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  1. 03/03/19Registration Time: 11:00am. Start Time 11:30am. This Tournament will use the M3E Open Beta rules. All players must have the up to date printed rule cards for the models they will be using. 35 soul stone crews.$5 for fully painted, $10 for partially/unpaintedThree rounds of play with a break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Where:Legions Hobbies and Games1130 Perry Highway Pines Plaza Shopping Center Pittsburgh, PA 15237 p: 412.366.3725 info@legionsgames.com Prizes will be based on participation, but will include first, second and best painted. Players must have printed copies of their stat and upgrade cards. Hiring pool of 70 soul stones and declared factions for each player. Hiring pool restrictions: Leaders are not factored into the Hiring Pool Soulstones, but should be listed. • A Henchman that a player might hire as part of a crew and not a Leader at some point during the Tournament is included in the Hiring Pool. • A player does not need to include models in his or her Hiring Pool if the model does not cost Soulstones (e.g. Summonable models) just as they would not need to include them in a standard Crew’s points. - A player will include any upgrades. For any questions PM lostnemesis or https://www.facebook.com/LegionsGames/
  2. Battle Report Single master 50ss tournament, 2.7. Hi again, as I’ve alluded to in forum posts my local scene had a little open beta tournament this weekend. I’m gonna copy paste my forms from here and then give some breakdowns and thoughts. The tournament was single master, three 2.5 hour games. This might have very well been the first open beta tournament in Sweden! (I will only be including my own thoughts here, the other players can add their own if they wish since I’m doing this after the tournament) Game one Standard Deployment Turf War Breakthrough Hold up their forces Harness the Ley line Vendetta Dig their graves 2.5 hours 3 rounds. 4 - 7 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Carlos 8ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss Mannequin 4ss 1vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Breakthrough 1vp off of Harness the Leylines. The Force Marcus Myranda Jackalope Cojo Cerberus Blessed of december Hoarcat pride Ferdinand Vogel 3vp off of Turf War 2vp off of Dig their Graves 2vp off of Breakthrough So, in this game the Duet was definitely the MVP. It scored breakthrough on it’s own by murdering the little kittens and splitting deep after I realised that my opponent simply wouldn’t bother with them at all. It tied up Cojo before all this. His Cerberus jumped across the field to murder my Showgirl early and Carlos got smacked dead by Marcus to deny me a point. Carlos almost brought down the Blessed, it was due to die by burning but Myranda healed it. Cassandra schemed, securing leylines and being a general nuisance. Not dying, a first for me. The Dancer got cornered by Ferdinand and forced to choose between fighting him and the Cerberus. Suffice to say she died. His Cerberus did crazy mutch, Carlos performed better with his changes, but I still played him wonkily. Colette smacked a dove to bury herself and then popped up in the middle with Cojo to sink a ton of distract into him. Cojo sat in place until he used a well timed push to catch me off guard and deny me a point on the strat by flipping the middle turf marker. The new doves worked wonders, their smuggled soulstone ability makes for some neat tricks turn one. Fun note, I had Black joker in hand since turn one, and flipped Red joker on initiative TWICE. Game 2 “And they said you can’t alpha strike” Corner deployment Plant Explosives Outflank Assassinate Power Ritual Take Prisoner Claim jump 2.5 hours 4 rounds 6 - 3 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 4ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Carlos 8ss Angelica 7ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 3vp off of Plant the Explosives 2vp off of Claim jump (Carlos) 1vp off of Power Ritual Forgot to ask for his Forum name Zipp w/Inferiority complex Earl Burns The First Mate Gracie Burt Jebsen w/Twelve cups of coffee Merris Lacroix Iron Skeeter 2vp off of Plant Explosives 1vp off of Power ritual 0vp off of Outflank So, I read somewhere on the forums that people were using Colette and doves to slingshot beaters up the board. I picked up an Arcane Emissary this week and decided to try it out. As I used my doves’ activations to set the stage as it were my opponent moved up the centre with Merris, Gracie and Burt, who took one damage from Zipp tossing him about. With the cards and stones I needed in hand, and a dove waiting a mere move away Colette took center stage. She walked up next to her dove, and sneaking a soulstone from it’s cache she slung the Arcane Emissary up roughly 16” to the center, followed