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  1. I'd like to try it OOK in a Raspy crew, since her and Silent Ones tend to sit pretty far back and don't move too much. A 7 stat Raspy would be excellent for applying long range slows and spamming pillars. Plus a 5 needed for a heal instead of a 6 is never a bad thing! Stats are bad for 5 SS though.
  2. Thanks everyone! Totally forgot about the Wrastlers- nobody in my meta has them so I don't need to worry about them yet 🤣 Sounds horrible for Kaeris though. Didn't know about Gluttony's ability since nobody has the Crossroads Seven so I've only played against Envy. So, I'm golden in the Kaeris v Bayou meta....... for now. I imagine that's gonna change in the next few months. I'll have to brush up on my Ironsides skills!
  3. As to your question... 1. Experience. Meh answer but it's what I got. I agree from up there that writing down what schemes and strats you think a crew would be good into based on their abilities would be a solid way to figure that out and help you solidify a list. Once you know a crew really well you know what you can do, and you know what you can do if things are going badly... Retnab's right in that tech pieces can be really great, especially the anti-scheming picks. I brought Miss Fire into a Wildfire list because I was playing against Euripedes although I would never normally do that. This, of course, favours people with bigger collections and who have gone deeper into factions and thus have the models available. If you really like flexibility maybe try Sandeep- he can pivot really quickly into new plans. Plus the Sandeep I just played, on Turn One, deployed the Ice Golem like, two inches from my deployment zone (didn't really have the hand/models to punish since he waited for my bigger models to activate first). Sandeep's REALLY quick with Basanuva and Kandara. 2. Nope! Remember- killing is fun but it's not how you win (outside Reckoning/Assassinate/Vendetta/etc). I'm actually pretty bad at Reckoning because I can't switch the kill instinct on. In my Wildfire crews I usually only take one dedicated beater + Kaeris for damage & then hold the enemy while my schemers score. Ironsides is a good way to try and flick that kill switch though. 3. Ah! Sometimes a game is an uphill battle just through masters alone... but there's always a way to win even if it means playing a master in an unconventional way. I took Ironsides into Shenlong, and he took Masked Agent. Awful, right? A frustrating counter. I still won. Like, 6-5, but still. 2 strat (Turf), max scheme (Outflank + Detonate Charges). He got 3 strat, 2 scheme. He showed outflank and hold up their forces end of turn 2 (unwise unbury placement of my SS miners...) so I hard committed my bubble to one corner, thus denying him his second outflank and hold up unless he came to me, used my emissary to kill the schemer on the other flank (who then died, 10pt model for a 6pt model), ceded 2/3's of the board, and proceeded to avoid fighting him since I didn't have to, using cover/concealment. He extended away from his gunline turn 4 which gave me detonate charges through the union miner (plan was to use Bring It to bring over someone late in the turn but he just walked on over, so ace). He killed Langston during his activation in T5 so Ironsides killed the totems. Waste of a master's AP, right? Nope. Killing Langston did nothing for him, points wise. However, those totems would've pushed him away from my scheme markers the union miner dropped. It was what I needed to do to get the point. No AP or kill is more valuable than points. If a crew counters you, you do not need to fight. If you have a bad hand, you do not need to fight. Sometimes the opponent might force you to, of course. But you do not need to. If your master does one thing really well, that doesn't mean you have to do it. Colette feels awesome at evading, but as my Ironsides v Shenlong game indicated, Ironsides can evade and find a way to win, even if she isn't playing to her strengths. As an aside........ I take Kaeris into everything, as my username may suggest. I love her in Turf and Plant. Carlos is super fast, Firestarter gets a unfairly bad rep but I love the model, and between the two of them + Kaeris there's not much they can't scheme. Turf War and Flank deployment is the Kaeris dream. I only play Kaeris - Ironsides - Raspy at the moment so I do struggle finding a crew for Idols since it's not their ideal strategy. I'm not great at Reckoning either, mostly because I don't tend to get killy, but Ironsides would be my competitive pick. Stick her, Fitz, and Langston together and unless your opponent has blasts you'll be fine (and if you know in advance bring the Captain). Probably going to pick up Sandeep next just because I want to paint his crew, although I'm a bit iffy taking a summoner into a Idols. I really want to pick up Mei Feng since walking 12 inches with one AP is amazing fun and hilariously frustrating if they've unwisely picked Take Prisoner or something. But also Colette...... too many options. And hey, hey, Raspy's great in Turf. Definitely her best strat. She's slow, but take Dec Acolytes & Soulstone Miners for some speed (Hoarcats good too... Ice Dancers good on card but haven't played well on the table for me). Stick the Ice Golem front and centre, back it up with a Silent One, and Blizzard to your heart's content. Raspy sits so far back on the board she's a nightmare for crews to actually get to (especially melee crews) and thus she doesn't really care about being pressured (great anti-assassination pick with her ice pillar backup). She's all about board control and forcing simple duels to drain hands. Doesn't sound like she's your thing if you like quick crews, though- she's not super adaptable either. Wouldn't like her into Idols. Once you commit, you commit. Still, she's definitely not the strongest master we have. Fun though. That got long. Hope that helped. 😐
  4. I'm not sure if I'm missing something? Pyre markers aren't destructible, and as of such blow it to hell, demolitionist, etc, don't work. The only thing in Bayou- although, I did only skim since I don't really know the M3E faction- that could be ARGUED to work is the Lucky Emissary since it's a marker removal and not a terrain removal. And that's a 10pt model. I'm fine if the tech piece they have to take to remove pyre markers is 10 points even if I wouldn't be thrilled about an 8inch WK model with a 12 push on the opposite side lol.
  5. I know! I've played Plant with Raspy before. nasty surprise the first time, I tell you it's a downside but Snowstorm can hold two, or you don't need to deploy them forward. You can just chuck them into normal deployment phase. I was thinking earlier shifting out the Acolyte anyway- big vendetta target. Maybe Snowstorm, Silent One, Soulstone Miner and then SOMETHING for more damage. 9 points left. Swarm? Everyone likes a good Swarm. Except the opponent. What Snowstorm list did you run and how'd it go?
  6. Kudra was amazing. Having my leader as the primary damage was a bit of a risk but it definitely paid off. I haven't played Sandeep! I own him, but yet to put him on the table because bubble crews aren't my favourite so I'm a bit iffy to do so. I really miss playing a summoner though (Ramos was my second master). I suppose she'd just compete with too many good beaters in a Sandeep crew between all those amazing golems. They were fine? Sure, it would've been NICE to have more models benefiting off it, but also that would've forced me to position differently. I didn't particularly feel it's loss, although, point for point, of course there would be a lack of effectiveness without them. I didn't mind it, though. Maybe it's because I haven't played Sandeep. Yeah, I had a few issues. SS Miner always dropped it's bomb on the first turn so it hemmed in where other bombs could go depending on how I deployed. I think wind gamin instead of oxy mage would ultimately be more valuable due to their leap and 6 inch move- mage did the least out of everyone BUT it was also the only source for ranged attacks, so... that's a pretty big vulnerability. Kudra got like nine inches in one activation from jump though haha, so she swept all the way up the flank and was home free to scheme. Butterfly Jump is SO good. I'd love to try running a December list. I think Snowstorm is an awesome model vs ranged crews, really packs a punch and is pretty survivable. Snowstorm (9) December Acolyte (7) Silent One (6) Not sure after that. 8 points left. Maybe a hoarcat for scheming & 3 cache? Really keen to give a December list a shot.
