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Found 56 results

  1. Greetings. So I am a starting Marcus player (two small m2e games under my belt with just Paul Crockett leading a few beasts). I play only casual and friendly games, but would like to discuss options and lists people have tried or might want to try with him. I would also love to hear if you have any ideas what are good models when teaching / demoing the game mechanics to complete newcomers. That being said, I was thinking of trying Ms. Naidu, a Union Miner, Cojo, and a Mauler for some nice little synergies. Specifically Naidu giving the mauler solid damage track, and the miner feeding Cojo with some scheme markers as well as helping Ms. Naidu with defending herself. The bear and the ape should then be able to perform some heavy frontline duties. I am aware that this combination is very expensive in stones, so can probably just fit a ss miner and an upgrade or two to the list. Comments and ideas, please?
  2. Marcus (Arcanists) vs. Dr McMourning (Resurrectionists) Strategy: Turf War with corner deployment Available schemes: Claim Jump, Deliver a Message, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Dig Their Graves Crews: Marcus - 3 soulstones Jackalope Myranda Arcane Effigy Cojo Sabertooth Cerberus - Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner #1 - Magical Training Soulstone Miner #2 Chosen schemes: Claim Jump (Myranda), Deliver a Message (Dr McMourning) Dr McMourning - 5 soulstones Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Rafkin Flesh Construct #1 Flesh Construct #2 Guild Autopsy Rogue Necromancy Chosen schemes: Hold Up Their Forces, Claim Jump (Sebastian) Nice thematic set up of strategy and schemes, Dr McMourning and Marcus clearly have some undisputed issues about the ownership of the territory they are meeting in. Deployment: Both crews set up in a line along the deployment zone's edge (Marcus SW corner, McMourning NE corner). Marcus, Cojo, Myranda and the Effigy deploy at the center, while the Cerberus has his eyes on the NW Turf, which is on the other side of a big storage house. The roof of the house is accessible on both sides via severe ground (a huge pile of crates). The Jackalope heads towards the SE Turf, and the Miners plan to support the flanks. The Doctor sends Rogue Necromancy and Flesh Construct #1 right against the Cerberus, and Construct #2 and Autopsy left against the Jackalope. Then he poisons his whole crew for poison +2. Turn One: Marcus wins initiative and opts to observe what is coming at him, forcing McMourning to make the first move. Construct #2 walks to the NE Turf, and flips it to friendly. Miner #1 Mines Soulstone, focuses and Drills into the Earth. Rogue Necromancy walks twice and ambushes nothing towards the NE Turf. Miner #2 Mines Soulstone, focuses and Drills into the Earth. Rafkin Opens Vials to poison some nearby allies, then focuses and his Embalming Fluids spread some more poison to those standing nearby, finally he walks forward. Marcus uses Guided Evolution to create Natural Camouflage for himself, sprouts Feathered Wings on the Cerberus, tries to do the same on Cojo also but tides of fate prohibit it (Black Joker), then succeeds in manifesting Wings on the Jackalope and Armored Plates on Myranda, and finally unleashes a Primal Roar, triggering Surge to draw a card. This moves Cojo to touch the SW Turf. Construct #1 goes Reckless and walks three times toward NW Turf. Cojo gently Tosses Marcus forward and flips the SW Turf to friendly. Autopsy walks twice toward the SE Turf. Jackalope focuses, walks and Leaps toward SE Turf. Sebastian double walks toward center. Myranda manifests Aspects of the Wild, changing Armored Plates to Natural Camouflage and allowing Marcus to draw a card for Primal Domain, then uses Call of the Wild to move Cojo forward, then walks. McMourning walks twice toward center, gives Doctor's Orders to move Rafkin as well, and focuses. Effigy double walks to catch up with others. Chihuahua double walks, gives out Horrific Odor to spread poison to nearby allies (so that McMourning, Chihuahua, Sebastian and Rafkin are at +5 poison). Cerberus double flies to the roof of the storage building, then Leaps toward Costruct #1 triggering Separated from the Pack, then Savagely Bites it for 3 damage, and gains poison +1 for Bloated Stench. Turn End - Cerberus suffers 1 damage from poison, performs Deadly Pursuit to leave engagement with Construct #1, touches NW Turf. Both score 1 VP for having 1 friendly Turf. Turn Two: Marcus stones for cards, wins initiative and chooses to go first this time. Cerberus charges Construct #1, Biting it for 3 damage triggering Onslaught for 3 more damage, just enough to destroy it and gain a soulstone for Recharge Soustone, gains poison +2 for Bloated Stench, then Leaps toward Rogue Necromancy triggering Separated from the Pack, Bites it for 3 damage, Bites again for 4 damage triggering Onslaught, which misses. Rogue Necromancy Bites Cerberus for 3 damage, Cerberus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 2 and Butterfly Jumps away, Rogue charges Cerberus, Bites for 4 damage, Cerberus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 3 and Butterfly Jumps to touch NW Turf. Miner #2 Mines Soulstone, uses the Earth Beneath Your Feet to appear touching SE Turf, focuses. Autopsy walks, shoots at Miner #2 with Light Pistol for 5 damage (flipped Red Joker), armor +2 saves the mech-tentacle from instant destruction. Marcus uses Guided Evolution to discard Natural Camouflage and manifest Armored Plates on himself, draws a card through Primal Domain, uses Chimerancy to attach Armored Plates on Cojo triggering Quick Reflexes and giving Natural Camouflage to the Jackalope, then Call of the Wild to order Cojo to move to touch central Turf, Primal Roar for some minor replacing triggering Evolutionary Superiority, then walks to catch up with Cojo. Rafkin Opens Vials to poison some nearby allies, walks, throws a Flask of Formaldehyde at Marcus and Cojo (Marcus fails) triggering Swift Action for another Flask, this time Cojo fails, so both get poison +2, tries to Transfusion poison from self to Cojo but fails. Jackalope charges Autopsy, tickles it with Horns for 2 damage, attacks again also for 2 damage, gains poison +2 for Bloated Stench, then Leaps back toward Marcus. Sebastian walks, throws a Flask of Formaldehyde at Marcus, Myranda and Cojo (Marcus and Myranda take poison +2), Blood Poisons Marcus for 4 damage, Marcus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 1. Myranda manifests Aspects of the Wild, changing Natural Camouflage to Thick Horns and allowing Marcus to draw a card for Primal Domain, then uses Call of the Wild to move Cojo to engage Sebastian (triggering Hunter's Call, but the central Turf made charging impossible), then focuses. McMourning gives Doctor's Orders to withdraw Sebastian from Cojo, charges Cojo, hitting with Skull Saw for no damage (Black Joker), spends focused to Skull Saw again for 3 damage and poison +1, tries to Skull Saw one more time but misses. Cojo takes 1 damage for Catalyst, Delivers a Message to Doctor McMourning for 1 VP, Tosses McMourning 10" away triggering Hard Throw for 1 damage. Construct #2 goes Reckless and triple walks to end up touching SE Turf on the opposite side as Miner #2. Chihuahua walks, focuses and tries to Blood Poison Cojo but fails (cheated Red Joker to avoid), Horrific Odor gives poison +1 to Cojo and some allies. Miner #1 Mines Soulstone, uses the Earth Beneath Your Feet to engage Rogue Necromancy, spends focus and tries to apply some Mining Tools to its backside but fails Terrifying. Turn End - several creatures either heal 1 or suffer 1 damage due to widespread poison. Neither side scores points as both still only posses 1 friendly Turf, Cerberus makes it Deadly Pursuit to safety to try to avoid the Rogue Necromancy. Turn Three: McMourning stones for cards with 2 stones. Marcus stones for cards (before discarding to meet hand size I have Black Joker, 2, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7 and 8, leaving Marcus with a terrible hand). McMourning takes the initiative (flipped Red Joker). Rogue Necromancy disengages from Miner #1, charges Cerberus and kills the mighty beast. Miner #2 Mines Soulstone, flips SE Turf to friendly and focuses. Construct #2 goes Reckless, then tries to Tear Apart Miner #2 three times, but only hits once for 1 damage after armor. Jackalope Leaps to engage