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  1. I like these numbers 😁😁, only with the lucid dreams you show that you are improving your average resulta, which it's important because you are having and edge in each duel. Moreover, if you use the stitched ability hoy are improving your deck so far with high cards. At least for me maths don't lie. Could you build other iterative proccess where you are improving your deck?
  2. I have played some games against a similar crew, hinamatsu instead of serena bowman. Lucid dreams and fiendish gamble (stitched togethers) combination makes a snowball effect on the dreamer's player deck, wich at the start of turn 3 has mostly moderate and severes cards on the control hand and the deck. As @BimVooDoo says, the stitched together using gamble your life with fiendish gamble makes their attack unnstopable, avoiding any deffensive ability. Moreover, it's not posibble use gamble your Life against the dreamer player because is enemy only, which makes the obey action useless on This models. This points should be reviewed. Perhaps, the tactical action shoule be an attack action and lucid dreams should be on few models.
  3. Ikiwith

    Ophelia and Kin

    I think that bokor will be useful in some different list, they are which bring to your lists crear options and alternatives as healing, draw cards and obey
  4. Now I understand the Guy Who has bought oromatangui and 3 devouring eels
  5. Woow there are more spanish players. You are invited to play in Madrid or we could go to play in Toledo.
  6. A Guy in my community play this list succesfully. Mah Manifest Destiny Out of Blood Malifaux Child (to copy Mah Scream) Old Major Saddle Hog whisperer 2x swine cursed Slop hauler Trixiebelle 6-7ss cachΓ© (I don't remember It now). The idea is that you are hitting on turn 1 in the other side of the table with Mah and a reactivated Swine cursed with positive flips.
  7. Congratulations Fik and great report. Your key this time was be drinking water the previous night instead of tequila shots. xD
  8. The difference is between KS and backerkit. Some Spanish people who joined the KS have received the e-mail.
  9. I wrote the name of different Spanish politicians on the base to know who is who. Another guy on AWP wrote his ex-girlfriend names xD. But I agree with you, some new piglets sculpts could be good.
  10. I hope a more profitable gremraida box, at least more focus with the bayou. Sammy, BBB, gautreaux bokor and all those kind of models could be nice as some kind of witcher keyword. New swamp models would be great.
  11. All my masters are ready and painted for It. Should I ensamble and paint my emmisary?? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ A lot of Hype with the new edition.
  12. Hey dude you don't be worried. Collodi is not missing, he is on tour with Metallica. He'll be back. 😁😁
  13. I don't know if someone has asked it before but I haven't read any message of the staff about it. Will the mercenaries be available on the 3rd edition? Thanks
  14. You forgot the rooster riders πŸ˜‘. A box of three useless models now...
  15. It was a really interesting podcast. I hace missed the swine-cursed on the list. Mi6 reckless, more movility with their push and they ignore armor. I'm now in Deep with Mah using some different lists. Have you think about to use the Malifaux Child? He can generate more push. I love the little Lash miniature but she is tΓ­o expensive.
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