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  1. Greetings. So I am a starting Marcus player (two small m2e games under my belt with just Paul Crockett leading a few beasts). I play only casual and friendly games, but would like to discuss options and lists people have tried or might want to try with him. I would also love to hear if you have any ideas what are good models when teaching / demoing the game mechanics to complete newcomers. That being said, I was thinking of trying Ms. Naidu, a Union Miner, Cojo, and a Mauler for some nice little synergies. Specifically Naidu giving the mauler solid damage track, and the miner feeding Cojo
  2. Marcus (Arcanists) vs. Dr McMourning (Resurrectionists) Strategy: Turf War with corner deployment Available schemes: Claim Jump, Deliver a Message, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Dig Their Graves Crews: Marcus - 3 soulstones Jackalope Myranda Arcane Effigy Cojo Sabertooth Cerberus - Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner #1 - Magical Training Soulstone Miner #2 Chosen schemes: Claim Jump (Myranda), Deliver a Message (Dr McMourning) Dr McMourning - 5 soulstones Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Rafkin Flesh Construct #1 Flesh Construct #2 Guild
  3. Ten Thunders vs Arcanists Asami vs. Marcus Flank Deployment, Turf War Demo Scheme Pool: Search the Ruins, Vendetta Ten Thunders: Asami with Trained Ninja Amanjaku Ama No Zako Yasunori with Silent Protector Shadow Emissary Ohaguro Bettari Vs. Marcus Jackolope Cojo Sabertooth Cerberus with Soulstone Cache Slateridge Mauler 2 Molemen Myranda Flank Deployment - Table was setup for turf war. There was a large abandoned church that took about a sixth table. There were two dense, severe forest patches
  4. So here goes probably my first post like ever. I am very new so this I probably a noob question but bear with me is this a valid list for Marcus: marcus jackalobe myranda rougarou ceberus 2 x initiates ancient pact What I mean is is can I mix models with the beast or chimera tag with Marcus as I wish ?and how about upgrades do they have to come from the chosen faction or can they be arcanists as well? finally how do you feel about chimeramancy is it worth doing it with Marcus or do you just do it when you have time? seems pretty ap and
  5. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet,
  6. Battle Report Single master 50ss tournament, 2.7. Hi again, as I’ve alluded to in forum posts my local scene had a little open beta tournament this weekend. I’m gonna copy paste my forms from here and then give some breakdowns and thoughts. The tournament was single master, three 2.5 hour games. This might have very well been the first open beta tournament in Sweden! (I will only be including my own thoughts here, the other players can add their own if they wish since I’m doing this after the tournament) Game one Standard Deployment Turf War Brea
  7. Here is a battle report sheet on the match played over VAssal, followed by a not so accurate walkthrough of the whole encounter. Enjoy! (if anyone wants to see the map, I can try to attach that.) What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 1.23 Strategy & Deployment Corrupted Idols – Flank Deployment Scheme List Detonate charges Dig their graves Search the ruins Take prisoner Assassinate Time & Rounds Played 3,5hour for 4 rounds Final Score Hamelin 6 - 1 Marcus Player 1 – AlexDS Outcasts/Hamelin Crew List Hamelin Stolen Stole
  8. Hey, thanks for reading. I'm new to the game, anticipate casual play, and am looking for advice putting together a Beast-themed Marcus crew. Marcus + Myranda + Beasts, that's all. I'd like to get 50-60ss of models. Inventory so far: just Claw and Fang box + one Dawn Serpent a friend gave me. Could some of your more experienced players may have ideas what works best for synergy? Here is a crew I came up with based on reading some stats. Thoughts? The core (19ss) Marcus Myranda Jackelope Sabretooth Cerberus (may need a second model for Myranda!) Th
  9. Yesterday was Spring Down, a 3 round 50 ss fixed faction GG17 event. I secured a pass for the event and drove down with my clubmate joe. he decided to play Collodi whilst I decided that I'd stick with Arcanist, and see how the day turned out. There are no photos, but games one and two were on wild west town boards (different boards, but largely they all seem to be similar) Game 3 was on a dried stream bed board (The one I played on twice in Lost love 5) The event itself was run on Bag o Tools, which means I didn't walk away with all the schemes for each round, so I've only recorded the ones I
  10. OK 2 simple questions i couldn't find the answer for: - Frame for murder. If i Alpha one of my opponents figures to kill the opponents frame target. Does he get points or no? - If i Alpha my own wild boar, does the wild boar get the +flip for "on edge" thanks
  11. As the title suggests, I have too much spare time and I recorded my work to get a Slate Ridge Mauler to be Winnie the Pooh for my 100 Acre Wood themed Marcus crew. Pooh is the first model I've done for the crew (Like I could start with any other model...) Finished compiling the video and slapped it on Youtube. Here it is
  12. Hi dudes! The next Saturday I'll go to a tournament [Declare faction + 50ss], and someone that knows me a little you can imagine I'm a very very meticulous man xD First of all this will be a hard and long post, if you keep reading assume that, and... if that are the case... thx!!! I'll go to explain all the shit of my head, and if you can and want, I'll really appreciate all the advices can give to me, thx for all blue mates =P I promise a report later if can ^^ I'll divide the post on sections: 1. Introduction 2. Min
  13. A couple of months ago a buddy and I began our Malifaux venture. Previously we have been playing Fantasy, 40k and LotR so miniature games are not unfamiliar to us. (I'm not too keen on 40k these days.) Hopefully well get someone else into the game soon as well. (Scheming to start Gremlins to add variation as well as have an extra crew ready for some buds coming over.) Locally our FLGS has had Malifaux on the schedule Saturdays, but I'm not sure it has stuck. But before we take on that route we want to learn the rules a bit better (only 2-3 games in so far). But it's great fun! This fir
  14. Hi dudes! Have a big question... when a model fails horror duel in his activation this model doesn't paralizes rather than this model ends his activation... ok... So why i read in other threads you can do 'Obey' in a model to do intentionally a horror duel and loss it, for example vs Ama no Zako and paralize him for devour? I can do the same whit marcus and Alpha vs a Rattler? Thx for all!!! Best regards.