by the Coryphee Duet, the pair of death machina taking both sides of the street. To finish off her perfomance Colette swung her famous sword trick at the dove, cheating in a mask to reveal in a twist that it was she who buried, next to the now broken dove. His skeeter flew around at an edge and the rampaging bull made it’s move. With a red joker in hand I confidently charged Burt and knocked him down to his last health, rampaging through him. To finish him off the bull hit him again, before triggering to push and slap Merris down to one. A pass token was spent by my opponent and my Duet moved up and charged through gracie and Merris, finishing her off and setting the audience ablaze. The Duet split, and when I got to activate the pair reformed and charged through Gracie again, smacking her twice to get her down to one. The Burning from Merris finished her off for some sweet sizzling bacon. Carlos positioned to move towards the lower right edge, trying to not give away what his scheme was. Turn two Colette popped up near Carlos and presto’d her way to the corner to score me my Power ritual, flinging the Skeeter away and burying Earl so that he would come up in the middle to my waiting Bull. His Skeeter had placed an explosion marker on a 1” crate that stopped me from reaching it, winning him a strat point. Angelica almost died to Zipp dropping her around, so she dropped her explosion marker to not waste it, but Earl snatched it (and killed her iirc) before being promptly murdered by the bull. Carlos revealed his plan and moved 15” to the now nice and cleared middle for claim jump. The only thing of interest the following turns was Zipp getting Carlos down to 2 only to have him healed to six by the duet, securing the final point for Claim Jump and the First Mate scoring two more points, one through power ritual and one through Plant Explosives on his own. Leaping like a mad lad. This was my first victory in Malifaux, and I dare say I won it with style! Game 3 Flank deployment Corrupted Idols Search the ruins Dig their graves Detonate the charges Deliver a message Vendetta 2.5 hours 4 rounds 3 - 4 Valkirswrath Colette - 3 doves 5ss cache Coryphee Duet 12ss Arcane Emissary 5ss w/Diesel Engine 2ss Cassandra 8ss Ice Dancer 6ss Showgirl 5ss w/Magical Training 2ss 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Deliver a message (Misaki) 0vp off of Dig their graves Paradigm Misaki, 8ss cache -Masked Agent Shang Ototo 10 Minako 8 Yasunori 10 Lone Swordsman 8 Effigy 4 2vp off of Corrupted Idols 1vp off of Search the ruins 0vp off of Dig their graves. Colette was by far my mvp this game, with an honorable mention going to Cassandra and the Ice Dancer. Cassandra spent the game scheming, also blasted Shang of the board with two fire breaths. Colette danced in and out of bury, avoiding Misaki and didn’t come out until turn 4 to stick to the middle for power ritual. She drowned Ototo and Lone Swordsman in Distracted and stunned, always saving stones or cards for the mask trigger. At the end she sent the Lone Swordsman 10” away with False Reality and gave him slow to boot. Of course this was after he sliced my emissary to pieces. If the performance of my emissary was feast game two, it was famine in game three. I waited until turn 2 to send my Emissary and Duet up field, the bull charged Ototo barely scratching it only to die to the Lone Swordsman using two severe crit strikes. It was after this that he got distracted by everone and everything. Misaki took two fully commited turns to kill the Duet who had managed to kill some Oni summoned by Minako. Considering who Misaki is, I still took this as a win, considering the duet got to deliver a message and thanks to it splitting before being killed off plus it’s demise trigger the Misaki player never got to dig their graves. The Showgirl did very little before being murdered by Ototo. One of the two Mannequins from the broken down Coryphees healed Cass and tanked a hit, while the other smacked Minako for some reason and got turned into a burning wheel. The Ice Dancer, whoooo boy the Ice Dancer. She survived two turns against the Yasunori, taking 4 damage the first turn and then he black jokered his other hit. The second turn he missed but got the onslaught trigger (maybe the black joker for damage was here, it’s a bit fuzzy) and she butterfly jumped away. She then ran off and killed the effigy in melee, almost denying him a search the ruins points. She would’ve done that if we’d gotten another turn. I played around Deliver the Message by having Colette stay buried but it turned out to be pointless. Misaki schemed a little for the last points and that was that. The game was surprisingly close, though he edged out on schemes. After losing my 24ss worth of beaters my chances for Dig their Graves were severely hampered. A few thoughts: My first opponent who plays