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  1. My Molly vs Radek's Som'er. Mine: Molly & Machine Sloth Dead Rider Archie Yin Student of viscera Crooligan 1 stone His list: Somer + Inferiority complex Georgy and olaf Lenny with two gremlins Gautraeux Bokor Big Brain Brin 8 Stones Let's see if I can pull this off!
  2. Oh, sorry, my bad for not taking the context into account. Here's a Wyrd FAQ that's only a bit related: So... That's the only official word, which is not the same thing. So I don't know! I would lean towards YES, Hannah can do it, as she doesn't use the 'printed on the stat card', and the model gains the ability from the upgrades.
  3. Haha, this goes down that rabbit hole I was talking about earlier... I'd have to double check the rules, but from what I can see, you'd get the extra attack (even if it was from the onslaught trigger). I think you can still resolve any attacks in the queue. What ending the activation does is make it so you don't get to take any new actions that you would normally take as a part of your activation. Anything already generated or generated separately should still happen IMO. If you want a more in-depth answer, I can snag the rulebook later
  4. The italics on her bonus action does say you have to pick one that doesn't attach upgrades or list a model by name.
  5. In the vassal world series FAQ, bete noire is allowed to use the charge while on the table. So they decided for the RAW ruling, and I think most people use it now since Wyrd has had two erratas/FAQs to address it and haven't.
  6. Oh, I agree and have always thought it should run this way, but got a lot of pushback on the forums. I know the VWS ruled it this way, that you remove after the teleport. I'll try to edit it later.
  7. Happening to some people in a vassal game as well (setting the game up on an app). Just listening in, but sounds like it is a wide-spread problem. Let me know if you need any more specifics!
  8. Fixed it! Steps: Opened my bookmarked page (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/#/rules ) Still broken (didn't show GG2 when i went to rules section) Opened the link through the resources Wyrd page (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/#/rules ) Went to rules and it wasn't broken. Refreshed my original page, works. I don't understand how this could possibly fix it, but for some reason clicking the link through the resources page instead of using my bookmark fixed it (even though the links appear identical? Or is my old bookmark forwarding me to a new location?)
  9. Link wise, I use the same bookmark I've always used, will see if I can post it when I get home.
  10. What factions? There's usually some floating around the world in a few places, but takes some hunting.
  11. On a similar note, it'd be cool if you could declare a leader and not a faction. Being able to play either TT or Red Yan Lo for example would be neat for the solo Yan Lo players. But I see the balance issues xD
  12. I think a few people still have their games left, but I'm thinking about round 4: Map Rivierra Corner Corrupted Leylines Assassinate Spread them out Bait and switch Detonate Charges Claim Jump I really hope I'm against a crew where I can pull people off the markers xD Due to assassinate and leylines, seems very matchup dependent, but... Corpse Reva claiming the centre seems super strong here. Seamus offers some strong options. Molly of course is what I'll go with. Assassinate and claim jump might be options, and bait and switch is a lot easier to pull off in corner sometimes, but there is no reason for the enemy to cross the centreline so can only score the first point with reap. Which might be worth it. Bait and switch is a good counter to a "don't cross the centreline" crew I think. Spread them out and detonate make me super happy, since molly is amazing at denying them both (and great at scoring spread).
  13. Something else to try would be the rule of intent. When placing stuff, say whether it is within range or not. This can save a lot of arguments if you're clear from the moment of placing.
  14. I think a grid system is too rigid. In order to eliminate ambiguity, you need to have one grid space = one model base. This leads to some pretty clunky stuff. Walking around terrain, etc. Also you need a specialised board, further increasing the cost of playing the game. There are plenty of precision measurement tools which are helpful, or playing on vassal can be great. Also, I think this sounds like a player attitude issue mostly. Bumping the table shifts models by at least 1/16 of an inch, so quibbling over it (especially for 5-10 minutes) seems straight up silly to me.
  15. I'm not sure. The best way to follow the guidelines is to put all the terrain in one big clupm initially, then count up the surface area of the terrain. There's percentage recommendations in GG2, so you can work with that.
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