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  1. I was focusing on the 'better in a Mei crew than her own' part, is all.
  2. I'd disagree but at this point we're just at odds playstyle-wise. I prefer a tanky crew.
  3. One cheaper vent steam in the porkchop. Howard brings a good amount of synergy to M&SU so he's a good bring for other reasons. At this point we're arguing whether a Mei crew almost fully dedicated to this hazardous strategy vs a typical Ironsides crew with a 6 stone versatile. Sure the Mei crew has more potential for hazardous damage but your banking a lot on it winning you the game.
  4. I would disagree. I'd argue the main mechanics of the Keyword is 'Unionized' alongside Grit/IWA. Bring It is just a massive benefit to the bubble playstyle the crew trends towards.
  5. 4 hazardous and Injured +2, as the move and attack both proc the hazardous. That's a hefty investment and will take a bit of setup but it's pretty brutal. Can do something similar with just Toni if you bring a SS Miner, though.
  6. Can't take too much Versatile as you're weakening the main mechanics of this keyword. I haven't heard of any Toni superfriends list making any headway but I'm interested if someone has examples.
  7. Nice to hear differing opinions. Personally my most common takes are Fitz, Howard, and a Gunsmith. Amina and a Steamfitter are really common in my lists, too.
  8. Oh I love doing this! It's also a blast to use TTB to really flesh-out personalities or add little surprises. The first conversion I could think of would be Willie and his Master's degree in Engineering that surprised a few of my Fated. I will say it's a tad easier to use the only cards/app as some of the rules have changes when we converted to M3E.
  9. As mentioned before, terrifying and pulses are heavily mitigated by Unionized. Oxfordian Mages help with the ambient removal, but also remember Toni can remove it herself with her bonus action. Also note Union Miners and Howard ignore Candy and Pandy's Df triggers. Amina can put out Adversary at range (worth the stone needed) to circumvent Candy's Manipulative. Concealment is amazing. Both Candy and Pandy have no melee attacks, so have to focus or stone to have a chance at hitting you. Also Howards steam still plinks those two. Don't discount Elijah. He's cheaper than Raspy, or Joss
  10. Core box is out and about (currently sold out on the web store). None of her supplemental stuff is available, though, so she's kind of unplayable without previously owning her keyword or lucking into a bunch of M2E boxes.
  11. After a rousing speech given to the people of Innocence to put their backs into preparations for the coming battle, my Invested hit the Red Joker and basically recreated the entirety of Be A Man from Mulan. Seeing how inspiring he could be with word (and song) I decided to pursue a...pursuit befitting of a classic Bard from fantasy RPGs. While there's nothing in the books depicting inspiring minstrels (the Into The Bayou advanced pursuit was more about being obnoxious) there still was a relatively easy answer: Collaborator. So with a voxcaster installed into his chest (why waste time playing a
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