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  1. Heya Breachers! Unfortunately, I'm sick. No, not *that* sickness, but it has me laid low and feeling down. So this week, I have a humble request. When I'm feeling like this, a common comfort I find is stories. Let me tell you about my favorite experience from a TTB game I ran. During a session of A Stitch In Time run by @Strype McClaine, we gained an unexpected addition- an 18 year old fella that we'll call JT. JT had never played any RPG before, but given one of the pre-gens and dived right in! Once the campaign was over, JT excitedly asked when the next game would be. I told him that I was starting another campaign, much to his youthful delight. The amount of work and enthusiasm from JT was amazing. I was given a fully fleshed out character sheet for a Fated named Blank Page. The Station Card JT pulled was for a Bookbinder background. This resulted in a great backstory of a young woman resentful of her boring life, burned down her parent's shop after their death, and started a new life in Malifaux as a mercenary wanna be. She took the name Blank Page, and JT had written a quick background on the back of his sheet. Y'all, that two paragraph background fit in at least 4 book puns. There's always some growing pains with brand new players, but JT learned eagerly and Blank Page was a wonderful complement to our strange group of Fated. So, humor this sick gal and tell me about about your games! Tell me the great moments, fantastic Fated, and thrilling story twists! As soon as I'm over this natiness, I'll be making a post regarding my favorite One Shots and how to integrate One Shots into existing campaigns!
  2. Surprise Saturday Post Breachers! After an unfortunate accident with my tech, I had to wait until my new computer arrived before posting. First off, I hope everyone is doing well, and making sure you stay as healthy as possible during this outbreak. If you haven’t checked out my previous post on methods of gaming online, check it out! In addition to the advice in that post, I want to give a shout out to the TTB Playing Online Facebook Group. The folks there are friendly, helpful, and love the game! Mosey over and join if you’re so inclined and maybe get a game going in this time of social distancing. Now, with some in the Wyrd Community looking wearily at Hamelin and his plagued compatriots, I felt that a quick look at the Through the Beach adventure found in the Brotherhood of the Rat set would be fun. This short adventure sets the Fated to take care of a vermin problem in the East Tower of the Eastern Slums. Tasked to deal with some rodents of unusual size, the Fated are given a handful of scrip and the instructions to make the scurrying nuisances disappear. Taking to the streets, they enlist the services of a Ratcatcher. In short order, things go awry and the Fated face some blighted furry foes before deciding on serious extermination measures. This is a short little adventure that can be easily inserted into an existing campaign, or run for new players as an introduction to Through the Breach. This adventure, along with multiple M2E scenarios, can be found on DriveThruRPG here. Now as devastating as the Piper’s Plague was to Malifaux, Malifaux has endured other disasters. Which world changing event in the ‘Fauxverse interests you the most as a Fatemaster? Stay safe, wash your hands, and for the love of the Burning Man don’t lick any doorknobs.
  3. Fortuitous Friday Breachers! This week is another topic picked from right here on the TTB forum. Back in January @Faux_St_Hooligan made a post about changing the flavor of the Medium Pursuit. Here’s what they said: @MattM popped into that thread to help, but this topic is one that shows something I love dearly about Through the Breach. This system allows, and even encourages cosmetic customization for many aspects of the game. I’m going to visit interesting ways to change up the cosmetics in a campaign to suit your needs! As Matt mentioned in that thread, changing the flavor of a Pursuit is something that can be done by changing the names of some parts and the underlying themes. Through the Breach expansions often include how pursuits would fit in other factions, such as how Boozers from Into the Bayou can be found stumbling the streets and slumped over in bars all across human settlements of Malifaux. Perhaps someone in your group wants to have a “drunken master” Fated– a few levels of the Boozer Pursuit would fit in nicely! For Advanced Pursuits, the same can be done, but a little more cosmetic tweaking may be needed. Say one of your Fated makes a deal with an unknown but powerful entity. As Fatemaster you could offer a modified version of Guild Lawyer, making the pact the Pursuit Requirement and renaming the Talents and description to be appropriate for their new benefactor! By far, items are the easiest things to change for players and Fatemasters. The character creation section of the 2e Corebook illustrated this by the example player changing a Rail Hammer into a Mining Pick. Changing the physical description and name allows for deeper story and influence in the ‘Fauxverse of TTB. If your players want something that doesn’t exist, work with them to find something close in stats and help them change the description to fit their story. Finally, while the bestiary includes many creatures, sometimes you may want something that sets itself apart from the “normal” of Malifaux. You can change the Characteristics, Rank, and rename Abilities to fit your vision. If you want something that is similar in behavior to a Guild Hunter but instead of a construct of metal it’s made from sharp ice and bitter cold, you can alter the names of the attacks and Talents to reflect the difference. Instead of Pneumatic Tracker, it becomes Heat Sense. Steel Claws may become Icy Slash, and Chain Harpoon could be renamed Chilling Blast. Now that I’ve discussed how easy customizing in TTB is, what are some customizations you or your players have done to tailor TTB to their liking?