Arcanist mainly discussed the performers at length over the lunch break and he agreed with me that there is a bit too much power in the duet and Colette, at the cost of the rest of the crew. There is also an enjoyment problem with the crew, both playing as and against. The best strategy, unless you brought highly specific counters, for dealing with the Duet and Colette is to simply ignore them and let them do their thing. This isn’t very interesting to play against, and having your opponent not even interact with functionally a third of your crew is dull. Colette buried six times throughout the tournament, all of them with the “What a Twist” trigger on Sword trick. She got targeted with an enemy action a grand total of Zero times throughout all three games. The trick where you Sword trick a dove, stoning for mask turn one is fun and satisfying. You can set up a lot of shenanigans from there. I only summoned a dove once, and rarely felt like I needed to, but the new doves feel great and serve their purpose as Presto-chango points and spare stones/cards splendidly. Cassandra’s upstage is a problem. It’s currently underwhelming, with almost no good actions to borrow in keyword, and it limits design space by forcing all future tactical actions to be balanced around it. I understand the thematic idea, but I’d rather see her drop that actions and gain something to support other performers, or something to boost her offense. Maybe something like “Once per turn: target performer with X can take the interact action, ignoring normal placement restrictions (alternatively placing the scheme marker within X instead of b2b)”. I’m thinking of this as Cass helping a fellow performer out with their lines. Of course y’all at Wyrd can word it less wonky than this. Carlos feels much more defined now, which I like. He doesn’t feel like a worse Cassandra. I like his changes. He suffers a problem that he shares with the Ice Dancer though. They are both scheme runners, in a scheme heavy crew. This might be a problem with their dual crew nature however, and I’m not gonna pretend to know how to balance around both crews. The Arcane Emissary hits like a freight train, at similar speed. I love it, as is. It’s negation aura is really good defense. I should’ve held it back further the third game, but this is Malifaux, you win some you lose some, but you learn from it. This was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more local events in the future. I had a ton of fun.
  3. Hey there Wyrdos! We will be running an M3e Beta Tournament to have fun getting all of the rules wrong together! Tournament will be held at Dreamers Vault Games - Burnsville $20 Entry March 2nd 10 AM Registration 11 AM Start Time Store Credit and promo prizes 14332 Burnhaven Drive Burnsville MN, 55306 952 895 1989 julian@dreamersvault.com
  4. I'm glad to invite all malifaux players to tournament "Seeing off of Ramos" 27 of january! Address Krasnodar, Sormovskaya 12/11, room on second floor - fisrt round will start at 10:30 - 3 rounds - round duration 140 minutes - GG2018 - 50ss Preregister and more info by link https://vk.com/wall-127759599_371
  5. Farewell to the second, you have been with us for a long time and brought a lot of emotions and memories. Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to the last tournament in 2 editions of Malifaux. Start February 9, 13:00, 50 SS at Russia, Irkutsk, Baikal'skaya Street 250 / 1B, TC "Colorful Park", 3 floor, Hobby Center "The White Wolf". Our community https://vk.com/irkaux Hobby Center "The White Wolf" https://vk.com/hc_ww
  6. Hi Wyrdos! I'll be organizing a tournament of M2E, feel free to come! When? 16th of February, starting at 11:00 am Where? In Montréal area (Longueil), at the Zakeda store (https://goo.gl/maps/1VMY72BGxNK2) How? Following the Gaining Grounds rules, 50ss and M2E, of course Why? Because we wanna have fun and play together Between all the people that come, we'll decide the events for the following months Link to the event with all the information: https://www.facebook.com/events/364738737411377/
  7. Date: Feb 25th Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, NE 68116 402-991-8699 Time: Events starts at 6:00pm Cost: none This event will be 3 round tournament using M3E rules. The event will be fixed Faction. Crews are 25 soulstones. Rounds will be 60 minutes. Each round will use pre set strategies and schemes, with players flipping for attack and defender each round. If you like to join in and don’t have models, there will be crews on hand to use. Players must have printed copies of cards of any models used for the event using the Feb 20th update.
  8. Come play in a one night tournament on January 10 at Valhalla's Gate ( 2525 Bernadette Dr, Columbia, MO 65203 ) Starting at 6:30 pm. We will play as many rounds as we can before closing with prize for best player.
