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  1. Been dabbling with Malifaux and more recently got freed up to get more invested. The group at the store I play with is fairly diverse among the factions. My order of favorite Masters are Toni, Collette, Mei and Marcus. Rasputina Kaeris and Sandeep are only at the bottom because I haven't explored them. I have some sense of what they do, though. I favor mobilty for the crews. Tricks and shenanigans like Rail walking, don't mind me, and prest o change o are a few examples. Seen a few times in games and tournaments I think to myself "I picked the wrong scheme" or " I m not going to score on the strat because the crew is fragile" I also not homicidal in games where some have come from war games. Even if I run Toni and Howard or Marcus and a pair of Cerberus (example only) I don't systematically kill models. 1. How do I decide on who to bring to which party? 2. Do I need to be homicidal in games (I'd rather use mind tricks, smoke and mirrors) 3. What do I do if I run Toni or Collette and they have Parker and Mad dog or T.T. and Seven Samurai. ( Or at least 3 Sam with mad ninja skills = those were painful games)
  2. Hey Everyone! I have been a Malifaux player since early in M2E and my favorite master thematically has always been Hamelin. The challenge has been dealing with his changes in M3E and learning to adapt the crew to the new edition. Here I want to document a breakdown of Hamelin and the Plague keyword and document my findings and thoughts as I continue to delve in the tyrants gameplan. I will also share my games and their results when I remember to post them. Playing the plague keyword means you are stepping into the shoes of Malifaux's greatest alchemist-turned-tyrant, Plague. Playing this crew means you view your pieces as but expendable pawns in your grand strategy in a game that your opponents do not even know they are losing. You are cruel, calculating, and devastating as you command the vermin and wretches of Malifaux to do your will. Just as Plague takes the unassuming form of his victim, Hamelin, so too does your plan veil itself until your opponent realizes too late what it is. So lets talk about the "feel" of the crew, or how the general style of play goes. The plague keyword is not one of upfront durability. Most models are rather easy to kill. They make up for this in a couple ways, first of all being 'Demise' abilities. The majority of models in the keyword have extra effects upon their death. Hamelin considers all other creatures to be pawns in the great game of the tyrants, and it is very much reflected by how the crew doesn't mind dying as much. Another strength that this crew has to balance their fragility is their speed (more about that later). The main "themes" of the crew is Blight and rats. Over time, blight builds up allowing you to do large amounts of damage and several abilities use the blight as well. Rats will slow start to spawn over time. Rats are useful for summoning Rat Kings and getting in the way. They give you a card when they die so never be sad when that will inevitably happen. Other uses will be explained later. This crew is a late game crew. You need to make it to turn 4-5 to fully realize what your crew does. Hamelin rewards you for playing with the long game in mind. The crew can both kill and scheme effectively, but you are not playing the Victorias, or Parker, or any master that has a clear broadcasted strength. Plague is about playing the game, and that means your opponent is playing YOUR game, whether they know it or not. Through explanation of the mechanics you will understand how this is a crew that plays to the point and focuses their efforts around that. The first piece to talk about is Hamelin himself. He is a master that plays a pivotal in the crew. For stats, he has solid defenses for a master with plenty of wounds so he wont go down easily. Figuring in his totems, Hamelin is the most durable part of the crew. This matters as the crew will quickly fall apart without him. **Remember Hamelin is not a "living" model so does not drop a corpse marker nor can he take the Soldier For Hire Upgrade. His abilities start to paint a picture of his role for the crew. He is a center of control and disease while also filling the role of a beater. Source of the Contagion make Hamelin want to be near the action (although maybe not directly as the center of it). This ability stacks with the rest of the crew, meaning a model activating near both Hamelin and another plague model will gain 2 stacks of Blight right away. Voracious Rats is something that will eventually happen as models die near him. The rats are a discussion later, but this is a good way to start the tide of vermin. Demise (Agony) is the key to keeping Hamelin alive under pressure. You kill your totem in order to live. Do not overly rely on this as bad positioning can compromise the stolen. Coughing Fit is the real reason you want to be near the action. Shutting down triggers is incredibly useful and it works on both attack and resistance triggers. Don't always use it as you need blight to stack up for Bleeding Disease, but it can shut down a lot of models reliant on triggers. Nihilism is an ok ability that comes in really only in specific matchups. Use it if you are trying to avoid a critical condition. For attack actions, Hamelin has a