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Found 494 results

  1. Chilbi

    Fae T-Rex

    So, Titania gets a new Toy. Any thoughts?
  2. GG1 is here! Let's check the relevant changes for NVB: Errata: Stitched Together Fiendish Gamble is in replace of Cheating Fate instead of flipping a card. Gamble Your Life is now an Attack Action resisted by Wp, with TN increased from 10 to 13. Gamble Your Life stat reduced from 6 to 6. Text of Gamble Your Life changed to: “Enemy only. If this Action fails, this model suffers the effects as though the defending model was taking this Action targeting this model. Target suffers 3/4/5 damage.” Df reduced from 6 to 5. The First Mate Gained Beast Characteristic. Carry the Loot Removed. Anchor stat reduced from 6 to 6. Zoraida Eyes in the Night distance reduced from 12" to a 12. Mv reduced from 5 to 4. Cost increased by 1. Voodoo Effigy Ability Timing changed from Start of Activation to End of Activation. Order Initiate Cost decreased by 1. Agent 46 Inhuman Physiology changed from Ability to a Bonus () Action that lasts until the End Phase. Inhuman reflexes Butterfly Jump replaced with Scamper. Errata Rules: Pg 12. Actions Generated by Triggers Callout – Paragraph 2 Change the text of the paragraph to: “Actions generated by Triggers (and any subsequent Actions generated) cannot declare Triggers, and like other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit.” Big hit to Marcus. Pg 34. Damage Timing – Paragraph 1 Change the text of the first paragraph to the following text: “When a model suffers damage, it follows the timing structure below. If any model suffers damage as a result of an effect generated during this timing structure, the damage timing for that model is resolved after completely resolving all (6) steps of the initial damage timing, in the order in which the damage was generated. If multiple models suffer damage at the same time (such as from a Shockwave or B), resolve the damage timing of each model completely one at a time.” This will probably affect more things I don't identify right now, but Nephilims hitted by area damage in range of Hayreddin will have a harder time healing. Pg 32. Replace The Rules and Steps for replacing models were adjusted to the following: If any original model(s) had Activated, all new models are treated as having Activated; otherwise, new models are considered not to have Activated. If this Replace occurred during an original model’s Activation, one new model may instead continue that Activation using any remaining Actions. Coryphee + Vasilisa combo is not legal. Relevant FAQs: 12. Can Once per Activation effects occur outside an Activation, such as during the Start or End Phases? a) No. Effects that are restricted to Once per Activation can only be used during a model’s Activation, i.e. Steps C.1 – C.4 of the Activation phase (pg. 21). Mysery not working with Tangled Threads. 6. Does the Stat of an Action include any Fate modifiers or suits printed next to the numerical value? a) No. The Stat of an Action only ever refers to the numerical value listed in the Stat section. If a model takes a Action and has a specific Stat for that Action, it will still include any modifiers or suits added to that Action’s duel provided by the Action. 1. Stealth – If a model is drawing LoS through another object to target a model with Stealth (via another Ability such as Zoraida’s Eyes in the Night), does the initial model taking the Action need to be within 6" of the target? a) No. Only the object from which LoS is dr awn needs to be within 6" of th e targeted model with Stealth. 4. Cruel Disappointment – If a model would suffer damage from the Red Joker (Severe +1), does it still reduce the damage to Moderate? a) Yes. The model would only suffer Moderate damage. Although the Red Joker deals an amount of damage equal to Severe +1, it counts as dealing Severe damage for the purposes of any rules which reference damage categories. 6. Blade Rush – Is damage from Blade Rush treated as damage from the Charge Action? a) No. The damage from Blade Rush is generated by the Ability as a result of taking the Action, not the Action itself. 1. Nekima – Can Nekima Push and take a y Action as a result of a friendly Nephilim model being killed within range of her Enraged By Insolence Action? a) No. “Another” always refers to “not the model from which this t ext is written” except in those instances where the model in which “Another” is written would not always be a legal subject of the sentence, such as “Another Scrap Marker”, or “Another enemy model”. In such cases, “Another” will never refer to the previous legal subject. Good to know how to read "Another", on the other hand this isn't a good day for Nekima... 3. Euripides – Are the Ice Pillar Markers generated by the Frozen Domain Trigger counted as an “Ice Pillar Created this way” for the purposes of the Rune-Etched Ice Action’s effect? a) Yes. This Trigger is being used ot alter the effect of the Action, thus the second Ice Pillar Marker is Created before the p effect of Rune-Etched Ice is resolved. It was implied, but it's good to see it explicit as the timing doesn't match. Some personal notes: Dreamer got Stitcheds nerfed; but at least he get something in return; now they can heal and unbury other nightmares with the Wp duel and can decide to use Fiendish Gamble after flipping; this needs testing to see well the changes but they will be now much worse in a crew without LD for sure. Nekima got a pretty big nerf as she is by far the most reliant master on the defense and mobility of IR and she also loses the extra charges and some healing potential with the damage changes. Zoraida got some minor nerfs herself (but now it's easier summon the Vodoo doll tho), the first mate's damage got hit (but now he may get mutations tho) and stitcheds nerf also hit her closely. Lucius got the Agent nerfed, this affects more his sniper crew build because now IP and Mimic can't be used together; also the IR change also hurts him as now minions will be harder to keep alive; probably it's safer going double BBS than Mature with IR now. Marcus got hit by the charge trigger nerf, which is worse in NVB than in ARC. I don't like these changes as they manage to leave the strongest ARC combo (Attuned cats) more or less the same while weakening the Marcus' NVB strongest points (IR+Hunter's Call and our non-Adaptive evolution beasts; so less oportunities to use Marcus AP to cicle mutations instead of using Hunter's Call). On the bright side, Initiates could be worth a go now... Euripides is also afected by the IR change, as he relies on it to keep his minions beaters alive more than other keywords. Imo the worse change for the faction is the IR one by far, as it affects all masters and weaken the main defensive upgrade in a generally glassy faction without easy access to defensive tech like shielded or take the hit; and this one will affect more to those keywords relying on minions as the Henchmans/Masters can just get a few extra SS and call it a day. I hope this one won't be too much. This is an overall nerf to the faction; but in general the whole Errata is more all about nerfs than buffs and BS like Devastation or Drunken Kung Fu has been also nerfed; so we'll see.
