStuff Ram's Head Tarot Character Creation Live Stream, lucky lottery winner Peter Walford! Peter is free to sit down virtually with me: Thursday March 25, 2021 at 6pm CST (11pm GMT for poor Peter). So come join us at any of the venues below and see what makes the Ram's Head Tarot the choice of Sanctioned Psychers everywhere. TWITCH https://www.twitch.tv/ShadowOpalStreamingStuff YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZJCKSb3zFoqqV9omp3Qlw FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/ShadowopalStreamingStuff/
  12. Has anyone found a good resource for getting the new character boards printed?
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