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  1. Oh, in that case... Maybe go the grindy route then. Gravediggers + grave golem is a solid beater that is hard to take down, plus McMourning can stay in a safe position and spam summon flesh constructs. Archie is a very mobile beater and possibly hard for Shen long to chase down without fully committing? Kirai as a second master also seems good, forcing him to choose between masters to kill. If you play a defensive game, you may be able to countercharge and kill Shen Long as well? But yes, ideally you deal with it at faction stage, but you can only own so many crews.
  2. I haven't played against Shen Long, but if already McMourning... I'd probably build a regular crew. Even if he hits you hard, you'll heal up. Unless he has condition removal? But no sense losing all your synergies due to one ability.
  3. To clarify, Bandernsnatch is a beast so can attach the upgrade. The upgrade says that Bandersnatch's attacks gain the onslaught trigger. The Doppleganger can then copy that attack.
  4. The rulebook mentions the word 'suffer' 63 times... So there'll be plenty of ways to interpret this rule, I'm sure. But a good interpretation should not break the game, and I think any of the interpretations that allow damage reduction to apply to suffer damage in a cost break the game a bit.
  5. Here it's good to remember the forum guideline: Which is why I favour the interpretation that the Geryon suffers one damage, nothing fancy with shielded. Here's some extended reasoning: Rule regarding damage suffered: Wording on The Old Ways: The Old Ways says the model may SUFFER 1 damage (this means that is the damage it takes after applying damage reduction). If you choose to apply the Old Ways, the model decreases its health by one. No shenanigans with reducing it. In short, though the word 'suffer' is used multiple ways in the rulebook, I infer here that the model suffering damage to activate the Old Ways is supposed to skip straight to the 'amount of damage suffered after damage reduction' version of suffered. To support this, see the general rule advice (use the interpretation that doesn't break the game). If we interpret shielded as applying to the Geryon, the game breaks for several abilities.
  6. I suspect Kirai would be a really good pick against him. She doesn't have hard to wound in her crew, so is going to make his -'s become plusses not as big a deal.
  7. I'm very keen to get in a New Player's Introductory Campaign before the New Year, so will be helping several new players buy some core boxes. I just wanted to see what the current state of affairs with reliability of ordering models at the moment. I know it is complex (what with Wyrd releasing stuff, then the distributors being a factor, and local game shops), but would people say the reliability issues are mostly sorted at the moment? As an example, one player wants to play Sandeep. Miniature Market has that core box for sale, so I assume it's available... But our country's shop (Mighty Ape, NZ) has it listed as available for shipping from October 31st (I assume their product is still being shipped). Mighty Ape is usually pretty reliable, but wanted to see if anyone could give any insights if there's likely to be problems outside their control? I know no firm answers can be given, but as much clarity as possible would be great. I'm introducing several new people to the game, and I want to forewarn them if they're likely to encounter frustrating shipping issues!
  8. Good call! For his M3E core box, it is only speculation at this point. However, the box "eternal servitude" has been announced for M3E with: Manos Yin Toshiro 3 Ashigaru So you can already see how that clashes with buying undying box + Masters of the Path (M2E core box).
  9. Oh, Seamus. Most people think his keyword is a bit useless/recommend versatile models with him. I don't like the aesthetic of the crew so avoided them. That said, if you're keen on Seamus, I reckon it is always good to own the keyword models from his core box. You can experiment with them and may find uses for them. Everyone says Philip and the Nanny are trash, but I find them pretty great. They're useful for about 55% of scenarios for me. It is definitely worth forming your own opinions. It is early days, and people dismissing models already may be missing something.
  10. Oh, Kirai! Like all summoners, she is devastatingly strong. Definitely worth consideration at least.
  11. @Graf For M2E Yan Lo, careful. They are not only resculpting him, but shifting what lies in each box. If you mix and match M2E and M3E boxes, you end up with awkward purchases. Manos will be shifted into an easier purchase than the Undying box as well. I'm not sure what the story with his core box is... But it may be discounted for a reason. For dreamer, do you dislike his M2E alp or M3E alp? They're very different. Alps aren't very important, but daydreams are a must for that crew IMO. Also note that Dreamer is another one with box shiftings, so careful if mixing M2E and M3E to avoid doubling up on models. For Jack Daw, he is a bit tricky to grasp at first glance. One model will have a debuff with upgrades, another will abuse models with upgrades. Some models drain cards from hands, some kill models for not having cards in hand. It is an extremely synergistic crew, and reading individual cards may make that easy to miss.
  12. Ogid covers it pretty well. I'd lean towards Ressers, but start out small to see if you do like them. Yan Lo is a good place to start, but I don't think his core box is out yet. If you like buff/debuff play, Jack Daw is the big one to try. For summoning, Kirai. Molly can be a good one to try if you like control masters. She is really good for denying points. Plus, one of her models (Archie) is a very strong pick for many crews. Dreamer and Pandora would be some of my top recommendations for Neverborn given your tastes, but since you don't like Dreamer, Ressers seem better.
  13. Eldritch magic as you say is great for condition based matchups. Inhuman reflexes I find often is overkill on protection. Tight gameplay will protect your models enough most of the time. The main exception is if a model is a scheme target (such as for claim jump), the butterfly jump really helps. Ancient pact... I'm not sure if it has become a crutch, but 2x on ancient dreams is something I take every game at this point. Two extra cards a turn (33% more than you would get otherwise!!) is just too good. The initiative bonus is always nice as well, but can be devastating on corrupted idols.
  14. Haha, yes, I think this happens to a lot of people. I had it with Teddy real bad.
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