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  1. I’m happy to be making my first thread in these forums after just under a year of playing, and it's about one of my favorite masters! Since the errata I have had four opportunities to play with Broodmother. In my second game I noticed something about the BBS Ancient Ritual wording. Ancient Ritual is after a move. Any move. The BBS' Fly with Me, a Charge action, heck even the Replace if a Tot were to grow into a BBS will trigger it. It doesn’t even have to be the Active model so a Mature's FwM carrying a BBS, and even a Lure/Bring it can trigger this Ability if there is a corpse marker in base contact with the BBS at the end of the move to pay the cost. This was probably obvious to many players when reading the Ability, but it took me two games to pick up on it. Hopefully I’m passing this info on to someone else with this post. The BBS February 2022 errata is certainly a big nerf, but after understanding this wording I wondered if there was any way to exploit Ancient Ritual with Broodmother. My reasoning is one BBS can pulse Ancient Ritual many more times in a turn than Blasphemous Ritual could, and it can hand out a Grow token to a Tot each time. If the units it is affecting are spread out, one BBS can grant grow tokens to three Tots in a turn. It could potentially even do more, but for the sake of this post I will stick with three as it’s already complicated enough. To experiment, what I did was unpack a few variations of the crew in Vassal many times to see how it panned out. What I came up with is this framework for a Broodmother crew. Big Demon Mommy (Neverborn) Size: 50 - Pool: 10 Leader: Nekima, Broodmother Totem(s): Blood Hunter Hires: *Corpse producing Nephilim* Black Blood Shaman Ancient Pact Terror Tot Terror Tot 2 I found that with this base I could reliably summon one more Tot and grow all three into Youngs on turn one. That's +13 Stones of solid units right off the bat. It takes some careful spacing at deployment, and planning of the BBS' route, and six corpse markers generated on the first turn. This requires one more unit on top of this framework that can make a corpse marker. Noxious Nephlim, a second BBS, and Hayreddin all work to create or drop the sixth corpse turn one. My typical list adds Hayreddin, Nox and a Mature with AP. it shakes out like this: Blood Hunter coughs up a dead guy near a Tot. Nekima uses Blood Has Been Spilled three times to generate corpse markers near where the Tots are and one of them must summon a third Tot with the New Brood trigger. If Nek doesn’t have the cards she needs, she can afford to Bloody Banner trigger one or two of them for the card cycling to fish for what she needs; or just to improve the hand/mill bad cards. The BBS activates and through some combination of Move + FwM and typically a charge it will end its movement next to all three Tots in succession, in base contact with a Corpse Marker, and give a grow token to each. One of it’s moves will probably need to be a charge to punch a friendly unit with a Mask to drop a Corpse marker near a tot. One of the tots will need one more Corpse and Nephilim have several models who can do it. My go to is a Noxious coughing one up. Then activate each Tot and Grim Feast the second Corpse Marker nearby and they will all have 2 AP to spend as Young Nephilim. One must be a little careful with them as they are only going to have 4 wounds until they get healed or regen and very mobile beaters can destroy them if they are positioned poorly. Two of these can still interact with Strategies, but I tend to use the summoned one as Yolo McSwagger. The obvious downsides are that this limits the crew’s overall mobility turn one, eats a lot of AP, it usually eats a Master’s entire activation, and the Youngs will not be at full health. I also don't think it works for every deployment or Strategy, but for deployments like Corner or Standard and Strats like Turf War; I think it can be good. I have no idea if it’s truly competitive, but I have had some success with it so far and it’s been a fun way to play Broodmother. I hope someone finds this helpful, and I’m interested in any critical opinions.
  2. During a game of TT Last Blossom vs NB Nephilim, my Katashiro found itself staring down the greatsword-wielding demon Nekima. It was able to fend off death by giving it a second Flicker token, and then it was my activation. Knowing my lowly construct wasn't long for this world, I activated it in a seemingly futile attempt to knock off a hit or two from my opponent's Master. Blown by the Wind got me a free attack (which I used my third Flicker token on), and I cheated in a high mask to succeed and trigger another attack. That got me another attack (you guessed it... Flicker), which tacked on some more damage. Now I could start using my AP, so I proceeded to attack again and again, using Flicker tokens all the while. I cheated in another formidable mask to trigger my fifth attack of the activation. After everything was all said and done, my Katashiro faded out of existence and Nekima was down half her wounds. I understand that luck had a bit to do with it, but triggering 5 attacks in a single activation meant that I had the law of averages on my side. My free 5ss model was able to go toe-to-toe with the "great" Nekima herself, and leave the lady beast more than a little bloody. So, I ask you: are Katashiro really good, or does Nekima need some love?