  15. Hi folks, After a long hiatus, "Play It Like Beatdown", my blog about playing Malifaux badly, returns! In the olden days it was pretty much all about playing Marcus, but recently I've mixed things up a bit and started using Kaeris, plus I've got Sandeep on the way too. So if you want something to read which is certainly not going to make you the world Malifaux champion, why not stop by? https://playitlikebeatdown.wordpress.com/ Enjoy Dave/sssk
  16. Hey everyone, Hijacking on of my old posts again! I have VS crew all built and upainted + Hans and a Strongarm suit again all built and unpainted Outcast general upgrades Arsenal deck and also the Wave 4 upgrades for outcasts: I am looking for the Marcus crewbox any condition and any extra beasts you have to throw in! Cheers for reading
  17. tl;dr: I have too much time. Need advice on starting crew. ------------------------------------------------------- Foreword: I have very-very small game experience, but I read some rules and did some research. Also, I'm sorry for my bad English. But I hope this does not cause any inconvenience to you. Now, Malifaux is a complex game - there are many unique rules on models, there are different combinations of win conditions, and players build their crews specifically for that conditions. In short - it's pretty hard to comprehend all possible combinations of schemes, st
  18. I love the Bayou Gator models but do not play Gremlins or Zoraida in Neverborn. Why are they not Beasts for Marcus? Is there a fluffy reason that I am not aware of? If Marcus finds himself in a swamp do their reptilian brains counteract his magic? Please share any stories you know of that can shed some light on this dark corner of fluff Would they be too good with Marcus and for the sake of rules this has been omitted? I don't see them in play often or praised to high heaven on here - the consensus I gather is that they are "OK." Marcus can already get Silurids and the Spawn M
  19. I bought the Marcus crew box recently and figured to get used to it I'd play in a local Shifting Loyalties Campaign with it. But, looking into it, most of the Beasts I normally take aren't Arcanists, and with only starting with Myranda I won't be able to bring them along. Would Arcanist beasts would people recommend I use? At the moment I'm thinking Rattlers and maybe Cojo for a bit of longevity. I'd take the sabretooth as Myranda's 'change into ' model rather than hiring it in, (especially as I only have 1). Unless I go really aggressive with it and kill a few things in
  20. Hi guys, im very new to malifaux but not wargaming in general (joining you guys from vadious other games which shall not be named). For my first master i was looking at Marcus and spotted that a few beasts have the smell fear rule and the upgrade pack alpha(?) gives it to other models too. So, my question to you all is how could i build a crew a crew that takes advantage of the smell fear rule as much as possible and is it actually worth trying to do? thanks guys, any advice is appreciated
  21. I was wondering, the Defend me text states, a beast within 3" suffers the effect of the "Attack" instead, I would like to know what exactly constitutes an attack? MI and shooting? Casts? Anything that deals damage? Pushes and pulls? Thanks for reviewing my question.
  22. So I have read book 3 and thinking about starting to play Marcus (among 2 other masters ). I was thinking that Scorpius would be great to cash on the poison conditions caused by Razorspine, the zombie dogs or Rouge necromancy since he can cause Paralyze with its 0 action. However Scorpius seems like a minion that could be shredded in a single activation and it is rare 1 (you could bring it back with Myranda but there are better targets for it). It leads to my problem, namely the Wk4 of Scorpius. It would mean that if I want to charge with it I have to stay in the open (8 threat range) and die
  23. Hey folks, So, my good friend roped me into Malifaux via a combination of constant peer pressure and excellent demo games at House of War (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia - if you are in Victoria and have the time or inclination, I high recommend going to visiting these sweet peeps! Facilities are second to none.) My girlfriend helped me cave to his pressure by buying me the Marcus Claw and Fang starter set for Christmas. To my surprise, I had a great level of enthusiasm for completing and painting these models to get them onto the table. Marcus was the first model that I completed of th
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