Autopsy, attacks twice with its Horns to reduce it to mere corpse marker but gaining poison +2 for Bloated Stench. McMourning walks back toward center, charges Cojo inflicting 5 wounds with Skull Saw, second attack misses, then tries to Blood Poison but fails (cheated Red Joker to defend). Chihuahua activates through Companion, tries to Blood Poison Cojo but fails, double walks toward NW Turf and badly wounded Rogue Necromancy. Myranda soothes Cojo with Primal Flame twice for a total of 7 wounds healed, then Beast Shapes into Cerberus. Sebastian flips central Turf to friendly, throws a Flask of Formaldehyde at Cerberus for poison 2, Blood Poisons it for 3 damage triggering Get in There to move Rafkin a little closer (we did not notice it was minions only). Marcus uses Guided Evolution to discard Armored Plates and manifest Thick Horns on himself, draws a card through Primal Domain, bellows a Primal Roar to move Cojo and Cerberus, uses Call of the Wild to make Cojo charge Sebastian, Cojo discards his Armored Plates for Adaptive Evolution triggering Puncture on his Claws and deals 3 damage, Sebastian spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 2, Marcus then performs Chimerancy to grant Cojo Armored Plates again, and finally walks up to the central Turf. Cojo activates through Accomplice, charges McMourning discarding Armored Plates for Marcus to draw card through Primal Domain, his Ferocious Claws miss though, then Tosses McMourning head first to a wall far away, triggering Hard Throw for 1 damage. Rafkin fails to attack Cerberus due to Terrifying (Black Joker), tries harder but still misses with his Lucky Knife, then Transfuses poison +3 from self to Cerberus. Effigy uses Dispel Magic to remove poison from Cojo, but fails to do the same on Cerberus. Miner #1 Mines Soulstone, walks to NW Turf and flips it to friendly. Turn End - several creatures either heal 1 or suffer 1 damage due to widespread poison. Both sides score 1 VP for possessing 2 friendly Turf. Cerberus uses Deadly Pursuit to flee away from the center. Time is passing, and we agree that the fourth turn will be the last one. Turn Four: Marcus double stones for cards, McMourning stones for cards, Marcus wins initiative. Marcus uses Guided Evolution to discard Thick Horns and manifest Natural Camouflage on himself, draws a card through Primal Domain, bellows a Primal Roar to move Cojo triggering Surge to draw a card, performs Chimerancy to once more give Cojo Armored Plates, Call of the Wild to move Cojo to engage Rafkin. Cojo activates through accomplice, Cojo Marks Territory on Sebastian and Rafkin triggering Rude Sign Language, pushing them back, charges Rafkin, Clawing him for 2 damage and pushing him further away, then charges Sebastian, Claws connect for mere tickling (Black Joker damage). McMourning walks back to action, Doctor's Orders Sebastian away from Cojo up to Marcus, charges Cojo Skull Sawing him for 3 damage, misses the other attack. Cerberus Shapechanges back to Myranda healing 2, manifests Aspects of the Wild, changing Feathered Wings to Natural Camouflage and allowing Marcus to draw a card for Primal Domain, soothes the pain of Cojo with Primal Flame for healing 3, focuses (can't position so that could score Claim Jump because of Sebastian). Construct #2 goes Reckless, finally Tears Apart Miner #2 destroying it, then flips SE Turf to friendly. Miner #1 charges Rogue Necromancy, applies Mining Tools on it for 2 damage, second attack misses. Chihuahua charges Miner #1 but Bite misses twice, Horrific Odor causes poison +1 on Miner #1. Effigy walks to central Turf, flips it to neutral. Rogue Necromancy tries to Bite Miner #1 but misses, Bites again for 2 damage after armor. Rafkin charges Cojo, Lucky Knife does 2 damage, attacks again for another 2 damage. Sebastian attacks Marcus with his Circular Saw-Blade for 5 damage, Marcus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 3, Sebastian attacks again for 2 damage. Turn End - McMourning scores 1 VP for Hold Up Their Forces for Sebastian engaging Marcus and Rafkin engaging Cojo, Sebastian and Myranda are both unable to score Claim Jump due to presence of each other, and McMourning has no scheme marker next to him so no more points for Deliver a Message. Both still control 2 Turf. Tie 3-3. The battle took about 8 hours, including setting up the table, going through some rule changes and the cards, writing notes, cooking for children, taking the dogs out, etc. I think both enjoyed the game (it was our first M3E, and my first game with Marcus). Some of the higlights on my part included Cerberus tearing apart the flesh construct and still inflicting massive damage to rogue necromancy as well, and Cojo tossing the doctor twice and then urinating on Sebastian and Thomas. I found that no model was lackluster nor overpowered, Marcus was a bit complicated but that was mostly because I had no cards for the upgrades and had to keep checking them on my phone. I have noticed many don't like Cojo, but I think he performed nice his area control duty, which is why I took him. Primal Domain and soulstone miners really helped with resource management, and I could definitely see one or even two miners becoming a stable in my future Marcus games. I think I got much out of writing this, as I got much more familiar with the models and their special rules. Comments, critique and feedback is appreciated.😃
  3. Ten Thunders vs Arcanists Asami vs. Marcus Flank Deployment, Turf War Demo Scheme Pool: Search the Ruins, Vendetta Ten Thunders: Asami with Trained Ninja Amanjaku Ama No Zako Yasunori with Silent Protector Shadow Emissary Ohaguro Bettari Vs. Marcus Jackolope Cojo Sabertooth Cerberus with Soulstone Cache Slateridge Mauler 2 Molemen Myranda Flank Deployment - Table was setup for turf war. There was a large abandoned church that took about a sixth table. There were two dense, severe forest patches and a severe, hazardous pool. There were 6 or 7 smaller buildings spread out with a couple tall walls and lots of scatter terrain. Vendetta targets turned out to be the Ohaguro on Cojo, and Myranda on Ama No Zako. Ohaguro was given about 13” of movement by Asami's summoning of an Akaname which moved her with her Drawn to Essence ability. The other 6” was due to a reaching tendrils attack by Asami. Then the Hag made a Diving Charge at Cojo through a wall. It was beautiful, taking him down to just below half on two attacks. Ama No Zako and Amanjaku soaked many enemy AP from Slate Ridge, Myranda, and the Sabertooth Cerberus. The Sabertooth Cerberus red jokered damage on the Emissary, but HtK kept him alive. The Emissary’s card fishing technique never quite worked well. Ama Dark Bargained him on first turn, but then she had to cheat to get the suit, and then he had to cheat to get it to go off, so in the end it was a 5-card draw for the first time, and then he had to cheat again to draw four cards on his activation. Not great. Second turn, he couldn’t get it to go, as I didn’t have the card. He died third turn before he could activate. So, not a great run for him and that ability. Another problem was Asami’s summoning of Akaname on turn 1. She was able to summon two, got the trigger to take the damage to prevent flicker. On their activations, they laid a scheme marker down for her to eat (An action I now know is not legal as summoned models cannot take the interact action on the turn that they are summoned), then did their bonus action and ate the resulting marker to get Poison +3, finishing their first activations with 2 flicker. On turn 2, Asami healed up the four damage eating the scheme markers then summoned an Obsidian Oni into engagement with the cerberus and jackalope. Asami then removed a flicker from one of the Akaname and gave it focus. The Akaname activated later and got slowed up in severe terrain, and it seemed a waste. Scheme running wise a Katashiro or Tengu would have been better suited. The poison/flicker prevention mechanic of the Akaname is not great. Perhaps starting with one, instead of summoning it would have been best. They are probably better used as tarpits. Lesson learned. That Akaname was trying to move into engagement with a moleman, but it didn't work well. Arcanists win 4-3 with two from turf war, 1 from vendetta and 1 from search the ruins. Ten Thunders got 1 from turf war and 2 from Vendetta, none from search the ruins. But it was Demo and the Arcanist was glad to get the win and chomping at the bit to schedule a full game.