  4. Heya Breachers! Last week I delved into ideal One Shots to get new players introduced to the ‘Fauxverse. Here’s what @Hellomurse said about their first Penny Dreadful: Take a look at the rest of his reply here! I’ve been diving into the lore of the ‘Fauxverse, and there is so much learn and piece together from the decade of world building and story that has come from the unique minds at Wyrd. Yet, there is still a healthy amount of mystery and unknowns in the world of Malifaux, and that makes the world more intriguing. The creative team isn’t about to reveal their whole hand just yet, but let’s look at some of the interesting glimpses we’ve gotten so far through the TTB publications! The TTB Global Campaign adventures are a huge source of information, representing paradigm-shifting changes to the ‘Fauxverse. The first of these, Nythera, introduced a lot of information about various movers and shakers in Malifaux, and chronicled the release of Titania from her prison in the Badlands. Nythera shows the struggles between multiple factions, but still leaves us with some questions. How was Titania imprisoned, especially since she had the power to defeat the Tyrants’ physical forms and lock them away. What exactly is the Hungering Darkness? And my personal burning question, what happened to Otto Pletcher, mercenary and friend? A Stitch in Time takes us back to 1794, smack dab in the middle of what the TTB 2e Corebook calls “The Age of Heroes.” In this adventure we encounter the larger-than-life personalities of Jean-Philip Archambault, the Gorgon, the Clockwork Queen, and Aionus. The campaign ends with the Fated back in their proper time, but returning leaves the fates of these notorious figures unknown! It would be wonderful to learn what happened to these characters, along with Lady Zorra, Jack ‘o the Axes, and Devilish McGuinne. These precursors to the current Masters in Malifaux are ones whose fates remain unknown to us. The Obsidian Gate introduces some Kaiju level changes Earthside, but we do get a bit of information regarding the last attack upon the Obsidian Gates guardians, and the possession of Asami Tanaka. We learn a bit about the oni from both Whitaker and from their time in Zhong Kui’s demon bag. The oni are a fascinating aspect of the ‘Fauxverse that I look forward to being explored in the future! There are still a number of aspects about Malifaux that are open to speculation or theorycrafting. What parts of the ‘Fauxverse do you have theories or speculation about?
  5. One Shots are about designed to be about 2-3 hours in length. Sorry for the delay in replying!
  6. Heya Breachers! I’m gearing up for some travel, so this week my topic is about a question I see often enough on this forum and the TTB Facebook group. Most recently @Harlekin asked a variation of this. Here’s his forum post: After you’re done with this week’s Fatemaster Friday, head over to the thread and give your two cents to a prospective new Fatemaster! When it comes to Through the Breach, it can be hard to decide where to start with a group of new players. Picking the right Penny Dreadful can be very difficult. You want something accessible to players who are new to the system, an adventure that introduces the ‘Fauxverse and the immense amount of character within, along with it being fun and engaging. Let’s take a look at some of our Penny Dreadfuls that are great for new players! Links to the DriveThruRPG page for each one I reference will be linked in the Penny Dreadful’s title. Penny Dreadfuls come in a variety of lengths, and the Penny Dreadful One Shots are the perfect way to introduce players to TTB over the course of one session. If you want to jump right into the action, there are several One Shots that come with pre-generated characters for your players to choose from. The pre-gens are varied, so there is a spread of character types to choose from! Recruitment Drive gives a very dangerous introduction into the terrible methods of Professor Von Schtook, of the notorious Resurrectionists. If you want to explore the Arcanists, Sixteen Tons introduces the Order of the Chimera to new players. Honor Among Thieves is a fun heist where the Fated work for the Ten Thunders. Each of these adventures come with pre-gens and are a great way to introduce new players to the multiple factions who work to control Malifaux. If you want your new players to build their own Fated, No Strings Attached is a delightfully strange journey into Zoraida’s clutches. Bad Moon Rising pits Fated against the Nephilim, showing the ferocious strength of the Neverborn. The Ferryman is the perfect One Shot to show the strange dangers that stalk Malifaux City. As Fatemaster, you may want to help your players build towards success for their first session, pointing out Pursuits that work well for the One Shot you’ve decided to run. With the ability to select a Pursuit after the Prologue, you can reassure them that their decision doesn’t have to last forever. There’s more than the One Shots I’ve mentioned here, with more on the horizon! Each of them are only 5$ USD on DriveThruRPG. Penny Dreadful One Shots are the perfect way to introduce new players to this wonderful game, and can get players excited and ready for a homebrew campaign or one of the longer Penny Dreadfuls, like In Defense of Innocence. How have you introduced TTB to new players?
