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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Or just use the electronic receipt on the submission form. As long as the receipt lists the items by name it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Yep. That is exactly correct. You want page 262 Casting a Spell.
  4. If you can download the app, it has all the cards for free. Stock on the faction decks has been spotty.
  5. Pg. 286 of the Core Rulebook Fatemaster Characters and Triggers callout box. "When a Fatemaster character is involved in a duel with a Fated character, the Fatemaster character can use any suits associated with its Acting Value as well as any suits in the Fated's final duel total to declare its Triggers. "
  6. I know I keep shilling Realm Works. But this is an area of Fatemaster ing where it and Obsidian Portal really shine. With pre campaign planning, you can have all your notes, scenes with full descriptions and photos loaded up into your program of choice and then just click a button to reveal it to the players. I picked up Campaign Cartographer when the Bu dle of Holding came around and use it for both quick and elaborate maps and dungeon layouts. I load the map into Realm Works and set up the Fog of War so I can reveal things as the players wander through. Realm Works has a nice Player Screen feature which allows me to add any content, including the maps to a 2nd screen. So I can have that screen facing the players and they can't see any of my notes. I can then move photos of npc's or images that reflect the environment well. A good soundtrack can be linked in the Realm Works Sections. So if I find a good Steampunk tavern song, I can just add the link to my tavern locations and hit play when the characters enter. The more senses I can the players with, the better.
  7. Mostly our group is pretty good about gathering on the scheduled day each week. If we have a period where too many are going to be missing (the holidays), we might try to play online. But we usually don't have a gap of more than a week. When it does happen I use a mix of Obsidian portal for the players' journals, Realm Works for my world structure and notes and a camera over my tabletop for minis. I have been spending a lot of time on Realm Works organizing the Campaign. But the time spent definitely makes my life easier. I hope to wrap up the campaign input for the next few campaigns soon and move to Campaign Cartographer to start fleshing out the maps of Malifaux City and the other major landmarks to give me some adventure graphics.
  8. My answer to long arms is more targets. If the character/party has advanced that much, most likely s/he had made a name for themselves. Smart npc's will get word that the character/party is on their tail and have more support to deal with them. A couple of hand to hand thugs in hiding can jump the player and stop the long arms nonsense for at least a turn. If they took out a big bad, maybe a Shaman with healing or a necromancer was hired. Big bad jumps up and pays the character a visit while s/he is distracted with the hand to hand thugs.
  9. My uneducated guess is they ran out. Send an email and find out when they get back in the office.
  10. If the players have played Malifaux, it should be okay. But if they haven't, you aren't teaching them all the rules until the Fated arrive. I am not sure that is necessary. You could use pregen and give them a single card Fate. When the entire group achieves their fate, Malifaux either gives them the opportunity to walk a different path or expands their Fates with a regular fate draw and adjust their current character appropriately if they like the one the have.
  11. Shadowopal

    Party Size

    We had 6 players for a while. It may slow things down if people aren't paying attention during the game. But if everyone follow the game table contract and actual participates when they show up, it is fine. Just keep your players off their phones.
  12. Npc acting value is what you are looking for. It is a number based on the npc's rank (minion, Enforcer, henchman, master) plus the proper attribute and skill ranks. No flip.
  13. History from Malifaux. Where do the Neverborn come from. Where do the Fae come from? the Gibbering horde? What makes the different "species" happen? Expansion of the Malifaux world map. Where are the oceans in Malifaux that the Gibbering Hordes spilled from?
  14. I am missing bandersnatch, lelu and lilitu, and insideous madness. I know the later 2 are due in January. I hope bandersnatch is soon after that.
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