  3. Malifaux is my first Miniatures game. Arcanist pretty much only faction I'm into. I was telling someone in my meta about the results of my visit toFaux Moines Soul Stone Tower & @Kaiser Senpai. I mentioned that I notice that have a few glaring problems with how I play with Toni Ironsides and my play style has had mixed results. This person in my group is new to Malifaux and has played the Horde/War Machine games. He suggested that I build my Toni crew and he'll do a Nekima crew and we each play the opposite. (( Me Nekima, him my Toni )) I've played against Nekima with Toni a few times without my playing style causing problems. Both in second and third edition. I want to see this as a learning experience- what should I be looking for? If he is trying to learn from me - what should I be showing? I feel I have too much home field advantage. PSST what is the Nekima crew into doing, anyway?
  4. In your experience of M3e thus far, who stands out to you as the most engaging and rewarding master or set of masters? DMH ecluded, (sorry Collodi and Lilith) I'm slowly working my way through my collection (I don't own Marcus, Zoraida or Euripides), so far having tried Titania a few times, and Lucius and Dreamer each in a good number of games. In practice, Lucius is as entertaining as he has always been to me (even before he was any good), and I very much love new Dreamer, and my win ratio with him suggests he might even be stronger. Of the crews I haven't taken to the field yet, Pandora stands out to me as potentially interesting, whereas Nekima seems a bit straight forward for my tastes, although I own all the models so will no doubt try her out. So, based on your own experience which master/masters are your pick? Which combos?
  5. Played at the Sword & Board in Toronto, Ontario in early Dec 2017. Hope y'all enjoy!
  6. Hi, I've been playing Malifaux for a while. I am definitely driven by the Neverborn lore, so I usually play Lilith or The Dreamer as masters. I love this game, playing and painting the awesome minis. I thought I knew everything about Neverborn when my daughter came with the killer question: (she was drawing Nekima) -Why is Nekima wearing a brazilian bikini?? So... Why the feared tyrant of Malifaux, ruler of the Neverborn is wearing a brazilian bikini???? Please Wyrd guys, help. My Neverborn universe was shot to pieces in 2 seconds by a teenager
  7. Ok, bear with me for a minute... I am looking to make an elite killing squad to run when I don't feel like unpacking a bunch of models (Collodi). Here are my thoughts so far... Lilith with Beckon Malifaux and Wicked Mistress Nekima Barbaros Mature Nephelim which leaves me with 13 points. I can either run Killjoy (nicely painted Carver) or Hooded Rider plus Fears Given Form on Nekima. Again, keep in mind that I am looking to drop an elite killing crew on the table, preferably keeping it at 5 models. Who would you run as your fifth model, and what upgrades would you toss in if extra points are available. Looking forward to hearing your answers. Thanks.
  8. There's been a few threads started lately about Nekima, and her pseudo ability to lead crews. Fluff: Nekima had her debut in Malifaux since first edition. She was a minion (!) brought in the Rising Powers book. In the stories we learn that she used to rule the Nephilim, albeit quite brutally. Her sister Lilith got the better of it and now bears that crown. This means that Nekima, at one point in her life, certainly qualified as a leader. She's is actually working to get her position back from Lilith, and from the looks of it, has started to "recruit" humans into the fold under the good care of the Black Blood Shaman. She is also said to have her own fortress near Latigo. All in all, she's great material for a stereotypical bloodthirsty, very powerful yet flawed, villainess. Rules: I've always wanted Nekima to lead my crews and while Henchmen can do this at 40ss, i feel Nekima is above the generic henchmen when it comes to leading capacity. In fact few other henchmen can boast to have been victim of a coup from a Master and lived to tell the tale. Her birthright trigger is very cool in terms of fluff, but has very little applicability in the game itself. So here's what i've been using so far in case others would like to do so, put into upgrade form for simplicity. House Rule suggestion: A birthright to rule Upgrade Restriction : Nekima This model may act as leader for games over 40ss and counts as a Master. It may take up to 3 Upgrades. This upgrade does not count toward this limit. This model generates 2AP per activations and may not use the Birthright trigger and replaces the Melee expert ability with the following: Melee Master : This model generate up to 2 extra AP during its activations. These actions may only be melee attacks . Basically it's exactly what nekima becomes once she activates Birthright, with an extra upgrade slot to allow for more diversity and to get in line with master's level of flexibility.