  4. So here goes probably my first post like ever. I am very new so this I probably a noob question but bear with me is this a valid list for Marcus: marcus jackalobe myranda rougarou ceberus 2 x initiates ancient pact What I mean is is can I mix models with the beast or chimera tag with Marcus as I wish ?and how about upgrades do they have to come from the chosen faction or can they be arcanists as well? finally how do you feel about chimeramancy is it worth doing it with Marcus or do you just do it when you have time? seems pretty ap and card heavy but I am new so what do I know. also what is some good lists for Marcus that you have tried.? I have all versatile models from Neverborn and both Marcus starters.
  5. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet, Pandora stands out to me as potentially interesting, whereas Nekima seems a bit straight forward for my tastes, although I own all the models so will no doubt try her out. So, based on your own experience which master/masters are your pick? Which combos?
  6. Battle Report Single master 50ss tournament, 2.7. Hi again, as I’ve alluded to in forum posts my local scene had a little open beta tournament this weekend. I’m gonna copy paste my forms from here and then give some breakdowns and thoughts. The tournament was single master, three 2.5 hour games. This might have very well been the first open beta tournament in Sweden! (I will only be including my own thoughts here, the other players can add their own if they wish since I’m doing this after the tournament) Game one Standard Deployment Turf War Breakthrough Hold up their forces Harness the Ley line Vendetta Dig their graves 2.5 hours 3 rounds. 4 - 7 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Carlos 8ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss Mannequin 4ss 1vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Breakthrough 1vp off of Harness the Leylines. The Force Marcus Myranda Jackalope Cojo Cerberus Blessed of december Hoarcat pride Ferdinand Vogel 3vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Dig their Graves 2vp off of Breakthrough So, in this game the Duet was definitely the MVP. It scored breakthrough on it’s own by murdering the little kittens and splitting deep after I realised that my opponent simply wouldn’t bother with them at all. It tied up Cojo before all this. His Cerberus jumped across the field to murder my Showgirl early and Carlos got smacked dead by Marcus to deny me a point. Carlos almost brought down the Blessed, it was due to die by burning but Myranda healed it. Cassandra schemed, securing leylines and being a general nuisance. Not dying, a first for me. The Dancer got cornered by Ferdinand and forced to choose between fighting him and the Cerberus. Suffice to say she died. His Cerberus did crazy mutch, Carlos performed better with his changes, but I still played him wonkily. Colette smacked a dove to bury herself and then popped up in the middle with Cojo to sink a ton of distract into him. Cojo sat in place until he used a well timed push to catch me off guard and deny me a point on the strat by flipping the middle turf marker. The new doves worked wonders, their smuggled soulstone ability makes for some neat tricks turn one. Fun note, I had Black joker in hand since turn one, and flipped Red joker on initiative TWICE. Game 2 “And they said you can’t alpha strike” Corner deployment Plant Explosives Outflank Assassinate Power Ritual Take Prisoner Claim jump 2.5 hours 4 rounds 6 - 3 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 4ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Carlos 8ss Angelica 7ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 3vp off of Plant the Explosives 2vp off of Claim jump (Carlos) 1vp off of Power Ritual Forgot to ask for his Forum name Zipp w/Inferiority complex Earl Burns The First Mate Gracie Burt Jebsen w/Twelve cups of coffee Merris Lacroix Iron Skeeter 2vp off of Plant Explosives 1vp off of Power ritual 0vp off of Outflank So, I read somewhere on the forums that people were using Colette and doves to slingshot beaters up the board. I picked up an Arcane Emissary this week and decided to try it out. As I used my doves’ activations to set the stage as it were my opponent moved up the centre with Merris, Gracie and Burt, who took one damage from Zipp tossing him about. With the cards and stones I needed in hand, and a dove waiting a mere move away Colette took center stage. She walked up next to her dove, and sneaking a soulstone from it’s cache she slung the Arcane Emissary up roughly 16” to the center, followed by the Coryphee Duet, the pair of death machina taking both sides of the street. To finish off her perfomance Colette swung her famous sword trick at the dove, cheating in a mask to reveal in a twist that it was she who buried, next to the now broken dove. His skeeter flew around at an edge and the rampaging bull made it’s move. With a red joker in hand I confidently charged Burt and knocked him down to his last health, rampaging through him. To finish him off the bull hit him again, before triggering to push and slap Merris down to one. A pass token was spent by my opponent and my Duet moved up and charged through gracie and Merris, finishing her off and setting the audience ablaze. The Duet split, and when I got to activate the pair reformed and charged through Gracie again, smacking her twice to get her down to one. The Burning from Merris finished her off for some sweet sizzling bacon. Carlos positioned to move towards the lower right edge, trying to not give away what his scheme was. Turn two Colette popped up near Carlos and presto’d her way to the corner to score me my Power ritual, flinging the Skeeter away and burying Earl so that he would come up in the middle to my waiting Bull. His Skeeter had placed an explosion marker on a 1” crate that stopped me from reaching it, winning him a strat point. Angelica almost died to Zipp dropping her around, so she dropped her explosion marker to not waste it, but Earl snatched it (and killed her iirc) before being promptly murdered by the bull. Carlos revealed his plan and moved 15” to the now nice and cleared middle for claim jump. The only thing of interest the following turns was Zipp getting Carlos down to 2 only to have him healed to six by the duet, securing the final point for Claim Jump and the First Mate scoring two more points, one through power ritual and one through Plant Explosives on his own. Leaping like a mad lad. This was my first victory in Malifaux, and I dare say I won it with style! Game 3 Flank deployment Corrupted Idols Search the ruins Dig their graves Detonate the charges Deliver a message Vendetta 2.5 hours 4 rounds 3 - 4 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Deliver a message (Misaki) 0vp off of Dig their graves Paradigm Misaki, 8ss cache -Masked Agent Shang Ototo 10 Minako 8 Yasunori 10 Lone Swordsman 8 Effigy 4 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Search the ruins 0vp off of Dig their graves. Colette was by far my mvp this game, with an honorable mention going to Cassandra and the Ice Dancer. Cassandra spent the game scheming, also blasted Shang of the board with two fire breaths. Colette danced in and out of bury, avoiding Misaki and didn’t come out until turn 4 to stick to the middle for power ritual. She drowned Ototo and Lone Swordsman in Distracted and stunned, always saving stones or cards for the mask trigger. At the end she sent the Lone Swordsman 10” away with False Reality and gave him slow to boot. Of course this was after he sliced my emissary to pieces. If the performance of my emissary was feast game two, it was famine in game three. I waited until turn 2 to send my Emissary and Duet up field, the bull charged Ototo barely scratching it only to die to the Lone Swordsman using two severe crit strikes. It was after this that he got distracted by everone and everything. Misaki took two fully commited turns to kill the Duet who had managed to kill some Oni summoned by Minako. Considering who Misaki is, I still took this as a win, considering the duet got to deliver a message and thanks to it splitting before being killed off plus it’s demise trigger the Misaki player never got to dig their graves. The Showgirl did very little before being murdered by Ototo. One of the two Mannequins from the broken down Coryphees healed Cass and tanked a hit, while the other smacked Minako for some reason and got turned into a burning wheel. The Ice Dancer, whoooo boy the Ice Dancer. She survived two turns against the Yasunori, taking 4 damage the first turn and then he black jokered his other hit. The second turn he missed but got the onslaught trigger (maybe the black joker for damage was here, it’s a bit fuzzy) and she butterfly jumped away. She then ran off and