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  1. It's Molly vs. Lynch! Not at all what I expected, should be fun!
  2. The soulstone cache upgrade means they can all have positive flips But other than the soulstone users, yeah, she should presents a challenge! And even that drains their hand, and they still have to pick up the marker!
  3. That confused me too, but then I assumed he meant obey Nexus' model to attack a friendly model, friendly model relents and takes basically nothing between shielded and WAL.
  4. One issue with Hidden Agenda on Cooper is the attack is SO strong, that the opponent knows you're cheating your best card. It's a bit different on say Basse (where you don't want them to know you just cheated a 5 of crows for the trigger, not a 12 for defense), or McCabe (where you could conceivably be saving your high cards for other things, and it combos with his Mirror upgrade).
  5. Ooooooo, awesome! Thanks for answering my questions, that makes sense. Super brutal to lower someone's leap xD
  6. Oh, I was more thinking that burning supression only works on ranged models. Melee models will still just run across the board and smack you in the face, right? The burning reduction doesn't apply to movement?
  7. Oooo, that is cool! Very efficient spreading of burning. Could probably get 3-4 burning in an activation a lot of the time. Seems way better against ranged crews I assume? Like don't try it against Ressers xD
  8. It could also just be not meant to be. In my Reva crew, if anything requires a 5+ for bonus action movement, it gets cut from the crew for being too card hungry (except Dead Rider. He is worth a 5+ xD)
  9. I don't think there is a clear answer under the rules, but working out what happens when "cause" can chain through multiple abilities or actions gets very messy. So I think the cleanest way to play it is to say it came from the ability.
  10. In my experience, adding a beater (like Samael?) to a strong beater like Sonnia just splits your severe cards over multiple models. Can be tricky. I wonder if he could function as a scheme runner? Run duo with like purifying flame for extra movement, then can kill stuff if need be that tries to stop you? Just throwing out thoughts.
  11. Don't know the crew, but I would assume creep along is meant to keep him safe. Walk forward, shoot twice, creep back means you're a threat while staying 18 inches away. That's pretty potent! Of course even two shots only do 5 damage, so maybe it is just better to focus on supporting Sonnia.
  12. One warning about Jakuna is she is basically a free Recover Evidence marker for your opponent, but she makes a great Martyrs target.
  13. Damn, damn, damn. Assuming they do pairings in the standard way, I'll be paired against Ten Thunders. Currently pairings are wonky and will get fixed. Yup, I'm against Thunders. If I am against TT, not sure who to declare. Reva was my backup, but not super confident into TT either. Could see going Kirai, but I'm not great with her... EDIT: Althoughhhh the pool isn't absolutely awful for a Molly pick into TT. EDIT2: any idea what a TT player is likely to bring against Ressers in round 2? Pre-nerf it'd be Shenlong I assume. Not sure about now?
  14. From @Alcathous on discord - pairings are wonky, don't use the link yet. Back to normal.
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