couple layers. The Black Staff has an underwhelming damage track for a master, but that's not the value of it. It automatically gives Blight if successful and has three very good triggers. Infestation is more incidental if you don't need the injured, but it is still not bad. Terminal is built in and can completely neuter an opponent. This alone makes Hamelin tend to go early to set up the rest of your crew. Skittering vermin is the underestimated trigger. This is actually something worth stoning for. You just need line of sight to the vermin (Rat King, Winged Plague, Rats). I have sent my model well across the board with this to score points. It has many applications and shouldn’t be forgotten. Lure is back but like the rest of the lures in the game, it is now only 12". This is still very strong with a high stat. it again can trigger Skittering Vermin and has Taint built in to add Blight to the target. This action is ideal to pull out a model from your opponent's crew to tear apart with your own. Also great to pull enemies off of objectives. Bleeding Disease is the crew's signature damage ability. This can absolutely nuke a model turn 3 and later. This is the first indicator of when damage is viable in the crew. Turn three you are likely to have several stacks on multiple models and if you attack twice, their blight will be high enough along with what ever damage you did (plus injured from the trigger) that you will almost guarantee a kill. The tactical actions are where Hamelin's power is hidden. First, Pustulent Tumors is not an attack action so it does not suffer from things like incorporeal. This is the spot where having rats around is very strong. Do not feel bad about stoning for the trigger as doing 4dmg in a burst +2 blight is very, very good. It has caught my opponents off guard on several occasions. If you are about to loose a Winged Plague or you have no more use, they also make a great target as they add an addition Blight with their Demise ability. Unclean Influence is where this crew will surprise an unsuspecting opponent. The actiion can be a walk, charge, interact, attack, assist.. it goes on and on. I normally turn this into at least 2-3 actions making it very useful. You can also have rats turn into rat kings with it, get multiple attacks in with Rat Kings if you have the Onslaught trigger, and the list goes on. pay attention to your bubble as this will make sure you can dish out both damage as will as good amount of utility. This is a breakdown of just the master. Next I will describe where the keyword excels and I will be doing the rest of the crew, but I am running out of time now. Let me know if you liked the breakdown as well as if you agree/disagree with the things I am talking about. I am limited in my own time and play group so if you have found other results please let us all know!
  3. I have had no success finding an answer to this simple question using search. I want to clarify how the location of the idol marker is determined. First we both flip, then cheat, then we both have final dual totals and there is a winner and a loser of the flip. The winner of the flip is the. Given a Big choice. 1) take initiative, go first, place the idol using the winning card from their perspective 2) give initiative to the loser, make them go first, place the idol using THEIR LOSING card, from their perspective? It was the particulars of option 2 I don't think I was playing correctly and makes choosing what to do when you've lost the flip, choosing if you cheat, even MORE interesting. Have I got this correct now?
  4. Hi guys, this is probably an easy one to answer. But as a newbie the wording is somehow confusing. The rulebook says... Discarding and placing markers seems to be a linked action here. So I'm forced to place a new marker when I want to discard other markers? And the other way round, I'm forced to discard markers when I want to place a marker? (only applies if there are any around of course) Also, when taking the Interact Action is it expected to actually discard ALL Claim Markers, even my own? Or is it possible to choose individually which one to discard and which one to keep? Thanks for your help!
  5. Dear fellow Thunders, I recently mulled over lists and fell upon an interaction that may have been obvious to some, and yet may prove to be used to tremendous effect. The interaction I'm speaking of is between Protection Money (currently found of Lotus Eaters and Crime Bosses, both of them good models in their own right) and Mighty Gust (an all time favourite). Using the latter's ability to pick up and place enemy scheme markers, we can place up to three scheme markers within 3 of the pushed model. Protection Money triggers on every place. The result is a maximum of 6 cards drawn on a regular activation, but this can theoretically be increased to 15 or even higher in a Shenlong crew. Of course this is the optimum count, and relies on the opponent placing ample markers, but we are likely to be using Mighty Gust anyways. The models included are good on their own. I think the greatest winners of this interaction are Shenlong and Lynch, the prior bring able to abuse this even further, and the latter getting go mulligan a total of 6 cards using Yu's 0 copy. Further ideas include Servant of 5 Dragons on the Crime Bosses to promptly remove all the markers placed. What do you think?