killed the effigy in melee, almost denying him a search the ruins points. She would’ve done that if we’d gotten another turn. I played around Deliver the Message by having Colette stay buried but it turned out to be pointless. Misaki schemed a little for the last points and that was that. The game was surprisingly close, though he edged out on schemes. After losing my 24ss worth of beaters my chances for Dig their Graves were severely hampered. A few thoughts: My first opponent who plays Arcanist mainly discussed the performers at length over the lunch break and he agreed with me that there is a bit too much power in the duet and Colette, at the cost of the rest of the crew. There is also an enjoyment problem with the crew, both playing as and against. The best strategy, unless you brought highly specific counters, for dealing with the Duet and Colette is to simply ignore them and let them do their thing. This isn’t very interesting to play against, and having your opponent not even interact with functionally a third of your crew is dull. Colette buried six times throughout the tournament, all of them with the “What a Twist” trigger on Sword trick. She got targeted with an enemy action a grand total of Zero times throughout all three games. The trick where you Sword trick a dove, stoning for mask turn one is fun and satisfying. You can set up a lot of shenanigans from there. I only summoned a dove once, and rarely felt like I needed to, but the new doves feel great and serve their purpose as Presto-chango points and spare stones/cards splendidly. Cassandra’s upstage is a problem. It’s currently underwhelming, with almost no good actions to borrow in keyword, and it limits design space by forcing all future tactical actions to be balanced around it. I understand the thematic idea, but I’d rather see her drop that actions and gain something to support other performers, or something to boost her offense. Maybe something like “Once per turn: target performer with X can take the interact action, ignoring normal placement restrictions (alternatively placing the scheme marker within X instead of b2b)”. I’m thinking of this as Cass helping a fellow performer out with their lines. Of course y’all at Wyrd can word it less wonky than this. Carlos feels much more defined now, which I like. He doesn’t feel like a worse Cassandra. I like his changes. He suffers a problem that he shares with the Ice Dancer though. They are both scheme runners, in a scheme heavy crew. This might be a problem with their dual crew nature however, and I’m not gonna pretend to know how to balance around both crews. The Arcane Emissary hits like a freight train, at similar speed. I love it, as is. It’s negation aura is really good defense. I should’ve held it back further the third game, but this is Malifaux, you win some you lose some, but you learn from it. This was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more local events in the future. I had a ton of fun.
  7. Here is a battle report sheet on the match played over VAssal, followed by a not so accurate walkthrough of the whole encounter. Enjoy! (if anyone wants to see the map, I can try to attach that.) What Version of the Playtest Documents were you using? 1.23 Strategy & Deployment Corrupted Idols – Flank Deployment Scheme List Detonate charges Dig their graves Search the ruins Take prisoner Assassinate Time & Rounds Played 3,5hour for 4 rounds Final Score Hamelin 6 - 1 Marcus Player 1 – AlexDS Outcasts/Hamelin Crew List Hamelin Stolen Stolen Stolen Benny Wolcomb Johan Creedy Prospector Rat catcher Obedient Wretch Malifaux Child Malifaux Rat Malifaux Rat Winged Plauge Strategy VP Scored 2 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig their Graves - 2 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Assasinate – 2 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? I would probably take Search the ruins over Dig their graves, and stick to plan with the winged plauge to score earlier from the stratagem. Also, Johan was a bit redundant. I would like to get Parker into the list, but there might be some other cheaper model with the same skills. ( I like his friendly model within LoS can drop a scheme marker for a card, and his ranged dmg output) MVP model (and Why?) Hamelin and the Ratkings. Hamelin mostly becouse he summons rats, and Unclean influence to combine them. Ratkings are amazing glasscannons, capable of serious damage and blight spread before they die and give you a card (or if you manage to summon a catcher instead) Player 2 – dannydb Arcanists/Marcus Crew List Marcus Jackalope Hoarcat pride Cojo Razorspine Rattler - Magical training Mechanical rider Arcane effigy Ferdinand Vogel Strategy VP Scored 0 Scheme 1 & VP Scored Dig their Graves - 0 Scheme 2 & VP Scored Search the ruins – 1 If you could play this same Encounter again, what would you do differently? Skip the mechanical rider for maby Miranda. Missed the Def/Wp + flip and heals. Mech riders tokens did not seem to worth the models cost of 10. Also, Did expect Hamelin to be harder to take down, and therefor I did not choose Assasinate. Definitivly would instead of Dig their graves next time. MVP model (and Why?) Marcus and Cojo, altho none of them preformed more than average. Still a nice combo. Additional Feedback? Hamelin gives away a LOT of passmarkers. The option to activate rats to reduce them is almost never used, becouse there are alot of models in crew who rely on the rats possitioning. The 3 totem he starts with, and that you want to take atleast 1-2 rats to start with, gives you a crew of 6 for 4 stones..... The option to accually summon a child, maby once per round, would help him. And he still is missing a bonus action. So please make unclean influence a bonus, and let him be able to summon stolens as a dual suit trigger (maby on lure for fluff reasons?) The Chimerancy abillity have rather low target numbers. Sometime a five a six and an 8 builds quite the monster. Throw that on an order initiate and the dmg will also be insane. Need to be tested more. The Encounter, long breakthrough Note that these notes from the encounter are only roughly what happened activation order, dmg and targets may have varied a bit. But this is how I remembered it. Round 1 – The setup Both teams deploy rather grouped up in a square opposite of each other. Marcus wins the initiative and lets Hamelin go first. Hamelin crew is positioned behind and in a dense, severe forest and activates models possitoned around Benny to drop scheme markers and walk a bit. Marcus activates, gives stealthed to himself. Chimerancy to give cojo and an upgrade to the rattler. Does his howl and moves all beasts to a more forward position. 1 stolen gives out fast to an un-activated rat, and kills himself. Jackalope moves close to the Idol that were spawned in the middle of the board and next Hoarcat goes closer to protect. Another stolen gives out fast to yet another rat, and one of the rats activates, taking the concentrate action 3 times for focus 3. Mecanichal rider goes straight down on the map and place a scheme marker in a forest. Prospector takes slow for a Soulstone and drops a schememarker. Tries to place a second with bonus action, but doesn’t flip the necessary crow. Now there are 4 markers around Benny. Ferdinand turns into Beast and moves behind a big rock, closer to the middle of the board. Benny activates and summons 4 rats with tiny hats. Focus and no bonus action. Some pass tokens are used. Last stolen gives out fast to a rat, and rat catcher separates the rats into 2 groups using his rotting odor bonus action, and gives out fast to the already activated winged plague. Cojo gets into position just to the left of the center of the board, near a big rock. Hamlin activates and does unclean influence to move the rats in the groups into more forward positions, focus with one, and then combines them into 2 rat kings. 