  9. CaptainCon is back in 2019(and no longer super bowl weekend). This year its Feb. 8-10. Book your hotel now (you can cancel for free 24 hours before without a fee). Tickets are already on sale so get them now. Event will be 2-day 5 Round Gaining Grounds Malifaux event and there will be side events posted at a later date. Event will run the latest edition/gaining grounds pending any suprises. Come join us for some of the best Malifaux gaming a weekend can buy! https://tabletop.events/conventions/captaincon-2019 Make sure to reserve hotels for CaptainCon Feb 8-10! The room code is "CON" and you can cancel up to 24 hours before check-In for no charge (http://www.crownehotelwarwick.com/) Even if your only partially thinking of going good to get a room now. Rates are cheap too.
  10. Come Join CoMo Malifaux for an end of the year fun night. We will be doing a enfrocerbrawl on December 27 starting at 6:30 at Valhalla's Gate ( 2525 Bernadette Dr Columbia, Missouri 65203 ). This will be a two to three round game, where players can not play the same enforcer twice in the night. Prize for best player will be awarded.
  11. Come have some fun at our last Malifaux tourney of the year! Where: LaGuarida TableTopClub: Calle Bagatza 9, Barakaldo (Bizkaia). When: Sunday, December 16 - 2018 Doors open at 9.30. First round starts at 10.00 What: A 3 round tournament. With prizes for everyone! Rounds last for 120 min. Between rounds 2 and 3 we'll have an hour to eat. The schemes will be: Round 1: Public Executions Round 2: Symbols of Authority Round 3: Extraction
  12. We will be running our THIRD Malifaux event at Fan Boy Three, Manchester UK, so come along and give it a go! Date: December 15th Saturday Time: 11am start (registration 10:00 - 10:45) Entry: £5 Your henchman and host for this event is John Jordan 🧔🏽 Rules: This will be a 50ss Fixed Faction Tournament that consists of 3 rounds, 2 hours each round. There will be 30 minutes break between round 1 and 2, then a 15 minute break between rounds 2 and 3, 15 minutes again between 2. Schemes and Strats are our on the Facebook Event, link is at the bottom of the page. We are keeping it to a maximum of 12 spaces as we have a limited amount of room and scenery. Food and drinks can be bought at Fan Boy Three, although there are PLENTY of fast food places around. Also, back by popular demand, LEON Restaurants will be offering a box and a drink or burger/wrap, fries and a drink for £5. We can order that on the day. If you have any questions then get in touch with John Jordan via Facebook Messenger or email: fanboythreemanchester@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/events/1127819167386164/?ti=icl
  13. Hi there we are holding a new event in Huesca Saturday 17th of November (10:00 am): 50ss tournament gg18 schemes and strategies in a more competitive enviroment. (20€ inscription fee, lunch included) There will be prizes assured for every atendant. https://www.facebook.com/events/566229057163815/ Event will take place in: LALOLA: Av. los Danzantes de Huesca, 16, 22005 Huesca ROUND 1: Deployment: Corner Deployment (10) Strategy: Ply for Information (Rams) Schemes: * Surround Them (Rams) * Covert Breakthrough (1) * Set Up (3) * Inescapable Trap (6) * Vendetta (12) ROUND 2: Deployment: Standard Deployment (1) Strategy: Symbols of Authority (Masks) Schemes: * Punish the Weak (Masks) * Covert Breakthrough (1) * Dig Their Graves (2) * Hold up their forces (4) * Public Demonstration (13) ROUND 3: Deployment: Standard Deployment (5) Strategy: Public Executions (Tomes) Schemes: * Eliminate the Leadership (Tomes) * Undercover Entourage (5) * Search the Ruins (8) * Take One For the Team (10) * Public Demonstration (13)
  14. Good day Wyrdos, The fourth Faux at the Forge event has a date and is now up. As always this will be hosted at Stormforge Hobbies and Games in Warrington (Unit 6, Linerva House, Milner Street, Warrington WA5 1AD), there is onsite parking and lunch will be provided (dietary requirements please get in touch with me here or the store through their contact page). The event will be 3 rounds using GG18, fixed faction and 50ss. The results will be submitted to the rankings so if you do not want to be included please let me know at the time. The days schedule will be: 10-10:30 - Registration/welcome10:30-12:45 - Round 112:45-1:15 - Lunch/Best painted vote1:15-3:15 - Round 23:30-5:45 - Round 36 - Awards/raffle and goodbyes Prize support will be provided by Wyrd and there will be trophies for the winner, best painted and the bottom player at a minimum, further awards/trophies will be given out based on numbers etc. The event page on Facebook and the Tickets, there is a reduced ticket price until mid August to entice those early birds. We have space for up to 18 players. Any questions please ask and as always thanks for the support Paid entrants 1. Jonathan Cooper (paid) 2. Kevin Gillett (paid) 3. Cai Bird (paid) 4. Radek Bry (paid) 5. Simon Bloomfield (paid) 6. Daniel Vrsansky (paid) 7. James Crosby (paid) 8. Zed Strong (paid) 9. Paul Butler (paid) 10. Jason Fox (paid) 11. Emma Newham (paid) 12. Alyx Drake (paid) 13. Stuart Killoran (paid) 14. Danny Moss (paid) 15. Alison Whitfield (paid) 16. Matthew Jones (paid) 17. Luke Cocksedge (paid) 18. John Jordan (paid)
