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  1. Fabulous Friday Breachers! The past week saw some wonderful answers for the mail call question, and I loved seeing everyone’s answers, especially all the ones about Fatemaster Characters made by the Fatemasters! This week I’m spotlighting @EnternalVoid for their answer. Let’s see what they had to say about their favorite Fatemaster Character. You can find the rest of their comment here. This week, I’m beginning a multi-part series on my favorite character in all of the ‘Fauxverse, and that’s Malifaux itself! I consider the lands through the breach to be just as much of a character as the personalities within and without Malifaux City’s walls. It’s an alien, formidable, and exciting world with a variety of faces to show intrepid folk who seek its secrets and wonder. Once through the Breach aboard the Iron Ram, a person’s first look at Malifaux is represented by Malifaux Station. If you’re starting your campaign with a group of Fated making their way into Malifaux for the first time, Malifaux Station is a wonderful place to give an idea of how the Guild wants Malifaux to be run. Guild officials are everywhere, convicts are being marched to be transported out to the mines outside of Malifaux City, and those who linger may see one of their fellow new arrivals being hauled off over some immediate infraction of Guild law, or taken away by Witch Hunters. The well maintained opulence sticks out from the ominous look of the Malifaux sky, and as Fatemasters this can be a place to open a lot of adventures with. Travel into Malifaux City proper means passing between the beautiful Governor-General's mansion, and the Hanging Tree. Again, this can be a great time to illustrate the two very different sides of Malifaux- man trying to tame something unfathomably strange and terrifying. Perhaps Jack Daw is on the tallest branch of the Hanging Tree, or maybe he’s mysteriously disappeared! Maybe the most recent batch of executions contains someone one of your Fated knew or knew of. Once past the mansion and tree, people are welcomed with intimidating walls with Guild guards to mark their arrival to Malifaux City. The Downtown area of Malifaux is the area that is everything the Guild wants visitors to see. Small, wealthy, and heavily patrolled, Downtown hosts the Guild Enclave, Duer’s Library, and the Star Theater. Each of the locations will have a very different feel for your group’s Fated. The Guild Enclave is a monument to the Guild’s power, walled and impressive in its fortress-like structure. Duer’s Library, which is the Malifaux City Museum and Archives. The Museum is open to all, but the lower levels can be a great place for Fated with a scholarly knack to research more about the city and surrounding areas. As they are Guild-restricted, perhaps a well-placed bribe can grant a group the access needed. The Star Theater is an ideal place for meetings under the cover of a raucous atmosphere, or to relax after a hard but profitable adventure. The Industrial Zone is filled with warehouses, factories, and residences for the workers who make their living in this area. Trains traveling from the areas outside of the city’s walls carry wood, ore, and soulstones into the station within this zone. The buildings are covered in soot from the constantly working factories, and even the people who spend any amount of time there will soon become sooty. This area is also the home of the Malifaux Daily Record and Malifaux Tattler. The Industrial Zone is a great place for your Fated to go in order to try and get some information from the only legal sources of news in Malifaux. If Guild propaganda isn’t your group’s interest, maybe they’ll attempt a heist targeting an incoming shipment of soulstones! Join me as the journey through the places of Malifaux continues in the coming weeks. Mail Call question - “What location are you most looking forward to exploring with your players?”