  3. I've recently started painting Malifaux models, and now I've finally finished some! First out, the Judge. I didn't really like the "official" look with a brown leather coat, so I decided to try a red one. It brings my mind to the Spanish Inquisition, English judges' robes and Alucard from "Hellsing". And all those things fits perfectly for a undead-hunting judge. Having the entire cape plain red got a little bit boring though, so I added some freehand to break it up. I also think it makes him look more special. And Captain Dashel. With this model I wanted a more practical and down to earth colour scheme. And I also wanted his colours to repeat on the guardsmen models. And finally two riflemen. They seem to work well with Dashel. I definately wanted some kind of uniform for my guardsmen models. Dark blue seemed like a good colour. Although it is not visible on these photos, the inside of the coat is light brown, to bring some contrast. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the green pants. I was thinking about making them grey, but then the models would have very little colour on them. And I still like the green pants on Dashel.
  4. Thoughts on the changes? Glad to see some of the other faction's changes (first mate being nerft made my day, it always bugged me that he does more damage than anything in Neverborn with his built in ram and a card or stone) I was surprised to see only Stitched and Zoraida altered at all, and boy were stitched hit (deservedly), and inhuman reflexes seems significantly less useful than before. The big question: are stitched even good now?
  5. I've just discovered the web where the results of the competitive events in UK are noted: https://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/ and just wanted to share the link. Do you know there a web like that for other regions? I'll also leave here a very interesting analysis made by mythycFOX. I was really expecting better results for NVB, this faction has the same competitive results as Guild (OMG we suck lol) with no podiums in the 4 grand tournaments held in the UK. A detail to take in count, in the UK double master isn't allowed in most (all?) tournaments. I don't know if that's something relevant for NVB. Any thoughts? PD: The only possible conclusion is Zoraida and Stitched Together need to be nerfed ASAP
  6. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  7. From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  8. Malifaux is my first Miniatures game. Arcanist pretty much only faction I'm into. I was telling someone in my meta about the results of my visit toFaux Moines Soul Stone Tower & @Kaiser Senpai. I mentioned that I notice that have a few glaring problems with how I play with Toni Ironsides and my play style has had mixed results. This person in my group is new to Malifaux and has played the Horde/War Machine games. He suggested that I build my Toni crew and he'll do a Nekima crew and we each play the opposite. (( Me Nekima, him my Toni )) I've played against Nekima with Toni a few times without my playing style causing problems. Both in second and third edition. I want to see this as a learning experience- what should I be looking for? If he is trying to learn from me - what should I be showing? I feel I have too much home field advantage. PSST what is the Nekima crew into doing, anyway?
  9. Hey all! I am currently playing Euripides (I painted and converted him with a christmas theme) and am loving how many decision points and foresight that you runs into with Old Ways and pillar management. Currently, I am finding that he slots really well when running him in Reckoning and, to some extent, Turf War and was hoping to pick up a new crew to compliment him and make up for his weaker points. Namely charges and idols (rest of the pool factors in of course but this is just to keep it simple). I typically enjoy playing things LESS linear and straightforward and like the idea of having cool movement tricks or mechanics that wouldn't really overlap with Euripides' playstyle. Bonus points if you have some fun thematic conversion idea to go with it!
  10. My first post here but I've been scrolling through for a bit. I know it's a little past the holiday season now but finally found the time to finishing this up. Thought it's be cool to make The Old Ways... Of Christmas! Also sleeved up a matching fate deck, made some scheme markers, and made some ice pillars to go with the crew. I liked the thought of the giants jumping outa boxes or shoving other people in them with Thoon and yeeting them across the table. haha I was maybe going to turn a Boltungin into Rudolph too. Any idea what to do with the Geryon when they come out? Was thinking either painting them up as a piece of fruit cake or a glob of eggnog lol.