  15. Hello everyone! October 20, single tournament 35 SS at Korolev. Date & Time: Saturday October 20 11:00 till 19:00 Contacts: "HobbyGames Korolev" Korolev, Moscow region. Kosmonavtov ave., 20A, "Helios", 219 https://vk.com/hobbygames_korolev
  16. First of all sorry for my english and possible game mistakes, I didn't take notes in the tournament and I can do mistakes here. This will be a different Tournament report, I will tell you my impressions and my game style, that report will be of the valuable actions of every turn, and I will save my oponent crews in case they do not want to teach them, I will not post my crew or his crew, but if you read you cant take notions of it. G1 Darky NB Zoraida G2 Jon Ortiz TT McCabe G3 Rober Resus Yanlo G4 Linar Guild Hoffman G5 Antonio Arcanist Ramos G1 Zoraida's crew with 2 Will o'the Wisp to summon Grupps from the 2Ap of the Mother and Dolls from Zoraida, for me his biggest error was expose Zoraida to Snow charge on T2, with my Gamin I can kills Zoraida really fast. T1 With one push from Angelica Banasuva charge to Nekima T2 He expose Zoraida to do an Obey on Snow and Snow charge her T3 Snow kills Zoraida, Sandeep kills enemy sucker one Will o'the Wisp T4 Nekima kills my sucker and later I kill Nekima with my Vendetta Oxfordian, Sandeep kills the Spawn Mother T5 With only a few models in enemy crew I take the rest of the points One great game and great opponent, his crew seems powerful with the Will o'the Wisp taking 2Ap's actions I was took Vendetta on Nekima, Sucker on one Oxfordian and the central mission was Ply Result: 9 - 5 Win. G2 McCabe's crew with a Emissary, Jorogumo and a lot of minions to give upgrades, the deployment kills my enemy, he put his 50mm miniatures cover the rest of the crew and the escenography doesn't let him pass T1 Banasuva charge to McCabe and Snow discard IE to charge Yin with the Gamin and engaged with Luna and Emissary T2 Snow kills Yin and Luna, my crew takes positions and do some dmg on his crew T3 Sandeep kills Jorogumo, the Oxfordians kills Emissary, a Monk and dismount McCabe T4/T5 McCabe move, reactivate and move to take points, I kill the rest of the enemy crew except Sun Quiang for Take the Prisoner My opponet loss for the table elements, he play good the miniatures but he can't pass and with my placements, pushes and teleports I doesn't have problems with that I was took Hold up, Take the Prisoner and the central mission was Symbols, I kills so fast his crew that I can't take points of Hold up, mistake here Result: 7 - 2 Win. G3 Yanlo with full spirits and Sybelle + 2 Rottens, so much movement tricks in this crew T1 One Oxfordian take Vendetta from Datsue Ba, Banasuva kills 2 Seishins to cut his activation control, a Rotten takes Vendetta from one Oxfordian T2 He expose Yanlo and Snow charges to him, mi crew takes positions and do some dmg T3 Sandeep + one Oxfordian kills Yanlo, Snow charge and engage with 3 miniatures, the rest of the Oxfordians push the wagon and do some dmg T4 I kill his sucker with fire that was Datsue Ba, he doesn't take points and I take 2 points from Vendetta, I kill all his crew except Sybelle, Chiaqui and 1 Rotten that can't let me move his wagon to denny his points T5 Continue the fight to move his wagon nothing inportant happens I can't kill Sybelle or Chiaqui, and can't move the wagon My opponent plays pretty well but his crew have a lot of incorporeal models and my crew have full Ca attacks, that lets me kill him really fast I was took Vendetta, Hold up and the central mission was Symbols Result: 10 - 5 Win. In that point I was happy but knew the last day would be hard, what I didn't know was how fucking lucky that I was going to be... G4 This man plays milimetrical, is a really good player, and his crew, for me, is the best in Malifaux: Hoffman + Ryle T1 He do his chain on Ryle with triple Obey and kills 2 of my Oxfordians, Sandeep push him closer and summon Banasuva and Gamin, Banasuva hit him, and later Snow walk and hit him with the first big luck of the day RJ on dmg, Ryle ends to 1Wd T2 Snow discard IE and triple hit with and... can't do 1 dmg on Ryle he has Df8 because of 'El Mayor', Hoffman Obey