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  1. thats why i dont overcharge (charge with the first one so is in position for the chimera strike of the other)with them. and instead acomplice the second OI. Cojo is better for damage and moving marcus(also 10" is a bigger movement without TN). but doesnt have myranda flexibility: lure,built int punture or onslaught,push + slow at 8", engage with range 2". is not an easy decision. myranda heal is quite relevant. its acomplice is relevant too. The thing with OI i like is that you can burn two upgrades a turn(ofensively) and still end theyr activation with a defensive one that prevent them from dying. Thats not posible with any other model.
  2. i think a diagram for attacks reach and maneuvers is due. ill do something this week. As a rule of thumb having OI next to marcus(a couple of inches ahead) gives you a full efficiency attack up to 11" away from marcus. so getting closer than that doesnt give you any advantage
  3. as extremor said. OI can move arround other beasts(including a transformed miranda or its partner). so. they can be supported tl do damage or they can support others to scheme(or whatever). the amount of ap you can transfer on this crew is brutal I remember when i wasent impresed with them to the point of not deploying them. now i cant create a list without 2 of them. the thrid one isnt a bad investment neither. it start in a suport role(no upgrade from marcus itself) then transition to beater on 3rd 4th turn. As an ap transfer. you can move two beast a turn. the first try with a positive flip and a second having already an extra card for it. being pushed forward by marcus bonus action. not always mobility is the key. is plain stupid how far and fast you can reposition a group of models
  4. the thing with the initiates is thst they can eat two upgrades a turn and recover one(a defensive one preferibly) if paired one with the other they can double chimera strike or healing. this atacks are hand wise cheap(positive flip.stst6. only looking for weak damage) having the jakalope (armor is best upgrade for him) arround help with the mutation count and preventing charge lines to your initiates(that should survive with wings armor and having miranda to heal them). A titania model can be taken down in one turn even burning thru stones. also since you aren't using much of your hand you have it to defend.
  5. those high damage maneuvers put high presure on your hand. making your turn less flexible. i do enjoy more the order initiated min 2+ 2(trigger) +1 stampede. landing two of those in a single activation. a normal setup is having 2 initiated with2 upgrades each. activate marcus to ugrade one of them. move forward and charge with the one with 3 upgrades. then acomplice with the other. it charges. ends at 2” of the first one. discard both upgrades to do 2atacks with chimera strike then get a new upgrade for free(a defensive one).
  6. dindt at the end of the turn when you lose the shield it also trigger the explosion?
  7. I like the idea of giving my oponent the choice over my schemes. Not only allow him to hinder me but he will know better what to do to win since is not private info anymore. Picking a new crew wont make it unless i cant research at home, I am the kind of player that study rules just for the sake of it even for games i dont get to play and i can digest new mechanics really fast. In general changing the other player resources seems to be bad. Givin them all my private info looks like is a good start in general. is fine but thepends a lot on what am i playing.
  8. I like the henchman idea, but then I cant play the master I want. Mi intention is to increase the game dificulty or making a new players error be less relevant and not just stop playing what I want to play. Id rader cut10 SS from the crew than playing a henchman if I want to play certain master. I am gettign fond on removing stuff from the game because you dont need to tell your oponent, just sit the model in a useless position.
  9. I find myself having to constraint my self when playing with less experienced or competitive players in order to keep a enjoyable game for both. I do enjoy the games but I have to shut down the killer instinct and leaving oportunities to do game changing moves undone. leave a sour taste. So One posibility could be addign more SS to the oponent(changing how he create his list, not ideal) or removing from my crew( You can just place a model out of game impact for this). But I wonder if anyone have ideas on how to do this. Whatever it be should be choose from the start of the game and have no randomnes. Stuff I have thought: Enablers -2 to hand size +2 to oponent hand size Positioning increasing movment of all enemy models +1 adding one or two push 4¨ on a stick at the end of the turn for any non engaged model from ihis crew.(this is the one I like more, because it save the player from its positioning errors)
  10. mine froze on the loading screen even after restarting the phone
  11. yeah. not every faction have a model, neverborn: (gigant or gerion) arc. willie. ice golem. ssminer guild. riot TT: sidir explorer: botanist. sand worm. outcast. mad dog resers. this are the only ones without. bayou. emisary , gluttony, pere ravage
  12. any worthy opponent should bring some model able to destroy terrain with a skill
  13. Once I placed thoon the last activation(he still had his own) on turn 2, he attacked killing 2 and then froze another model at the start of the next turn
  14. thanks to ingenuity, but it also require a scheme marker
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