  7. Fantabulous Friday Breachers! Last week we took a look at subordinate Fatemaster Characters in TTB and different ways to utilize them. Here’s what @WDeseron had to say about subordinate characters: See the rest of the comments here. This week we’re delving into the Guild of Mercantilers, with the help of Above the Law. This faction expansion is a must for any Fatemaster wanting to bring the Guild into their games with more than the base NPCs found in the 2nd Edition Core Book. Make sure your papers are in order and you’re not carrying any contraband, because we’re getting up close to one of the major powers both Earthside and in Malifaux. The Guild of Mercantilers, often shortened to the Guild, has a long and storied history. The beginnings of what would become the Guild started in the cabals who tried to undermine the Council in the years before the Black Powder Wars. With the Council out of the picture once the First Breach closed, independent cabals of mages spread their influence far and wide. Naturally, with their mutual enemy gone, these cabals turned upon one another. The height of the inter-cabal fighting was during the Black Powder Wars, and when the dust and fighting settled, only one remained, calling themselves the Guild of Mercantilers. Backed by the extremely sensitive Minerva Council, the Guild became the main purveyors of the soulstone trade, and secured their influence over many nations on Earth. Now that we’ve covered some of the Guild’s history, let’s take a look at their internal structure. The Guild prides itself on internal efficiency along with utilizing nearly indecipherable bureaucracy to bind other organizations and people in red tape. While the Magistar is the public leader of the Guild, the position is largely a figurehead controlled by the Minerva Council. The current Magistar is Jacinta Guillem i Roser Garcia, put in place after a terrible betrayal amongst their ranks that killed the previous Magistar. Under the Magistar are several offices and commissions, but the most pertinent office for Fatemasters and their players is the one solely in charge of Malifaux- the Office of the Governor-General. The Guild forces within Malifaux are currently under the thumb of the formidable and strict Franco Marlow. After Herbert Kitchener merged with a Tyrant to become the Burning Man, Marlow was brought in to clean up the bed of corruption and infighting that was the various divisions in Malifaux, and Above the Law gives a detailed breakdown of each division. The Ram’s Head Tarot allows for Fated to belong to any of the offices, and an assortment of pursuits that excel at furthering that Guild’s agenda. For the martially minded, Gunner and Marksman Pursuits give Guild aligned Fated who stick to their guns an advantage unseen by many in Malifaux. Socially motivated Fated can spread word of the Guild’s superiority as a Propagandist, or leads troops as a Commander. Bureaucrats leverage their knowledge of the hellish politics to hinder foes and aid allies. The Guild employs Magewrights for not only their Witch Hunters, but for magical enhancements and items. Advanced Pursuits such as Executioner, Guild Lawyer, and Soulstone Aficionado give additional and sometimes frightening options for qualifying Fated. Above the Law is available in print through multiple outlets and digitally through DriveThruRPG. Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the group seeking to keep order in Malifaux, what’s your favorite use of the Guild in a game, either as a Fatemaster Character or Fated?
  8. Do you mean about the lore of Knotwoods not being fleshed out? That's because it's been previously stated that information will be present in From Nightmares, and I'm afraid I can't speak on the matter of upcoming titles!