  2. Happy Friday Breachers! From all accounts, Gen Con was a busy wonderful time for all who attended, and I’ve heard wonderful stories to come out of the events from the Best Four Days in Gaming! Before I jump into this week’s topic, here’s what @Boomstick had to say about their favorite RPG experiences: As @Boomstick is newer to the wonderful brand of insanity we create as Fatemasters, be sure to welcome them and show them how great this community is! This week, I’m going to talk about the backbone of any campaign you can create as a Fatemaster, and that’s your Fatemaster Characters or NPCs. Fatemaster Characters help with the immersion of your players in the story, and can give the Fated targets to become invested in, through friendship, romance, rivalry, hatred, or more. Creating a strong cast of NPCs is vital to any successful TTB game, and I want to talk tactics for making great NPCs to fill your game with. Fatemaster Character creation suggestions are found in Chapter 9 of the TTB 2e book, and includes the Rank Value chart to help Fatemasters adjust NPC stats accordingly. Additionally, the Bestiary (Chapter 10) is a great way to pick out some NPCs. You can simply adjust the Rank Value as needed, and drop them into your game. This is actually a great way to have stats for that random NPC you named but didn’t expect your party of Fated to latch on to! So if Gums McGee the Gremlin becomes an unexpected darling of the Fated, just grab the stats for Bayou Gremlin, adjust as needed, and then Ol’ Gums can do more than hide behind the bar when tempers flare and a fight breaks out! Another method of making Fatemaster Characters that I’m fond of is creating a base Fated, then assigning a Rank Value to it as needed. Remember, Rank Value is very important, as it determines the NPC’s effectiveness in a given duel. If I’m designing an adventure around a certain NPC, I will write up its backstory in short bullet points to draw inspiration from for my story arch, and to potentially come up with additional side hooks for players. An example of this is when I ran a story arch that was inspired by the movie Snatch. I used some characters already established in the ‘Fauxverse, such as Jacob Samuels, the proprietor of Ringside, but made an up-and -coming pit fighter named Michael Flannigan. This led to about 3 more Fatemaster characters, and gave one Fated a romance subplot and another one a new pursuit option with a great personal arch. The more fleshed out your ‘Fauxverse is, the more your players can poke and explore, enriching their characters’ stories and role-playing experience. So my mail call this week- “What has been your favorite Fatemaster Character, either created by you, or in a TTB book?”
  3. Fantastic Friday Breachers! Last week, I asked about your favorite pursuits and this comment by @vagen stuck out to me because it’s from a strictly Fatemaster point of view and I completely agree with the sentiment! “I've always been the fate Master never the player. As such, I don't have a favorite pursuit. However, I do love how the game has gotten my players to create new types of characters with the pursuit system. I've had the more traditional RPG style characters of the sheriff, the mercenary, the doctor, and the mage. I've also had things like a reporter, a shop keeper, and a miner. That the pursuit system allows for people to do these things is just awesome. I don't think I've ever played in a game where someone could be the shop keeper and still take a meaningful part in the story.” Now today, I’m super excited to talk about the newest Penny Dreadful released, The Obsidian Gate! I love our Global Events, as it’s a way to truly experience how the ‘Fauxverse is a shared universe between our various game lines. Each Global Event is a way for the community to influence the ongoing story of the world of Malifaux, and The Obsidian Gate is the latest example of that. During the Obsidian Gate Event, TTB players got to influence the Earthside part of the world as they dealt with a major oni threat in Kamakura, Japan centering around a mysterious object known as the Obsidian Gate. Once the 11 week event was over, the most played character was chosen to become a new Adjunct for their respective Allegiance or Syndicate in The Other Side. Having played in The Obsidian Gate during this time, I will say that the campaign was a wild ride. The aspect I liked the most was that every one of the Pre-Generated Fated were from The Other Side Allegiances or Syndicates. My group had someone playing The Gibbering Hordes Fated Vh'udraa, who I can best describe as being in the opposite situation of The Little Mermaid. She definitely did not want to be where the people are. We had a creepy as hell Court of the Two Fated being played, along with a strong appearance from the King’s Empire agent Dr. John Watson (more on him in a moment) and a sniper from The Guild named Karlheinz. I swapped around characters for a bit, trying to experience as much as the campaign had to offer of these groups from The Other Side. It seemed that it wasn’t just my group who enjoyed Dr. Watson. When the final results were tallied, the King’s Empire emerged victorious with Dr. John Watson being played far more than most of the other characters. See, who says Watson has to play second fiddle to Holmes? Not Wyrdos it seems! This means that the good doctor will be released as a King’s Empire Adjunct in an upcoming release. I know I’m planning on picking him up for my army. Ultimately, The Obsidian Gate is a great adventure for any who want to have an adventure Earthside. It features one of my favorite Fatemaster Characters, James Whitaker. I can’t go into why I like him so much without spoiling, so you should definitely play the campaign so I have someone to share my very strong feelings with. Luckily for all our Breachers, The Obsidian Gate is not available for digital download. It’s a beautiful PDF with a linked Table of Contents, and frankly it’s a great campaign for those new to the system and TTB veterans alike. It is available for purchase here. Now, by now you all know that The Best Four Days in Gaming™ is coming up, so there will be no Fatemaster Friday next week. But that gives you more time for my mail call question. That’s good, because it’s a doozy! What is your absolute best role-playing experience? What system was it and what made it so great for you?
