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  1. Sounds interesting, but facebook is the worst place can ever be. Blog with podcasts or youtube podcasts/videos are FAR FAR better.
  2. Pick Ophelia box crew except Pere and bring Mah Tucket as second master and you will be fine 90% of time.
  3. i like furst mate, bayou gator and bad juju lots. also for me groostlang is so amzing guy when it comes to do/stop something as table quaters and for 5 making conceal for Z is cool too.
  4. Hello! Bayou player here, but always wanted to have Mei Feng in my collection. I have all gremlins foundry models and im curios how much models she need to perform good as TT/arcanist? At m2e main problem to me was that if you need to start another faction you need half of faction mininons/henchmans and its pretty expensive. Many models out of keyword needed for Mei to feel good? Thanks for your replies!
  5. Hope you will give free cards and rules in printable version at 28th of June. Dunno how at other places but in our local community is nearly dead for a last year. And if free rules and cards are guven with books/apss purchases/cannot be printed and so on it will be shooting in own knee. I know that we are living in world of EFFFICIENT SALES MANAGER but hoping that this time everything will be smooth and cool and i will get rid of thoughts to sell my whole faction for 200-300$ because no one buy it for a bigger price because Malifaux in my country is dead and people selling starters for 15$ just to get rid of that.
  6. Bayou gremlin was a symbol of M2E gremlins. Now its completely useless trash.
  7. i think its next level of toxic trolling.
  8. Hi guys! Gremlin player here. Haven't played anything but gremlins and dont have any McMourning players around. I always liked his style so after few years of wish-listing i've bought him. Can you advice some basic lists to start with? I got his box (but 1 nurse and 2 flesh constructs), Rafkin, 3 canine remains, effigy, emissary+1 zombie, 2 autopsy, centauroi and whole gremlin fraction (like 3x warpigs, Burt, etc). And what are the most usable upgrades are for him and crew?
  9. i think skeeter and criers will die turn 2-3 and you will be just with naked board. hard to imagine how this combo can make you 10 VP.
  10. Take Wong box + Burt Jebsen and you will be satisfied a lot. If your budget allows - take Swinecursed, Old Crancky & Sammy. Ophelia box imo not the strongest atm and containts only two good models - Francoise and Raphael. And imo Wong box much more suits for gg18.
  11. Burt and Ophelia box. will have access to 2 cool masters and will have tools for mostly everything.
  12. Backdraft is near to m3e. Sculpts are amazing, gamins are the cutest thing in our faction. I was assembling backdraft+Brinn for 2.5 hours. And tommorow ill get Zoraida+Swampmother+bultungin. I cant understand what have i done to designer It feels like lots of passive agression And new bases are not fine to me - 6x2mm magnets do not fit to them.
  13. mine has an extra hole at the back o_o whoops, i found it just dont have holes on a top wheel.
  14. Can summoned models take interacts on turn they were summoned?🤔
  15. Hello! Got a bit curios can be damage cheated when it's not a part of attack action. Examples: Bishop def trigger: After an Ml attack fails agains this model, this model deals damage 1/2/4 to the Attacker. Seamus "Do you know who I am" upgrade: Once per turn when enemy model within 6" passes a Horror duel, this model may deal 2/3/4 damage to it. And will hard to wound affect on theese flips?
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