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  1. *looks at Kandara, the only arcanist model I own * I can't imagine buying something purely because it's pretty with no intention of using it.
  2. Wacky Wednesday Wyrdos! It's me again, with the latest on what's been happening at Wyrd HQ! This week Waldo gathered us all to the break room and made us watch his "magic act." Matt tried to tell him that swallowing things whole and yelling "POOF!" wasn't the same as magic but Waldo didn't seem to care. So now I have to rescue my cat from an imp's stomach. I don't even know how he got a hold of my poor Pumpkin. But before I go off to make that poor life choice, let's talk about a star who can really make some magic, Colette Du Bois! Colette remains just as tricky as ever in M3E. The Df/WP Ability Fade Away paired with Showstopper makes her difficult to keep targeted, and highly mobile. Illusionist encourages your opponent to put some space between this Master when she's Unburied or face some rough repercussions. Colette's Attacks can pile on the Distracted Condition and use that stack of Distracted for tactical advantage. The Presto-Chango and Practiced Choreography Actions allow for the same movement tricks that we all know and love to use (or loathe playing against). Now let's get a look at our head gal at the Star Theater, with this wonderful mobile wallpaper! Now you can take Colette's show on the road!
  3. Wonderful Wednesday Wyrdos! This week, Kyle has asked me to play distraction for Waldo, and I happily obliged. While running something to the warehouse today, I stumbled upon Waldo wings deep in a pile of cloth, stuffing, and some vaguely menacing looking meat. He had two bear... things, and a pile of what looked like failed prototypes. Using my most soothing tone, I asked Waldo who his new friends were. Oddly enough, the little guys share names with a couple of our designers. I'm not sure if they are the start of an army of minions or voodoo dolls, but they are pretty darn cute in a menacing way. Bear-ly Together are an Alt version of Stitched Together that will fit right in with your Teddy or Miss Ery! Their Fiendish Gamble Ability pairs great with the cards removed from the game by Lucid Dream, and enemies definitely won't want to get too close with their Bloated Stench Ability. Let's take a look! Looking at the back of the card, Gamble for your Life is an Action that has the potential to bring the pain to enemy models, and the Bloody Fate Trigger provides a measure of card draw. This is an action that will also benefit from Fiendish Gamble, to keep the odds in your favor! Here is a look at the models, painted by the talented Curtis Shoemake! Bear-ly Together are a webstore exclusive and will be available for the Easter Sale, which will start Sunday, April 14th and run until midday on Monday the 22nd! Our websale this year features several models that are only available through our yearly sales, so be sure to take a peek at what's available when the newsletter comes out because it's got some very interesting news! Not signed up for the newsletter? You can sign up at the bottom of https://www.wyrd-games.net/ or you can check it out once it's published on https://www.wyrd-games.net/news.
  4. As a player (please ignore the orange name for this) my understanding is that a character's Turn (TTB terminology) is very close to model's activation Activation (Malifaux terminology.) So when something resolves at the end of the character's Turn, such as the Paralyzed Condition, it has no impact on other characters' Turns. I may be super off, but that's how my group does it.
  5. I gotta say, I think they are far prettier in person than in photographs because you can see the shift in action. I liked that the matte primer gave it a "softer" shift so to speak. It shifted smoothly but was definitely not metallic looking. I can't agree with @Franchute's claim about it doing away with NMM, because the effect looks completely different to me.
  6. I used Badger Stynylrez Black. My fiance and I are part of the cult of Stynylrez
  7. I just used the Chameleon Colorshift in Martian Green from Greenstuff World on that one, and it really popped! Another one has Copper Nebula on it.
  8. Psst, the terrain does most of the work. I just brought out the detail in the sculpts with zenithal priming and washes!
  9. @Caedrus I think I can show this off now. I made some pretty stuff for Adepticon's Tournaments! Edit to show off the colorshift paint for the Solarium top.
  10. @Caedrus I'll have my submission soon. It's done but I can't post it until the away team hits Adepticon.
  11. Glad I could help! And I know the Dev team is always looking at ways to improve, so your feedback is super helpful! Thanks for giving such a great reply.
  12. Heya! So what exactly are those character sheets missing that one filled in by hand are missing? I just double checked, using Honor Among Thieves as my reference and the Fated sheets have all of the Aspects, Derived Aspects, Attacks with any triggers, and Skills. The included backgrounds have the gear, twist deck, and Destiny What I'm saying is I'm not certain what you feel the Fated sheets are missing. Fatemaster Characters have the same information with the addition of the Derived Aspects calculated with their rank.
  13. The following Penny Dreadful One Shots have Pre-Generated characters: Earthly Desires, Honor Among Thieves, Sixteen Tons, The Hand that Feeds, and, The Show Must Go On. They should be listed as "Fated Characters." They can be found at: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures/subcategory/23027_23029/Through-the-Breach I hope this helps!
  14. Gotta mulligan. February has been throwing me for a loop. Dang life curveballs!
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