  6. So one master who gets very little talk time is Mei Feng, at least Arcanists Mei. It seems to me like she would have some good tricks all around and plenty of jumping points with all the constructs we can throw around. Emisarry doesn't seem to do that much for her, but the usual M&SU suspects (Joss, Howard, Rail Golem) and the Mech Rider seem perfectly built for her. Also, the Gremlin Foundry models (Sparks and Mecha porkchop) Might benefit from the various arcanist synergies like Powered By Flame and Bleeding Edge Tech. Mei also seems the perfect master if you think you are going up against a shooty crew like Ophelia, Dita, SOnnia, or Raspy. In fact she seems like an over all good counter master who can use her mobility to deny the opponent lots of points. How do you guys play Arcanist Mei Feng and what strategy/scheme pool./faction do you bring her out for?
  7. Your one stop shop for Guild Pathfinder tactica and utilization strategies.
  8. Hi folks, I’m still new to Malifaux. At the moment I love playing Collodi. But I’m really struggling with Headhunter & Reckoning I can’t kill enough to get these done. Headhunter is a bit better because there I can collect some Headtokens but overall I’m not good at this So how do you guys & girls get this done? Are you playing fated Collodi or Bag of Props and how? What are your Key Models? Maybe you have some crazy combinations flying around? I’m curious! Thanks for your help!
  9. My general feeling of Nellie after a month of playing. All is my own observation. Turf War/Extraction This Strategy is not my favorite with Nellie. She herself does not attack models and other masters are pretty good at handling Turf War/Extraction on their own. Perdita and Lady J for instance are really good at locking down the center of the board and doing area denial. That being said she does have a push trigger of 5 inches which does help with getting enemies out of the center of the board. Overall: B Reconnoiter/Interference This Strategy is probably Guild's weakest. Most summoning crews will out pace Guild in this regard and Nellie's crew does not add anything to stopping this. That being said again, Nellie does have a 5 inch push that can cause enemies to be out of position. Also she can give extra actions to high damage dealing models that would delete enemy models from quadrants. Overall: C Reckoning This is more based on Nellie's crew. However, Nellie boosts her crew with extra actions and requiring the enemy to overextend themselves. Phiona Gage, The Judge, and etc... would be able to get more Actions to kill those Hard to Kill and durable models. Downsides may be that her base crew is not as tough, but I think that is a minor misgiving at best. She herself is the most durable master in the game. And I say that without any hesitation. Overall: A Guard the Stash Like Turf War/Extraction Nellie is not meant to hold down the center of the board. But for Guard the Stash this is increases the problems that Nellie has with Turf War. She likes to have a bubble of beaters within 8 inches to give out fast and within 10 inches to attack enemies. This leads to her having to stand in between each stash marker hoping that the enemy is both in line of sight and near a model she can support. The 50mm Blocking markers are detrimental to her style. This can be mitigated easily, but usually by sticking to one stash marker instead of the second. Her crew can typically make up for this. Overall: B- Squatter's Rights This is the same problem as Guard the Stash except it is more spread out. This is probably Nellie's weakest strategy as she likes to keep her models close to her. She can mitigate this by locking down the center three markers, but that would still leave the opponent two markers on either end of the board. The results will either be the opponent's models are spread thinner than Nellie's crew or that the opponent manages to lockdown those two markers and can easily handle Nellie's cluster from a far. There are ways to mitigate this, like all strategies, but I've got the feeling this one will be tougher for her than it would be for Lady J or Perdita. Overall: C- Head Hunter Nellie has a lot of AP control for a master. So giving fast to a model and then using her Propaganda/Angry Mob to have it kill an enemy is potent. Doubly so when the target friendly model can walk and pick up the marker and still have an extra AP to do something else. This makes for a better Strategy for her as she seems to prefer Melee centric crews. Overall: A+ Stake a Claim This strategy benefits from Delegation a lot as Nellie can get models across the field faster than any Guild Master in my opinion. This is a bit trickier to gauge as her crews tend to like to kill more than others, but with the right crew she could be dropping a lot of Claim Markers in a turn. She's not top tier in Stake a Claim, but she is definitely not a push over in it. Overall: A- Collect the Bounty Nellie likes to have elite crews that go counter to Collect the Bounty's current meta in my area. Most players in my meta take minion/enforcer based crews. While Nellie can support these models as well she really shines with Henchmen models. Overall: B What do you all think of Nellie in regards to Strategies?
  10. Simple questions, yet quite not, but i think it is easier and more useful to pin down where people doesn't play leveticus, rather than where he shines: - Which faction you deters you the most against Leveticus ? Does it stop from fielding him ? - Which strategies stops you from taking leveticus ? Why ? - And finally, which schemes do you find the harder to ? Will any of you stop you from taking leveticus ? If so, which one ?
