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  1. I did like someone's suggestion to hire a kamaitachi... Lots of summons... Lots of card draw.
  2. If that "random dude" dies due to Minako taking damage then the Wanyudo still summons doesn't it? The source of that damage is the front of Minako's card so it belongs to her so the Wanyudo comes into play with full health and no slow. Also, her defensive trigger is optional so you don't have to move it around every time she gets targeted which would be better wouldn't it? Unless she keeps getting targeted by models with lower and lower health... Hmm...
  3. I'll put in votes for Asami, lynch and Shen long and say that MEI Feng doesn't seem to often have room for more than say the Serpent in my lists and that Yan Lo likes his own keyword too much to squeeze in 3 dragons. Asami likes the versatility of extra mobile beaters that don't require her to babysit the flicker off of. She is another summoner master however. Shen long cops a bit of flack for being the tall poppy in an otherwise tall field. He offers lots of different play styles but his wandering river style with irriducuble damage may get some attention next errata to make his other styles more appealing. He is mobile himself so will appreciate the company of some flying go anywhere assassins and has wandering river monks in keyword to get the job done. Lastly Lynch can function well with 1 or 2 dragons which huggy can obey to get more out of. An extra shadow Emmisary or Yasunori charge can be brutal. Lynch will also appreciate their mobility in front of his auras and can supply the cards to get the most out of them. Putting all 3 in you may find your auras, brilliance delivery or hand shaping suffers a little. Lynch more transforms your opponent's models into your own than he does straight summon like Sandeep and while lots of his in keyword models have ranged attacks, they're only 8" and mostly for putting out brilliance while doing in chip damage and take them out of position so Lynch can convert them. My 2c on first blush. Honestly 10T and the dragons are so fun you can make lots of combos work.
  4. It's been a while since I've used her but I found drawing 3 or 4 cards with mech rider a turn in turn 2 or 3 can be clutch in some situations.
  5. UK masters had a hefty lean toward the attacker going on to win. If you consider that this may not just be an anomaly, I think the next most likely reason is picking the deployment that best plays to their advantage... So in closely matched, highly skilled opponents, terrain choice/advantage may play a significant role. Who's to say how big a benefit to lower average skill matches
  6. Could Asami have summoned 1-2 akaname last turn? They can each "drop" a scheme marker without interacting on the turn they are summoned.
  7. Any advance on this? How have people been playing it?
  8. If you had a board to hide them a katashiro or tengu could also get some work done unsupported. They will both die to a mean stare however.
  9. In the words of Craig Shipman 'it's So Good!'. If TT had to have a first post since Christmas Day I'm glad it's about Minako 😁🐉🐲 I think they did a pretty good job making avoiding exploits of the Karma mechanic. I just home she doesn't get nerfed through the ground.
  10. I've played this in plant explosives to good effect; Plant And Scheme Mei Feng Crew (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Mei Feng Masked Agent Totem(s): Forgeling Hires: Minako Rei Sparks LeBlanc Trained Ninja Metal Golem Dawn Serpent Metal Gamin References: Katashiro Karmic Fate Bombs In Yer Belly It was difficult to keep moving up field and have the Katashiro in range to get bombs in them. Also, at the time I wanted the Katashiro to scheme not kill stuff. But in theory you can have them do 4 completely uncontested damage on something by charging through and attacking, gaining flicker and dying. That's before bringing up the extra attack when placing them. This list probably has more scrap than you need *most of the time. Depends on how many rams you have in your opening hand. Also keep an eye out for 6+ crows to make a metal golem(or gamin) fast and shielded (+1) after taking no damage.... But this requires specific positioning and the afformentioned ram for extra scrap nearby to sparks. I've spent WAY too much time nutting out turn 1 positioning for this crew when at the end of the day terrain usually ruins all best laid plans.
  11. Cool! Did you get the Katashiro Masked agent place double team trick to work? Or did they die to a stiff breeze first or get used for something else?
  12. In curious what you hired you saw as a mistake and why? I'm just getting the hang of Asami myself. Also, apart from getting slaughtered did you think the serpent worked well for claim jump? What did you use to keep the area clear before moving him in there? Thx
  13. Thanks for the Report! Always great to hear about someone's journey beyond the breach! I'm still trying to get more games in with the Oni Crew... Remember summons cannot take the interact Action on the turn they come into play. None of Asami's mechanics break that rule but akaname's bonus allows them to put scheme markers down the turn they are summoned. Your turn 1 play isn't possible.
  14. Did Ohgaru being within 6" of Toni come into play much? I sometimes wonder what's better. Brining her or adding masked agent to a favourite beater.
  15. I really liked Yas into jack Daw in theory. High WP. High MV, Mv resistance trigger.... Not having ruthless still hurt in practice. Damn Hanged + GST (hehe) are a disgusting model.
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