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  1. Flu-tastic Friday Breachers! I’m still on the mend from my brush with Plague, and it’s been a week of comfort seeking behavior for me. Favorite movies, comforting foods, my army of plush opossums guarding me… and looking back on my tabletop RPG roots. But before I chug along on the nostalgia train, let’s look at what @Shadowopal had to say about working with groups that have scheduling conflicts: Now, I don’t know about y’all, but one of my first RPG experiences was a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Slogging through enemies and looking for loot is a part of many players’ experiences. It’s the gateway that fuels the dive into more settings and systems. Before you know it, you’re looking at strange, experimental systems, and in depth settings where you can ride a dinosaur. It’s truly a wild ride. Through the Breach released a dungeon crawl sort of adventure in Bubbling Up From Below, a harrowing journey through a sunken Guild ship that’s mysteriously resurfaced. The Fated are hired by Lizzy McKinley for a salvage mission to the GSS Piranha, with the promise that they keep whatever valuables they fine or a cut on the salvage money. This leads to a grueling journey through the Bayou filled with rain, giant mosquitos, and deadly snakes. Upon finally arriving to the GSS Piranha, it’s bobs vertically in the water, making exploration of the vessel a challenge. The bulk of the adventure is delving into the ship, dealing with the undead crew still roaming the ship, until finally reaching a strange and unnerving creature that is behind the Piranha’s sudden reappearance. While this adventure is rather linear, there are actions that the Fated may take that influence the final fight. There are also clues that can be found that give a background and explanation of what it happening, which is always satisfying for players to discover and tear into. A great thing about Bubbling Up From Below is that it’s a wonderful change of pace; Through the Breach often has conspiracies, plots, sabotage and the like behind the veneer of a “routine job.” And while that’s loads of fun, sometimes you just want to get a group together and bash your characters’ way to victory. This adventure is perfect for that, while still giving enough exposition and atmosphere to keep players interested in the story. Bubbling Up From Below is available for digital download on DriveThruRPG. Check it out here! This week, tell me: What’s your favorite kind of adventure to run Fated through? Intrigue? Puzzle-solving? A good showdown?
  2. Heya Wyrdos! Looks like Waldo needs help choosing his favorites for the Bah Humbug Bonanza! Check out the voting threads here: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santaldo Oh Snap! Under the Mistle 'Faux Thanks to all who submitted!
  3. Heya Breachers! It seems I’m starting 2020 as a casualty of the Piper’s Plague. I hope to heal up soon, and that my urge to climb into the sewers subsides! Now, every Fatemaster, GM, DM or ST runs into the same problem, no matter the system. You’ve got all your notes for the session, snacks on the table and an appropriately atmospheric soundtrack, when the messages start coming in. “I can’t go out tonight.” “My dog’s sick.” “I’ve been eaten by a Grue.” Or, in the case of my household currently, a series of moans and wails the devolve into coughing fits. Getting a group together for a game session can be rough to manage, and there’s the worry that after a while, interest will fade, or the storyline recap will be half the next session as your players ask “What were we doing again?” Personally, I’ve found that if schedules are conflicting, there are a few tactics to keep player engagement and excitement high. One method I use is asking my players between sessions what their Fated is up to. Have they been studying their profession or perfecting their craft? Have they been going on drunken benders and causing mayhem? Is a romance starting to blossom, or a rivalry heating up? Not only does this method help with player excitement and interest, it provides me with additional tie-ins, complications, or benefits to use in my sessions. If things are rough and physically getting together is the problem, sometimes a virtual play space can help. Afterall, if Mitchell has a new schedule and the hour drive it takes for him to get home from the session is too much, I bet he’d be able to play from the comfort of his home, in his pajamas. Sites like Roll20 and ObsidianPortal can be helpful in bridging distance gaps, or online communication platforms like Discord or Skype. Find what works best for you and your group, and get to adventuring! That’s all I have for this week folks, the strange pipe music I keep hearing is growing louder. Do you think Hamelin takes bribes of baked goods? How do you manage the tricky business of game scheduling? What tools or methods help keeps players engaged and ready for that next session?