  4. Heya Breachers! Last week's mail call allowed me to read some amazing methods that Fatemasters have used Destiny steps to create amazing stories! Ultimately I choose @Kaiser Senpai detailed comment below: This week, we're talking Pursuits. I'll get into highlighting specific pursuits down the line, but for now I'm focusing on how Pursuits in TTB are a refreshing take on the traditional question of "what does your character do?" In the 'Fauxverse, very few only have their fingers in one pie, so to speak. Even the most diligent Guild Guardsman can find themselves following the path of a Pioneer if their patrolling the settlements outside the "safety" of Malifaux City's walls, or perhaps their loyal Guardian construct needs some in the moment repairs, causing the Tinkerer Pursuit to be explored. Pursuits are unique in that they are chosen each game session and reflect the methodology a Fated will approach the upcoming session. This puts control and versatility directly into the hands of players as they get to try out new angles of approach for their Fated without being stuck with something that may not work out! The "On the Pursuit" bonus is a nice add on to encourage your players to explore the themes of the pursuit. After all, with their modest Control Hands, that card draw upon failure is a nice consolation for a failed flip. The additional skill advancement option is a great way to expand a Fated's pool of strengths, and is a nice reward to close out a session of playing a Pursuit that may be outside the Fated's original comfort zone. The ability to switch out Pursuits at the start of each session can allow for interesting roleplay opportunities. When I was running A Fire in the Sky, one of the Fated, a Gunfighter distantly related to the Ortega Family, happened to suffer many stacks of Burning This went as well as could be expected (death... it was death) but this lady had work left to do! She came back the next session with the Revenant Pursuit, which allowed for a great session while her cohorts adjusted to her new, deader appearance. The beauty of Pursuits really is the versatility, encouraging players to try out and play with different options to create a unique and interesting character. I haven't encountered another system that handles the job/class concept in quite the same way, and it I love the opportunities it gives both players and Fatemasters to create a wonderful story. This week's mail call is simple. What is your favorite Pursuit, and why?
  5. What follows are my personal opinions! Are these buildings of any importance to the Guild? Because then they may see this as an assault on the organization and I could imagine their grip trying to tighten more on the city. As for opposing factions, I could easily see the factions being mad as hell about the destruction if none of it is related to them, because the Guild is probably wanting to put blame on one or more of those groups. Serial bombing buildings is likely to get the group in hot water with several groups, but I bet you can have those troubles make for some fun opportunities for the Fated.
