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  1. Wowza, that is a great detail! Super potent, I can imagine a lot of crews are going to make room for a copy of this upgrade if they have big turns or have critical TNs to hit early. Certainly I'll try it wastrel to hit my turn one TNs for maximum artifacts. EDIT: it draws to Max hand size, so you can even cheat a one on initiative just to get it out of your hand.
  2. Flush with Cash initially disappointed me, but it seems super efficient. On a minion, the draw three/discard three is clearly worth at least a soulstone (maybe 1.5 stones). Then you can get stones from dying allies (Frontier Traps anyone?) Finally you can use soulstones to just negate an entire attack?? Two soulstone swing, but still super potent. That is a lot of mileage for a two stone upgrade (although ultimately you may spend 4 stones on it and get 2-3 back). It also doesn't give you a stone when the carrier dies, so that is a limitation. Interested to see wh
  3. I suspect this sort of thing will be FAQed to work that you don't draw the card, but I think most people on here play it you do draw the card.
  4. I'm excited to see some Maori representation! Will have to ask my friends how Wyrd did with the representation.
  5. Maybe just curl up and rest. Thanks for all your work!
  6. Is it worth discussing the upgrades here too, or a separate thread for that?
  7. Jedza - has an umbrella that is wholly inadequate for the task of keeping those scrolls dry. Maxine - old woman with sturdy clothes and eye goggles. Hopefully adequate. So straight off the bat, we can see Maxine is more practical than Jedza. P.S. see the images yourself in the app
  8. The hire/display issues - at an uninformed guess, these might be issues of not having the cards downloaded? I've downloaded cards and don't have those problems (and would explain why they went away for one person above).
  9. Upgrades are set to cost 0 in the app (even when sorting by cost in the card section). So hopefully that is an easy fix of just setting the values to 2 instead of 0.
  10. I think you would need a pretty silly rules interpretation (with littleditect support from the rules) to allow the model to jump without concealing terrain in the destination. So still needs the terrain IMO.
  11. Neverborn now have access to the Leap ability! He says as he forgets to screenshot the back... Just check the app I guess xD
  12. I present to you my submission for Meme List Of The Week: Paul's got options (Paul gives beasts extra attacks, so this goes overboard on that).
  13. That's a good point. Bit unfortunate if a Som'er player ever has to explain the ability as "it is like Inkfingers, but (usually) worse." I guess Tannenbraum has the biggest hat I see no reason why they couldn't do that. Also may be able to find a model that generates hazardous terrain that affects friendlies. Then you could damage your whole crew for one if needed.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is answered in the FAQ and am pretty sure the answer is no.
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