  4. I'll poke at Waldo and see what can get done!
  5. How much roleplaying is happening during the challenges? Based on that answer I could give some personal advice!
  6. So, I wondered (ok, whined) to myself "Whhhhy is no one responding to my latest Fatemaster Friday?" And then I notice I had another browser window minimizes with last week's post unsubmitted. Uh-oh. I'm afraid of what Santa Waldo is going to leave in my stocking for that one. Well, here's at least what @The13Fates had to say about modification in TTB: I hope you take a moment to read the rest, and others' commented here! So, I'm a sentimental person. A big ol' softy when it comes to some things, and community is one of them. I want to take this post to tell you all how much I appreciate the Wyrd Community, with a special emphasis on the TTB Community. Malifaux was the first miniatures game I'd ever played. I saw some 1st Ed models in my LGS, and thought the concept and models were cool, but no one local wanted to play. Fast forward to about 5 years later, I talked to my SO about the game and we got into it. I immediately wanted to know all the lore. I was amazed by this universe that Malifaux was set in. I discovered there was a RPG and loved it even more. I made some great friends through the Wyrd Community (shout out to @Strype McClaine and @Thepolishammer83) and together we explored the world Through the Breach. My love of TTB only deepened more when I started with Wyrd. I devoured more lore, got to talk about the universe with great people, and overall share my love and enthusiasm with others. But more than that support, the community I saw here made me feel at home. You folk are some of the most creative, funniest, and well... Wyrd people I've had the honor of interacting with. TTB players and Fatemasters have a dark humor and twisted sense of direction that makes for wonderful stories that are built together. Without all of you, the 'Fauxverse wouldn't be the same. Literally! Thank you all. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post, everyone who has read them, and everyone who wants to tell awesome stories with their friends! Just like you, I'm ecstatic to see what more @MattM has in store for us during 2020, and thank you for making 2019 so wonderful in the Wyrd Community. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and great stories that you create with those around you. This last question of the year is simple: Tell me your best TTB moment! Take care and see you in 2020!
  7. The PDF holds the default competition rules, with additional requirements for the theme appearing in the rules post for the contest. So in this case, there are two theme requirements- festively themed, and Wyrd model. Good question, and thanks for pointing that out.
  8. Happy Holidays! As you might already know from the announcement, we are running three contests to celebrate, which you can read about below. All pieces can be submitted any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until the day voting begins. Submissions will be accepted from Thursday, December 12th, 2019 until midnight EST (UTC -5) on January 12th. Submissions after the cutoff date will not be accepted, no exceptions. Your entry will not be visible until voting starts. If you need to make a change upload the image again and inform @Kimberly via PM on the Wyrd forum to remove the old file. The voting polls will open on January 14th, 2020 and remain open until midnight EST (UTC -5) on January 21st, 2020. The winner will be decided by whichever entry receives the most votes. Every forum member has 1 vote for each contest. In the case of a tie, Wyrd will have an internal vote to decide the winner. As a reminder, entries cannot have been displayed in any forum elsewhere on the internet, social media, or published mediums such as magazines. All contest entries will be displayed anonymously so as to give no one person an unfair advantage (this isn’t a popularity contest) and thus there can be no signatures or watermarks upon them. This includes naming the photo or file. No announcing on forums, webpage, blogs or any other type of medium about the entry, nor concept or WIP photos. Due to unsportsmanlike behavior in the past, I need to reiterate that the votes need to come from active forum members. We will be post restricting the polls, so only active accounts with a minimum of 10 posts (not all in the same day) will be able to vote. Categories: “I Saw Mommy Painting Santaldo!” - Wyrd Mini Painting Competition This is a painting competition for a festive, winter, or holiday take on any Wyrd Model. Winter Wonderland, Bah Humbug Waldo, or even if you want