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  1. Thanks for the Report! Always great to hear about someone's journey beyond the breach! I'm still trying to get more games in with the Oni Crew... Remember summons cannot take the interact Action on the turn they come into play. None of Asami's mechanics break that rule but akaname's bonus allows them to put scheme markers down the turn they are summoned. Your turn 1 play isn't possible.
  2. Did Ohgaru being within 6" of Toni come into play much? I sometimes wonder what's better. Brining her or adding masked agent to a favourite beater.
  3. I really liked Yas into jack Daw in theory. High WP. High MV, Mv resistance trigger.... Not having ruthless still hurt in practice. Damn Hanged + GST (hehe) are a disgusting model.
  4. To extend on this... Searching for "declare triggers" picks up counter spell which forces a discard to declare triggers vs the target. And finds Sue's bonus action and the Neurotoxin aura which each also prevent triggers but in more restricted areas... We got it easy on that front... 😁
  5. What about changing Shen Long's irriducible trigger to ignores armour instead?
  6. Wow! Fantastic breakdown! So many questions.... But I'm at work so I'll start with an easy ones... How does Misaki's crew get explosives done consistently? Do you usually bring the swordsman and hire Obsidian Oni with Asami or were they predominantly because you were going into Pandora? Did they perform like you'd hoped? You seem to hire sun Quiang OOK a bit! What do you find yourself doing with his AP most of the time? Healing? putting the opponent out of position/debuffing? Doleing out focused? Do you get much mileage out of his auras? Thanks again?
  7. Someone said you brought Ototo and Minako Rei?!!?! Can't wait to hear about it @Linar
  8. Don't forget Joss doesn't have power converter so can't turn scrap into power tokens... He's not nearly as good without extra tokens so you're looking at taking mobile toolkit as well to get the most out of him and that's getting really expensive...
  9. I found him too slow to keep up with the Foundry crew. Also, I'd argue he can't copy rebuild corpus because I think it names a model but you could argue the toss.
  10. Came so close to saying this myself but checked shenlong's card before posting. Soo many "if's" and "but's" in this game!
  11. I struggle with the idea of using a rail worker to boost the efficiency of another model. He spends turn 1 punting the other model twice. Say it's corner turf or Idols and you really need to cover a flank. This boost your Metal golem or X model 8-10" up the board. Great! But then the poor little rail worker is stuck 4-5 inches out of your deployment zone. For him to be effective he'll usually then have to spend all of turn 2 walking up the board to then become relevant again on turn 3. Alternative being a metal gamin, double walks and let the golem rail walk 8" plus 30mm and then activate. Turn 2 the gamin can either railwalk and shield the golem or give him extra scrap to fuel his own Shield or he can magnetise to the golem then use his 2 ap from a position 12" up the chosen flank. I just like using railwalk to distribute my crew much better than using rail workers' punting skills. I can see how using one to boost an OOK Model might be ok. But you're still left with the same problem of a stranded rail worker. Unless you just punt once (or 2 models once each) and then leave him next to a scrap to railwalk from... It's not as much acceleration as punt + charge punt. But let you do something else with the worker sooner.... Does anyone have a good combo or scenario/deployment setup for the little ol rail workers?
  12. Wouldn't it be nice? (And O.P.A.F.)
  13. How do you play Lynch into idols? Usually I try to have healing or summoning into Idols. Curious to know how you play him or what you bring to help you cover the board. I find Foundry can do most strategies. I'm unconvinced with her into reckoning but that might just be a problem with my playstyle. Especially if you bring along Minako Rei and her katashiro for even more mobility and scheming.
  14. Ephemeral warrior happens "after resolving the current action (if any)" You gain the flicker when you pay the cost during the (current) action. So would interact THEN place. At least this would be my interpretation... So you'd have to bonus to pick it up. Then place and double interact normally, one for Strategy one for scheme. This way is better anyway cos you can pick up their bomb from within their engagement range 🤣
  15. Yeah, seems like this could be where Asami's mastery lies. Knowing when to summon something that will help *now* ves something you'll need Next turn. Could lead to a less impactful turn 2 say, before a bigger turn 3.... Or would it be better to summon your scheming yokai turn 1 before burning it out turn 2. Tricky. If only the trigger to lose a flicker was after resolving... (pipe dreams)
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