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Found 3 results

  1. I Nacional de Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 29 y 30 de Septiembre 2018. - SOLD OUT!! Desde GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) es un placer anunciar el primer Nacional de Malifaux! A este y al otro lado de la Brecha los más peligrosos líderes y las más letales jefas están escuchando la llamada para ver quién se alza con la victoria en este primer torneo nacional! · Estrategias e intrigas del GG2018. · Facción única, máster variable. · 3 partidas el sábado 29 (registro a las 10:45 y primera partida a las 11:00) y 2 el domingo 30 (primera partida a las 10:00, fecha estimada de clausura a las 15:00). · 2 horas por partida + 20 minutos para la confección de la banda. · Premio de pintura para la banda más espectacular. · Premio de pintura para la miniatura más espectacular. · Inscripción: 15 euros · Aforo: 40 jugadores (llegado el caso se gestionaría una posible ampliación). · Sábado por la noche: el favorito del Brewmaster! · Muchas sorpresas! Los detalles para el pago se irán actualizando esta semana. I SPAIN NATIONALS – Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 29/30th September 2018. In GoblinTrader we are more than proud to announce the First Malifaux SPAIN Nationals! Crew leaders from both sides of the Breach are being summoned to find out who obtains the honor of winning the first National Tournament in Spain! · Schemes and strategies from GG2018. · Unique faction, multiple master. · 3 rounds on Saturday the 29th of September (checking at 10:45, first match at 11:00) y 2 rounds on Sunday the 30th (first round at 10:00 to be finished by 15:00). · 2 hours per match + 20 minutes per round to hire the crew. · Special prize for the most spectacular crew. · Special prize for the most spectacular model. · 15 euros fee. · 40 players (if needed we would study opening more places). · Saturday night: The Brewmaster’s choosen one! (fancy name for pub crawling!). · And many surprises! Payment details will be added this week! *************** UPTADE - 9TH OF APRIL *************** Inscription is now open! You can all the information in the following documents, including how to purchase your ticket: English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5703rx86e2u0n7/Spain National Malifaux.pdf?dl=0 Spanish: https://www.dropbox.com/s/11tm5u0260nysk4/Nacional Malifaux.pdf?dl=0 We hope to include during this week another document with information regarding where to stay, eat and stuff like that near the venue. *************** UPTADE - 23rd OF APRIL *************** Updated with information packages both in English and Spanish. In these documents you may find how to reach the venue, hotels nearby and places to eat close to GoblinTrader. English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54f4r1v7gjmp16j/GUIA INGLES.pdf?dl=0 Spanish: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tb1tsfdk4evjqfg/GUIA ESPAÑOL.pdf?dl=0 *************** UPTADE - 31st OF MAY *************** Here is the list of players so far: 1. Víctor Tena 2. Noelia García 3. Noel Menéndez 4. Illán Menéndez 5. Andrés González 6. Carlos Jarava 7. Antonio Montenegro 8. Francisco de Borja Segovia 9. Ángel Sáinz González 10. Jorge Sanz Viñuales 11. Víctor Ballarín Ibort 12. Roberto Cabañas 13. Arlet Espinosa Martínez. 14. Manuel Martín Fernández 15. Raúl Babiano 16. Víctor Fito 17. Carlos Aguade 18. Luís Díaz Picón 19. Diego Allende Peña 20. Saio Hernández 21. Imad Nached 22. Daniel Taylor 23. Jon Ortiz 24. Iván Castresana 25. Ekaitz Mentxaka 26. Juan Manuel Vazquez 27. Sebastián Barceló 28. Luis Clemente Morera 29. Asier Antón 30. Juan Luís Mena 31. Carlos Alonso 32. Félix Porras 33. Álex Corredera 34. Álvaro Cronazos 35. Gonzalo Ramos Castro 36. Javi González Martínez 37. Daniel Nebrera 38. Rafael Sánchez Arroyo 39. Víctor Salso 40. Daniel Lardón 41. Jaime Sigüenza 42. Daniel Arroyo 43. José Carlos Andrés 44. Moisés Ronda Ferrer 45. Diego Paredes 46. Antonio Chuzo Gallego 47. Jack Notley 48. Iván (colega Asmita) 49. Borja Losa 50. Sergio Iglesias Chapero 51. Daniel Díaz 52. Javier Fernández Martínez 53. Alejandro Fernández Asensio 54. Steven Lance 55. José Luque 56. Jorge García Lorenzo 57. Álvaro Prieto 58. Juan Sanz Rodríguez 59. Miguel Vega Piniella 60. Israel Pujagut 61. Mario Conde López 62. Paul Butler *************** UPTADE - 13th OF JUNE *************** Here are the schemes and strategies for the upcoming Nacional! https://www.dropbox.com/s/arjx0htf6qf6bl2/Estrategias e Intrigas Nacional.pdf?dl=0
