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  1. Becoming one thing doesn't stop you from being another thing (for instance, if you become friendly to something, you're still enemy to it. You can be friendly and enemy). So I don't think there is any justification to stop treating an ice pillar as an ice pillar (it can just gain the corpse quality as well).
  2. This is a great idea, go for it Or as Rufess says above, you can decorate other models you want to use in the crew. Ultimately the pumpkins are there just for you to have fun with. So do whatever you like, as long as it looks cool! The biggest guideline is make sure that models can stand on markers if they aren't impassable, but even there that's not 100% necessary since you can work around it. It can be quite cool to have a good looking table
  3. Interesting points @Whut, but what do you think about the non-keyword builds? Previously you were sort of locked into keyword by declaring Nexus I felt. Now you could just have your 3 nexus + 2 nests and that's enough synergy that you can spend the rest of the 50 stones on whatever you want (although obviously Archivist is worth snagging). I don't think the obey to charge should be overlooked. Since the Nexus models can obey each other, it is a good way to get charges in positions you otherwise could not - and those triggers can be super clutch. Importantly the rams trigger can heal non-keyword models, so you can heal Emissary back up for instance. And since I think the OOK builds may be the mots common (particularly because they mean you can abuse people who build against Cadmus 1), I'm not sure the crew is particularly vulnerable to AOE. The parasites also work super well with OOK models. You just parasite an enemy, and then good luck trying to kill the Emissary when you're losing 2 off your duel whenever the Cadmus player likes. The parasite mechanic in some ways offers even more defense than We Are Legion was my impression, as it protects even non-keyword models.
  4. To give a similar example... If you have two things... At the start of a model's activation, push 3 inches. At the start of a model's activation, if it is within 3 inches of a scheme marker, gain focus +1. If you have a situation like this, you cannot push to within 3" of a scheme marker and then claim you get the start of activation focus. You check for all the effects, generate them, then resolve them. It'd be a bit different if it said "after killing you may remove a scheme marker within 2", but since it is a conditional statement I don't think it works.
  5. Looks awesome! Maybe I'll make it across the ditch to join in one day xD
  6. Well, it wouldn't be the first time a scheme wasn't actually compatible with the rules... But I don't think this quite works the way you're hoping. Death Beds: Simultaneous effects refers to generated effects. At the time of step 6c of damage timing, you do not meet the criteria (killing an enemy with 2" of both markers). Now, granted, measurement timing is ambiguous... But I think most things in the game work if you measure conditional effects upon generation. So I think the most reasonable order is: Check what to generate at step 6c. Check for effects like Fistful of Scrip - generate a scheme marker. Check for Death Beds - did you meet the criteria? If so, generate the effect. Take all generated effects and order them. Resolve one at a time. So I don't think you generate Death Beds effect in the first place to score it.
  7. Just played against @Kharnagerunning new Molly, and it was great. His playstyle suits her much better, so he did some serious work. He treated it like an AP-tax crew. So of course Philip and the Nanny did tremendous work against my wp 4-5 Redchapel crew. He also ran the Forgotten Marshal and drowned me in summons (which was funny as I also had summons but did not leverage them nearly as effectively xD) Molly got tons of value out of discarding and repositioning Night Terrors. That was probably the highlight of the crew. He was quite happy to use them offensively. He also got really good mileage out of parading models, forcing TN tests. So I think if you treat her as an AP tax/hand tax crew, she gets a lot stronger. So Forgotten Marshal & Philip work super well. He got 3-4 summons with the Marshal, which was serious value. He did use the Whisper with it which helped I think. Worth the investment for sure. Archie died pretty quick, but did take 3-4 activations for me to accomplish (and forced me to cheat initiative turn 2 and drain my hand, leaving me really vulnerable for the rest of the turn). EDIT: Oh, and Archie killed 2 models before dying which was huge.
  8. I think the crew will probably still be overtuned if Archivist is nerfed, but Archivist is a great place to start. Especially since it is taken by the whole faction, which is a huge red flag: one of the most powerful crews in the game with a keyword model that gets taken by the whole faction? Prime nerf candidate.
  9. There's a middle ground of "just make it a title that is in line with the power level of other crews." Granted, that would mean that many people would consider the title 'unplayable', but it'd probably be more in line when/if Nexus 1 got nerfed. Otherwise you end up with a logic of "more powerful masters deserve more powerful titles", which doesn't make any sense to me. They also could have errata-ed Cadmus before the title release, so there was a more grounded baseline for Cadmus 2, but there's logistical issues for that. Of course, so far it is early days for Cadmus 2. It may not actually be overpowered/overtuned at all.
  10. To clarify, the things that I think are probably overtuned (but have only played one game) The TNs are just so darn efficient (especially when you account for Beebe picking up two extra cards that are high enough to meet those TNs). I think Beebe is probably a near auto-take in the pools you want this Nexus. The huge amount of AP just means you're able to find a way to do what you want to do. Especially since the models can obey each other. The huge amount of AP puts out quite a bit of activation pressure. When you throw in Archivist, the crew feels quite oppressive. So overall, I think if we see nerfs to the ES super-friends, maybe this crew will feel a bit more reasonable (although still wildly powerful).
  11. The first time it was a bit of a mistake, but the times after that it was pretty necessary. He scored assassinate with it, and then was trying to kill my nexus holding the lodestone turn 5. I don't think it is a game-breaking ability, just an annoying one to play around/through. It'll probably give a lot of salt though xD It is also pretty hard that every time he wanted to secret passage, I was forcing him to use a 9 or made him fail the secret passage. And since it doesn't eat the parasite if you don't reduce, provides a real challenge for crews that just need to cheat. So it is a semi-constant tax once fighting starts.
  12. Lol, this could conceivably be done turn 1, but it'd be a heck of a sacrifice xD
  13. Yeah, eventually people will learn to only attack their df if they can guarantee the hit... But that is a hell of a defense in its own right...
  14. Oh, and this scenario came up a lot: I try to hit you. I parasite you down Okay i miss You gain a parasite, take a damage, and i heal 1 ^.^ Well, like 2-3 times, but it was still enough.
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