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  1. green-n-dumb

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    It's pretty easy - 4 bayous from Somer, one alt Bayou and four metal one. 9 is enough for me.
  2. green-n-dumb

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    When i was playong lots of Sommer i was saying like "now guy in a cool hat activates", but my opponents were like "but they are all in a cool hats!"
  3. green-n-dumb

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    im using one metal warpig and two war wabbits, one war wabbit dont have raiders.
  4. green-n-dumb

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Dunno may be it sounds salty but im scared that we dont get anything new. Yes, Wyrd have ToS but what do Malifaux players get? No balance changes (cuddling once a year Nico and Sandeep is not a huge work), no new models, no new book. Its like - if you want something new about Malifux - wait for uhhh...we dont know while and buy yourself some ToS. Realy sad and scared of stagnation.
  5. green-n-dumb

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    I have one sad box for useless models. There are Lenny, Glutony and wild boars (i dont have granny Z). So i dont know why are they trying to sell to us alt sculpt of one of the saddest panda of the faction. Dont know who will buy it for GAMES (not hobby purposes) at this amazing state.
  6. green-n-dumb

    Nightmare Ulix box

    I think i will just put wild boars on 30mm bases and run like a piglets for frendlygames. And make some magnet 40mm bases to put them for tournament purposes (wild boars tournament purposes for Ulix 🤣)
  7. green-n-dumb

    Backdraft box models

    Same here. It was like 4? months from showing us story encounter - and still no cards.
  8. green-n-dumb

    Nightmare Ulix box

    i dont know what to do with 5 wild boars. also it seems weird without addition of rainbow themed warpigs and piglets. but it looks very good, looks like time of mr.Ulix has come.
  9. green-n-dumb

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    One sad thing about this box - Ulix dont need all that wild boars. But design is amazing.
  10. green-n-dumb

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    Hello. I have a Sparks and Mechporky and long time looking on Mei Feng. She's like only master i visualy like outside of gremlins. What faction better suits her? Is there any budget way to build her? What models you are considering as must have?
  11. green-n-dumb


    Performer with brewmaster is true love. I have Taelor but haven't try her yet. Want to buy Hanna+Lazarus but dont know why And bloodwretch lying on the shelf.
  12. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    i just cant understand why i should play Ophelia. she has nice shots? take Somer with +flip upgrade, take student of conflict and summon 9 bayous - Ophelia will cry from that rams dmg output and card cycling with only 18ss investment.
  13. green-n-dumb

    Our worst models

    So may be post your rosters and thoughts to Ophelia tactica guide? It can be useful for lots of players and breaking some predjudice about her. She was on the shelf near 3 years for me and i didnt want to play her - why should you play Ophelia when you have Somer? Then i tried her at 35cc teaching game and i haven't changed my mind - why should i take her? Def of the crew is a joke, her only tricks are some pushes and trash markers.
  14. green-n-dumb

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    yup, but looks like we will get it near 2020.
  15. green-n-dumb

    MinMax | Henchman Hardcore Edition

    But why hog whisprer if old major and gracie can reactivate by themselves?