1 with fast, focus 4 and still to activate (about 8” to the right of the center board), and one with fast focus 1 (further down behind a rock). Lures the hoarcat closer and charges it to put blight on it. Rattler gets into forward position. Malifaux child double walks into a forest. Last model for Marcus is the arcane effigy, which sticks close to Marcus. Rat king yet to activate takes a walk and charges the jackalope. With focus getting in 2 moderate hits, killing it, summons a rat and spread blight to Hoarcat and Marcus. Stands in base with the idol, but no ap to move it. Round 2 - Infestation Idol gets placed behind a forest on the top of the board where no one is. Marcus wins initiative and upgrades both Rattler and Cojo. Walks a away from the rat king and stands on top of the rock (were cojo and the Beast within stands) and howls to move all beasts closer to the rat infestation. Last action he commands the rattler (with trigger) to walk into the forest closer to Hamelin. chain activation into cojo, he charges the ratking, who manages to only get 3 dmg due to using focus on at least 1 hit. Winged plague places a scheme marker from the Hoarcat focuses and charges. Hitting and getting a lucky severe for 5 dmg on a straight flip. Declears Dig their Graves and get a rat summoned. Rattler charges Hamelin, manageing to take 6 wounds (?!) and poison 1. The two summoned rats activates and reduces Marcus pass tokens to 4, then Johan tries to retaliate but doesn’t do much. Beast within walks to charge the rat summoned by the rat king, killing it and engageing the rat king. Wretch walks in LoS with the rattler and analyzes weakness. Hamelin tries activates Unclean influence to position some rats and tries to take down the Rattler leaving it at 2 wounds. Arcane effigy just walks. Prospector prospects and moves, fail bonus action due to low on cards. Mecanichal rider activates last, walks further south, away from everyone else, and places scheme marker in another forest. Benny concentrates and walks further into the forest. Malifaux child walks, and tries to Lure something, fails. Stolens moves and try to kill the rattler with vomitiong desease, managing 1 dmg, leaving it at 1 wound. Rat king moves and tries to slow cojo. Eats a rat and heals to full 7. Attacking and dealing 2 dmg. The ratking by the rock uses his fast to double walk, Gnaw to remove a scheme marker from the mech rider, and then charges said model with focus for 0 dmg due to destiny tokens. Rat catcher moves around the rock to get a better path to eventually charge cojo or Marcus. Still 4 passtokens left for marcus as turn 2 ends. Noone scored from strategy, only Hamelin gets 1 for Dig. Round 3 - Carnage No supprise Marcus win Initative with a flipped 6 (+4) and gains 7! passtokens. Idol gets placed on the bottom close to the mechanical rider and the rat king. Rattler goes first but gets cheated over not doing much. (or wonder if he accually died round 2?) Ratking tries to get some dmg through on mech rider. Resulting in 4-5 damage on 2 hits. Marcus chainactivates into cojo. Upgrades, command and focusing on killing rats and Hamelin. High cheats lets him get away without to much injuries. (3 wounds left?) rat catcher activates, charging Marcus for 8 dmg! 2 attacks with min2 + black death trigger for +2. He is down at 4. The beast within slaughters the ratking on two strikes. And now its only Mechanical rider left for poor Marcus. Hamelin activates, unclean influence to get rats into possiton, and blows one up for two damage on Marcus and cojo. The rest of the crew focus on killing cojo, which gets weaknesses analyzed from wretch. Malifaux child drops scheme marker and concentrate, Benny eats marker for fast and tries to get away from Marcus. But he is boxed in by his own models so he get to use 3 actions to even get 2” away from him. Derp. Prospector prospects, walks and manages to bonus action out a scheme marker for second part of Dig. Mech rider damages rat king and places a scheme marker for Search the ruins. Winged plague sprints and moves the top Idol. Rats do what rats to, trying to give blight on cojo, who is then finished of by the stolens vomiting disease. Hamelin declear Half-Ass(ass)ination and Marcus Search the ruins. Round 4 – Conceed, theorise We called it a game here, Marcus would probably have been killed even if he had won initative (with 7 passtokens it is likely). And the sheer mass off models would have been able to fend of the Beast within/not let Mech rider place 3 markers, aswell as moving a second idol over the line. Winged plague, Benny and prospector were in range to finish Dig their graves. So we called it 6-1
  8. Hey, thanks for reading. I'm new to the game, anticipate casual play, and am looking for advice putting together a Beast-themed Marcus crew. Marcus + Myranda + Beasts, that's all. I'd like to get 50-60ss of models. Inventory so far: just Claw and Fang box + one Dawn Serpent a friend gave me. Could some of your more experienced players may have ideas what works best for synergy? Here is a crew I came up with based on reading some stats. Thoughts? The core (19ss) Marcus Myranda Jackelope Sabretooth Cerberus (may need a second model for Myranda!) The minions (23ss) Razorspine Rattler - backup Waldgeist - blocker Dawn Serpent - artillery The schemers and objectifiers (7ss) Canine Remains - grab objectives Malifaux Raptor - contest scheme tokens Total 49ss Don't have thoughts about Upgrades yet, and am TOTALLY open to suggestions and swapping out. That's just a wild idea up there. Thx!
  9. Yesterday was Spring Down, a 3 round 50 ss fixed faction GG17 event. I secured a pass for the event and drove down with my clubmate joe. he decided to play Collodi whilst I decided that I'd stick with Arcanist, and see how the day turned out. There are no photos, but games one and two were on wild west town boards (different boards, but largely they all seem to be similar) Game 3 was on a dried stream bed board (The one I played on twice in Lost love 5) The event itself was run on Bag o Tools, which means I didn't walk away with all the schemes for each round, so I've only recorded the ones I can remember. I also took no notes so I am missing most upgrades from my opponent. (and expect a few things to be slightly wrong) Game 1 Collect the bounty vs Tara (Darren) Flank deployment Dig their graves, Claim Jump, leave your mark, Marcus (Damage upgrade)(Arcane) Jackolope Shuistarya Guard War Wabbit Luther the Pascha Hare (well rehersed) Boris the circus bear Moleman Hoarcat pride He took Tara Scion of the Void Nothing beast 2 void wretches Death Marshal Aionius Turn 1 I used the jackolope and Boris to give the War Wabbit options where to go. He moved the bulk of his models (Scion, tara, nothing beast, Aionius and a void wretch) over to 1 side roughly where I was heading the bear. I moved Luther that way, and dropped a scheme marker for the moleman to move up and they hid behind a building from the main block of Tara. The death Marshal shot at the bear, slightly hurting it. The Shystar guard pushed the Wabbit towards Boris and then went off to try and start scoring leave your mark. The Wabbit charged Boris, pushing him and making him furious. It also made the scion in range of my second charge. The Wabbit hit the scion and hurt it a fair chunk. Marcus had gone over towards the death marshal. Turn 2. Tara lost initiative despite the bonus flip, so the Wabbit went to town, killing a void wretch, hurting the scion a bit more and and hurting Tara. I was hoping for slightly better, but you take what you can… Tara kicked off her fast aura and attacked the wabbit. I had foolishly moved Marcus to far away to Alpha the Wabbit so I pushed him nearer with the Guard, who also got into position to drop Leave your mark markers next turn. The nothing beast went to town on the Wabbit, leaving near death. Blessed went up and dropped a scheme marker near enough to get me a graves point. Scion kills Wabbit. It does empty hi hand to do so. Boris charges Scion, but fails to kill. Marcus Alphas Boris and this time he kills the scion. Aionius scores claim jump. Death Marshal charges Marcus, but he survives. Tara re-activate kills boris. I score Bounty and Graves, He score claim jump. Turn 3. Void wretch fasts Luther and charges him. He becomes buried. The Horcats charge the void wretch, but leaving him on 1 wound. Aionius goes and kills the buried Luther from fully healthy so I can’t use well rehersed. Marcus goes after Tara, and kills her. Moleman gets a marker near the nearly dead void wretch. Jackolope gets the kill on the void wretch. Guard drops a scheme marker for leave your mark. I score 3 points. Turn 4 Marcus kills the Nothing beast, and the jackolope kills the death Marshal. Aionious drops a mark for claim and a mark for leave your mark (due to his pushing markers action) I score 2 (failed to dig graves) he scored 1 We didn’t start turn 5, but I couldn’t get Aionius and he was the only model he had left, and couldn’t score anything. End score 7-2 The Bear and the Wabbit did roughly what I wanted as tough minions that took most of his crew to kill. I probably should have got more out of them, but it turned out to be just enough. If he had realised he couldn’t bury the scion with 0 cards in and, he might have played turn 2 a little differently, but I think it wouldn’t have made a huge difference as I think the last card he cheated saved something else from dying. I didn’t pay enough attention to Aionius’ damage, it was a lucky severe that killed the blessed, but I should have paid a little more attention to the down sides of being buried rather than just thinking it would be good to have a fast blessed released when I killed something.