  7. DECEMBER KEYWORD I think the December crew needs work. The Raspy thread right now (which I totally made and abandoned cause life interfered) is talking about a core and then just filling with versatile, or just taking her as a second master. Like to me that signals a major problem with how a crew works together! The individual models are probably fine (ice dancers, hoarcats, etc) but they're clearly lacking something that makes people want to pick them. You generally don't have a problem fielding a mostly Wildfire, Academic/Elemental, MS&U or Performer crew- why is December the one people don't want to take? One of my main concerns in playing Raspy is the lack of card draw. I think her crew desperately needs it especially since Raspy's throwing cards away every activation. Using 4 cards out of a 6/7 hand on my master's abilities without any ability to refresh the hand outside an 11 point model... it doesn't feel great. I think the number of Grim Feast's should be reduced (maybe off the Dec Acolytes or ice dancers?) to make way for a more useful bonus action that's about card draw. Grim Feast is fine but it's not particularly helpful across so many of the crew, especially because Silent Ones exist. Often I'm just not using my bonus actions which gives a natural advantage to the opponent. I wish hoarcats had a better back of card too but they're so defensively great already that I'm not sure what I'd include. Maybe a trigger to push out of engagement for more movement shenanigans to get out of combat? +1 damage if the opponent is slow? Snowstorm's bonus push should be allowed to be on all December models. You can use it on FOUR models in the whole game and three of them are ice gamin!! Come on 😧 that's awful. Especially since Raspy's so slow. I don't see why it can't work on all models with the December keyword. ---- FIREBRANDED I agree the Firebranded need a little something. Their heal is super lackluster and consumes resources to do it, and the pulse to remove burning is terrible, I hate that I was theorising it earlier with a mate and I was thinking a delayed heal could be fun! Make it so instead of taking damage from the burning condition at the end of turn, flip it so the model heals the amount of damage they would've taken. Cap at 4 instead of 3 because it's a delayed heal? & then maybe reduce burning by the amount you heal (4 health = 4 burning reduction) so you can't constantly stack it and turn Kaeris into an unkillable tank. It's at the end of turn so losing burning isn't as impactful, doesn't pull it away from other models, and the opponent could still play around it. It'd still be situational, of course- wouldn't work on the Golem/Gamin but i think it'd be a fun and powerful ability that is limited by being at the end of the turn so the opponent can counter it! Plus it's potential to counter Assassinate would be brilliant Otherwise, a simpler solution is make it a 1/2/3 flip, and make reducing 3 burning on models around you a CHOICE, and you heal +1 for each model whose burning is reduced in this way to a maximum of 2. Would be a very clutch heal for the wildfire crew. As a wildfire player- Iggy is %^&*(@# obnoxious. Oh my god. Misery vs a melee crew is the worst thing to play against. You're being yoyo'd across the board constantly. ---- OTHER I think stealth on Saboteurs would be fine? they're squishy and generally get one shot anyway, might as well make them walk close to do it I don't take them just because they die way too often to actually get to USE them. I mean, hoarcat has stealth AND manipulative. I think Fitz is great but also fine. There are way better models than him. Mediocre stats and forced to be near the frontlines to get the most out of him with no triggers? he's fine. No comment on the Swarm because I haven't tabled it yet, I like playing keyword over versatile. SS Miners... now there's a thorny debate. I also think the Eternal Flame needs some help. Poor little dude. +1 health or demise eternal (its in the NAME!!!) would be enough. I think his actions are fine. I don't own Marcus so I can't comment but the Chimera keyword is something I have my eye on as a potential concern. I think some models are poorly costed.
  8. I've only played two hench hardcore crews, and the Wildfire crew I don't recommend because they schemed amazingly but folded like wet paper in combat. Bringing Carlos with performer backup like Ludvig did sounds more viable (I didn't own any at the time). The effigy > emissary combo was banned for the tournament or else I would've included it. However, I played a Kudra led list and it was very awesome. I only lost one game and it was when I didn't have a legal vendetta target and Ototo was the leader (that wasn't bloody happening 😂). It was quite balanced between scheming and killing, and let me flex depending on what the situation was. - Kudra, leader (2 bombs) - Shasta Vidiya Guard (1 bomb) - Soulstone miner (1 bomb) - Oxfordian Mage (1 bomb) Kudra was brilliant with 6 stats, onslaught and butterfly jump, super scary melee threat but also a solid schemer. Had to decide not to oneshot a master kind of situation. Miner was the vendetta model- popped up next to them and dealt damage, then re-buried and Kudra finished them off next turn for second point. Also helped offset low SS cache. Shasta was everyone's vendetta target save one game where it was the mage, but he provided a seriously needed second damage threat and his pushes were great. Oxy mage was the weakest point of the crew but it did come in handy- I'd probably try swapping it for a wind gamin next time though. It'd be weaker vs ranged crews (fortunate to only play melee henchmen & Samuel Hopkins who decided to go melee instead of ranged- for those wondering I DID warn him twice about her onslaught) and also a little weaker vs opponents with better melee damage tracks. But it was a super good all-round crew and also a blast to play! However, the cheapest SS of 6 means the chance for a non-legal vendetta target IS there.
