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  1. I don't know Seamus too well (played him once, against him once). In general, you want your corpse markers and blocking terrain. Carrion emissary delivers both of these and just lines up perfectly with what you want to do. Game 1, grab a gravedigger and Dig Their Graves becomes pretty trivial (especially if Seamus teleports, drops a scheme marker, one shots something, teleports away for the first point). Since the gravedigger guarantees a point if left undisturbed, you can dictate the battle and force your opponent to come to you. You can cat and mouse them and snowball a lead. Just watch out for losing gravedigger at the wrong time and giving a reckoning point. Yin is great if you want take prisoner, but I'd say your other options are better. Game two, corner deployment can be tricky. Emissary will boost your movement, and maybe dead rider if you have a key piece needing a boost. If they claim jump, Seamus should be able to snipe out their claim jumper before the second point if you set up terrain. I'd spend the first two turns or so smashing out explosives/points (possibly using Seamus to one shot a bomb carrier), then go hard with pressure on their team to mess up their game plan. Game 3 Seamus should be great at flipping turf war markers in an awkward fashion, so go hard with denial but snag points on the way. Overall, your high mobility is going to be amazing for these matchups. A turn with Seamus where all he does is score points is sometimes the way to go. His gun is powerful, but it isn't his whole kit. Just my uneducated thoughts!
  2. Yeah, in comparison to Dreamer/Asami, I can see why Dashel seems like he would fall short. But not even due to the summoning. For Dreamer, his keyword is so powerful even before the summoning that it just feels like being hit by an avalanche (plus the broken aspects of Stitched). For Asami, the crew itself wouldn't feel THAT strong if it couldn't take things like the Emissary and other versatile models. Or Dreamer taking Zoraida as a second master for the card draw and scrap markers. Basically, "summoners that can easily draw six extra cards" is super broken. Summoners that start with a crew that are on par with many other crews before summoning are also pretty suspect. But for like Kirai, her crew feels very underwhelming without summons. I definitely have never gotten the impression of over-powered playing against her. Sandeep I've not played against, but he looks pretty suspect on the 'lots of card draw + summoning is a bad mixture' front. I also didn't notice before, but his crew is suprisingly mobile (agile on key models, etc), and wind gamin I thought were 7 stones in my original comments xD Tara I have played against, but felt supremely underwhelming (but I think that game was just massively tilted in my favour anyway). I'd possibly be up for giving Dashel a go on Vassal someday, but I won't have time to learn it/set it up for at least a month or two. EDIT: Also worth noting some crews are just hard to 'get.' Reva was widely mocked in resser spaces for being terribad, but recent tournament placements have changed that a fair bit. Hearing explanations of how the crew works has really opened up my eyes as to why 'the most underpowered resser crew' is actually awesome.
  3. I'm just going off paper and would love to play him, but... Dashel can remove scheme markers for a major bonus at 8" range, and executioners can remove them for an extra action at a range of 3" (but executioners get very strong at half health). Queeg/sergeants have an okay ability against enemy scheme markers as well. I imagine this puts them in the top ten crews for scheme marker denial. They're certainly more powerful when denying schemes than Molly, and she is brutal on scheme markers (though she can do any area of the board more easily than he can). Executioners are pretty powerful (often stat 7, min 3 beater), and will sometimes be taking three attacks. It is also quite easy to give them fast, so they're one of the rare beaters that can do four attacks in a round (although it is so much set up it would be unusual). Their scatter ability also means they have very powerful scheming/strategy potential (since they can deny schemes and you can't deny them the interact action via engagement usually). It is hard to think of many summons that are more powerful than these guys. And of course you can summon mounted guard. Granted, you need a 13 or 12 AND a scheme marker, so this is definitely 'best case scenario.' For usual case, guild hound are significant, so you've got a 3 model significant model as your floor. You've got Guard Patrol to act as damage soaks (and are particularly annoying against min-3 attacks where they survive with one health). Riflemen have insane range, and stand and fire is a decent tax effect. They can deliver execute across a table, which is just crazy (takes some setup of course). Sergeants don't seem like a great summon as you want their aura at the start of the game, but they're a decent beater if you're loaded on rams. Their ability to move other models is very good though. And their summoning bonus action is sweet as. Defense and willpowers generally float around 5-6, which is pretty solid compared to many crews. Other defensive tech is lacking of course. Pursue is of course a very powerful ability for a crew that is attacking on stat 5-6. Perhaps most striking of all is the crew has really good triggers. Critical strike, coordinated attack, drop it, arrest order, execute, hold down (not sure this one counts as it is a hound trigger), armor piercing, ricochet, puncture. The crew has a use for every suit, so no matter what you're drawing you can find a use for it (although trigger management is admittedly one of the hardest parts of mastering a crew, so this part will be hella hard). One thing to note is that guild in general seems to be exceptionally squishy, and Guard is no exception. The big key with them seems to be avoiding hits rather than tanking hits (although summons means you at least have some expendable minions to slow the enemy down for your firing line). Soulstones seem like you'll mainly be using them on the master/damage reduction, but don't forget about snagging OOK and versatile hires. Dr. Grimwell's lobotomy hits like a truck if you have soulstones to spare (bonus action move, prepare for surgery with stone for stagger, then stone for lobotomy). And since the crew has ride with me, it is somewhat realistic to set up! Just some thoughts, anyway. The crew feels like it has some super awesome efficiencies, but would be very hard to capitalise on them. Mastering every trigger in the crew and calibrating matchups to abuse scheme marker advantage is tricky, and it would be quite a challenge to master keeping the models safe... But I wouldn't be surprised if there are some fantastic Dashel players out there. Although personally that 'challenging to play' is exactly what makes me think I'd pick up that crew if I was Guild. There are tons of tiny synergies between all those abilities! EDIT: Note that my playstyle with summoners is to take a powerful crew and supplement it with summons (rather than relying on summons to bring power to the table). But just thinking Dashel + a cool master or henchmen + Pale Rider + a solid guard minion base + incidental summons sounds like a pretty powerful/fun crew to me!