Ryle and get him out of the combat, Banasuva charges to Hoffman T3 My Sandeep kills Hoffman with a moderate on , Ryle can't come closer because I can summon a Metal Gamin or teleport an Oxfordian to kill him, we fight for the points, place markers and move carefully T4 Snow kills Ryle and engage with Francisco T5 Angelica push my miniatures to get points and Sandeep kill the Guild Investigator that deny my markers For me the most dificult game in the tournament, we move very carefully but when I start with 2 Oxfodian killed that was terrible, for my luck I have the RJ on dmg from Snow and that was a reliable point, in all moment I try to get my important miniatures like Sandeep or Snow in the range of Medical I was took Eliminate the Leadership and Search the Ruins central mission was Public Executions Result: 10 - 1 Win. G5 I know he is a great player and in fact are the only with me that goes 4 - 0 so that will be hard again, he plays the Vox Ramos list, that push you with Mauler, Cojo and Captain and does 12 - 16 dmg out cards, bad news T1 Like in the G4 we move carefully, he put Strike markers with Ramos and the Child, I push an Oxfordian out of range of the markers, and summon Banasuva and Gamin ready to charge the Mauler, at this point starts the fight, he uses the Captain to push my Banasuva back, but I move one Oxfordian and shot my own Banasuva to push him again in charge range, Banasuva charge to the Mauler with +1dmg and , doing 9dmg + burning on the bear, and with melee expert atack hit the captain with a RJ on dmg, he prevents but gets BJ and die... this is the second point of luck and the biggest, Mauler dies at the end of the turn for burning T2 At this point he lost so many pushes, and the Strike markers doesn't are effective, I have the table control. Snow discard IE and charge to Union Steamfitter to try kill him and stop the scrap generation from Ramos, Snow can't do it and Sandeep finish the job T3/T4 I kill all his miniatures except Ramos, that can't move from his deployment zone, we decide stop play in this point I really have a lot of luck in the fist charge, because my Banasuva can't cheat the fate, the Mauler have a low defense but the Captain ... and he has bad luck on the prevention. Opponent crew and game style was good and hard but sometimes the deck want to speak. I was took Undercover and Guarded Treasure, central mission was Ours Result: 8 - 2 Win. I play a hight movilithy crew, pushes, teleports, placements and more pushes, with two/three heavy hitters and two supports, all the games have the Medical near to my key miniatures like Sandeep, Snow or Oxfordians My priority was engaged or kill his valuable miniatures with Banasuva/Snow and take position with my Oxfordians all the time that I hit I do with thx to the Gamin Try to not waste cards on hurt, select the right moment and waste cards on kill, a miniature do the same job on 1Wd or 10Wd Hope you enjoyed this report and thanks for reading
  17. Looking forward to seeing as many people as possible at the next wayland event which is being held on Sunday November 4th to avoid clashing with other events, this will be a great chance to squeeze in those last few practice games before Nationals. Venue: Wayland Games, 17-19 Eldon Way Hockley SS5 4AD Entry: £10 Paid on the day at the event or in advance via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/malifaux-monthly-wyrd-and-wonderful-tournament-tickets-50600617810 Date: November 4th 2018 Starting at 10:00 and finishes by 18:00. Date Confirmed. Rules: 3 rounds, 50SS, fixed faction. GG2018 strats and schemes to be used. Rounds will be 120 Minutes long. Player Scoring: This will use the standard scoring for tournaments in the UK. Bag 'o' tools will be used. Thus event will be submitted for UK rankings. please advise the TO on the day if you wish to remain anonymous Round 1, 10.45-12.45 Standard Interference Punish the Weak, Dig their Graves, Undercover Entourage, Take Prisoner, Vendetta Lunch 12.45-13.15 Round 2, 13.15-15.15 Corner Supply Wagons Gaurded Treasure, Take one for the Team, Show of Force, Hold up their Forces, Vendetta Round 3, 15.30-17.30 Flank Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak, Set up, Inescapable trap, Cover Breakthrough, Search the ruins, Prize Pool: Will be provided both by @Kewldown and Wayland Games. Entries 1. Tony Fenton 2. Reice Chaudhry 3. Soner Hasan 4. Harley Lazzle
  18. Master of Unexpected The Malifaux tournament in Brno. Fixed master list, 50ss tournaments on Saturday of 20.10.2018 we start at 10:00 and tournament should end around 18:00 in Brno Black Oil gaming club. Parking is possible next to the club and food and drinks are available. Prizes ensured. Come, it is gonna be big!
