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  1. Ikiwith

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    You forgot the rooster riders 😑. A box of three useless models now...
  2. Ikiwith

    Femme Fatale 2018 Begins!

    This is the attitude
  3. Ikiwith

    Schemes & Stones Mah Tucket Crew Spotlight

    It was a really interesting podcast. I hace missed the swine-cursed on the list. Mi6 reckless, more movility with their push and they ignore armor. I'm now in Deep with Mah using some different lists. Have you think about to use the Malifaux Child? He can generate more push. I love the little Lash miniature but she is tío expensive.
  4. Ikiwith

    The guild at ITC

    The key is Ryle who can do between 5-7 of Minimum damage, ignoring almost everyone. Df8/wp8, he can decide not take conditions and no armor reduction.
  5. Ikiwith

    Gremlin tacticas

  6. Ikiwith

    Gremlin tacticas

    Zipp tatica is ok, but the formar should be change or compilated. There is too much information along the post.
  7. Ikiwith

    Ulix june errata??? (Husbandry + wild boars)

    With pig charge they will be hire with Mah and with Zoraida too.
  8. Ikiwith

    Ulix june errata??? (Husbandry + wild boars)

    Ulix is a pretty good master and it's great play with him, it's more about have different options than he is not ok. Ulix haven't has any new theme models since wave 2. In wave 3 was the porkchop that it's not relate with him, but ok you can use yo summon with It. Wave 4 swine-cursed that they are Wong theme and Wave 5, flying piglets... Those were the pigs of other waves but no one focus on Ulix theme.
  9. Ikiwith

    Ulix june errata??? (Husbandry + wild boars)

    I agree with the concept of farmer but It will be difficult because Ulix and their actions are related with piggies. But summoning wild boars or gators you open the crew to use some models like gatreaux or McTavish in a no Zoraida crew. Summon rooster is my wet dream xD, but I think that It won't occur. I think that with rooster a better option should be remove their ram trigger instead of reckless. Gracie and the sow are ubique models and for 50mm have the warpig, I think that on this field we are ok. I like Ulix crew and playstile, however I miss more models options to use on his crew.
  10. Ikiwith

    Ulix june errata??? (Husbandry + wild boars)

    I agree, with something related yo markers. Rats-rat cachers, meh it's exist and I don't really like It. Nevertheress, Wild boars could be a great option if you need some punch in your crew and you don't have/don't want spend your highest cards to summon a warpig.
  11. Hi Bayou inhabitants. Two of my wild boars are on my paintting desk and they are staring at me like saying "Hey dude, paint us". After January errata they were down a soulstone but I haven't seen them on the game yet. I have been thiking that they are models wich are on the Ulix starter crew and Husbandry could be great for them. Between the 12-13, three scheme markers and 4 wounds for the warpig, and the 9+ and 2 wounds for piglet, could exist a gap for the wildboars. 10+, 2 wounds on wildboar and 2 wounds on Ulix or something like that. What's your opinion Hog whisperers?
  12. Ikiwith

    Creature Feature Clarification

    I figured It out but a war rabbit without gremlins is not complete. I will choose Mr. Chompy
  13. Ikiwith

    Creature Feature Clarification

    I agree. Constructora/robot contest paint heavy metal 🤘. My nightmare whisky Golem is waitting for It.
  14. Ikiwith

    Creature Feature Clarification

    Is the war rabbit allowed on creature feature? It's a rabbit but with a some kind of "gremlin humanoid" over It.