  9. Hi! I'm mostly a Kaeris player (maybe obvious), and Ramos before he was DMH. I picked up M2E Raspy since I liked that box better than the new one. I struggled in my first game with her (3 to 5, 35 SS- Raspy, Wendigo, Ice Golem, 1 Dec Acolyte, 1 Silent One, 2 Ice Gamin) vs Basse. With his huge deployment forward in corner deployment, I really felt hemmed in. Aside from Dec and Wendy, I basically didn't leave my corner lol. The scheme pool was almost entirely non-killy and strat was Plant. I think I'm struggling because I'm used to fast and/or flexible, and I like tricking my opponent. Raspy doesn't seem to offer much of that. I'm hoping I can adjust rather than give up and go to Colette or Mei Feng since I loved casting through the ice pillars and I ADORE the models. I'll be picking up Snowstorm soon because I like the M2E model, and later Ice Dancers for the scheming since I felt so terrible at doing it So- advice? I'm looking for help with how to position (kept accidentally blocking Golem's path with pillars through narrow corridors, sorry my guy), best ways to apply slow to get the most out of the Golem's potential min 5, and getting the most out of her crew. I also found Raspy herself kind of lackluster but hoping that was just my inexperience with how to play her.
  10. I'm inclined to agree that's all he needs to balance out. That said, I haven't played him in a Colette crew and can see where he'd lack a role there. As of such I'd be reluctant to take away one of his damaging actions and give him one that requires the enemy to set up. Blast ranged attacks are never bad and it has a better damage spread than his melee.
  11. I agree, he's much squishier. He lost a heal, 1 point of defense, and potential armour. I think losing all three really hurt him. Butterfly Jump makes up for some of it so he doesn't usually have to take more than one attack (until the opponent knows that trick anyway and blocks his base in). His flame breath is good imo. His baton is underwhelming. I agree he's got a way clearer role in a Kaeris crew- he'd be excellent at late game schemes since he's quick, has Don't Mind Me and a push, which Kaeris's crew lacks on their own (although I haven't messed around with the new minions she has). Colette's crew has a lot of scheme runners already. I'm very concerned about his burning +1 push combined with his squishiness you mentioned and complete inability to extinguish/use the burning means he's stuck with taking 1 damage every turn... for one push. Doesn't seem worth it except in situational scenarios.
  12. Hey, Played a henchman game with Carlos as the master- found something i'm not 100% keen on. He's an excellent scheme runner and I like the model a lot, but here's the big thing- he gains burning, and has no way to consume/use/extinguish it. Turn one, he pushes 5, gains 1 burning, burning doesn't go away at end of the turn. He's committing to taking 1 damage in the end phrase for the remainder of the game, unless you have condition removal sitting next to him- and he feels like a fast scheme runner that doesn't want to be sitting next to the squad. By Turn 4, he's taking 2 damage if he pushes at every turn- that's 7 damage total by turn 5 if he pushes 4/5 turns. That is a LOT. If he only pushes once, and you can't get him near condition removal, that's- depending on how many turns left- consistent damage. It's a very costly bonus action in the long run. I don't really have any suggestions- I haven't run him in a Kaeris crew yet due to Real Life intervening, but I know there's a lot of concerns about her as well (and reading over her card/the forums I have similar concerns) , so I don't know whether her or Colette mitigate this in some way during play. Maybe bring back his ability to use burning as armour (which i really loved in M2E- felt like fun risk/reward), or have a 'reduces burning by one in end phrase' passive therefore still taking the damage but it not stacking, or healing, or use it on his attacks to... increase damage or get positive flips... or something like that. Some way for him to consume it personally so he's not stuck taking damage for one push for the rest of the game. However, keen to hear other people's thoughts! Especially if he's been run with Kaeris/Colette, his two keyword masters. As an aside, Elijah Borgmann is GREAT. Loved played with that model.