  11. Hi Everyone, I am compiling a list of combinations and synergies for the Ten Thunder and was hoping you of the Forums would have some input. Please only list 2 models in the Ten Thunders Faction and explain how they interact. Include any upgrades, or specific scenarios where the combo would be useful. Thanks
  12. Here's a list that I took in a recent tournament. Ran it for 6 games, 2 wins, 1 draw (only because I stuffed the schemes) and one loss I built a base list of: von Schill + I Pay Better + Survivalist + The Shirt Comes Off Bishop +Oathkeeper Librarian +Oathkeeper Strongarm Suit + Oathkeeper Ronin Ronin SS Pool - 6 The idea is I almost certainly won't run 2 Ronin - I might swap one out for Johan, Hans, Trapper or a Convict gunslinger, or a pair of Freikorpsmenn, etc. Just depends if, for instance, Disguised will be particularly useful. Upgrades...I tend to feel like Oathkeeper would be more useful than Scramble on a cost/benefit ratio, but depending on the board I can swap that around. I've mainly been taking Bishop for his 3AP which has been good with scheme running, but he might be too expensive for how I'm using him. Resilience is still a problem with the list. Everything except vS and Strongarm can quite easily be taken out within 2AP, and if vS and Strongarm are taken out I have no ranged attacks at all (Ronin with Sh4 are just too unreliable). But really, being outactivated is the biggest problem. Ran a game against Lilith and I just couldn't do anything at all in that game, was out activated and couldn't deliver enough damage to secure part of the board, just got destroyed. That was probably the game where I struggled the most - and worst part is, Lilith wasn't even really doing anything, just chasing down my Ronin. It's still difficult holding things across the board, such as the Convict scheme...or that strat with the 5 markers across the middle......brain hasn't woken up yet...lol. I might post my Viks list in another thread.
  13. Played in a tournament yesterday, and round 2 I got absolutely destroyed by gremlin....was 9-1 in the end I think. How on earth do I handle Gremlins??? Strat: Interference Scheme pool: Murder Protege, Alits, breakthrough, bodyguard....don't remember the others. I took Murder and Bodyguard (Killjoy), declared Murder (Fingers was the target). Opponent took Breakthrough (declared) and bodyguard (Fingers) I took both Viks, Librarian, trapper, Student of Conflict, 2x Freikorpsmann, Librarian and Killjoy (buried) He took Som'er Jones, Trixiebelle, Fingers, and a bunch of other Gremliny things....... Trapper was in a good spot, but his pot shots were fairly ineffective. Freikorpsmenn pushed up hoping for cover behind a wall, but they got picked off almost as soon at got to the wall. The others....terrain wasn't really my friend. Som'er summoned a few gremlins in turn one then pushed out into the open on my right turn 2. There was some angular cover in the middle, then open terrain until the next lot of cover. I could get my viks from cover to cover without being exposed to Som'er, so I chose to hid behind the cover and take my chances against his blast (bad choice). Turn 3 Som'er pushed out down to the same side a bit more into the open, I tried getting Pokey Vik across, but she was ineffective . She got killed, so I brought out Killjoy (Librarian was already dead) By the time turn 4 came around, all I had left was my trapper still trying to shoot Fingers, Student of Conflict, and Shooty Vik. Shooty Vik ran across the left to try and engage Fingers, SoC also ran down to help out. Killjoy moved up to kill Taelor and to claim 1VP from Bodyguard. Turn 5, Killjoy died, Fingers was still being invincible and we wrapped it up. So, basically, it took until turn 3 to kill anything, and that was Killjoy killing Taelor (who didn't matter in this game anyway). The Squeel trigger just destroyed me, couldn't get more than 1 hit on anything, and it would just run off and heal. So, given that, what on earth could I have done this game? How do I handle gremlins? In hindsight von Schill might have been a better choice...but really, no idea how I could have done anything effective. I just couldn't get anything going at all. Doesn't help that for the first 2 turns I not only didn't have anything higher than 10 in my hand, and I also didn't flip anything higher than a 10 at any useful point
  14. Pretty simple - how do you use obey? I've only had one game with the Ortegas (and got tabled!! In turn 2!!!) There was one scenario where I was contemplating using Obey - I had LOS to an enemy model who had blast damage and LOS to more enemy models clumped together), but it occurred to me that I'd have to win 2 duels to pull that off, so I figured the odds would be heavily against me on that. So what are the other Guildies using Obey for?
