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  1. Hey @Plaag, you sound like you've got some experience with M&SU under your belt. What's your preferred way of advancing the crew while staying unionised without being picked apart as you move up? In terms of Activation order and abilities etc. What does your turn 1 usually play out like? Thanks
  2. Sun Quiang and a minion with silent projected near a vital piece to protect is a strong combo. It's a fair investment into support stuff though and the small auras can be be restrictive so make sure whatever you're using this combo for its going to score you some points. Also, Sun can turn corpses or scrap into schemes for the wokou. One of his limitations might be the TNs on all his actions, needing 6s or 7s to all succeed.
  3. In the interview they expressly said each box would be new models ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
  4. Note Lord Cooper treats the totems as enemies and he has a built in trigger to drop a scheme marker on death... So while the totem can't interact. It can move into position and bonus action to have Cooper shoot it (maybe with neg to hit and POS to damage if you have a 1 you can spare to cheat the Defense flip) kill it, drop a scheme and gain a SS.
  5. To speak to Lynch... Rigging the deck is really fun if your brain works that way... Feels really rewarding to optimise activations with a 2 or 3 card rig the deck and sculpt your hand.
  6. Plus she has lots of play styles available to her between her 3 5ss minions and being able to play as Arcanist or 10T for completely different hiring pools and upgrades. 10T versatiles are still pretty sweet with her.
  7. Can't you do a similar thing with 1 fewer model? Tengu interacts next to ball carrier and throws it to himself, walks on the ground using his walk 6 without placing then interacts with his bonus action and a card flip to throw it a further 6". Potentially to a model that hasn't activated. Or, if the tengu was your first ball carrier; It spends turn 1 walking to first lodestone and focusing. Turn 2 it can walk, throw, tell the new ball carrier to throw. In this case unless you're going horizontally or to the middle the final target will probably already have moved for the
  8. Yeah, I can't find it... I also don't know a version of English where "another" could mean "the same". I understand the parentheses confuse the sentence a bit but is seems to act as a further stipulation rather than change the meaning of "another". My 2ยข
  9. He can also do research mission almost by himself in Foundry using his blow it to hell marker next to himself and a scheme and scrap marker in the opponent's half.
  10. Easy with last Blossom or easy in general? I feel like as soon as you try and measure between 2 of your scheme markers near a scrum they are going to do everything they can to get at least 1 model out of there... What did you think I was? Maybe I'm not understanding it. What models were you going to use? Torakage?
  11. I don't consider Chiaki's nerf that bad. If you want the upgrade on ANY model you just need it within 8"(no LOS req.) of the Retainer with the upgrade. Flip a 5 with Dispel Magic and you're sweet. So it costs 1 card and an extra AP if you want to put some hot sauce on anything other than a Retainer. I'm a little Sad for Minako in a Mei Feng crew but I think i'll probably still take her. Also considering taking her as a Ball carrier in a lot of crews since she has move 6 and Laugh off. Add trained ninja if there is hazardous or lots of guns and she'll take it where it needs to be wit
  12. Well, I for one can't until next week before discussing this so let's start speculating on meta changes for funsies! Some thunder thoughts that come to mind. I'm really liking the idea of Asami into symbols. Yokai and (edit)tengu specifically.. I think Lures in Lynch and Youko could be very important for evidence and getting schemes like binding done. Luring the squishy targets to the front for death and evidence collection sounds sweet for more bubble type strategies. I like this meta change. I wonder if this will hold up with the rest of the pools with a lean away from
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