to make your Killjoy into a Santa Killjoy. It must be a Wyrd model and appropriately painted, converted, or based. For the complete Wyrd painting competition rules, please see the attached PDF. Wyrd_Painting_Contest_Rules.pdf The Prizes for this competition are: 1st Place: 100$ USD in webstore credit 2nd Place: 50$ USD in webstore credit 3rd Place: 25$ USD in webstore credit 1 winner will receive 50$ USD in webstore credit as Staff Favorite Wyrd Model, voted on by the Wyrd Games staff! “Oh Snap!” - Gingerbread Terrain Contest- This is a terrain competition. Entries will need to be any sort of terrain that is edible! Make a terrain piece that could be used in either The Other Side or Malifaux; this terrain piece must be edible, a three dimensional structure in the holiday spirit, and utilize gingerbread in some portion of it. No, you cannot just put a cookie on your Malifaux table and call it Severe terrain. Though it is severely delicious! Show us terrain that would make Hansel and Gretel drool! The Prizes for this competition are: 1st Place: 100$ USD in webstore credit 2nd Place: 50$ USD in webstore credit 3rd Place: 25$ USD in webstore credit 1 winner will receive 50$ USD in webstore credit as Staff Favorite Wyrd Model, voted on by the Wyrd Games staff! “Under the Mistle ‘Faux” - Bah Humbug Waldo Coloring Contest- Color the line art attached below. Entries can be digitally or traditionally colored, and one winner will be voted on by the community and one by Wyrd Staff. The Prizes for this competition are: Community Vote: 50$ USD in webstore credit Wyrd Staff pick: 50$ USD in webstore credit All participants will receive a forum badge. Painters, bakers, and colorers, get into that festive spirit! Here is the link for the Submission Galleries! CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY BahHumbugBonanza_ColoringPage.pdf
  9. Festive Friday Breachers! Last week I was in a food-induced coma after Thanksgiving, but it’s given me time to ponder this week’s subject. The past Fatemaster Fridays have focused on published material for Fatemasters to utilize. This week I want to do something a little different. But first, let’s address our question about Augments! @stump_chunkman had some great suggestions on what Augments they would like to see: They beauty of any RPG is the ability to modify things to suit playstyle, players, and the story everyone is building together. TTB Penny Dreadfuls contain everything a group needs to play that adventure, but what if the material doesn’t exactly fit your current campaign? Well, obviously it’s time to make some changes, or make it a homebrew adventure! Let’s take a look on how modding a Penny Dreadful can be done seamlessly and easily. Dropping a Penny Dreadful can seem like a challenge for some Fatemasters, but it doesn’t have to be! You can have a “job board” that Fated pick from with Penny Dreadful jobs on them, or the Fatemaster Character contacting the Fated is connected to one of the group’s allies in some way. You could give some personal investment by making it a favor for a friend, lover, or family member, which would increase one Fated’s investment in the adventure. Also, sometimes the folks asking for help will approach anyone they hope can do the job, so it’s ok if there’s no real connection. Say you want to run The Badlands Invitational for your group, but they aren’t exactly engineering or driving inclined. You want your players to have the experience of the Penny Dreadful, but also not feel completely useless. Perhaps the Fated have to find a subordinate driver or mechanic before they take off to help Huey Reno win the race. Or perhaps they negotiate to have Reno hire an M&SU worker to come along. This can allow your players to focus on the action of the adventure without worrying about their lack of mechanical aptitude! The Badlands Invitational has four separate Ongoing Challenges, which might not be your group’s speed. Perhaps you decide to turn the Ongoing Challenges for the race into a mini-game of Hi-Lo to streamline these Challenges. Or you could have players “bid” their Fated’s luck by discarding cards from their Fate Hands, or accept negative flips on the next Challenges. Both of these methods can allow a group that doesn’t want a lot of Ongoing Challenges to still progress effectively. Penny Dreadfuls like this one are often run as isolated stories, but if you want it to be in your ongoing Campaign, then you could easily have Fatemaster Characters from the adventure appear later on. Or maybe you want to implement a reputation system where their success means that more people approach the Fated to hire them. This can also be