  10. OK 2 simple questions i couldn't find the answer for: - Frame for murder. If i Alpha one of my opponents figures to kill the opponents frame target. Does he get points or no? - If i Alpha my own wild boar, does the wild boar get the +flip for "on edge" thanks
  11. As the title suggests, I have too much spare time and I recorded my work to get a Slate Ridge Mauler to be Winnie the Pooh for my 100 Acre Wood themed Marcus crew. Pooh is the first model I've done for the crew (Like I could start with any other model...) Finished compiling the video and slapped it on Youtube. Here it is
  12. Hi dudes! The next Saturday I'll go to a tournament [Declare faction + 50ss], and someone that knows me a little you can imagine I'm a very very meticulous man xD First of all this will be a hard and long post, if you keep reading assume that, and... if that are the case... thx!!! I'll go to explain all the shit of my head, and if you can and want, I'll really appreciate all the advices can give to me, thx for all blue mates =P I promise a report later if can ^^ I'll divide the post on sections: 1. Introduction 2. Miniatures that i have 3. Better Masters vs Factions 4. Better Masters vs Schemes 5. Schemes explanation 1. Introduction Thats are my opinions for the tournament and masters: Colette doesn't shines vs any faction but she doesn't are bad vs any faction, and she really shines on practically all Schemes, is a solid election for that reason if I doesn't know the enemy Sandeep is a new Master and I can get advantage of that if the enemies doesn't know all his tricks and he is strong like the fucking thunder kebab (Joke of my group of friends xD, don't kill me) Marcus is my better hitter with all of his Alphas for try to win fast and it's very versatile, can give me the oportunity to change hitter Marcus on control Marcus Ramos are a safe election if I doesn't trust on a victory, he can give me time to analyce the ground thanks to his arachnids and go for the victory Raspi doesn't are awesome on Schemes but with a gunline Crew and Ice Pilar can give a mental win before a real win on the adversary, and let me be honest, she is a fucking killer, and if the enemy doesn't have crew he can't score any VP 2. MiniaturesI have these masters: Colette[C], Victor Ramos[vR], Sandeep, Marcus[M] and Raspi[R] And these miniatures: Colette, 3xDove, Cassandra, Angelica, 2xCoryphee, 2x Manequin, 2x Performer, Ramos, Brass Arachnid, Joss, Howard, Mechanical Rider, Johan, 6xArachnids, 2xSwarms, Arcane Effigy, Sandeep, Banasuva, Kudra, 3xOxfordian, 3xSantionated Spellcaster, 2xPosionG, 3xIceG, 1xMetalG, 1xWindG, x1 FireG, Marcus, Jackalope, Myranda, Cerberus, Cojo, Rattler, Raspi, Wendigo, Snowstorm, Essence of Power, Arcane Emisary, Envy, Ice Golem, 3xDecember Acolyte, 3xMoleman, 2xSilent One, 3xRaptor, Mobile Toolkit, Rogue Necromancy, 3xCanine Remains, Dawn Serpent 3. Masters vs Factions The order of Masters it's below the factions with my decisions Guild (M > R > C > S > vR) Marcus and Raspi can hit fast and hard all his masters except Hoffman, if I can kill enemy miniatures fast I usually can get sobreactivating for easy win Perdita is a famous Guild master and didn't want Obey on Ramos for explode to Howard... Resurrectionists (S > vR > R > M > C) Sandeep it's awesome in that match, Ca burn incorporeal and can summon Ramos have a lot of armor and summon too Raspi have Frozen Heart so good vs Horror duels Marcus can get down easy his Masters Arcanists (S > vR > C > M > R) In general they have a lot of armor, the best Masters vs armor are Sandeep and Ramos, and the worst Marcus and Raspi (In the other hand, its really fun Alpha Ramos for explodes Joos and Howard =P) Neverborn (R > S > C > M > vR) In that matchup the best Arcanist hablity IMO it's Frozen Heart and if we add Ice pilars and Paralyze... Sandeep and Colette can do nice tricks here and can give tricks to Arcane Effigy a must on that matchup Again time I doesn't want Zoraida Obey Ramos for explode Outcasts (M > R > C > vR > S) Viktorias are the best hitters in the game, but Marcus really shines here, he can Alpha further and better, can kill his master in T1 and hit hard other Outcast masters Raspi can go to kill Masters too and blast are good vs Hamelin Sandeep and Ramos play's style is on a bubble, and Arcanist faction play's a lot of armor models, solid reason for play Viktorias and if i take this masters probably lost the game on T2 Ten Thunders (C > S > vR > M > R) In that Machup, the best master is a minion... Arcane Effigy it's a mandatory, so much conditions and tricks, and another time the masters can move and do tricks with that model are the best Colette and Sandeep Colette, Sandeep and Ramos can do a crew with Joss and I love cut defensive triggers Ramos and Marcus can do a great Alpha fast on his models Gremlins (R > C > S > vR > M) Wendigo can Devour virtually all Goblins and with Ml8... and Ice Pilars are good cover vs Snipers Again Colette, Sandeep and Ramos can do a Crew with Joss and this is the best weapon for kill the goblins 4. Masters vs Schemes Round1 Headhunter - close deployment (C > S > vR > M > R) Claim jump (C > vR > S > M > R) Frame for murder (C > vR > M > R > S) Leave you mark (C > vR > M > R > S) ---> (C > vR > M > R > S) Show your force (S > R > C > vR > M) Hidden trap (C > S > vR > M > R) Round2 Extraction - standard deployment (vR > S > C > M > R) Claim jump (C > vR > S > M > R) Eliminate the leadership (M > R > C > S > vR) Accusation! (C > S > vR > M > R) ---> (C > vR > S > M > R) Cover breakthrough (C > vR > M > R > S) Search the ruins (C > vR > S > M > R) Raound3 Guard the stash - corner deployment (C > S > vR > R > M) Claim jump (C > vR > S > M > R) Dig their graves (C > vR > S > M > R) Recover evidence (C > vR > S > M > R) ---> (C > vR > S > M > R) Set up (C > S > vR > M > R) Last stand (S > C > M > vR > R) 5. Schemes Headhunter (T2) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. Whenever a model kills or sacrifices a non-Peon enemy model, it places a Head marker within 3" of the deceased, not in base contact with a model B. A model in base contact with a Head marker may spend a (1) Interact action to pick it up C. Picking up one or more Head markers on a turn (except Turn 1) earns your Crew 1 VP. Tip: You can pick up friendly or enemy Heads and they score the same, so ranged attacks may just be giving your enemy points if they have another model near the target. Tip: From an offensive standpoint, models with Don't Mind Me are extremely useful for picking up a Head in the middle of a packed scrum Tip: Lures are also great for bringing opponents to your crew for easy killing and Head retrieval Tip: Models To Consider: (Arc) Performer; (Grem) Fingers; (Guild) Guild Austringer, Master Queeg, Nino Ortega; (Never) Beckoner, Doppleganger, Mr. Tannen, Scion of Black Blood; (Out) Big Jake, Hodgepodge Emissary (Pretty Floral Bonnet FTW!), Rat Catcher; (Res) Mortimer, Philip and the Nanny (10T) Mr. Tannen, Sensei Yu Extraction (T2) (Ramos > Sandeep > Colette > Marcus > Raspi) A. Crew 1VP if it has two or mroe non-Peon models 6" of the Marker B. After points are scored each turn (starting turn 2), the player with the most non-Peon models within 6" of the marker can place it within 3" of its current location (but not into base contact with terrain or a model) Tip: This means that, if you're winning, you can move the objective