  9. I'm looking into getting a crew lead by Nekima with one or two Black Blood Shaman as support. However, I'm not sure what types/quantities of nephilim I should run. Here's what I'm wondering: Should I field more terror tots and focus on growing and scheme running with them? Instead, should I focus on young nephilim for a kill squad with mature growth as a bonus? Or, would an even mix of both tots and young nephilim be most advantageous? Also, are mature nephilim worth bringing? How about Black Blood Shaman: one or two? Finally, are there any other models that might synergize with this "divey", black blood slinging party? Thank you!
  10. A situation arose during the game last night where multiple abilities are triggered from one action. Since I'm not sure we resolved them in the correct order, I thought I should ask just to confirm (and to get better at these 'timing' stuffs). For reference: Situation: Lilith is engaged with 2 Shieldbearers, one of which has already been 'dead' once so it has "My Fight Is Not Finished" attached, granting it Soulfire. Lilith activates and uses her (0) Teach Them Fear action, then proceeds on attacking the Shieldbearer (with upgrade) and declared the use of "The Bloody Beauty". The damage flip is enough to kill the model, so the "Soulfire" ability kicks in. From what I understand, both Teach Them Fear and Soulfire are triggered at the same time during Step 5 (i.e. when this model kills a non-Peon enemy model AND after an enemy model kills or sacrifces this model, respectively). While The Bloody Beauty, an after damaging trigger, is resolved after Step 5. Is this the correct timing to resolve all the abilities/actions? ; 1. Lilith heals 2 damage from Teach Them Fear and the two Shieldbearers are forced to take TN14 Horror duel. (as Acting Model's abilities are resolved first - pg 46) 2. Lilith takes TN 14 Df duel from Soulfire. 3. Finally, both Shieldbearers takes TN 13 Wp duel from The Bloody Beauty trigger. (even the one killed, as after damaging trigger are resolved before the model is removed if it is killed.) 3.1 If the Shieldbearer failed Wp duel, it is pushed before being removed, correct? Thank you.
  11. Finally got around to painting up my Nekima: I have a few other angles available over on my blog, check it out!!!
  12. So I'm playing a league and I'm thinking of premaking a list for this round since we already know all the information about the match. Opponent: Outcasts Strategy: Reconnoiter Schemes: LitS, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Frame for Murder, Make them Suffer Deployment: Corners List: Lilith (Cache=4+0) -Wicked Mistress 1ss -Beckon Malifaux 1ss Nekima 13ss -Fears given form 1ss -The true mother 2ss Angel Eyes 9ss -Rapid growth 1ss -Strange aliances 1ss 3x Terror Tot 12ss Primordial Magic 2ss Black Blood Shaman 7ss ------ Basically the idea would be taking Make them Suffer and Bodyguard on Angel Eyes. Since the strategy requires fast (weaker) minions, Nekima and Angel should be killing at least 1 model per turn, while trying to summon some Tots with Nekima thanks to her own (0) and the Black Blood Pustule from the Shaman. Both Angel and the Shaman create a 12'' bubble of growth, though the Shaman's only allows to grow Tots into Youngs. I'll try to be aggressive with Nekima, maybe swapping her in in exchange for a weaker model (rat, waif, freikorpsmann...) to spawn some extra Tots and evolving others. The idea is to make it look like I'm going for frame for murder on Nekima, while scoring Make them Suffer, and then reveal Bodyguard on Angel by turn 4. Thoughts? First time trying a proper growth list.