  13. I have no idea. Anyone else got an idea, or is this an 'ask for clarity' sort of thing? This is the current wording: DF(t) Good Shot, My Turn: If this Action is a (melee) Action, the Attacking model suffers 2/3/5 damage, which can't be Cheated. This model gains an Adrenaline Token. It seems to imply it's after resolving, not succeeding.
  14. Since I didn't have a forum account and mostly play with only one other person I didn't bother to try and get into the closed beta but on the cards they just released it doesn't specify whether Good Shot My Turn is after succeeding or resolving? Are things that don't specify defaulting to succeeding? EDIT: Katadder answered that question, yeah. That really weakens that trigger. I think it'd be nice if she got adrenaline when she was engaging models and not just being engaged since the 1 inch and 3 inch loss of her charge stat hurt her getting in there. I'll remember to keep someone within three next time I play her! It was vs Sommer and scheme assassinate so I basically just kept Captain next to her and they were fine. Need to alter my strat with bouncing her forward and through enemy lines! Can't do that anymore. Yeah, when I was playing her I found she was much less about tarpit and more about killing, which... I didn't hate, but it was a bit of a strange flip in mindset since I didn't actually own any kill/damage based Masters in M2E. Gunsmiths have always been fun and useful to me! I pretty much consistently took them with every crew I run if I have the spare SS. Part of that is that I don't have too many options admittedly, but I always found they were good scheme runners since they're durable and can survive/kill on most other scheme runners without breaking a sweat, plus their fast/hard to kill was invaluable. Killed many an opposing model with that. However, I do think they'll be significantly less niche now with their Target Practice & Creep Along, and they worked really well with Ironsides since they also had Unionised and Grit related abilities (theirs is extremely good). However I think their cost will really lock them out of being a consistent option for many crews outside Ironsides. I didn't even think about Vendetta- but you're right, they'd be a glaring target for it. --- retnab- I mean, I guess you're right. I like the flexible lists and playstyles which is why I liked M2E Kaeris so much. Need some more time to adjust to more one-note crews. I did love them with Ironsides though! Thought they were a great ranged addition to her otherwise heavy melee crew.
  15. Gunsmiths are one of my favourite models (aside from everyone's favourite Mr Langston) so I was pretty keen to see what changed. Sad about the lack of burning synergy, but ran one with Ironsides in a small 25 point game and thought it had excellent strengths. My only concern is their cost- 8 SS, without the versatile keyword. So with any other master I'd be paying 9 SS for a model with 5's across the board- and great utility/scheme potential, sure, but models like Lenny are 9 SS, and they're certainly not Lenny. While maybe not putting them in versatile is the answer, perhaps lowering their point cost by one so Ironsides can hire for 7 but everyone else for 8? However, interested to hear what other people think. They can potentially make four attacks a turn (against 2 different targets) with 2/4/5 damage spread (+flip when not engaged) so the 8/9 cost could be easily justified. --- As an aside, what are people's thoughts on Ironsides? My friend I played against thinks she's overtuned. He won, though, in a 25 SS game... 5 models can only do so much scheme running vs a gremlin hoard. But I tend to disagree, since I find she's less self-sufficient. With losing her ability to push and attack to choose her engagements, and with the loss of her upgrades Challenge the Crowd & healing on her punches. She sort of wants someone else with Unionised within 3, so I think she's okay, but wondering what others think. I do agree that 2/3/5 on her in-built defensive trigger is a bit much, though- 2/3/4 would probably feel better. He also had problems with Mouse and specifically his healing trigger (perhaps 'on another target' would work, not allowing heal stacks on the single target?) but again, I've only played with her twice in M3E so far so wanting to hear some people who have been playing with M3E Ironsides a bit longer.
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