  6. Heya Wyrdos! This week's Mail Call selection comes courtesy of @Steamtastic Vagabond Here is a bit about what they had to say regarding the last TTB Global Campaign: Today I'm going to talk about my favorite part of character creation, the Tarot Spread, and how Fatemasters can use those destiny steps a Fated's Tarot generates to maximize engagement and enjoyment for each player! I love the Tarot Spread as a method of character creation in TTB. Cross Roads Tarot is the basic one presented in the TTB 2nd Ed book, but Assembly Line Tarot, Lifeline Tarot, Waterways Tarot, and Ram's Head Tarot each provide a unique spin on character generation. The use of these alternative Tarot Spreads allow for a more personalized experience to the player of a Faction-connected Fated. Aside from the important Stats the Tarot Spread creates a Destiny unique to that Fated. Now, if I'm feeling particularly dramatic, I'll read each Destiny out loud in my best swamp hag impersonation. I love watching players come up with suggestions for what the Destiny may mean. This is great for seeing how they interpret each step, and it gives me great story and plot ideas! Remember, the Destiny of each Fated should help shape your campaign and roughly guide the length of your campaign. When a player is unsure what to make of their Fated's Destiny, this can allow you as Fatemaster to drop hints and leads into sessions building up to that step's resolution. If a Fatemaster uses the collective Destinies of each Fated to plot out their campaign, the game can cycle through each Fated at different times to put a spotlight on each story! If your campaign is a series of Penny Dreadfuls, keep each Destiny in mind as you go over the Penny Dreadfuls. Each Destiny step is designed to be open many interpretations so you can get creative with how you incorporate each Destiny step into the Penny Dreadfuls. Overall, I love the nature of the Tarot Spreads, and how Destinies can add so much to a campaign for your players. This week's Mail Call question: Fatemasters, what is your favorite instance of a Fated's Destiny step fulfillment?
  7. I know it's off topic, but I *love* Velvet Buzzsaw!
  8. Happy Friday Breachers! The comment from last week's post to select was difficult to pick. All of you who commented with great experiences, and thank you so much for sharing! My pick for this week was one of my personal favorites, so here's what @J4bberw0ck had to say about falling in love with TTB as a game: I'm always a sucker for a story about a couple playing RPGs, and it sounds like your wife has exactly the kind of mind meant for that 'Fauxverse! Now, on to today's topic! Sometimes a Fatemaster just wants to get into the meat of an adventure to show a group of players what's great about TTB, and personally, I have found that our Penny Dreadfuls are a wonderful way to get players involved-- especially when they have pre-generated Fated included! The variety available to a Fatemaster means you can pick a Penny Dreadful that will showcase the aspects of Through the Breach and the 'Fauxverse that will wow your players. Want to showcase the Little Kingdom and the Ten Thunders? Earthly Desires has you covered! Interested in the horror of the Ressers? Recruitment Drive can drop your players right into trouble with the University of Transmortis! Do your players want to experience the Bayou? The Hand that Feeds is a great way for them to learn the horrors of the Bayou firsthand! Sixteen Tons can give players a taste of the Arcanists (and the Order of the Chimera,) while A Stitch in Time is perfect for players who want to experience some of Malifaux's past. No matter what kind of adventure your group is looking to explore in the 'Fauxverse there is sure to be a Penny Dreadful to get you started. For this week's Mail Call, which Penny Dreadful is your favorite and why?
  9. You see, when I first started at Wyrd, someone revealed my true nature as one of the Dreamer's creations. So I am everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.