another method of interjecting more Penny Dreadfuls into your campaign as I mentioned earlier. A simple reputation tracking can give additional motivation for completing jobs that the Fated may otherwise overlook. Finally, say all of your Fated are close to completing their Destiny Steps, which means the end for the campaign. As Fatemaster you may want to have an event that alters their Destiny Steps to add more on, or to completely rewrite them! Zoraida knows that Fate can be manipulated, so nothing has to be set in stone! If your players like the campaign but feel their Fated’s stories are done, you could have them make new Fated that are legacies for the original cast of Fated. I would suggest having each player create the protege of another player’s Fated, to shake things up for the group. This allows the players to continue the same story, but with fresh faces. Ultimately, you have so many options to customize TTB to match your group’s needs. Don’t feel pressured to stick to all the mechanics written in Penny Dreadfuls if doing so would hinder player enjoyment or their Fated’s progress in the story. Now that I’ve given a few of my own thoughts on modifications, what mods have you made for your game, and how did they work out for your group?
  10. All codes are sent out! Please note, that while the webstore is down, clicking on the link sent will take you to a page asking for a password. Once the store is live again, it will work!
  11. Hey ya'll! Gift certificate codes are going out! For those eager for the upcoming sale, redeeming these codes will count towards the price points for free models! So feel free to use them towards the sale!
  12. ‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers! With the addition of Wyrd’s newest Game Designer, Fatemasters have been treated to a brand spanking new concept to add to their games. The past two Waldo’s Weekly have included Augments in addition to showing off amazing models for the upcoming Black Friday Sale, but let’s take a more in depth look at Augments and their place in Through the Breach! While Emeline Bellerose has done a fabulous job cataloging the various creatures of Malifaux, the recent Augments show that there are more than just the beasties that the former Agent Bellerose has observed. Both the Salty Seadevil and the Silent Knight are creatures never before seen, and they can easily been dropped into a game to menace some poor Contract Town or homestead. Creatures aren’t the only form Augments will come in; the recently released Silent Knight Augment with the Silent Thorn Grimoire. Future Augments may encompass more than a creature or item, but they will always something that is not tied to a particular Penny Dreadful or campaign. Augments are designed to enhance a current campaign with additional lore, world building, and goodies for Fatemasters and players alike. Another wonderful utility of Augments are their scalability! Both of the recent Augments have the option to make the encounter more difficult, to present a challenge for more experienced Fated or, as in the poetic words of @MattM, “maybe you just want more ways to unleash horror and pain on your Fated…we don’t judge.” Ultimately, Augments are a new and refreshing approach to fleshing out both the ‘Fauxverse and your games in little snapshots of lore and mechanics. This week’s question is courtesy of Matt2.0 (nickname still in test phase): “We’re super excited about Augments and their future place in Through The Breach. It gives us a great way to introduce content, and that content could focus on anything! While Augments are new, we’re also interested to hear from the community. What would you like to see in an Augment? What are you most excited about?”
  13. What if the Fated find an abandoned, friendly simulacrum?
  14. Heya Breachers, So this week Waldo learned about the tooth fairy. Long story short I came to after drinking some coffee to find two teeth missing and a hastily scribbled IOU from "da toof fairee." My jaw is still swollen. With this unsettling development, I haven't been able to make a proper Fatemaster Friday for this week. But, I want to announce the winner of the TTB/Horror mashup. All the submissions were great, and ultimately it was chosen by my own Wheel of Fate! @CaptianEinsteinAlucard, congratulations! Please PM me with your mailing address and drivethrurpg account's email. Once we have something on the way to you, I'll let you know! Thanks everyone for your contributions, they were a pleasure to read! To those who didn't win this time, don't worry there will be more TTB contests in the future!
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