towards where you have the most strength...or towards where you want your models to be next turn. In practice, the marker's Tip: Tip: movement doesn't make a huge difference in most games Guard the Stash (T2) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Raspi > Marcus) A. Two 50mm Stash markers (Ht5, blocking, impassable, hard cover) on the Centerline B. 5" from the center of the board in each direction C. At the end of each turn after the first, a crew scores 1 VP if it has at least one non-Peon model within 2" of each marker. Tip: Presence of the Stash markers themselves means that models with Incorporeal or Flying have advantages in terms of maneuverability Tip: Also, since players need at least one model in each of two places, there are two areas that need to be reinforced Tip: A single model in either location can be killed or displaced to ruin an opponent's scoring opportunity Frame For Murder (T1) (Colette[Howard] > Ramos[Howard] > Marcus[Cerberus] > Raspi[December] > Sandeep[Kudra]) A. Name non-Peon model like "sucker" B. If model is killed or sacrificed 1VP C. If the enemy model was Master/henchman +1VP D. If its before T4 +1VP Covert Breakthrough (T5) (Colette[PP+Raptor] > Ramos[PP+Raptor] > Marcus[PP+Raptor] > Raspi[December] > Sandeep[Wind Gamin]) A. End of the game +1VP for each Scheme Marker within 6" of enemy Deployment Zone Hidden Trap (T5) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. End of the game +1VP for each enemy non-Peon within 3" of one or more Scheme Markers B. Remove all Scheme Markers which are within 3" of an enemy model Claim Jump (T2) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. Scheme Markers near the Centerline B. Scheme scores at the end of each turn after the first C. Need at least two Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline, but they can't be within 2" of an enemy model or within 4" of another friendly Scheme Marker D. If you scored a VP from this Scheme at the end of the turn, ALL of your Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline are removed Tip: Be wary of taking this Scheme if you plan on dropping other Markers that you want to keep from turn to turn, since they might just vanish at the end of the turn Eliminate The Leadership (T1) (Marcus > Raspi > Colette > Sandeep > Ramos) A. Reducing the enemy Leader below half their Wounds B. Killing or sacrificing the Leader (or reducing them to 0 Wounds) C. Having the enemy Leader out of play at the end of the game Accusation! (T2) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. You cannot target a model that has already activated this turn to give the Accused Condition range 1" B. Condition is removed with its own Tactical Action, (1) Hold It!, which is not an Interact Action, and won't benefit from Don't Mind Me or other Abilities or Actions that allow Interacts while engaged C. Removing Accused is only a (1) at least D. Only need one Accused enemy, but the Condition must be ended to get the point, so you have to keep Accusing models each turn Dig Their Graves (T1) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. killing an enemy model that is within 4" of one of your Scheme Markers, then a Scheme Marker within 4" of the slain model is removed Tip: Abilities, Actions, or Conditions that allow you to place Scheme markers while engaged will help, but aren't a must have since there's a good bit of distance allowed between the Marker and the killed enemy Tip: If your opponent is going for this one, remember that an enemy model needs to do the killing blow, so sacrificing or killing a vulnerable model before your opponent can might not be a bad idea Leave Your Mark (T1) (Colette[PP+Raptor] > Ramos[PP+Raptor] > Marcus[PP+Raptor] > Raspi[December] > Sandeep[Wind Gamin]) A. At the end of the turn, remove one of your Scheme Markers on the opponent's half of the board that isn't within 6" of the Centerline or 4" of an enemy non-Peon model to score a point Show of Force (T2) (Sandeep > Raspi > Colette > Ramos > Marcus) A. ount the number of face-up Upgrades that cost at least 1 Soul Stone you have attached to models within 6" of the Center of the board B. Upgrades that are attached to a Master or started the game attached to a Master do not count to this total C. If you have at least one qualifying Upgrade and at least as many qualifying Upgrades as your opponent at the end of the turn, you get a point Recover Evidence (T1) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. At the beginning of any turn, you can reveal it to put one Evidence Marker in base contact with each of five enemy models chosen by your opponent B. Your models can then take a (1) Interact Action to remove an Evidence Marker in base contact Tip: Reveal this Scheme early and the Markers will likely be grouped together, but rather far away. Wait and the markers might be closer, but they'll probably be more spread out. Tip: Keep in mind that you can score multiple points in a turn with this Scheme, and you only need three out of the five Markers to get full points Set Up (T1) (Colette > Sandeep > Ramos > Marcus > Raspi) A. Scores 1 VP for each Scheme Marker within 4" of an enemy Master, Henchman, or Enforcer model that you chose at the beginning of the game Search the Ruins (T5) (Colette > Ramos > Sandeep > Marcus > Raspi) A. Score 2 VP at the end of the game if you have at least three Scheme Markers within 6" of the Center of the board B. Get a bonus point if at least two of those Scheme Markers are on the opponent's half of the table C. Be careful, because Scheme Markers within 2" of each other don't count for scoring Tip: Also watch out if you took Claim Jump, since that Scheme removes Markers near the Centerline and might make a marker you needed vanish Last Stand (T1) (Sandeep > Colette > Marcus > Ramos > Raspi) A. Get a point for having at least three Henchman and/or Enforcer models completely outside of your Deployment Zone B. Need to have fewer models in play than your opponent. Tip: Keep in mind that you need to reveal this Scheme the turn before you can begin scoring, so reveal it early or make sure that your Henchmen and Enforcers will last through the next to turn to start scoring
  13. A couple of months ago a buddy and I began our Malifaux venture. Previously we have been playing Fantasy, 40k and LotR so miniature games are not unfamiliar to us. (I'm not too keen on 40k these days.) Hopefully well get someone else into the game soon as well. (Scheming to start Gremlins to add variation as well as have an extra crew ready for some buds coming over.) Locally our FLGS has had Malifaux on the schedule Saturdays, but I'm not sure it has stuck. But before we take on that route we want to learn the rules a bit better (only 2-3 games in so far). But it's great fun! This first post of mine (here) is actually a celebration of getting my Cojo painted. Toot! (Sorry for the harsh/dim lightning,) (Will be retroactively add the other painted Marcusians soon.) Thanks for reading! /PoisonTail
  14. Hi dudes! Have a big question... when a model fails horror duel in his activation this model doesn't paralizes rather than this model ends his activation... ok... So why i read in other threads you can do 'Obey' in a model to do intentionally a horror duel and loss it, for example vs Ama no Zako and paralize him for devour? I can do the same whit marcus and Alpha vs a Rattler? Thx for all!!! Best regards.
