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  1. Hope it will be cheaper then 100$ So excited!
  2. Hello! AT the start of 3ed i dropped Malifaux and quit playing gremlins. Now I'm getting back, grabbed Shenlong, Misaki, MeiFeng and MacCabe - their 2ed core boxes + most part of their keywords and some versatiles like tanuki, lone swordman, yasunori and some more. Also thinking about Yan Lo and Lynch. As far I am reading strats and schemes - it all about killing. I need to learn playing again nearly from zero and want to hear your opinion - what keywords/models and masters are suiting for GG1 and worth starting practice on them and who are not the best in curent situation. Thank you on your advices and I very apreciate your help!
  3. Misaki, McCabe, ShenLong, MeiFeng, Lynch are pretty good to go with the limited budget. Just don't blindly buy all boxes just because it's the same keyword.
  4. Hello, new 10T player here. If you mostly pick ook and versatile models for Shen - what are they?
  5. So after lots of thinking and analyzing I went to TT road. Lots of unique and fun masters with different play styles and aesthetics.
  6. So I understood right - Mei is pretty ok in her own keyword and can stay pretty ok with only them and 2-3 OOK models?
  7. thinking to jump in to arcanists train with Mei Feng. What other masters are synergizing with her and can share some OOK models? First ideas was Toni because of Captain and oxfordian mages. Second one was Kaeris and Hoffman. Which of those are suitable to Mei, cover roles or strats/schemes she cant do and dont cost too much to jump in?
  8. complexity is not the real goal at all. realy dont like gameplay when you need to meausre, calculate and overbrain each activation each turn.
  9. The most fun in Malifaux I had when i was playing Somer in m2e and had dumb luck crew. Like little bayou gremlins shooting with rams and blasting everything or het tottaly screwed. And bayou 2 cards. Wong in m2e was pretty fun - that big damage and lots of AoE badabooms. Zipp was kinda fun with all the crew flying around the table. Brewmaster general style is kinda fun with all that posion stuff, but he seems not finished for me, crew misses something. Mei Feng teleports are fun.
  10. Can Hamelins crew do dmg? And how fun is gameplay? Got bad memories after playing Ulix - all your turn is calculation of activations and what you need to summon and where.
  11. Hello. I was a Bayou player from 2016 but when m3e hit release for me my main masters lost their cool, flashy and big-bada-boom gameplay - Somer and Wong. Lots of masters become very straightforward or boring - Zoraida, Ophelia, Ulix. So I've sold the whole faction and looking for some new and interesting gameplay without boring moves. First I've thought about - Mei Feng with all that cool-looking teleports all around the map. Second - McMourning looks fun with all that poison, heavy damage and healing tricks. What master you find interesting, not very straightforward and cool gameplay?
  12. Sounds interesting, but facebook is the worst place can ever be. Blog with podcasts or youtube podcasts/videos are FAR FAR better.
  13. Pick Ophelia box crew except Pere and bring Mah Tucket as second master and you will be fine 90% of time.
  14. i like furst mate, bayou gator and bad juju lots. also for me groostlang is so amzing guy when it comes to do/stop something as table quaters and for 5 making conceal for Z is cool too.
  15. Hello! Bayou player here, but always wanted to have Mei Feng in my collection. I have all gremlins foundry models and im curios how much models she need to perform good as TT/arcanist? At m2e main problem to me was that if you need to start another faction you need half of faction mininons/henchmans and its pretty expensive. Many models out of keyword needed for Mei to feel good? Thanks for your replies!
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