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  1. I love that Vasyl is resurrected once more.
  2. A rich family plot could have walls/gate around it. Trees or a small copse of them could work. Water features: a pond or a river with a bridge. Mix up the topography with some hills. Caretaker's shack.
  3. Short answer, yes it is still fun if you ignore the destiny. Though I would add it in and use it. Just don't make it a focus for folks. Use it as a kind of milestone system if that makes sense. The destiny really does add a lot of character to the stories as well as the Statsheet rewards.
  4. Also all of these sets you mention other than the botanists are intended to be starter sets for new players. Pre-assembled makes it far easier for people to jump into the game.
  5. You can catchup with the major players via the BreachSide Broadcasts found on the main wyrd site.
  6. Yeah. My players like the combat-light campaign style as well. Intrigue and politics over combat always wins. That's a lot of the reason I had to find ways to spread progression over more sessions.
  7. Tim covers things well. All the Penny Dreadfuls (multi session adventures) and one shots are available on Drivethrurpg if you don't mind pdf's. One-shots are only available via pdf. The character fates and progression is the only section I feel need more explanation. The game is meant to be a fixed-length campaign with a number of sessions equal to the number of players times 5. There are 5 steps to each character's fate and each session is in tented to resolve one fate step for one character. This puts each character front and center of the storyline for that session. Not sure if your players are looking for that kind of game or not. If not, there are ways to work out progressions and lengthen the campaign. Let us know if that is the case.
  8. There are some changes to some of the cards in the errata section.
  9. https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/TheOtherSide_FAQ-Errata_January2019-August2019-88pd.pdf
  10. I feel you. I am a physical card person as well.
  11. Have you tried the app yet?
  12. Ask and ye shall receive https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/347113
  13. I would love to be an editor/ extra pair of eyes. My group is not currently on through the breach and won't be for roughly 4 months. But I can read everything over and give my general thoughts.
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