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  1. Trail of gore seems super strong this season, so I imagine Dashel will be making some appearances as well. And of course Hoffman also has two trail of gore models.
  2. Overall I think ressers excel at mobile GGs, so I expect we will do well. Kirai, mcmourning, Seamus, von schtook, Yan lo, reva, Molly all have a lot to offer here 🤣
  3. Ignored for strategies only applies the turn of the summon I believe. So they can score on later turns unless the strategy says otherwise. However, they can never interact with strategy markers.
  4. My Australian friend is having no trouble and has cheap shipping. So may be an NZ issue. I see Fed Ex. He sees Australian Drop Ship. So the website maybe doesn't know to use that for NZ?
  5. Waldo's Weekly has been hyping a new shipping system for Australia and NZ to reduce costs, but I just went to shop in the Black Friday sale and it costs $50 to ship Vagrantsong or $35 to ship two core boxes. Surely that isn't the expected price for these things? Does anyone know if the NZ shipping is still to go into effect, and if so when that will be? EDIT: looks like Australia is correctly switched but NZ is still using Fed Ex.
  6. Usually you can contact Wyrd directly and ask for a replacement (unless you bought it second hand).
  7. Lol I just hired him in a McMournint crew on standard and he died turn 1 xD A lot of crews will delete him from the map from 15+ inches away. Meanwhile Archie was a boss and survived most of the game. I'd say Archie is generally better if you can deal with the issue of leap not being built in (Whisper, tools for the job, or card draw help).
  8. I think Manos is overrated in a lot of crews. He has the downside of demanding a lot of attention - shaping your activation order and resources to get your value out of him. That said it basically comes to leap allowing you to choose your battles. And he can move three times, and attack three times, or interact leap interact, or many other lines. On top of that, leap plus gun kills a lot of important support totems, and with assassin he can run away to be safe after. I just don't think he belongs in every crew.
  9. In terms of purchasing overlap, Dreamer and Pandora share a lot of models in common. They also cover a lot of pools between them. In terms of completely different playstyles, I'd say Lucius 2 or Marcus might give you huge variety but don't have much purchasing overlap.
  10. Giving keywords to models that don't initially have them is a high risk of creating broken interactions IMO, so I'd go a different direction.
  11. Molly 1 doesn't really need the Madness box at all, but some people really like the night terrors builds with Molly 2 as you can cause dozens of duels or take damage. I personally like doing 2 hanged gst + archie + manos + crooligan with molly 2.
  12. Haha, I do tend to gravitate towards the complicated masters.
  13. Have had lots of people ask me about Yan Lo 2 post nerf, so made a video a while back that is now available! Let me know if you have any questions about the new style. It's basically the same as my old style, but you run three elite models and only one komainu & support.
  14. Well, Wyrd has actually errataed Madness of Malifaux before the next expansion releases! Good job Wyrd! The original reason for Balancefaux is gone. There may still be some issues, but Balancefaux will be on hiatus for a while, at least until the meta settles. Let's see what this new errata means!
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