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  1. Might be able to make it out tonight, depends on if grocery shopping consumes my evening. I have a new crew to try out!
  2. @Adran is right. Shifting Loyalties is where the attempted Ascension happens. Fire in the Sky deals with the first appearance of the Burning Man Earthside, and TOS involves the chaos afterward. For what it's worth, the primary antagonists of FitS are my favorite so far! Also, FitS does not shy away from punching hard. Had a Fated take 20 stacks of burning and fall like 10 stories.
  3. My group's experience Earthside was that the [-] was enough to make them feel it, especially when certain, *ahem* devotees didn't suffer the same issue.
  4. I will either have a South Wales Borderer done or a model from the metal NE Lady J set done.
  5. Sorry for the delay. I don't get to check the forums much on the weekend! Kassa isn't perfect but she's done... Until I get nitpicky. Sorry for poor photo quality.
  6. Working on it with the individual who handles the backend add portion!
  7. Popping in to say I have a Kassa that I'm painting.
  8. @thepolishammer plays a ghoul in the current local TtB game.
  9. Replying off thread to keep things tidy!
  10. Dang, called out! Sign me up for Minion, as I can't promise the busy times here will allow me much painting but I bet I can at least get 1 model a month done.
  11. Personally, I really enjoyed Fire in the Sky. I had a blast running my players through it and they seemed to love playing through an Earthside adventure.
  12. As long as I still get to claim "Will help you beat me by pointing out mistakes that hinder your play."
  13. Oh Aaron, you know you can never take my crown and title of Nicest Person to Win Against from me.
  14. Under Quarantine, Into the Bayou, and Into the Steam are pre-2nd Edition. Above the Law is post-2nd Ed, but all of them are compatible. The Penny Dreadfuls are both pre- and post 2nd Ed as well. The Core Rules book outlines what to change when running with pre-2nd Ed stuff. Hope this helps!
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