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  1. I haven't tested it. But I was thinking about it recently. It is probably only good if there is a synergy between a Neverborn and Qi Gong model that you couldn't obtain through any master.
  2. I don't think you need a shadow marker on the table at all. If the model is buried, you're instructed to unbury it. So I think you unbury it regardless. If you do it with a shadow marker, you remove the marker and she loses movement.
  3. Misaki unburies in deployment as others have said. For an example or what it looks like when a model has a different result, see the grave golem. The grave golem explicitly gives another way to handle failure to unbury in the specified way (it is killed). Since Misaki doesn't have that, she unburies by the backup condition (her deployment zone). EDIT: it'd also be different (I think) if it said "may unbury", as then you'd have to meet the condition. Depending on the rest of the wording.
  4. @Mycellanious any reason you think Lady J applies to a single point in time? I'd read her as adding a condition to markers being dropped (did the drop originate from killing them? Then it doesn't drop). Her ability is passive. It doesn't say "after", so I believe applies when relevant, not at a specific timing step.
  5. Lady J says "doesn't drop any markers when killed" and the demise says "after this model is killed." Since the demise is tied to being killed and Lady J prevents that, I think RAW indicates you don't get the marker. You could argue RAI either way. So I would lean heavily towards not getting the marker.
  6. I think the rules recommend limiting buildings/terrain to height four, likely due to this sort of thing.
  7. Oh, disclaimer, I'm new to Neverborn myself!
  8. Oh cool. Well, a core of Bandersnatch + Widow Weaver + 2-3 daydreams +1-2 stitched together should be great for Turf War and Plant. Maybe toss in Teddy and/or coppelius. You're looking to set web markers down far enough from enemies that they don't go destroy them, but close enough you can do your thing. They're the core of your maneuverability, and open up lots of strats. Edit: set up for a 12" hop the first turn, usually by having Bandersnatch set down a web 12" away from widow weaver. Turf war strategy, all 5 schemes are viable, so tailor to the opponent. If you want to claim jump, grab Teddy. He is the best claim jumper. Breakthrough is hard to score the second point, but getting your widow weaver/bandersnatch combo in the enemy base will make them expend a lot of resources stopping you, so is fine to just get one point. Have lord Chompy bits do his thing, but if they start the breakthrough strategy, teleport him back to your base with dreamer. Your opponent probably won't take breakthrough due to small deployment zone. Plant, any strategy but harness should be fine. Breakthrough will be much easier this time through due to large deployment zones, so watch for both with your opponent. Use Lord Chompy to deny scheme marker schemes if they take them. Corrupted idols... Whatever the crew, take some models that you're happy to sacrifice (such as wicked dolls) for moving the markers. Also take as much card draw as possible (such as two ancient pacts on daydreams). Take prisoner and deliver a message are really your only viable picks for dreamer, and you really want to teddy + Serena for take prisoner, and then use your tomes for repositioning the enemy. Edit: power ritual should be fine on flank deployment actually.
  9. For the Dreamer, you realllllly want some stitched together. Since he is a summoner, you want some of all his minions. And stitched together are the most powerful minions you have for dealing damage. Other than that, you seem to have a powerful pool of models for both crews (though I've only read Pandora, haven't played her). Can you buy/borrow some? Dreamer would be super solid on the turf war pool and the plant explosives pool. Unsure about the corrupted idols pool, but looks doable (haven't played that much corrupted idols with him). I don't know Pandora well enough to comment on pools.
  10. I would interpret this as being able to do both. Haven't got the rulebook handy, but you'd have to lose a focus before declaring the target, which indicates a separate timing. Additionally it is two discrete abilities (losing one focus from sniper, and one focus from the condition itself). I may have missed a ruling, but that is my first draft interpretation.
  11. @Tors you're quite welcome! The malifaux rules are pretty fascinating, so many rabbit holes to go down!
  12. Overall, keeping Teddy alive isn't the highest priority for me (unless he is a scheme model such as for Claim Jump), but I find him super tanky. Some tips: The best way to encourage any model to survive is to not let it get hit! Keep him protected by terrain as he advances into position. He has a 2" engagement range. This means he can engage models without them being able to engage him. Every time you're the one charging (which you should try to set it up so you almost always are with your 2" models, by ordering your activations correctly), you have a huge advantage. If you get stuck in with lots of models, you can either use terrorize or where's my teddy to reposition. Don't be afraid to consume other models. His bonus action of 'eat a stitched, heal six' is pretty damn potent. And of course, make it hard for him to die, but at the end of the day, it is fine if he does. Looks like you're applying this strategy well, given that you're using him as such a great distraction!
  13. I agree with Solkan's RAI analysis, but if you want to play this part, it should be simple enough. Just keep the upgrades ordered from left to right as you gain them, or any other method that keeps them in a consistent order. But personally I'd just houserule it that you can do any upgrade discarded (but only one, since I also interpret the rules such that you can't use an ability multiple times unless it says otherwise).
  14. I don't think you can use it multiple times. It specifically says by one, not "by any number". Additionally, there are a number things in the rules that you if you applied the logic that you could apply something multiple times at a given step, it'd break the game (such as start of activation, a fire golem spamming +2 burning around itself to give everything a million burning). Any given effect is likely intended to only be applied once at a given time, barring something that says otherwise.
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