  9. Heya Breachers! Last week I asked about unusual settings you like for TTB, and @Raines228 had this to say: You can see the rest of the comment here. Now, if you’re anything like me, an adventure is always better with minions… I mean friends! Subordinate characters in TTB are useful and take many forms. Let’s take a closer look at subordinate characters and the unique forms they can take. There are a multitude of Pursuits that gain or affect subordinate characters. Criminal, Graverobber, and Tinkerer are each Corebook Pursuits that utilize subordinate characters in different ways. From the Criminal gaining thugs that work for her, a Graverobber having the ability to raise zombies, and Tinkerers improving and using their constructs, the subordinate characters found in the 2e Corebook can do a great deal for Fated. Under Quarantine has the Pursuits of Bully, Medium, Necromancer, and Revivalist that utilize subordinate characters in interesting ways. Above the Law, as you would expect, has several Pursuits that command other people and constructs. Commander, Magewright, Propagandist, and the Witchling Handler each approach using subordinate characters in different ways; Commanders excel at directing soldiers, Magewright imbues constructs, Propagandists use their propaganda to recruit another to their cause, and Witchling Handlers use those captured by the Witch Hunters to aid them in combat. Into the Bayou have multiple options, from Big Hats to Taxidermists and Swineherders that recruit gremlins and hogs to help. Sometimes, subordinate characters are more than just bodies that do what you tell them to do. Both Under Quarantine and Into the Bayou include Grimoires and other items that happen to also be subordinate characters. Stan is a zombie that only functions for the Fated who it serves as a subordinate character. Into the Bayou has Old Stuffins, a taxidermied gator grimoire that has fickle loyalty to the Fated it serves. The Urn of the Ancestor is a piece of equipment that allows the owner to bring forth an ancestor spirit as a subordinate character. Sometimes you just want to have an extra set of hands for a goal, or an useful body for shielding. But sometimes a subordinate character can be useful in other ways. As a distraction while the Fated enter a building unseen, or bait to lure out a hidden killer if your group is morally flexible. A subordinate construct may perform labor such as digging or tearing down defenses. Subordinate gamin may serve as spies or patrols for an area. What ways has your group used subordinate characters for in games?
  10. ‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers! This week I want to showcase our newest TTB Penny Dreadful, The Dead Tide! But first, here’s what @The13Fates had to say about planning for game sessions: See the rest of their reply here! Now, the Black Friday/Wyrd Birthday Sale saws the debut of Mary “Blacktongue” Bonnet and her frightening crew. The Dead Tide dumps the Fated aboard her cursed ship, and the need to find their way off of it, or face being press ganged into service under Captain Bonnet. The adventure begins, innocently enough, with an Auction. Hired to act as intermediaries for a wealthy recluse, the Fated bid on some interesting antiques, all of a seafaring origin. Upon receiving the won items, the Fated retire for the evening before meeting their employer. It’s during their sleep that some strange magic takes them from their beds and aboard the Harrow, Blacktongue’s cursed ship that sails perpetually in search of wealth. Once on the Harrow, the Fated must make their way through the ship, and piece together what happened aboard the ship and the fate of its crew. While they explore and investigate however, the ship seemingly fights with Blacktongue’s will; areas change, the undead crew attack, and all the while Mary Bonnet slings insults and accusations of betrayal. The Fated encounter not only the crewmen cursed to man the Harrow, but other prominent members of Blacktongue’s crew, and a more recent “addition” who remains trapped but can provide some valuable information to avoid suffering his fate. As the group fights and investigates their way to the captain’s quarters, Blacktongue’s anger at the supposed betrayal of the Fated grows. The climax finds everyone face to face with Mary Bonnet, parlaying in order to get what she’s owed. How the parlay turns out is dependent on a few factors, and determines whether or not the Fated suffer a dark curse upon returning from the Harrow. Personally, I think The Dead Tide is a phenomenal take on the ghost ship story. The pacing, mystery, and danger provided within are great for a group of Fated who want a briney adventure that takes them beyond the typical Malifaux locales. The Dead Tide is available for digital download here for only $5 USD, and is a must have for any Fatemaster that wants some high seas horror in their game. What unusual settings have you put into your TTB campaigns, or what kind of settings would you like to see for a TTB adventure?
  11. The Results post is here: Thanks to all who submitted and voted!
  12. Heya Wyrdos! Thanks to all who submitted an entry for the contests! I loved seeing the results of everyone's hard work. The votes have been tallied, and here are the winners for each category! I Saw Mommy Painting Santaldo- 2nd and 3rd place was tied, with a Wyrd Internal Vote being the tiebreaker. And even then it was close! Winner - @helldrad 2nd - @Caedrus 3rd - @Sol_Sorrowsong Staff Pick - @Arclight Oh Snap! Winner - @mursu9 2nd - @Sol_Sorrowsong 3rd - @Garthuk Staff Pick- @mursu9 Under the Mistle 'Faux Winner - @Arclight Staff Pick - @Colonel Sanders Again, thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to all who placed!
