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  1. Emiba won our game, he played super efficiently! 7-6. His Von Schtook crew was very similar to Graf's, but used Anna over Emissary. She was pretty devastating against my crew - built in trigger to turn my corpse candles into zombies (and then can grade assignment to get them off the table). Just denied me hard on having my pyre markers down, which meant the Lampads were even more fragile than expected. Valedictorian successfully alpha striked my Lampad with GST down, taking out my claim jumper. Student of Viscera was MVP for point scoring, single-handedly taking 3 of the markers. I used 'hurl corpse' on the grave golem for a clutch last-hit on his necropunk to put it out of claim jump health for the second point. I also had to use Reva for scoring the strategy with this build, as the Lampads got bogged down (incidentally, it'd be super good if they had unimpeded, would really flesh out their roles as glorified scheme runners). Overall, I think versatile/OOK keyword Reva is a lot better than going too deep into keyword (though Vincent typically does very well, dishing out quite a bit of damage, killing, and soaking hits).
  2. "Friendly-controlled models within 1" of a friendly model with a Lodestone Token may take the interact action to move that Lodestone Token to another friendly model within 6" and LOS." Yup, as far as I can tell, you can do it to yourself (unless there is a ruling that you're not within 1" of yourself?) The only thing you can't do is interact to take the lodestone onto the model that used interact (you have to give it to another model)?
  3. Dashel's totem, just to destroy his keyword. EDIT oh wait he could still hire it xD But more realistically... Some OP combo. But for fun... The First Mate. Really cement Ressers as the best leapers in the game.
  4. I usually just get a corpse marker across the line. Then any model can just charge + interact for 3 markers (assuming no black joker on damage). Yeah, and her anti place can mess with Grave Golem. So will definitely have Vincent ready to go if she gets anywhere awkward. I suck at using Reva's heal anyway, though xD If the ruthless is irrelevant, you need to remove three corpse markers before that is positive value, right? Seems a bit risky to me (although on a minion for deadly pursuit could be worth it, so maybe I'll try it on the shieldbearer).
  5. Nice! And really highlights there are some useful models in Redchapel.
  6. I'm thinking possibly something like: Reva + corpses Grave Golem Vincent St. Clair (for his summons, and also for the occasional 5-6 damage a hit if I need to burst something). Shieldbearer Lampad Lampad with GST. 7 stones floating. Which gives me a solid path to all five schemes! Plus it lets me test the limits of lampads a bit more, as I do want to get more familiar with the model.
  7. @emiba and I will be facing off, him as Von Schtook and me as Reva. Any suggestions for either of us? I'm probably going to go Lampad heavy... I want to test them out more, and this is a strong pool for Lampads I think.
  8. Added in a poll as I thought that was one more way people could easily throw in an opinion!
  9. I hope people are enjoying these, so I figured I'd at least do every strategy once (and more if they're popular). This thread is for all ressers: master and newbie alike! In this thread we'll all come together to discuss a scheme pool. Ideally some of us will even get to play it! Pool 3: Corner Symbols of Authority Symbols of Authority - Corner Deployment Claim Jump Catch and Release Let them Bleed Research Mission Spread them Out How to participate: Just post! You can post theorycraft about what master or list you'd take into this pool, or you can post a list you want to take into this pool seeking advice, or a battle report of actually playing the pool. If you're not confident posting, I'll slap some templates here that you can steal to make a reply. These are just suggestions, though! Theorycraft: I think <X, Y, or Z> would be good because <reason>. List seeking advice: I am thinking of taking this list or master: ... ... I will be up against <faction or master opponent declared> (if known). I own: <list models or crews>. I think this list will work because <reason>, or I want to try this list because <reason>. Battle report: My list: ... ... Opponents master (or list if you have their whole list) ... ... Outcome and schemes I took: Summary of how it went: Things I would do differently:
  10. Well, as OP said that their friend has Dreamer (one of the most powerful masters in the game), Lilith, and Nekima (a so-so master), seems a bit misleading to suggest that Neverborn are underpowered in this context. For OP, you may have some rough games against those masters! Very easy to lose against all of them. If that happens, suggest getting tips in the Outcast forum. There is some useful stuff there! But also if you play well, you should be able to snag your fair share of wins with Parker
  11. Ressers seem to have quite strong matchups with Neverborn in general, so perhaps avoid those. That said, the dominant factor in Malifaux is definitely skill, so you can take what you like really. Especially in casual games where you're probably not optimising lists anyway. EDIT: that said, Dreamer is super, super strong. I wouldn't suggest holding back, he will be winning a lot of games with Dreamer I suspect!
  12. Yeah, I had thought Jack Daw would be awesome! Do you remember what deployment type you were on?
  13. From a competitive POV, it is probably good if your strengths are focused in one faction (Arcanists going by what you're saying) and weaknesses in another (Ressers). Just don't declare Pandora into Ressers.
  14. Yasssss, glad you had fun (and that you won!)
  15. Also you can just stand on scrap markers to stop them teleporting to them (as long as your base size is 40mm or over), so that may come up!
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