  15. Hi everyone, I'm new to Malifaux and have ended up starting out with Lilith (love the nephilim) and Collodi (interesting play style). Malifaux seems to be about hiring crews based on certain objectives, but as I'm new I'm probably going to be running one build into come-what-may and see what happens. I'm having a little trouble designing my first Collodi crew, I've got an idea I'm thinking of as the 'Collodi Slingshot', but would be great to get some experienced opinions. 50ss (4ss remaining) (THE BUBBLE) - up to 17" movement (fast + pushes), central support toolbox Collodi - breathe life, strum the threads 3x Marionettes (THE SLINGSHOT) - coryphee delivery, punchy scheme runners Vasilisa - a friend to talk to Hooded Rider - retribution's eye (THE PELLET) - 16" charge, at least 20" movement (revel + friend), early mess-up-opponent-game-plan pieces 2x Coryphee Thanks!
  16. Scheme/Strategy Reference Cards 3
  17. Scheme/Strategy Reference Cards
  18. First guild game on a long, long time (since my intro game). Was looking forward to some shooty death goodness. Ran perdita, enslaved nephilim, Frank, nino, and guardian (never used it, wanted to try it out). Against misaki with sidir and a bunch of minions, I ran protect territory and alits, entourage and vendetta and bodyguard were on the table. Somehow I only had perdita (on one wound) and guardian left after turn 2, and they died very quickly into turn 3. Unbelievable. Disappointingly, I didn't kill a single model. I kid you not. Dita couldn't even land a shot until her last activation but couldn't kill misaki. It was one of those games where you think 'how did I do SO badly?' I copped a bit from blasts, and nephilim bled all over dita. I don't think my crew choice was great, but that still doesn't fully explain losing my models so soon, I don't think. My card usage may have let me down, I think I'm prioritizing the wrong things. For instance, I cheated 2 cards early in turn 2 to prevent Frank and Dita getting slow, and dropped my other 2 strong cards in early duels, meaning that for much of Turn 2 I couldn't cheat in defence. I find I often have games where the opponent always seems to flip better and cheat higher than me.... Main reason I took Guardian was to try him out as a tar pit, but he didn't end up getting far enough of my other models to really do that. So, I ended up with Guardian buffing Dita and Frank buffing Nino. ended up with a bunch in the middle. It's possible that I should have pushed the Ortegas out on the flanks and just let Guardian try to waste the enemy's AP in the middle, Ortegas taking shots into the scrum and hopefully staying out of Misaki's Stalking Bisento range. But the flipping...man, my deck was cursed and his was enchanted. I know my scheme choice was poor (didn't have the units to drop that many scheme markers, should have chosen Vendetta given I had Nino), but schemes didn't come into it. I copped a bit from blasts by being bunched up, but still.....
  19. Friends, and fellow ninja, samurai, gamblers, layabouts, and half-demons. It has come to my attention that we are about to embark on a conflict that is global in scale. We have a chance to fight for the glory of our cause. I encourage any of you looking to take up arms in the name of the eastern kingdoms to check in on the Private Nythera forums and let your voice be heard. We're trying to create a cohesive strategy and face the opposition with a united front. So if you're raising a thunders banner for the next couple months, come catch up with our strategists. Let your voice be heard. Sharpen your blades, string your bows, load your pistols (or rifles. Or miniguns...). And let's show them what we're made of. More specifically, let's show them what they're made of. First hand. ENtrepeNinja
  20. I've played few games with Mister J, but a thought came to my mind: Where does Jack Daw and tormented posse shine at? I like his stories and the fact that he got promoted into master, this of course means I'll be getting his box no matter what people say. What are the schemes and strategies that benefit him or which ones he can ruin for his opponent? For example, what could this list play with(if there is anything). 50 point Scrap Jack Daw -- 4 Pool +Drowing Injustice [0] +Firing Squad Injustice [0] +Guillotine Injustice [0] +Twist and Turn [2] +Writhing Torment [2] Lady Ligeia [4] Bishop [10] Montresor [9] +Fearful Whispers [1] +The Creeping Terror [1] The Guilty [5] The Guilty [5] The Hanged [9] Mainly I prefer to have jack with everything that is injust, but that is only personal thing. Bishop got stuck in here because he is an generally great guy and capable of playing rough. And The Hanged is to frighten little children just in case. No Nurses made in to this party unfortunately.(McMourning had them working extra hours) But generally speaking, What are JD's strongest points?
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