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  1. I don't know, man, have you ever seen an enraged Chihuahua? I'd hide behind one any day. But seriously, always annoyed me that model is not size 0 xD
  2. Re: emissary and McMourning. I think Experimental just has such awesome keyword synergy, you don't really need to grab versatile models a lot of the time. Where you want those strong versatile models is where they have specific synergies (like with Transmortis and Redchapel), or where the keyword options just suck (like Redchapel), or where the versatile models are just stupidly powerful (Archie pre-nerf). That said, the game isn't solved! Most things are untested, and most synergies are not clearly written on cards (Emissary blocking terrain especially is hard to gauge on paper). Try it out! That's the real answer to any question about a combo.
  3. We tend to start in batches of a bunch of new players at once, and they play each other rather than the experienced players. So most of the players don't have the option of swapping crews. As for lending crews, most people prefer to play with their own crew rather than borrow another one. Which ties back to the original complaint (matchups being so lopsided). So discussing the crews beforehand doesn't really solve that.
  4. It isn't for tournaments that I'm talking about, I'm talking about casual play. We've got a club of a few hundred people, but they have tons of options for what games to play. Why would someone stick around with Malifaux (and spend the $50 a month) if your first experience with the game is you buy a crew box and just get stomped by what feels like horribly unbalanced matchups (for example Molly vs. Zipp)? There's plenty of other nice games out there. I spend loads of money on the game and have no trouble keeping up. But retaining more casual players is definitely a struggle for our local community.
  5. I don't know about that particular matchup, but that is definitely one of my biggest complaints about Malifaux. It can be hard to attract players when they might accidentally pick crews where one person is hard-ish countered by the other, and there's a significant gap right from the get-go. Not everyone has the luxury of having a large collection to pick from.
  6. Perhaps more useful would be specific counterpicks to specific masters. That's easier to learn than the faction picking step. Vincent - good anti summons. Anna - good anti place (including some summons). Archie and Bone Piles - good against condition crews. Nurses - healing and condition removal. Toshiro - preventing alpha strikes with Ashigaru. Projectile vomit for mass distract (and slow) against bubble crews. Manos - anti demise. Carrion emissary - slow, lumbering crews that can be bogged down. Philip and the nanny - some tax effects, easy access for one more question with debt of gratitude. Also useful against weak willpower crews. Mourner - removes ruthless. Night terror - grants concealment. Still learning my way around this, so just some suggestions.
  7. Molly has been very strong against almost everything in my experience, but have struggled against Ten Thunders. The stuff she does well (card advantage and maneuverability) is outclassed by TT in my limited experience. Her marker removal and condition removal/immunity on Archie makes her very solid against Arcanists like Raspy and Kaeris. Von Schtook is someone I want to take against TT just in case I get Shenlonged, who knows if it will work. Against Neverborn, you're probably wanting very tanky crews (Molly, McMourning, Yan Lo, Von Schtook, Jack Daw... Our faction is really good against Neverborn actually). Haven't played much against Bayou or Guild. I haven't played enough variety to really have a good answer (my regular pool of players is about 5 people, so I know people better than factions.
  8. Personally I'd hate it if a size two model is bigger than a size three, but don't think that is happening here? Between its 40mm base and being slightly taller than size two models from memory, I think it lands in the low end of size 3? The cutoff has to be somewhere, so as long as it isn't shorter than size two models, seems fine to me! Otherwise it might be mildly annoying.
  9. Saboteur can do 9 damage from shockwaves if it hits three targets. Bayou gator can spam execute pretty consistently (comes in a crew that can draw 12+ a turn easily). Old Cranky can obey something to do heaps of damage. So while bleeding disease is up there for a 5 cost model, it certainly isn't unique (especially since the model is just realising the damage that other models 'deal' by placing tokens).
  10. One thing to keep in mind about the obedient wretch is it is darn easy to kill. Any min 3 beater with ruthless can kill it in one activation.
  11. The lighting does make me think it thematically is Umbra, though. So that is my first bet now that I think about it.
  12. Just a note of caution about Anna's aura. Nightmare can reposition enemy models pretty easily, so may want to make sure your shieldbearer is in a useful spot for Take the Hit.
  13. @unti good luck! Oh, what kind of deployment is it? Makes a huge diff to what Dreamer takes.
  14. True, and ruthless would be good for scoring Let Them Bleed. But overall, I'd not worry about *too* much ruthless. A lot of the game plan will be running circles around him and preventing lodestones from touching markers where possible. That said, Dead Rider can reposition any enemy except the lodestone carrier which can help! Seems like a reasonable upgrade to Anna.
  15. Maybe something like this: New Reva Cortinas Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Reva Cortinas Totem(s): Corpse Candle Corpse Candle 2 Hires: Vincent St. Clair Anna Lovelace Wanyudo Shieldbearer Lampad Grave Spirit's Touch References: Corpse Candle Mindless Zombie
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