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  1. I'd like to try it OOK in a Raspy crew, since her and Silent Ones tend to sit pretty far back and don't move too much. A 7 stat Raspy would be excellent for applying long range slows and spamming pillars. Plus a 5 needed for a heal instead of a 6 is never a bad thing! Stats are bad for 5 SS though.
  2. Thanks everyone! Totally forgot about the Wrastlers- nobody in my meta has them so I don't need to worry about them yet 🤣 Sounds horrible for Kaeris though. Didn't know about Gluttony's ability since nobody has the Crossroads Seven so I've only played against Envy. So, I'm golden in the Kaeris v Bayou meta....... for now. I imagine that's gonna change in the next few months. I'll have to brush up on my Ironsides skills!
  3. As to your question... 1. Experience. Meh answer but it's what I got. I agree from up there that writing down what schemes and strats you think a crew would be good into based on their abilities would be a solid way to figure that out and help you solidify a list. Once you know a crew really well you know what you can do, and you know what you can do if things are going badly... Retnab's right in that tech pieces can be really great, especially the anti-scheming picks. I brought Miss Fire into a Wildfire list because I was playing against Euripedes although I would never normally do
  4. I'm not sure if I'm missing something? Pyre markers aren't destructible, and as of such blow it to hell, demolitionist, etc, don't work. The only thing in Bayou- although, I did only skim since I don't really know the M3E faction- that could be ARGUED to work is the Lucky Emissary since it's a marker removal and not a terrain removal. And that's a 10pt model. I'm fine if the tech piece they have to take to remove pyre markers is 10 points even if I wouldn't be thrilled about an 8inch WK model with a 12 push on the opposite side lol.
  5. I know! I've played Plant with Raspy before. nasty surprise the first time, I tell you it's a downside but Snowstorm can hold two, or you don't need to deploy them forward. You can just chuck them into normal deployment phase. I was thinking earlier shifting out the Acolyte anyway- big vendetta target. Maybe Snowstorm, Silent One, Soulstone Miner and then SOMETHING for more damage. 9 points left. Swarm? Everyone likes a good Swarm. Except the opponent. What Snowstorm list did you run and how'd it go?
  6. Kudra was amazing. Having my leader as the primary damage was a bit of a risk but it definitely paid off. I haven't played Sandeep! I own him, but yet to put him on the table because bubble crews aren't my favourite so I'm a bit iffy to do so. I really miss playing a summoner though (Ramos was my second master). I suppose she'd just compete with too many good beaters in a Sandeep crew between all those amazing golems. They were fine? Sure, it would've been NICE to have more models benefiting off it, but also that would've forced me to position differently. I didn't particularly feel it's
  7. DECEMBER KEYWORD I think the December crew needs work. The Raspy thread right now (which I totally made and abandoned cause life interfered) is talking about a core and then just filling with versatile, or just taking her as a second master. Like to me that signals a major problem with how a crew works together! The individual models are probably fine (ice dancers, hoarcats, etc) but they're clearly lacking something that makes people want to pick them. You generally don't have a problem fielding a mostly Wildfire, Academic/Elemental, MS&U or Performer crew- why is December the one p
  8. I've only played two hench hardcore crews, and the Wildfire crew I don't recommend because they schemed amazingly but folded like wet paper in combat. Bringing Carlos with performer backup like Ludvig did sounds more viable (I didn't own any at the time). The effigy > emissary combo was banned for the tournament or else I would've included it. However, I played a Kudra led list and it was very awesome. I only lost one game and it was when I didn't have a legal vendetta target and Ototo was the leader (that wasn't bloody happening 😂). It was quite balanced between scheming and killing,
  9. Hi! I'm mostly a Kaeris player (maybe obvious), and Ramos before he was DMH. I picked up M2E Raspy since I liked that box better than the new one. I struggled in my first game with her (3 to 5, 35 SS- Raspy, Wendigo, Ice Golem, 1 Dec Acolyte, 1 Silent One, 2 Ice Gamin) vs Basse. With his huge deployment forward in corner deployment, I really felt hemmed in. Aside from Dec and Wendy, I basically didn't leave my corner lol. The scheme pool was almost entirely non-killy and strat was Plant. I think I'm struggling because I'm used to fast and/or flexible, and I like tricking my oppo
  10. I'm inclined to agree that's all he needs to balance out. That said, I haven't played him in a Colette crew and can see where he'd lack a role there. As of such I'd be reluctant to take away one of his damaging actions and give him one that requires the enemy to set up. Blast ranged attacks are never bad and it has a better damage spread than his melee.
  11. I agree, he's much squishier. He lost a heal, 1 point of defense, and potential armour. I think losing all three really hurt him. Butterfly Jump makes up for some of it so he doesn't usually have to take more than one attack (until the opponent knows that trick anyway and blocks his base in). His flame breath is good imo. His baton is underwhelming. I agree he's got a way clearer role in a Kaeris crew- he'd be excellent at late game schemes since he's quick, has Don't Mind Me and a push, which Kaeris's crew lacks on their own (although I haven't messed around with the new minions she
  12. Hey, Played a henchman game with Carlos as the master- found something i'm not 100% keen on. He's an excellent scheme runner and I like the model a lot, but here's the big thing- he gains burning, and has no way to consume/use/extinguish it. Turn one, he pushes 5, gains 1 burning, burning doesn't go away at end of the turn. He's committing to taking 1 damage in the end phrase for the remainder of the game, unless you have condition removal sitting next to him- and he feels like a fast scheme runner that doesn't want to be sitting next to the squad. By Turn 4, he's taking 2 damage if
  13. I have no idea. Anyone else got an idea, or is this an 'ask for clarity' sort of thing? This is the current wording: DF(t) Good Shot, My Turn: If this Action is a (melee) Action, the Attacking model suffers 2/3/5 damage, which can't be Cheated. This model gains an Adrenaline Token. It seems to imply it's after resolving, not succeeding.
  14. Since I didn't have a forum account and mostly play with only one other person I didn't bother to try and get into the closed beta but on the cards they just released it doesn't specify whether Good Shot My Turn is after succeeding or resolving? Are things that don't specify defaulting to succeeding? EDIT: Katadder answered that question, yeah. That really weakens that trigger. I think it'd be nice if she got adrenaline when she was engaging models and not just being engaged since the 1 inch and 3 inch loss of her charge stat hurt her getting in there. I'll remember to keep someone
  15. Gunsmiths are one of my favourite models (aside from everyone's favourite Mr Langston) so I was pretty keen to see what changed. Sad about the lack of burning synergy, but ran one with Ironsides in a small 25 point game and thought it had excellent strengths. My only concern is their cost- 8 SS, without the versatile keyword. So with any other master I'd be paying 9 SS for a model with 5's across the board- and great utility/scheme potential, sure, but models like Lenny are 9 SS, and they're certainly not Lenny. While maybe not putting them in versatile is the answer, perhaps lowerin
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