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  1. Not at the moment, but I may be fishing for players in a month or so if my schedule evens out. What times are you interested in? Are you new to the system? Where do you fall on the "improv acting" to "murderhobo" scale?
  2. The only awkward things I can see are the Nurses, Doxies, Asura and the Punk Zombies. All of them come in boxes with other models in 3E. You'll have to buy a 2E Rafkin, or wind up with two sets of Nurses. 2E Dead Doxies or double buy Bete and the Dandies. Asura's *always* going to have 5 Mindless Zombies in her box. The Punk Zombies currently come with Molly, but her 2E box has Crooligans, which come with Archie in 3E, so either way that's going to be a double buy. You actually have two of Reva's other boxes' contents too. Everything in her keyword except Wanyudo (who's in TT and a pain to collect but an amazingly little flighty model) and Mourners (who are also in Seamus' keyword, but pretty bad). She's not the strongest master atm, but you're well on your way to a complete keyword. You also have all but one box of Yan Lo's stuff, and all but one of Von Schtook's stuff. Von Schtook was crazy op and recently got a nerf, but I think he's still solid. I don't know a thing about Yan Lo though. And Seamus is pretty close to complete other than Mourners (which are bad) and Doxies, which are going to be awkward to buy, but are good models. You've also got a pretty good selection of versatile models. Asura's going to be awkward, but she's not 100% necessary, though I like her. You're actually really well placed for buying any other Master boxes you want to try out and just running with what you've got. I loved painting the Drowned. Actually, all of Jack's crew. Lots of chances to play with odd lighting and put random things on flight stands.
  3. Yeah, Lynch has been out for a while. Jedza's still real new. Not surprised you got more hits on him. I know less about Ivan, but I understand he's a good, brutal kind of all rounder. He has a fair bit of variety in the people he can hire and nice summons. Guns, buffs and debuffs, summons. He'd probably make a solid compliment to Jedza. None of the Explorer's masters would go into a list I wrote of "the easiest 5 masters for new players" or similar. I think the easier tier of ES masters would be ... maybe Cooper? My mid-complexity nominations would be Anya, Basse, McCabe, Ivan, probably in that order. And then Maxine and Jedza and Nexus are just complex. Actually, McCabe is both TT and ES. If you bought him, you could learn the rules then stay in faction for either Jedza (and Ivan) or Lynch. Not that faction is a hard must-stick-with-it thing. But if you're angling for tournaments someday, most of them require you pick a faction, so learning 2-3 masters in one faction can be beneficial for that. I know less about Neverborn or TT than most other factions, but my guess would be the "simplest" masters for those factions might be ... Nekima and maybe Mei Feng? They're both pretty in-your-face though. If you prefer control or tricks neither one is going to be up your alley. Do you play M:tG? If so, what kinds of decks do you prefer? Or pen-and-paper rpgs? If so, is there a character archetype you gravitate towards? Control, summoing, shooting, barbarians, tanks? I mean, "It's pretty!" is also a totally valid way to pick a master. And don't let me talk you into something you don't like the looks of just because it's simple. I'm the kind of person that did two or three weeks of reading, then picked the most complicated summoning master I liked the summons for, so I totally understand wanting something cool over something easy.
  4. As far as I remember, Jedza's biggest con is that she's a pretty hard bubble crew. It can be a bit of a challenge for her to get to schemes that involve being really spread out. The Damned is a very good schemer, but he's only one model. If you get stuck with Symbols of Authority, it's going to be harder to do Outflank or Breakthrough just from not wanting to get too far from your crew. Well, that and not all her stuff is out yet, and she has a lot of models. It's probably not strictly necessary to collect every model, but Tannenbaum in the starter box has her keyword, as do the things in the Here Lies box and neither of those is out 'til June. And she really likes the Emissary. And the Surveyors in Anya's core box technically have Seeker too. She's also fairly complicated, but Lynch isn't exactly straightforward either. And he kind of likes his bubble too, though I think he can play a bit looser. And complicated is both a pro and a con: Jedza's going to have a steep learning curve, but she's so much fun because of all the options and ways to mess with the board. I think, from the little I've seen Lynch, he tends more towards putting your enemy in "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kind of places and using his auras to cut off parts of the board, where Jedza's more about terrain and movement and healing and manipulation? Are there other Explorers masters you'd like to try out someday? Or Ten Thunders ones? Do any of the Versatile models in either faction catch your fancy? I know TT has some good versatiles.
