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  1. Update: All webstore codes have been sent out! Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  2. Credit codes are going out currently! If you don't receive one within a few hours, please reach out!
  3. Due to a disqualification, please review your choice in this category in case you need to vote again. Thanks!
  4. Each entry can be clicked upon to see the original size!
  5. Heya Wyrdos! After over a hundred entries across five categories, Rotten Harvest 2020 has moved into the voting phase. Thanks to everyone who entered, especially those first timers to Wyrd painting contests! I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during submission time. Below you will find the link to each voting poll. Only one vote per user can be made in each category. Please keep in mind the category’s theme in addition to the quality of the submission. Remember, forum accounts have to have 10 posts attributed to them before their vote will count. For those who a
  6. yes, comment on all of them please! you can begin commenting as soon as all of the galleries are visible.
  7. Heya folks! I've sent out some messages for folks who submitted more than one photo of the same entry. Please check your inboxes! Deadline is tomorrow, so don't hesitate to message me with those last minute questions!
  8. I mean, man-eating horses are pretty frightening! Go for it!
  9. Unfortunately the changeling scene will either need one scenic base, or somehow fit the theme of the dioramas. As long as you can make a spooky scene, the individual models can be from whatever set you want.
  10. Nope, it can be on a plinth, larger scenic base, or its original base.
  11. I'm going to do some backend testing and will let you know as soon as I can see what you're seeing when you try to upload!
  12. Popping in to confirm, the "no showing" is in addition to forum post requirement for voting.
  13. Great catch! We will be adjusting the initial post and rules to correct that oversight!
  14. Whichever you want, to be honest! Personally I'd place her in "Boils and Ghouls" but it's a matter of preference, as Von Schtook's creations blend the undead and the monstrous.
  15. Absolutely! It can even be a completely custom miniature that you've sculpted. Just credit the creator!
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