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  1. I'm inclined to agree that's all he needs to balance out. That said, I haven't played him in a Colette crew and can see where he'd lack a role there. As of such I'd be reluctant to take away one of his damaging actions and give him one that requires the enemy to set up. Blast ranged attacks are never bad and it has a better damage spread than his melee.
  2. I agree, he's much squishier. He lost a heal, 1 point of defense, and potential armour. I think losing all three really hurt him. Butterfly Jump makes up for some of it so he doesn't usually have to take more than one attack (until the opponent knows that trick anyway and blocks his base in). His flame breath is good imo. His baton is underwhelming. I agree he's got a way clearer role in a Kaeris crew- he'd be excellent at late game schemes since he's quick, has Don't Mind Me and a push, which Kaeris's crew lacks on their own (although I haven't messed around with the new minions she has). Colette's crew has a lot of scheme runners already. I'm very concerned about his burning +1 push combined with his squishiness you mentioned and complete inability to extinguish/use the burning means he's stuck with taking 1 damage every turn... for one push. Doesn't seem worth it except in situational scenarios.
  3. Hey, Played a henchman game with Carlos as the master- found something i'm not 100% keen on. He's an excellent scheme runner and I like the model a lot, but here's the big thing- he gains burning, and has no way to consume/use/extinguish it. Turn one, he pushes 5, gains 1 burning, burning doesn't go away at end of the turn. He's committing to taking 1 damage in the end phrase for the remainder of the game, unless you have condition removal sitting next to him- and he feels like a fast scheme runner that doesn't want to be sitting next to the squad. By Turn 4, he's taking 2 damage if he pushes at every turn- that's 7 damage total by turn 5 if he pushes 4/5 turns. That is a LOT. If he only pushes once, and you can't get him near condition removal, that's- depending on how many turns left- consistent damage. It's a very costly bonus action in the long run. I don't really have any suggestions- I haven't run him in a Kaeris crew yet due to Real Life intervening, but I know there's a lot of concerns about her as well (and reading over her card/the forums I have similar concerns) , so I don't know whether her or Colette mitigate this in some way during play. Maybe bring back his ability to use burning as armour (which i really loved in M2E- felt like fun risk/reward), or have a 'reduces burning by one in end phrase' passive therefore still taking the damage but it not stacking, or healing, or use it on his attacks to... increase damage or get positive flips... or something like that. Some way for him to consume it personally so he's not stuck taking damage for one push for the rest of the game. However, keen to hear other people's thoughts! Especially if he's been run with Kaeris/Colette, his two keyword masters. As an aside, Elijah Borgmann is GREAT. Loved played with that model.
  4. I have no idea. Anyone else got an idea, or is this an 'ask for clarity' sort of thing? This is the current wording: DF(t) Good Shot, My Turn: If this Action is a (melee) Action, the Attacking model suffers 2/3/5 damage, which can't be Cheated. This model gains an Adrenaline Token. It seems to imply it's after resolving, not succeeding.
  5. Since I didn't have a forum account and mostly play with only one other person I didn't bother to try and get into the closed beta but on the cards they just released it doesn't specify whether Good Shot My Turn is after succeeding or resolving? Are things that don't specify defaulting to succeeding? EDIT: Katadder answered that question, yeah. That really weakens that trigger. I think it'd be nice if she got adrenaline when she was engaging models and not just being engaged since the 1 inch and 3 inch loss of her charge stat hurt her getting in there. I'll remember to keep someone within three next time I play her! It was vs Sommer and scheme assassinate so I basically just kept Captain next to her and they were fine. Need to alter my strat with bouncing her forward and through enemy lines! Can't do that anymore. Yeah, when I was playing her I found she was much less about tarpit and more about killing, which... I didn't hate, but it was a bit of a strange flip in mindset since I didn't actually own any kill/damage based Masters in M2E. Gunsmiths have always been fun and useful to me! I pretty much consistently took them with every crew I run if I have the spare SS. Part of that is that I don't have too many options admittedly, but I always found they were good scheme runners since they're durable and can survive/kill on most other scheme runners without breaking a sweat, plus their fast/hard to kill was invaluable. Killed many an opposing model with that. However, I do think they'll be significantly less niche now with their Target Practice & Creep Along, and they worked really well with Ironsides since they also had Unionised and Grit related abilities (theirs is extremely good). However I think their cost will really lock them out of being a consistent option for many crews outside Ironsides. I didn't even think about Vendetta- but you're right, they'd be a glaring target for it. --- retnab- I mean, I guess you're right. I like the flexible lists and playstyles which is why I liked M2E Kaeris so much. Need some more time to adjust to more one-note crews. I did love them with Ironsides though! Thought they were a great ranged addition to her otherwise heavy melee crew.
  6. Gunsmiths are one of my favourite models (aside from everyone's favourite Mr Langston) so I was pretty keen to see what changed. Sad about the lack of burning synergy, but ran one with Ironsides in a small 25 point game and thought it had excellent strengths. My only concern is their cost- 8 SS, without the versatile keyword. So with any other master I'd be paying 9 SS for a model with 5's across the board- and great utility/scheme potential, sure, but models like Lenny are 9 SS, and they're certainly not Lenny. While maybe not putting them in versatile is the answer, perhaps lowering their point cost by one so Ironsides can hire for 7 but everyone else for 8? However, interested to hear what other people think. They can potentially make four attacks a turn (against 2 different targets) with 2/4/5 damage spread (+flip when not engaged) so the 8/9 cost could be easily justified. --- As an aside, what are people's thoughts on Ironsides? My friend I played against thinks she's overtuned. He won, though, in a 25 SS game... 5 models can only do so much scheme running vs a gremlin hoard. But I tend to disagree, since I find she's less self-sufficient. With losing her ability to push and attack to choose her engagements, and with the loss of her upgrades Challenge the Crowd & healing on her punches. She sort of wants someone else with Unionised within 3, so I think she's okay, but wondering what others think. I do agree that 2/3/5 on her in-built defensive trigger is a bit much, though- 2/3/4 would probably feel better. He also had problems with Mouse and specifically his healing trigger (perhaps 'on another target' would work, not allowing heal stacks on the single target?) but again, I've only played with her twice in M3E so far so wanting to hear some people who have been playing with M3E Ironsides a bit longer.
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