  5. That was back when Power Ritual/Outflank was a thing. I think it was that you could use the "eat a scheme marker and gain fast" to walk, walk, charge, stone for a knock away on their 2 inch melee, use the 0 action to eat a scheme marker at range 2. So it was a reasonable defense against corner Power Ritual/Outflank.
  6. Technically the Bayou Smugglers are in Parker's keyword, but I haven't been able to get any use out of them since they were errata'd so hard way back when.
  7. For burning Reva, just reverse Draugr and Lampad's box. Wanyudo is really nice but a wild inconvenience to buy. I'm not sure I wouldn't mark Mourners black. I goofed off with them a bit in GG0, but haven't hired them since. (Except that one time I decided to see if they'd make a difference OOK in Jack Daw vs something with Ruthless.) Don't forget the Rogue Necro for Molly. It's probably not green quality, but probably above the Madness box. Where's your line between black and red, actually? There's several crews I wouldn't consider hiring Bring Out Your Dead models in. Molly, for example. Jack Daw. If you're going purely for budget, there's actually several "don't bother" versatile/crew combinations, I think.
  8. You're probably also going to want a box of Necropunks eventually. If nothing else, they give you a five cost minion to summon. And the leap can be nice. I'm not an expert on Von Schtook, but my impression is that there aren't any ook or versatile models you're really going to need up front, even though Ressers has some good versatiles. Grab the Honor Roll box for the Valedictorian and play some games and see if there's anything you lack.
  9. Whoops. Didn't check this thread for a while. I hadn't actually compared Dandies to Spirit for corpse creation. I have only used Dandies in games where I was pretty sure I was really worried about an opponent taking Sabotage. They sure don't have the defensive tricks the Spirit does. But the ability to remove enemy schemes too can be a perk in certain situations. Will have to do more testing.
  10. The Emissary, of course. Very useful in a lot of different situations. Provides coffins and zombies and Move Along and a solid range blast. Also, everyone hates it, (or at least around here they do) so bringing it gives me a free 2-3 turns of nothing else getting focused on. Bone Piles are situational, but I bring them occasionally. The heal is kind of little, but 4" range is nice, and no flip needed and they're slightly more damaging than the Nurse. Dead Dandies. 5ss ook and they can create a corpse marker a turn and have one ap left. I've toyed with bringing one to fuel Bone Piles, but there's lots of uses for piles of corpse markers. Asura is pretty ok. I would probably bring her way more often if the crow was built in on the zombie maker. As is, if you want either trigger you have to stone for one suit and luck into the other. That being said, the plus flip on her melee surprises people sometimes and the injured/heal on her blast attack can be super nice sometimes. And occasionally Seamus just needs to know there's going to be a corpse marker on the enemy side somewhere. Sloth is a little trickier than he should be, because his fast only works on undead. Still, I get him on the table occasionally. The ten inch range heal 3 is real nice.
  11. You've basically got the 2E McMourning box. If you buy the 3E box with Rafkin in it you're going to have one Nurse too many, if you buy a 2E Rafkin, one Nurse too few (but two isn't strictly necessary if you're just looking for viability, not completeness). You'll probably also want at least one 2E flesh golem, but you're not going to summon one every game so you don't have to have one to try it out. McM is a solid "rush forward and kill" master, though if you see a lot of heavy condition removal he can be a little more fragile. Then you're going to have to decide what you want to fill out from there. The Rogue Necro is amazing, and has some good synergy with Molly, and Molly's a good compliment as far as playstyles go, very control-and-scheme. But you're going to have to rebuy some minion if you start picking up Forgotten. (You'll wind up buying either the 3E box with duplicate Rabble Risers or the 2E box and then the Lost box with duplicate Crooligans depending on which sculpts you like.) So there's no strong incentive to go into Forgotten from a "which models do you already have" point of view. On the other hand, while the overall Redchapel keyword is generally not considered amazing, Seamus is great and Bette and the Belles aren't awful (and the Dead Dandies from that box--which are solid for what they are--can be ordered solo from the Special Orders page). It would be not unreasonable to buy the alt-Seamus, Carrion Fate and the Dead Rider and have two workable crews. (Assuming you find a CCK stand in.) Between Seamus' teleport and the Rider you can run the mobility-oriented Strats. And having the versatile models would put you in a better position for buying other crews later if you wanted. You could also check out Vassal. Would give you a chance to sample all the various crews playstyles. See if you want to go hard into one crew or pick up the most flexible grouping possible.
