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  1. @Kaiser Senpai Made some adjustments to the https://www.heroforge.com/ model I was exploring. I too wanted to see a President Ironsides sculpture. 😜 I used your commission for the touch up inspiration.
  2. @Davos What kinds of things scare Leveticus?
  3. Going to De Moines Jan 11th to collect more wooden spoons. 🥳

  4. Been dabbling with Malifaux and more recently got freed up to get more invested. The group at the store I play with is fairly diverse among the factions. My order of favorite Masters are Toni, Collette, Mei and Marcus. Rasputina Kaeris and Sandeep are only at the bottom because I haven't explored them. I have some sense of what they do, though. I favor mobilty for the crews. Tricks and shenanigans like Rail walking, don't mind me, and prest o change o are a few examples. Seen a few times in games and tournaments I think to myself "I picked the wrong scheme" or " I m not going to score on the strat because the crew is fragile" I also not homicidal in games where some have come from war games. Even if I run Toni and Howard or Marcus and a pair of Cerberus (example only) I don't systematically kill models. 1. How do I decide on who to bring to which party? 2. Do I need to be homicidal in games (I'd rather use mind tricks, smoke and mirrors) 3. What do I do if I run Toni or Collette and they have Parker and Mad dog or T.T. and Seven Samurai. ( Or at least 3 Sam with mad ninja skills = those were painful games)
  5. Ho ho ho

    I have Steam Fitters now  🥰

  6. This is helpful with my Marcus crew. Couldn't come up with ideas for using Deadly Pursuit on Cerberus and Blessed
  7. @Vangerdahast I'm still learning and miss spoke about the Plant Explosives. • 1 I know we tied. • 2 I planted 4 and Cass died holding the last one but my opponent wasn't close enough to claim it. They planted all of their explosives Dig their grave 0 point opponent Harness the leyline 2 points me Deliver the message 1 point opponent Outflank Detonate the Charges 0 points me Ironically I was sitting on Outflank position the whole time and regretted not taking it.
  8. Ran Collette crew on a Parker crew. It was painful... Parker's crew kept stealing my markers. My opponent never got dig their graves and I never scored on Detonate the Charges. I denied the second Deliver the Message. My opponent denied my last plant explosives. We tied at 6. At the end I earned two from Harness (hard earned) and four from explosives . The Captain and Duet did the running. Parker Angelica and Collette did some dancing. Mad dog played hard to get with Cassandra and a show girl.
  9. Parker and Collette went out and it was fairly painful on both sides. As the Collette crew the Captain was my MVP scoring for Plant Explosives with Cassandra. Collette denied second point on Deliver the Message. Harness the Leyline was a struggle and I was denied Detonate the charges. 

    Parker vs Collette 

    Note: Corphyes did better than I expected. 

    1. AskM3L8r


      Dont bring Collette to a Parker game, unless you're a masochist 🤪


  10. Dancing Bear (Arcanists)
    Size: 50 - Pool: 4
      Colette Du Bois
      Mechanical Dove
      Mechanical Dove 2
      Mechanical Dove 3
      Amina Naidu
        Soulstone Cache
      Soulstone Miner
        Magical Training
      Mobile Toolkit
      Coryphee 2
      Mechanical Dove
      Armored Plates
      Natural Camouflage
      Formidable Horns
      Serrated Teeth and Claws
      Feathered Wings
      Bestial Form
      Slate Ridge Mauler
      Coryphee Duet

  11. Anyone think the armor plates upgrade would help them enough? Any other trick theories?. I've also considered feathered wings. I'd prefer to not getting hit as opposed to " after resolving an attack " 🤣
  12. Haven't done hard core Henchmen yet but have done Henchmen Teams Myranda w/ SS cache Arcane Effigy w/ fate upgrade Cojo two mole men. Myranda shapeshifting and Cojo were a nice team up let the molemen scheme run while Myranda was gnawing as SRM. A theory build for H H. is : Snowstorm 2 Acolytes and Silent One. I'd also want to explore Hank and the Capt for HH
  13. I could use some Crockett tips too. Havent had good luck with him so far. My pacing of movement has been a struggle for me. Side note: Jackalope is my hero most Marcus games 😍
  14. At the time I had them running bombs for Plant explosives. They can be useful for schemes. If the set up isn't painful. Were the performers drop markers with everything or union miner's false claims. I like where it's going but feels like the molemen are missing something. I plan to play more with them. If I come up with ideas for them, I'll post them.
  15. I've ran with molemen a few times with Marcus and Myranda. I personally ran two Molmen, Cojo, Myranda (ss cache) arcane effigy (effigy of fate) I used Cojo throw Myranda and one mole man 10" and had scheme markers dropped 10 inches apart. Myranda can help give some protection with positive flip and heals. They are a fun model if you want them. I'd like to give them with Colette and Union Miners. To REALLY work the scheme markers and wack a moleman game.
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