  2. Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted. I have slowly started to get into Malifaux again, and I was specifically curious to ask if Wyrd plans to offer an option at some point in the future for out of print miniatures/models? I always had a dream to collect everything malifaux, and I just didn't have the money, (and kinda still don't.) Acquiring the books, ezine, and supplements is easy via drive-thru rpg. However, not so much with physical miniatures? It's kinda hard to find 1st edition stuff on Amazon or eBay. I would love the ability at some point to be able to purchase past miniatures, even if it was more expansive.
  3. NOW SOLD OUT Hey everyone, Bunty and I would love to welcome you to a Halloween-themed story encounter - 3 games of spooky fun with a running story we're sure you'll know and love. This will be a light-hearted event. We will be teasing more details closer to the time, but we wanted you guys to get some details into your calendars Venue: Newbridge high school, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 2DQ Cost: £10 (PayPal Joel.henry@talk21.com as a gift) Details: 3 games, fixed faction. Story encounter (so expect some scenario twists) - the event is, of course, unranked. Prizes: there will be give-always for all participants, plenty of sweets, and some trophies too - but we're not giving away all those details yet! Date: Sunday 29th October 2017 SOLD OUT timings: venue opens: 09:00 rd1: 09:30 - 12:00 lunch 12:00 - 12:30 rd2: 12:30 - 15:00 rd3 15:15 - 17:45 17:45 - prizes and goodbyes venue closes: 18:00 We'd love to make this a spook-tacular event and the more sign-ups we have, the more we can add in! Thanks for reading, Joel and Bunty entrants: 1. Mike Marshall 2. Ben Harris 3. Connor Truby 4. Maria Wieland 5. Adam Hutchinson 6. Matt Ledgerwood 7. Ade Mills 8. Michael Jenkins 9. David Brown 10. Grahame Nichols 11. John Donaldson 12. Francois Langton 13. Pete James 14. Tony Fenton Here's some of the background to get your fangs into!! Faux Busters!! It's getting close to Halloween, and the boundaries between the world of Malifaux and the spirit realm have weakened. Citizens are reporting increased ghost activity and your crew has seen that there is money to be made! You've decided to set up a paranormal elimination squad in order to bust those pesky ghosts back where they came from - and make some scrip! With a bit of help from Dr Ramos, your crew has access to energy packs with attached guns, and a confinement box that should (you hope!) be able to hold a ghost - at least until Kirai can be persuaded to have a word with it and send it on its way! Who ya gonna call?? Round 1 - WE GOT ONE!!!! Your first proper busting job - and its a good 'un! Colette du Bois has requested your services in clearing out the star theatre of a few troublesome and, well, slimy ghosts that are freaking out Carlos and the showgirls!! Get in there are get em before the other team does - we don't want them getting the credit and the money! Round 2 - "Oh, we have to get these two together!" Your crew has noticed a civilian acting strangely (even by Malifaux standards, rambling about being a Keymaster and has decided to see what this nonsense is all about. You've heard rumours that a rival busting-gang ALSO has a civilian going on about the same kind of stuff....something about a gatekeeper? Why not get these guys together? I mean, what's the worst that could happen?? Round 3 - ??????????? (no, we're not giving you any clues on this one yet!)
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