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  1. Ahhhh indeed, that's what I was looking for I figured declaring and taking the action were worded differently on purpose to bypass having to declare (hence bypassing the limitation in parker's case) but alas, seems that it doesn't indeed... damn ! Well, still won that specific game, but hey, was worth trying 😛
  2. So, the only thing that confuses me in that is the way interact is worded, in the situation we had ingame, it was parker's turn, and he started engaged... his first action was to disengage, then he shoots someone and inflicts at least one damage - draw the attention states that a friendly model takes the interact action on a discard, and as he is himself in his own line of sight, can Barrow interact even if he disengaged this turn, since you can't declare interact if you disengaged, but he is an eligible model for that "take an interact action" part
  3. I was under the same impression, I guess it would have said "has spent focus" otherwise
  4. Faded mirror states has Know the warrior : AfterAfter this models cheats fate in an opposed duel with an enemy, if this model has Focused, it may draw a card after resolving the current action. Does that "has Focused" part refer to simply having the Focused (X) condition or does that require the model to have Focused on that specific duel ?
  5. Hi, I'm wondering about Fuhatsu's rules, his Hurricane punch can trigger Quick shot, which allows him to take a ranged attack even if he's engaged, but he also has an ability Rapid fire that allows him to take a ranged action again after resolving one. So, does the Rapid fire allow the second ranged to shoot even if engaged too if it's used on the quick shot trigger ?
  6. Hi, probably a stupid newbie question but I gotta ask since this text in the March 2020 errata confuses me even more. So, I wonder, if I play for instance Tony Ironsides, and that an opponent uses a generated attack that cannot declare triggers, does my defense declares triggers or does it also prevents it, as being subsequent ? In other words, can Tony use her trigger DF:Good shot, my turn on a generated attack ?
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