  19. 10/27/18Registration Time: 11:00am. Start Time 11:30am.50 soul stone crews.$10 for fully painted, $15 for partially/unpaintedThree rounds of play with a break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Where:Legions Hobbies and Games1130 Perry Highway Pines Plaza Shopping Center Pittsburgh, PA 15237 p: 412.366.3725 info@legionsgames.com Prizes will be based on participation, but will include first, second and best painted. Players must have printed copies of their stat and upgrade cards. Hiring pool of 100 soul stones and declared factions for each player. Hiring pool restrictions: Leaders are not factored into the Hiring Pool Soulstones, but should be listed. • A Henchman that a player might hire as part of a crew and not a Leader at some point during the Tournament is included in the Hiring Pool. • Out of Faction models may be included in a Hiring Pool if one or more special hiring rules would allow those models to be included in at least one Crew the player might build. These models do not cost an additional Soulstone when calculating the Hiring Pool total. However, when generating a Crew list for a Tournament round apply any hiring discounts or increases as per the special rules for those models being included in that Crew (e.g. Comes Cheap, Mercenary, or Dues Paid). • A player does not need to include models in his or her Hiring Pool if the model does not cost Soulstones (e.g. Summonable models) just as they would not need to include them in a standard Crew’s points. - A player will include any upgrades. For any questions PM lostnemesis or https://www.facebook.com/LegionsGames/
  20. Hello, Wyrd people from all over the Malifaux! We are glad to invite you to another Latvian Malifaux tournament. This one will be last in 2018 using GG2018 Feel free to ask any unanswered questions in this thread. Format: Single-faction, Master-led, 50ss When: Saturday, December, 8th, TBA Where: Dreamforge Latvia, Arhitektu 1, Riga, Latvia. Capacity: 8-17 player; 3 rounds x 135 min each Strategy & Schemes: GG2018, Strategies & Schemes will be announced at the event. Rules: GG2018, latest Errata & FAQ released prior to December, 1st, 2018 are used. Attendance fee: TBA Prizes: Official prize pack corresponding to the number of participants. 1 Small mystery box raffle for those who are not getting the main or secondary prize. "Wooden spoon" is choice of Dreamforge credit (9 EUR) or "Consolation Cocktail" from GameStation Bar (9 EUR) for the last place. Other: All models should be assembled and based on right-sized base. All models have to be carefully painted. Proxy according to GG2018 rules is allowed. Other proxy models need to be approved by the organizer before the event. Full-color copies of model cards and upgrades printouts from rulebooks are allowed. Malifaux suited deck is mandatory. (If you do not have one, inform organizer to prepare a deck for you). To register, please reply below or send a message to malifaux.Latvia@gmail.com with the subject "The X-Mas Faux Tournament". Please, include your name and contact method (phone number). Be prepared to pay part of the participation fee before the event. All registered applicants are listed below. 0. rganizer/Henchman/Proxy-bot: Tiaburn 1. Vladislav 2. Olga 3. Andrej 4. George 5. 6. 7. 8. --- Funded! --- 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  21. 50 Soulstones Tournament Date: October, 13th, 9:30 - October 14th 15:00 Location: Highlander Games Bremen, Bgm. Smidt-Str. 41, 28195 Bremen Rules: - fixed Faction - Gaining Grounds 2018 Rules set with one exception: No painting is required, but when Initiative is tied a fully painted crew wins against a not fully painted crew. - 5 Games, 3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday - Up to 32 players To Registrate write me a Message or visit https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=22017
