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  1. Also, single masters??? What is this, are we trying to have fair and balanced games?? How am I going to win without OP Kirai OOK? But seriously, this looks great and I'm very keen to participate once I locate the Aussie TO.
  2. I had a similar problem on my phone. Turned out the issue is I wasn't signed in to my Google account.
  3. Is there an Australian or NZ TO?
  4. Are students of steel even that viable against something like a Samurai? It seems so inefficient for the movement 4 model to land a stat 5 analyze weakness on a ranged model.
  5. If it helps, I don't think I've had this issue with corpse candles!
  6. So who is good against TT? Do they have much stuff to ignore armor or incorporeal? Wondering if Kirai and Von Schtook are good bets. And condition removal? McMourning's crew is pretty hardy, although I think Shenlong has condition removal? Corpse Reva seems potentially solid unless they have a bunch of corpse removal. Do they have anti-demise tech to stop the grave golem? Is emissary good here for blocking movement? I can imagine a samurai could have its day ruined by well placed coffins.
  7. I would play it the same way as you. Page 34 simultaneous effects is the relevant rule. So the owner of the models being moved gets to move them in the order they wish, possibly blocking movement paths. I would play that you measure all those affected (because a pulse is instant) and then you move, though, so no moving to block LOS to block the pulse effects.
  8. Haha, I am known to have brain farts, but if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will be along to correct me.
  9. He is probably thinking of chain activations - you can't activate more than two models in a row with chain activations (such as with the accomplice ability), unless all the activations stem from a single effect (such as the Dead Rider's bonus action). I know of no limit on pass tokens.
  10. Oh, my mistake, I was probably thinking of Yasunori. Oh, that's majorly helpful! (Although still super bad news for Molly). These are great things to keep an eye out for as well. So I'm guessing someone like Seamus or Jack Daw will be pretty bad (unless you're going for some silly Mourner tech xD)
  11. We don't have any local TT players (yet), so I have extremely limited experience against them (just one tournament last season). Some thoughts... Asami with their Emissary - this combo will drown us in card advantage. No matter what I did in the matchup with Molly, they always had more card selection. The Emissary has since been nerfed, but careful of trying to out-card this matchup. However, like many summoners, I suspect you can be really efficient with your schemes to get the advantage. Shenlong - possibly reason enough to never take Molly against this faction? Shenlong's drunken
  12. For our Community thread this time, we're going to take a detailed look at what to do when facing Ten Thunders! As always, this thread is intended for new and experienced players alike. Share your insights, share your questions, and let's all get better together! Some questions to get the discussion rolling, but feel free to add your own. Your opponent has declared TT and you've declared Ressers - what are you thinking as you pick which master to declare? What do you do about master X, Y, or Z? Are there masters that are particularly brutal against our faction? Are
  13. Part of the process of resolving an attack is checking if it is legal. So you still have to check range and LOS (so the attack will fail when you try to take it). There are some abilities that allow you to do things like this, but they specify that you ignore range and/or LOS. For example, the Hooded Rider's ability says "take a melee action... ignoring range".
  14. Oh, one detail I forgot - a lot of people like building elite crews to maximise pass token advantage (which combined with Ancient Pact can be pretty impactful). Losing a pass token to get another model is a big deal, so I think people naturally shy away from 3 stone models unless they're like Daydream level of power. People also shy away from 3 stone models just because they feel so weak - but what do you expect for 3 stones? They're barely more cost than an upgrade xD
  15. I think a lot of people like them, but not everyone owns them. They also have a neat combo with Widow Weaver (they leave a scrap marker behind). I especially liked them on Corrupted Idols before GG0, since you could get the dolls to kill themselves on the idol. Now they're pretty cool, but Creep Along is a LOT more limited than leap. It's not even close to 3 AP, as typically when you're going to somewhere to scheme, you have no other models in that area to creep along towards. One good thing worth emphasising is you can use adversary on your own models to give yourself positive flips
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