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  1. You're probably also going to want a box of Necropunks eventually. If nothing else, they give you a five cost minion to summon. And the leap can be nice. I'm not an expert on Von Schtook, but my impression is that there aren't any ook or versatile models you're really going to need up front, even though Ressers has some good versatiles. Grab the Honor Roll box for the Valedictorian and play some games and see if there's anything you lack.
  2. Whoops. Didn't check this thread for a while. I hadn't actually compared Dandies to Spirit for corpse creation. I have only used Dandies in games where I was pretty sure I was really worried about an opponent taking Sabotage. They sure don't have the defensive tricks the Spirit does. But the ability to remove enemy schemes too can be a perk in certain situations. Will have to do more testing.
  3. The Emissary, of course. Very useful in a lot of different situations. Provides coffins and zombies and Move Along and a solid range blast. Also, everyone hates it, (or at least around here they do) so bringing it gives me a free 2-3 turns of nothing else getting focused on. Bone Piles are situational, but I bring them occasionally. The heal is kind of little, but 4" range is nice, and no flip needed and they're slightly more damaging than the Nurse. Dead Dandies. 5ss ook and they can create a corpse marker a turn and have one ap left. I've toyed with bringing one to fuel Bone
  4. You've basically got the 2E McMourning box. If you buy the 3E box with Rafkin in it you're going to have one Nurse too many, if you buy a 2E Rafkin, one Nurse too few (but two isn't strictly necessary if you're just looking for viability, not completeness). You'll probably also want at least one 2E flesh golem, but you're not going to summon one every game so you don't have to have one to try it out. McM is a solid "rush forward and kill" master, though if you see a lot of heavy condition removal he can be a little more fragile. Then you're going to have to decide what you want to fill ou
  5. I think there's some pretty varied opinions on Reva's stuff. She was pretty bad during GG0, (make sure you have her errata'd card) so she hasn't seen as much play as a lot of the other masters, and is still seen as having her keyword be a little weak for their costs so there just isn't as much consensus on her lists as some of the other masters. So what follows is my opinion and that of the three other guys I know who play her fairly often, but should not be taken as gospel. From her core box: Vincent is generally thought well of. Having a single Shieldbearer around can bring in a fai
  6. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I've actually had reasonable luck with new Reva vs Dreamer, given the right scheme/strat pool. Vincent can execute anything Dreamer summons on a crow. Between positive flips to any duels (as long as you keep them on fire) and GST Draugr are a better front line than the 5 WP would suggest. You can do a certain amount of controlling his summons placing with Pyre markers. And Reva herself is 7" move with a 2" inch melee and positive flips as long as there's fire somewhere near her, so if Dreamer himself oversteps you can simply ride up and murder him.
  7. Tools for the Job is very, very nice. Also, Bedside Manner can really rearrange the board. They don't have to activate to do it, so if you can get one within 3" of the backside of one of your beaters, you can put the beater behind your nurse without loosing Manipulative. Seduction can also be useful, against certain crews. In McMourning, I don't often find the heal super necessary, since my stuff is always either poisoned to the gills or dead, but I've also occasionally gotten good use out of the masks trigger.
  8. I love the Marshall, but don't take him into every game. His summons come in at half health so you really have to watch them in Reckoning or Turf Wars. And you really can't count on being able to summon every turn, even with the Whisper and Molly's crazy card draw. His pine box can be a nice bit of cc though, and annoying for people trying to get Claim Jump. And if you wedge yourself between terrain and summons, it sends whatever you've boxed back to the deployment zone when it pops out. And if Molly reactivates a summoned punk zombie, it's not slow on the second activation. I guess
  9. A few things I'm not really sure of (they may only be true in my somewhat limited meta): I keep wanting to bump Molly up to "good" at Turf Wars. Being able to By Your Side your Crooligans off Archie has been very good for me at taking the back turf markers. Also, I really like her into Arcanists between her anti-scheme and the fact that she can delete Soulstone Miners pretty handily. I've had decent luck with Kirai against some Guild, but there are several Guild masters I just never see. Also, I keep wanting a separate color for "good at denial" for Seamus and Outflank. Sure, he can
  10. I've had good luck with Jaakuna and Take Prisoner. Especially in Tormented, when you get Monty's obey and possibly Dead Outlaw's fast and the models are just so tanky. Reva's Shieldbearers actually seem like they might be decent for Take Prisoner. Two inch knockback on their shield slam with a trigger for four more inches and Take the Hit. And Reva has a second knockback and a two inch engagement. The Emmy can help quite a bit with Claim Jump just with gumming the area up with coffins and zombies. Mourners and Gravediggers both have ways to turn corpse markers into sche
  11. Are you talking Masters or keywords? I do love Seamus into turf wars or Reckoning, but only if you take a lot of versatile models.
  12. Does your collection include Jack Daw? Nicodem? The absolute cheapest way to do it would be to fill in around what's in each master's box with the stuff from other keywords you already have. So (for example) Reva's core box + an Onryo and two Punk Zombies. The next step up in price would be to get the Dead Rider. It can be purchased in a box by itself and is useful for a lot of builds. And if you have Nico, Mortimer is actually versatile now too, if somewhat less widely loved. That's enough points you should be able to hit 50ss with anyone. The problem with the Grave Gole
  13. You are eventually going to want a box of mindless zombies to go with it, but I don't know if their Third Edition box is out yet.
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