  13. I've taken it upon myself to enter into my first Malifaux tournament with the audacious goal to not come in last against (from what I hear) will be a pretty experienced group of players. The tournament will be 50ss and fixed master & faction and I haven't heard back yet as to whether or not they will use Wyrd's tournament package. Lilith is leading my Neverborn crew and my concern at this point is that pretty much 90% of my games have been against Guild masters, so I'm relatively inexperienced when it comes to dealing with other crews. I also don't have all the faction cards at my disposal. Any strats/schemes advice I should be cautious of going in? Any advice you can give to a Neverborn player entering their first tournament? Below are some crew builds I plan on shifting between: Lilith (Beckon Malifaux, Aether, Wings Darkness)GravesDopplegangerIlluminated (2)Waldgeist (2)Terror TotPrimordial Magic***And I might drop a Terror Tot and Graves to include Nekima if Assassin is in the pool
  14. At this point I'm in the Iron Painter purely for the fun factor and the satisfaction of proving I'm able to deliver my fifth themed work within the time limit. I'd known I was going to use Nekima even before the beginning of round 5. The theme made things... complicated. I had this idea but didn't know how to get round making a space shuttle. After looking at pictures of the shuttle from Apollo 13 mission, I came up with the idea of using paint bottles and some random bits I had. I realize it's not a competition-winning quality but I had fun working on it and hopefully it will make some of you smile. and BTW - the title is not a mistake, these are the actual words spoken by captain Lovell, it's just that they get misquoted a lot (probably mainly because of how they were used in the movie).
  15. Nekima - Something Wicked This Way Comes

    © Voices of Mars

  16. Lucas the Beard


    The bar and chairs are 4Ground (with edges and some additional texture painted). I sculpted the mugs. Nekima herself is pretty much just out of the box.
  17. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy the old metal nekima model. Been searching everywhere and can't find a single place that has one, ebay, amazon, random miniature stores, etc. Pretty disappointing too see'ing as how It's one of the best looking models Iv seen.
  18. Aerhed


    From the album: my crews

    Love the sculpt, but it is a bit weak. Decided on a neat way to reinforce the leg, and the first person I ever converted from another game cannibalized his old pieces to provide me the skulls.
  19. So I have owned the original Nekima model, and it recently has broken on me. I really don't want to go and buy her again to just replace her once the plastic comes out. Simply because I really don't like how she is made. (Gorgeous model, horribly designed...) I have been trying to find a good proxy model for her, but have had no luck. Everything is either too expensive or too small. What would you guys recommend? What models did you use when she first had to be proxy'd??
  20. I've recently got Nekima and whilst I've had fun with her in games I've found building her to be... frustrating. Everything is fine except for those DAMN HORNS! They keep falling off. So I had an idea. Lilith has no horns and she's the leader of the Nephilim. Why? If Nekima is her sister, it could make sense from a fluff persepctive (aka excuse) to not have them. So do you think it will work? It'll require a bit of slicing and dicing and green stuff. Any particular modelling equipment which might make things easier, or can I just stick with my clippers, knife, file and green stuff? Or would it just look stupid?
  21. Well I'm here asking yet another nooby question about Neverborn, in preparation for my crew's arrival. My question is this: Does Nekima's Nephilim Heart allow her to give a +:masks Ca to Terror Tots so it counts as an additional :masks for the casting total of Sprint? e.g. Nekima grants a nearby Tot +:masks Ca. It casts Sprint and gets a 6:rams. However because Nekima used Nephilim Heart, the tot has a :masks from his base Ca and another from Nekima, allowing it to move 10". Is this possible?
  22. I'm just curious as to why Nekima is still 13ss. What kind of games she's designed to go in, at this point. She's going to be pulling the weight of 1/4 to 1/2 of an entire crew, at her current cost... She lacks the survivability or utility to make up for 13ss. I can see her costing 9 or 10... Which is still quite a bit... But I don't ever see her become any more useful than a black blood shaman or Coppelius or Teddy for that matter. She's great, don't get me wrong... But the shear cost of her alone, compared to what you can do with those points alone. I love the model and the rules with it. I'm not saying that Neverborn deserve a 5 point beatstick from hell... But when much cheaper models have better singular results, there seems to be a slight miscalculation in worth. I'm not a pro at this game, and I know she's good. But I've yet to see anyone say she's worth 13ss, without giving the mask to anyone other than tots and young... Especially if you're not a growth whore.
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