  12. I think there's some pretty varied opinions on Reva's stuff. She was pretty bad during GG0, (make sure you have her errata'd card) so she hasn't seen as much play as a lot of the other masters, and is still seen as having her keyword be a little weak for their costs so there just isn't as much consensus on her lists as some of the other masters. So what follows is my opinion and that of the three other guys I know who play her fairly often, but should not be taken as gospel. From her core box: Vincent is generally thought well of. Having a single Shieldbearer around can bring in a fair amount of displacement and a surprising amount of tankiness for a 6 ss model, but no one loves them enough to bring all 3. The Wanyudo from this Ten Thunders versatile box is very very mobile. It can deal a reasonable amount of damage and roll some crazy distance a turn without placing. It's also fairly squishy. It's a good scheme runner and a good flanker, but it shouldn't be counted on to be very front line-y. (it's also a crazy good enforcer for enforcer brawls, but that's a whole other kettle of fish) The reactions from various people I've talked to range from "my #1 must have" to "a solid pick most of the time." Draugr are the other model we all seem to always include at least one of. They're a little on the glass canon side of things, so sometimes you might consider Grave Spirit's touch, but the ability to shed fire for positive flips makes the way more of a threat than their stat lines suggest. And Cremate and Draw Off Flame are solid utility. Opinions are fairly split on the Lampads. I like having one a lot. Being able to walk my pyre markers where I want them is huge. I seem to be in the minority though. It seems way more common to find them a little over-costed. (I do often find they die more than I'd like given they have such a tanky-seeming Demise. But it requires a card to discard and Reva always manages to run short of cards for me.) They're ok replacements for scheme running if you don't want to buy the whole TT box for just Wanyudo. I'm not even sure what to say about the Restless Spirit. I know a guy who brings it occasionally but I haven't played his Reva since GG1 hit so I don't know if he still runs it without Dig Their Graves. And I've never heard anyone say anything positive about Mourners in Reva's crew. I do have one friend who swears by hiring Anna Lovelace OOK so he can blow up the Corpse candles, but so far no one else is as enthusiastic about it as he is. The other guys and I don't seem to run a ton of versatile/ook stuff with her. The Emmy would probably be a solid choice between The Flesh Crawls and the ways it summons zombies (which are corpse markers to cremate or points Reva can melee from). I've had reasonable luck with Sloth making my Draugr fast, but I'm not sure he's a must-have. And I don't think anyone's ever going to tell you the Dead Rider is a bad choice, especially in a crew that can be a little lacking in front line, but I'm also not sure I've seen him run with her more than once. Overall I find her stuff tends to both hit harder and die faster than it looks like it should. She can actually do Leylines pretty well, and solid at lighting the centerpoint on fire and just ... making it too scary for anyone to come near.
  13. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I've actually had reasonable luck with new Reva vs Dreamer, given the right scheme/strat pool. Vincent can execute anything Dreamer summons on a crow. Between positive flips to any duels (as long as you keep them on fire) and GST Draugr are a better front line than the 5 WP would suggest. You can do a certain amount of controlling his summons placing with Pyre markers. And Reva herself is 7" move with a 2" inch melee and positive flips as long as there's fire somewhere near her, so if Dreamer himself oversteps you can simply ride up and murder him. (I've actually hired in Anna ook once, but I honestly found her better at creating a "no web marker" zone than a "no summon" zone. My bases are big enough that 30mms can los her around them, but she wound up getting me at least one point, possibly two by keeping scheme runners off two different web markers all game. She might also be something I'd consider if I thought I might be seeing Zoraida as second master. ) I don't know that she's the best possible choice. Probably just I've lucked into a few Dreamers that are newish to the master. And it does depend on getting a scheme pool that lets you park on the center point and just murder things. I like Research Mission a lot with her, Vendetta with Draugr or Vincent and Claim Jump with a Lampad. And she has a nice mass-scheme marker removal trigger for Leave Your Mark. And you can get good use out of a Sieldbearer's 2-6 inch pushes for Take Prisoner (or Leylines, if you luck into that Strat). But it may be something to keep an eye on, particularly if the rest of her crew gets some tweaks as people keep suggesting.
  14. Tools for the Job is very, very nice. Also, Bedside Manner can really rearrange the board. They don't have to activate to do it, so if you can get one within 3" of the backside of one of your beaters, you can put the beater behind your nurse without loosing Manipulative. Seduction can also be useful, against certain crews. In McMourning, I don't often find the heal super necessary, since my stuff is always either poisoned to the gills or dead, but I've also occasionally gotten good use out of the masks trigger.
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