  13. Fantastic Friday Breachers! While the Wyrd road team are at LVO, I’m treating my extreme case of FOMO by planning my next Through the Breach campaign. Before I get into that, let’s see what @Preposition_the_Noun posted about the flavors of TTB games they favor as Fatemasters. Now, the planning for a TTB campaign varies from Fatemaster to Fatemaster. Some spend a great amount of care and planning to account for most anything the players may want to do, while other Fatemasters have a vague outline formed and improvise as needed. Personally, I’m about the middle of that spectrum. Regardless, here are some tools and tricks that can work for any Fatemaster to make their campaign run smoothly and add some fun to game sessions. Online tools like Google Docs can be a great way to organize notes, stats for Fatemaster Characters, and Complications you want to create, or even collaborative documents for your players to have handy. Having a folder made that holds all your resources makes for quick and easy access for both yourself and your players! Maps can be a useful and fun addition to any games. In the past, I’ve made crudely drawn maps with MS Paint or some other drawing program. I’ll admit, my amatuer cartographer skills are something my players have suffered with in the past. But, I’ve discovered resources like https://inkarnate.com that allow for easy mapmaking without worrying about your artistic skills. Additionally, using a battle mat can be helpful to show the layout of an encounter, even if your group doesn’t use minis for combat. Some folks like to have reference pictures for Fatemaster Characters, and there are several methods to aid that goal. A browser search for what you’re looking for is simple enough, and there are some online repositories such as Pinterest that can be used. Those wanting to make “mood boards” or other collections for their games can use them to make Fatemaster Characters more “real” the campaigns. Finally, something I’ve decided to do for my next campaign is to make a handy reference for common Conditions, Skill Challenges, and Talents. This is obviously tailored to the players’ characters, but it helps keep the game moving without the need to pause and look up rules. A quick reference sheet can be easily made then shared with your players, and I bet your players will be grateful for the assistance. Now that I’ve shared some of my thoughts and practices for session planning, I want to hear yours! What does your campaign or session planning entail, and what do you add to give a little depth to your games?
  14. Flu-tastic Friday Breachers! I’m still on the mend from my brush with Plague, and it’s been a week of comfort seeking behavior for me. Favorite movies, comforting foods, my army of plush opossums guarding me… and looking back on my tabletop RPG roots. But before I chug along on the nostalgia train, let’s look at what @Shadowopal had to say about working with groups that have scheduling conflicts: Now, I don’t know about y’all, but one of my first RPG experiences was a good old fashioned dungeon crawl. Slogging through enemies and looking for loot is a part of many players’ experiences. It’s the gateway that fuels the dive into more settings and systems. Before you know it, you’re looking at strange, experimental systems, and in depth settings where you can ride a dinosaur. It’s truly a wild ride. Through the Breach released a dungeon crawl sort of adventure in Bubbling Up From Below, a harrowing journey through a sunken Guild ship that’s mysteriously resurfaced. The Fated are hired by Lizzy McKinley for a salvage mission to the GSS Piranha, with the promise that they keep whatever valuables they fine or a cut on the salvage money. This leads to a grueling journey through the Bayou filled with rain, giant mosquitos, and deadly snakes. Upon finally arriving to the GSS Piranha, it’s bobs vertically in the water, making exploration of the vessel a challenge. The bulk of the adventure is delving into the ship, dealing with the undead crew still roaming the ship, until finally reaching a strange and unnerving creature that is behind the Piranha’s sudden reappearance. While this adventure is rather linear, there are actions that the Fated may take that influence the final fight. There are also clues that can be found that give a background and explanation of what it happening, which is always satisfying for players to discover and tear into. A great thing about Bubbling Up From Below is that it’s a wonderful change of pace; Through the Breach often has conspiracies, plots, sabotage and the like behind the veneer of a “routine job.” And while that’s loads of fun, sometimes you just want to get a group together and bash your characters’ way to victory. This adventure is perfect for that, while still giving enough exposition and atmosphere to keep players interested in the story. Bubbling Up From Below is available for digital download on DriveThruRPG. Check it out here! This week, tell me: What’s your favorite kind of adventure to run Fated through? Intrigue? Puzzle-solving? A good showdown?
  15. Heya Wyrdos! Looks like Waldo needs help choosing his favorites for the Bah Humbug Bonanza! Check out the voting threads here: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santaldo Oh Snap! Under the Mistle 'Faux Thanks to all who submitted!
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