  22. Hey guys the next installment of Wayland Malifaux is coming round I can confirm Wyrd prize support is being supplied for this event. There will be an initial cap of 12 people but more spaces will become available one we hit 10 players, wryd prize packs will be used on the day with the potential for extras from the store if attendance is high enough Venue: Wayland Games, 17-19 Eldon Way Hockley SS5 4AD Entry: £10 To be Paid on the day at the venue. Date: September 23rd 2018 Starting at 10:00 and finishes by 18:00. Date Confirmed. Player Slots: 12 Available. Rules: 3 rounds, 50SS, fixed faction. GG2018 strats and schemes to be used, but rotation is not being followed, as this would get a bit repetitive. Rounds will be 120 Minutes long. Player Scoring: This will use the standard scoring for tournaments in the UK. Bag 'o' tools will be used. Thus event will be submitted for UK rankings. please advise the TO on the day if you wish to remain anonymous Round 1, 10.45-12.45 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Corner Strategy: Symbols of Authority Scheme 1: Punish the Weak Scheme 2: Set up Scheme 3: Inescapable Trap Scheme 4: Show of Force Scheme 5: Take one for the Team Round 2, 13.15-15.15 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Standard Strategy: Head Hunter Scheme 1: Eliminate the Leadership Scheme 2: Dig the Graves Scheme 3: Search The Ruins Scheme 4: Recover Evidence Scheme 5: Public Demo Round 3, 15.30-17.30 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Flank Strategy: Ours Scheme 1: Gaurded Treasure Scheme 2: Covert Breakthrough Scheme 3: Undercover Entourage Scheme 4: Inescapable Trap Scheme 5: Vendetta Prize Pool: Will be provided both by @Kewldown and Wayland Games. The event can also be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/464771557351060 Entries 1. Reice Chaudhry 2. Troy Ashdown 3. Harley Lazzle 4.Andrew Humphries 5.François Langton 6.Richard Walters 7.Tony Fenton 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Soner Hassan (ringer)
  23. We are happy to announce our 3rd Malifaux Tournament in Schweinfurt. Its a GG18, 3 round, 50 soulstone tournament. When 28.10.2018 Where Jugendhaus Schweinfurt Fee 10€ More Information and Registration If you have more questions, feel free to contact me.
  24. Come down to Lost Planet Games in Torrance CA for our inaugural Malifaux Tournament! This Halloween themed event features official Wyrd Prize Support and some extra spooky goodies for the attendees! The 35 point 3-round event is aimed for new players to come in and meet other Wyrd enthusiasts and to easily wade into the foreign into organized play. (Future events will likely be at more standard/higher SS levels). Come on down and meet the community and have some fun with us! Soulstone Cap - 35 When - October 6th, 12PM Where - Lost Planet Games, 4626 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance CA More information call the store: 310-504-0518 or feel free to PM me! ~Shannon
  25. The Good, The Guild and the Ugly is a 1-day tournament on Sunday 29th July 2018. We will be using Gaining Grounds 2018 for strategies and schemes and will be a 50ss fixed faction event. The venue is Board and Swords Hobbies, 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ. Tickets will be sold via the store website and will cost £15 each, we will provide a buffet lunch as part of the entry fee. Hot and cold drinks can be purchased in-store. Facebook Group Tickets There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted and most sporting. The competition will be 3 x 2-hour 15-minute rounds, this includes 15 minutes of set up time. Regular time updates will be provided and when time is called you will finish the current activation and complete any scoring. The strategies and schemes will be predawn, the event will be on "Bag-o-Tools". Schedule: 10:00 - Registration 10.30 - Game 1 12.45 - Lunch 13.15 - Game 2 15.45 - Game 3 18.00 - Prizes Set your sat navs for 3 Jubilee Parkway rather than the store, they try to take you through the council works. The venue is next door to “Yes Electrical”. There is a large and free car park. Runners 1. Tommy Brown 2. Alex Billing 3. Bert Diamond 4. Mike Elvins 5. Tristan Malone 6. Tristan Malone +1 7. Owen Barnes 8. Elliot John 9. Thomas Chapman
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