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  1. Hi there! We're currently processing the hundreds of submissions we received, but we're almost there! We only just closed the submission window, so all purchases made between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30 could be sent in, so be on the lookout for an email from us if we need to follow up!
  2. Wyrd Office

    New models?

    Hi there! We'll be updating the Upcoming Releases as we get closer to a set or model's release date, usually a few months out. Keep an eye out for updates or changes!
  3. We always welcome concerns and suggestions, @DarrenG. We want all our players to feel like they can bring up the tough issues that may arise during play or in review of the materials. It never hurts to put it out to the Malifaux/Wyrd community at large, and I thank you for being willing to do so. We always appreciate respectful discussion among members, and I hope that will continue going forward. Not everyone is going to agree with each other on everything, but it's important that everyone can walk away from a discussion without feeling personally attacked or belittled for their views on a situation, and I'm sorry that it seems you're in this predicament. I encourage you to still seek out players in your area for games, for our player base is still by far and large the most wonderful and respectful group of players of any game I've had the good (or bad) fortune to play.
  4. Some split orders were awaiting replenishment of other stock, so even if you didn't order a book, a note should've been slipped into your box explaining that some items were intentionally missing. If you didn't get one and are missing an item, please reach out via our contact forms and we'll look into it. If there's a pink/green note in the box, then we are aware that your order was split and we've taken steps to make sure the rest of your order is not forgotten. There's no specific ETA on any items - some are awaiting materials and some are being replenished as I type this. We'll reach out to you if something out of the ordinary occurs with your order.
  5. Ok, I said one, but let's be real here.... I need at least half a dozen myself! I'll put it this way: Khajiit has wares if you have coin.
  6. Newark is the home of the international shipment processing center, so the last stop for international-bound packages before they take off for their final destination. From there, the Postal ID (starts with letters) is the best reference number usually, as it's the one primarily used by local postal services in other countries. If you haven't received that number, please let us know, and we'll get it to you!
  7. We'll make the announcement in the usual channels (wyrd-games.net/news), so keep an eye out! I know we're all pretty excited to get our hands on that one special guy/gal/creature
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for the queries! All good questions, and I have a few answers: -If you ordered books, your order has been copied and kept to track the processing of your books, EVEN IF your order on our webstore says it has been fulfilled. No one has gotten any books yet, but our team is working hard together to make sure everyone does soon! -If you ordered something else that is listed on your invoice as "Backordered" or "BO", the same process is being used to ensure those are not lost, and once your item is restocked, we'll be sending it on to you. -Initially, it wasn't clear that we could separate some items when applying the shipping information for your original orders, but we have since updated that process so only items that have shipped will be listed as such. Apologies to those whose orders were in the first group, but we have a system in place to make sure orders from both groups are fulfilled correctly and none are lost/abandoned/forgotten/take 5 months to fulfill. We always welcome questions here or via our customer service channel, but please note that most of your questions about when your package will arrive can only be answered in the fullness of time and with the blessing of our mail carriers. Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive an email with new tracking information. I hope this alleviates some of the concerns noted here.
  9. Hi George, Sorry for the radio silence this weekend! I was awaiting word about your package. We received word as of this morning that it cannot be recalled as it had already left the country, but I'm told you can refuse it so it will be sent back to us, and we can finalize your request. Again, my apologies for the delay and the mixup. I also sent an email to you with this information, which may be more readily accessible for you should you need it.
  10. Hi George, Sorry about that, I will rectify this right now and have an update for you via email before close of business today! Thank you for alerting us to the issue.
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