  4. Well, the ceiling for Dashel summoning is "deny an enemy scheme while summoning an executioner which promptly eats another scheme and takes two actions." So in terms of raw power, Dashel probably has one of the highest ceilings. It should be harder to set up! Granted nobody is picking scheme marker schemes against Dashel (which is doable ~91% of the time), but you're usually picking Dashel into scheme heavy pools (say 3+), which is ~40% of all scheme pools. So you're at least severely pidgeon-holing your opponent just by the ability existing. As Adran says, the scheme denial is a factor in power level considerations. And dammit, now I really want to buy a Dashel crew 😜
  5. I don't think models like McMourning are a good comparison, as I don't think of him as a summoner (just has a bit of incidental summoning with his kit, but he will rarely do it). As for Dashel, he has at least four models with 'Drop It' in keyword, so I assume the idea is he forces enemies to drop scheme markers for the extra powerful summons. Some of them can do it from 24 inches away at stat 6! His crew also breaks the "summoning keywords tend to be inefficient" claim a bit, in that he hands out focus like candy and there are some crazy movement tricks, scheme denial, etc. On paper, I can see where they were going with him and created an awesome package, but can imagine it falls over in practice a bit.
  6. I assume Dig Their Graves is a gravedigger? xD I use him for the same purpose in my Molly crew. How necessary is the Wanyudo? I don't want to buy that whole box just for him, but looks like I could field the rest pretty easily! Do you still find search easy to do after the changes? We usually use pretty big terrain, so have 3-5 blocks of terrain that aren't touching the centreline. So it may be a table specific thing.
  7. Ooooo, interesting call on Daw and Reva! I know matchup matters, but in a vacuum can you share what your Reva list would look like? I quite like that crew and may pick it up someday.
  8. Mei Feng is both arcanist and ten thunders, so may be a good one to start with to leave your options open. I usually recommend buying a core box, getting a feel for the game, then swapping factions if you need to. No sense committing too early (I've swapped factions twice this edition, and ultimately think it worked out well). Molly and ressers would be high on my list of recommendations but you don't like their aesthetic. Dreamer definitely has a great grindy, long-game feel to him. Zoraida is one of the most 'control' feeling masters in the faction (since you literally control enemy models). Pandora is great for stripping options away from the enemy but I personally haven't enjoyed her. Neverborn is overall a great faction, but I worry you may not have enough scheme control with them other than maybe Iggy or Mimic (it is one of the reasons I've moved away from the faction a bit). I don't know much about Arcanists to say more about them.
  9. Re: wind gamin, my mistake! Re @zavros, it is not just a master to master comparison. Most summoning keywords tend to have weaker action efficiency (for instance, in Nightmare, nothing in the crew feels overly efficient except spider movement and dealing damage). Molly's crew on the other hand efficiently gets hand control, focus (can easily stack 4+ focus on three models on turn one), scheming, deadly pursuit, activation control, etc. You have to compare keyword to keyword. That said... Not all summoners rely on going all in on their keyword. For instance I played against an Asami with emissary and fuhatsu. Oni felt fine to play against, but Oni + versatiles felt disgustingly efficient at everything. So I don't know if the fault lies with summoners or their ability to cover their weaknesses with the rest of the faction.
  10. Note that you can (probably) only do it during activations as well. Things that occur outside activations (like puppets giving staggered in the start phase) probably don't work. Just a heads up before you reach that particular combo!
  11. I love that board in a lot of ways, especially for having canyons (hard to do on a flat board that I use). How did you handle the canyon walls? I assume they were climbable, could Mad Dog have climbed out?
  12. By an enemy obey, definitely. By a friendly obey... That is making me rethink my first answer. If you obey a model to kill another, the obeyed model gets the credit (and is doing the killing). So is the obeyed model doing the moving? Sounds reasonable, but not sure what rules to back it up with. So I'm not sure about the original question either.
  13. There is some ambiguity as to what an ability is 'from', but I read it as neither of those abilities working. The model is moving itself, but the source of that move is the effect of a friendly model.
  14. The Parker Henchman has built in armor ignore, as my friend's hinamatsu discovered this week 😧
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