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  1. The Carcosa Club has people who play I believe. We used to have a big community in the area that ran monthly events. Pandemic slowed things down I think. Worth checking in with them though.
  2. Awesome will do! Yeah we're getting back into things. Eventually run an event again.
  3. There's a group of us that play Tuesdays at Midgard Games in Derry NH. If you want to coordinate a game, let me know. I can get some of the old regulars organized and do a meet and greet if you're interested. I PMed you with more info too.
  4. It's a shame you yet again didnt plan for captain con. This year especially as it will be host the first ever ToS tournament. What gives? Every year it's something that gets talked a out get never attended. It has hosted the biggest Malifaux events in US and this year the first official ToS. Why aren't your vendoring there?
  5. There are a few people who play in CT. Here's our discord server. It is useful to help find people. https://discord.gg/NWDVC2A
  6. We'll be running ACT II at the store this upcoming Tuesday May 1st. We already have some returning players. We'll be in the fishbowl room at the front of the store so everyone can come by and join or if you just want to watch and learn more. All characters will be provided. Just come prepared to have some fun! When: May 1 2018 6PM EST (until close) Where: Midgard Comics and Games
  7. Exactly but this is only the case because all Blast Markers are placed at the same time. If anyone wants we can close this thread as it's been answered. Thanks all.
  8. Perfect, this is what I was looking for. So the reasoning is simple, because the blasts are placed at the same time they are all multiple blast effects needing to be resolved at the same time and therefore the Attacker gets to choose. Thanks guys, was being daft on this. The way we played it is as we just discussed but I was having a moment where I couldn't explain why (except that it just felt 'right').
  9. Right but a blast is represented by a 50mm marker. So multiple markers are not part of the same 'blast effect'. I know this is nit-picky just trying to point to a clear answer for reference to provide to local players.
  10. So I'm pretty sure I know the RAW on this but wanted to get others feedback. Situation: Peasant has 1 wounds remaining Shenlong has 1 wound remaining Sonnia blasts and moves the first Blast Marker her 2" To reach Shenlong the 1st Blast Marker has to touch the Peasant (which will kill it); obtaining a Soulstone The 2nd Blast Marker hits Shenlong but now he has a soulstone can he use it here? I know this is a corner case because most of the time (Sonnia) can place a marker where it would hit Shenlong first. Now I know in the rulebook we have that attacker g
  11. Here is the 2018 CaptainCon Malifaux Rules Packet https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BdpGteDUAA8nyME9NAI19XbMfuiLv8Ya/view?usp=sharing
  12. Just a friendly reminder that sign-ups and badges are still open. We're 6 weeks out from this event. Badges Malifaux Gaining Grounds 2018 Tournament Registration (Free w/badge)
  13. Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to Wyrd and @Kai for helping put together a great prize kit! Here are photos from the painting competition and the results. If anyone else have photos to submit I can give you access just ask. https://photos.app.goo.gl/V5e0CfZC87bBWDy33
  14. It has no issue with forward scoring strat/schemes because it's a kill early score mid game crew. Everyone in the list can score.
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