  11. Hi i play malifaux in a super competitive community, our community have a lot of top players (for example Felix top 1 in the malifaux nationals or Gonzalo the top 8 ) and i talk a lot about the state of all the factions and i open this post to speak about the state of the neverborn, the crews that need buffs or nerf etc. Savage: a lot of slow, big, squizy and melee models, this crew its very squizy, the stats o 4/5 in df and wp with his size of 3 and the 50mm of basse size make the models a big bullseye, only hard to kill to prevent to die, other negative points of the 50mm basse its the move, a lot of times the our crew block the move of the other models because they are slow and have a big basse size. Now i speak about the models, i dont speak about the problems that speak before Euripides: Why euripides havent got Frozen vigor? and his trigger... is impossible to use, the trigger will be nice if it is after resolving Thoon: Nice model, with one of the strongers triggers in the game but havent a nice bonus Primordial Magic: Very nice model Geryon: usually you havent pillars to use reform from ice, maybe change this bonus for juggernout Cyclops: why the ice pillars action havent the tome on the stat? the silent one have the tome and its best model than the cyclops, i think this models need the shattering surprise trigger and the tome in the stat to make this model fast to compensate his poor stats gigant: i like this models to trow rocks and the trigger of shattering shove but usually you havent pillars to use this trigger, but the real problem of this model is the meta of the game, you need to move and make missions and this models its better to shoot other models behind of a very big house Lyssa: Nice model of this cost Bultugin: pack mentality.... WHY? the best runner of the keyword, very fast but very squezy This crew needs a hability to ignore models with a lower size when move or other similar, maybe hard to wound to survive the firsts turns Chimera: I will not write much of this keyword because it is not in a bad place, although it is not about outgoing, this crew its very fast and all the models are a very nice scheme runners with the buffs of marcus, but the best models of the crew are the cerberus for the leap and the hight damage, the problem of this crew its the soulstone miners and magical training, the upgrade and the soulstones of the ss miner and the upgrade make our cats very hard to take down and the + and mask in the attack action.
  12. Posting on behalf of a friend learning the ropes with his Bayou crews, who needs perhaps a bit of guidance. I play Neverborn, Dreamer, Titania, Nekima, Pandora and Lucius to date. So far he plays Wong and Zipp. In 2e zipp was a terror unto himself, murdering Dreamer from out of nowhere, using first mate to deny pretty well any schemes involving markers, and generally performing well. So far in m3e however things haven't been so good for the gremlins. Any and all advice on these match-ups, fighting Neverborn generally, or even just playing Zipp or Wong (especially Wong) would help a lot. I think probably the biggest problem he has so far is getting his crew murdered by the end of turn 2, something that I hope should be avoidable?
  13. Hi there Yesterday I had a game against my brother. We got in an argument about the Timing with Riders Moonlit Charge. My Rider ended up killing the last model he attacked, wich resulted in the model getting removed from the game. Where can I place the Rider from this Point on. Does he get placed before the model is removed, in 2 inch range of the second to last model he attcked or doesn't he get placed at all? Clarification would be apreciated
  14. Hello all, I've been playing Titania as my first crew, and I'd like to nail down my understanding of the all-important Into Thorns trigger. Specifically, when the place occurs. The trigger is written: "Target must be within 2" of any Underbrush Marker. When resolving, the target suffers +1 damage. Then, Place the target into base contact with an Underbrush Marker withing 2" of it." Step 2 of damage timing states "Any 'when resolving' Triggers that reduce damage resolve at this point." Does the Place effect from Into Thorns happen at Step 2 in addition to the +1 damage? If so, Into Thorns can move the target before damage reduction or reducing health happens. That has some big implications for Dig, or moving models into/out of aura and such before they actually take the damage. However, because of "Then," in the trigger, I could see where the place is supposed to happen after damage is fully resolved (which is how I've been playing it so far).
  15. So I'm reading through "Under Quarantine" and I find that there's a section for Neverborn-based "Blood Sickness" (p. 152), which can potentially turn an otherwise bouncing baby human into a full-fledged Neverborn. Thing is, the rules for playing a Neverborn character are filed under a book called "From Nightmares," which straight-out doesn't seem to exist. I checked Google, Amazon, my conscience, and yet the book seems to be missing no matter where I look! Am I going crazy?
  16. Does anyone know (or have a good guess) what will be in the m3e Zoraida box? The silurids have their own minion box, so I assume they won't be in Zoraidas box anymore. Do you think spawn mother and gups will make the cut instead?
  17. https://www.facebook.com/Guild-Paintfinder-107631477241848/?eid=ARDOf_-WmPrzvWdfJv_m-TSDkCov2CVzUx_sR1ky6l0xOlEt9mifp-Qr7AIfHQSONJzQOXiAQvX0_k7p Hi all, recently started a new Facebook page just publicising my plastic crack addiction, if you could give the page a like and my instagram a follow(@guild_paintfinder) That would be amazing. The pages are mainly pics of painted minis and games of Malifaux but Im also going to going to be offering a small commission service if you like the look of my work! Thanks for reading guys!
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