  10. A taste of what I'm doing in the TTB forums is up!
  11. Heya Breachers! I have wonderful news for my fellow Through the Breach fans; you will be getting regular updates and discussion about Wyrd’s one of a kind role-playing game from yours truly! The weekly discussion will be called Fatemaster Fridays and will focus on a variety of subjects regarding TTB. For this inaugural installment, let me tell you a bit about why this opportunity is incredibly special to me in particular. So, my first Through the Breach game was actually the Stitch in Time Global Event. I’d read up on the game, but it wasn't until my buddy Alex ( @Strype McClaine) asked me to play in the Global Event that I got my first hands-on experience. The Fated I chose to play was that unwilling student of Dr. Von Schtook, Ashley Morgan. In short order that pneumatic arm of hers earned her nickname "Smashley" by the rest of the group. It was also in this campaign that we got a first time player, an 18 year old fella who had never played a role-playing game in his life. This guy came up, asked what we were doing, wanted to watch, and then played (all in the same session!) as we had a pre-gen he could jump in with. He played a Guignol - you know, the puppet that likes to stab? After the campaign was finished, I took up the Fatemaster mantle and ran a group of the best guys I know through some insane adventures. My TTB experience has been more impactful to me than any other RPG I've played. When I started with Wyrd, my love for Through the Breach was kind of obvious. I couldn't wait to playtest new additions to the game. I scarfed up every bit of lore I could get my hands on, and I regularly gushed about the game with my very patient co-workers. I am happy to announce that due to my love of Through the Breach, I’ve been invited to start a weekly discussion of all things TTB! These posts will allow us to explore Through the Breach a little more, and how to make your TTB game as wonderfully Wyrd as possible for your players! I'll be talking about some of our One Shots, highlighting pursuits, discussing some of the unique situations TTB players or Fatemasters can find themselves in, and other fun topics. I'll also be ending each article with a "mail call," in which I will ask for stories or opinions on a topic and pick one member to shout out in the next article. To start things off right, what was the moment you fell in love with Through the Breach?
  12. Heya Wyrdos! The past two months have left me very quiet, as some of you may have noticed, and for that I apologize. I've been away taking care of some major Life Stufftm, but now I'm back with some wonderful new things! My role with Wyrd has changed, and part of that changes how I get to interact with the best community of players I know. One of the things I'm ecstatic about is that I'll be engaging the community about one of my favorite games, Through the Breach! This means that pretty soon the Through the Breach forum will receiving a lot of attention from me in the form of updates, discussion, and sharing my love for the game in general! I'm so glad to be back at it with Wyrd and for the opportunity I've been given to show my passion for the stories and setting of the 'Fauxverse!
  13. Last minute mini. Literally went to pack up my desk to move and thought "well crap!" Alt Guild Sergeant. Not the best, but done. Sorry for the silence, packing and prepping for a move has eaten my life!
  14. Mulligan for me. Busy month combined with packing my house up has made for zero free time. I did keep my paint and models out though!
  15. What's up Wyrdos? I came in this morning to find that we've run out of coffee pods and Waldo's acting like civilization as we know it has ended. He's flying around with some of my color-shift paint sprayed on his mouth while spouting off nonsense like "I drink, I sleep, I drink again!" and has submitted a proposal that all office personnel issues be solved via Thunderdome. It would solve some problems… Aaaaanyway, I suspect he took one look at this week's feature of Georgy and Olaf and thought they were on to something. Georgy and Olaf are some of the newest additions to the Big Hat Keyword, and this two-in-one beat down duo shows that teamwork really does make the dream work. The Ability Piggyback Ride exemplifies that Georgy is head and shoulders above his competition by being able to take Projectile Actions while engaged. Demise (I’m Done With This) allows Georgy to live, die, and live again, albeit as a Bayou Gremlin (but don’t tell Olaf that). The hits keep coming from Georgy and Olaf with Staggering Punch's Trigger, Quick Shot, allowing for a free Projectile Action, even if there’s someone in their face. If Olaf’s brass knuckles don’t leave a mark, that combo definitely will. The Action's second Trigger, Separated from the Pack, allows for another Melee Attack if your target has no other enemy models near it, which is exactly how Georgy prefers to be positioned - far enough away from the rest of the Gremlins so he can declare that he’s top hat. The aptly named "Who Runs Gremlin-Town?!" allows Georgy and Olaf to bolster your Crew's Minions, but don't let Som'er (or whoever your Crew Leader is) catch sight of the pair when they’re shouting out this Bonus Action. The last thing Georgy and Olaf want is their hat shot off by a boozed-up Gremlin with a toothy grin (or toothless, depending on who’s asking) thinking someone other than Lenny is trying to take control over the Bayou. This week, in addition to checking out what the model will look like on the table, we also have another mobile wallpaper for you! Check it out below!
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