  15. Hi folks, After a long hiatus, "Play It Like Beatdown", my blog about playing Malifaux badly, returns! In the olden days it was pretty much all about playing Marcus, but recently I've mixed things up a bit and started using Kaeris, plus I've got Sandeep on the way too. So if you want something to read which is certainly not going to make you the world Malifaux champion, why not stop by? https://playitlikebeatdown.wordpress.com/ Enjoy Dave/sssk
  16. Hey everyone, Hijacking on of my old posts again! I have VS crew all built and upainted + Hans and a Strongarm suit again all built and unpainted Outcast general upgrades Arsenal deck and also the Wave 4 upgrades for outcasts: I am looking for the Marcus crewbox any condition and any extra beasts you have to throw in! Cheers for reading
  17. tl;dr: I have too much time. Need advice on starting crew. ------------------------------------------------------- Foreword: I have very-very small game experience, but I read some rules and did some research. Also, I'm sorry for my bad English. But I hope this does not cause any inconvenience to you. Now, Malifaux is a complex game - there are many unique rules on models, there are different combinations of win conditions, and players build their crews specifically for that conditions. In short - it's pretty hard to comprehend all possible combinations of schemes, strategies and models, from the beginner's point of view. My current goals are: - to understand different schemes and strategies - to collect number of models, that can be effectively used in as many possible combinations of Schemes and Strategies (SnS) as possible Aesthetically, I like "nature" theme of Malifaux. I.e. beasts, plants, etc. But I'm willing to convert things as necessary. And after some thought, between Marcus and Zoraida I chose Marcus. I'm not planning to invest in all faction or even different faction masters from the start. At least for now. Therefore I will present you a Wall of Text and ask you for your opinion on it. Where am I wrong? What have I missed? What should I pay attention to? Etc. And most importantly - I look forward to your advice. -------------------------------------- Wall of Text -------------------------------------- Purchase plan ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Claw and Fang" box "Blessed of December (1)" box "Canine Remains (3)" box "Waldgeist (3)" box "December Acolytes (3)" box "Raptors (3)" box - I'm not sure "Dawn Serpent (1)" box - later ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Noob thoughts on Strategies and Schemes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ i.e. what I'm planning to take with what schemes and strategies and why I'm buying those models Always (almost): Sabertooth, Blessed, Myranda Usually: Jackalope Questionable choices - Raptors and Dawn Serpent - Raptors - against snipers and weak backfield support - Dawn Serpent - if I'll need shooting and\or blasts Strategy Plan: * Turf War, Extraction, Guard the Stash: Defensive Marcus, Waldgeists * Reckoning, Headhunter: Aggressive Marcus, Acolyte, Rattler, no cheap models, no totem * Reckonnoiter, Stake a Claim: Aggressive Marcus, Canine Remains, Acolytes * Squatter's Rights, Interference: Aggressive Marcus, Canine Remains, Acolytes Schemes Plan: * A Line in the Sand: Aggressive Marcus, Waldgeist, Canine Remains, Acolyte * Distract: Aggressive Marcus, Waldgeist, Canine Remains, * Breakthrough: Aggressive Marcus, Canine Remains * Assassinate: Defensive Marcus * Protect Territory: Aggressive Marcus, Waldgeists, Acolyte * Bodyguard: Aggressive Marcus, Acolyte, Myranda as a target ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skeletal crew ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aggressive Marcus: Trail of the Gods, maybe Imbued Energies (for Fast) instead of 1-2 other Upgrades Defensive Marcus: The God’s Domain, maybe Imbued Protection instead of 1-2 other Upgrades Other upgrades: Feral Instinct (spare SS), Hunger Cry (against models targeting WP) [3] - Marcus (Def\Agr variation) [9] - Myranda (Imbued Energies for cards) [9] - Sabertooth [9] - Blessed of December [2] - Jackalope [:: Total: 32 +\- 1 ::] + models chosen for schemes\strategies
  18. I love the Bayou Gator models but do not play Gremlins or Zoraida in Neverborn. Why are they not Beasts for Marcus? Is there a fluffy reason that I am not aware of? If Marcus finds himself in a swamp do their reptilian brains counteract his magic? Please share any stories you know of that can shed some light on this dark corner of fluff Would they be too good with Marcus and for the sake of rules this has been omitted? I don't see them in play often or praised to high heaven on here - the consensus I gather is that they are "OK." Marcus can already get Silurids and the Spawn Mother/Gubbs who are NB Swampfiends, and the majority of Gremlin pigs. Is Zoraida jealous and hogging all of her gator friends? Running a Marcus Swampfiend crew would be exciting to see. Hire in McTavish as a mercenary to replace Myranda and you'd be set. Getting some justification for this omission will help stem my crocodile tears.
  19. I bought the Marcus crew box recently and figured to get used to it I'd play in a local Shifting Loyalties Campaign with it. But, looking into it, most of the Beasts I normally take aren't Arcanists, and with only starting with Myranda I won't be able to bring them along. Would Arcanist beasts would people recommend I use? At the moment I'm thinking Rattlers and maybe Cojo for a bit of longevity. I'd take the sabretooth as Myranda's 'change into ' model rather than hiring it in, (especially as I only have 1). Unless I go really aggressive with it and kill a few things in the thick of the enemy crew before its taken down then I warp Myranda into it bringing out the threat again. But this would mean it would get 'injured' for the campaign. Any thoughts?
  20. Hi guys, im very new to malifaux but not wargaming in general (joining you guys from vadious other games which shall not be named). For my first master i was looking at Marcus and spotted that a few beasts have the smell fear rule and the upgrade pack alpha(?) gives it to other models too. So, my question to you all is how could i build a crew a crew that takes advantage of the smell fear rule as much as possible and is it actually worth trying to do? thanks guys, any advice is appreciated
  21. I was wondering, the Defend me text states, a beast within 3" suffers the effect of the "Attack" instead, I would like to know what exactly constitutes an attack? MI and shooting? Casts? Anything that deals damage? Pushes and pulls? Thanks for reviewing my question.
  22. So I have read book 3 and thinking about starting to play Marcus (among 2 other masters ). I was thinking that Scorpius would be great to cash on the poison conditions caused by Razorspine, the zombie dogs or Rouge necromancy since he can cause Paralyze with its 0 action. However Scorpius seems like a minion that could be shredded in a single activation and it is rare 1 (you could bring it back with Myranda but there are better targets for it). It leads to my problem, namely the Wk4 of Scorpius. It would mean that if I want to charge with it I have to stay in the open (8 threat range) and die horribly. Or during the activation move 2 and use 0. I read most beast and arcanist models but can't find a solution (push + accomplice for example) to gap this problem. Anyone has advice or experience with Scorpius and how to use it with Marcus?
  23. Hey folks, So, my good friend roped me into Malifaux via a combination of constant peer pressure and excellent demo games at House of War (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia - if you are in Victoria and have the time or inclination, I high recommend going to visiting these sweet peeps! Facilities are second to none.) My girlfriend helped me cave to his pressure by buying me the Marcus Claw and Fang starter set for Christmas. To my surprise, I had a great level of enthusiasm for completing and painting these models to get them onto the table. Marcus was the first model that I completed of the crew. This was a significant moment for me because he represented the first model I have ever fully completed - I have 3 40k armies, 2 WFBH armies and an Infinity crew. With his completion began the relentless march of churning out beast after beast for my crew pool. First was the entire box contents, followed by a War Pig, then some old school Night Terrors, which were then followed by Silurids and Waldgeists. Lastly came the Canine Remains (who may be my new favourite model after the Cerberus, following their turning of the tide against a Dreamer crew for me). Now, I will profess that I am not the world's greatest painter by any stretch of the imagination, but the completion of these models makes for an important chapter in my gaming career. I feel like I need to express my love for this wyrd little game of ours (see what I did there!). It is the only game that I have felt myself wanting to continue painting and getting the models completed and I love the zaniness of the games, so much so that I am entering my first tournament in March and hope to have my second crew (the wonderful Toni Ironsides) ready to go for the grand occasion - although she will struggle to force Marcus off the table. So, without further ado, I present Marcus and his horde of homie beasts...
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