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  1. I think he is great mobile tool to take out enemy flanking forces. With 25" (definitly overeager) threat range and good AV while he can take care of 1 squad/small fireteams in maybe 2 turns. But as always with RTs avaiable. Im also not impresed by alpha crawler. But i think he has some potential.
  2. Keep your reinforcments coming all the time and make sure opponent doesnt get any. Gibbering hordes models have terrible stats compared to other factions. But the idea is that they reinforce very well. (Zerg swarm?). Basic tools for that are: speckled crawlers (glory), frenzy (relics, necklaces) and feeding frenzy & spawning moon strategems. With these tools you should often keep up with reinforcing casualties you take. As it comes to keeping your opponent low on models: squall and cut them off are very usefull tools to reduce reinforcements. Armored whelks help in both cases: they protect from pinned and on glory remove tokens and give pinned. Try to spend your tactics tokens on strategems. And dont focus so much on the cards.
  3. Very glad that conversation started. It is obvious that mobility is name of the game. But my mainpoint is that if you make your normal list, you dont think about "omg i have to counter eel spam or im dead". The game gives you propper countermeasures to deal with extremes. But is it so obvious must have? Does eel spam will become meta just at the start of the game?
  4. In my opinion, deploying eggs is worthless. If your karkinois summon them its fine. But when you count the scrip cost it is always best to hire speckled crawlers. They are the core of GH reinforcement mechanics. Hell, if you summon some eggs i recommend to use spawning moon to summon additional speckled crawlers and flip all of them to glory asap. They are cheap, good tarpit, and RTs generators.
  5. Wow! Token for summoned models included in box!? Thats really innovative policy. Ofcourse you can argue that it spoils the fun of playing miniature games without miniatures. But man oh man. First time i see an legal example of such a summoning resolution. Big plus for wyrd!
  6. It is limited to 3". Yet, it is a little bit tricky to use becouse you have to already in 3" when unit activates. Overall agreed, the other hordes player when he knows whats going on with Eels can prepare himself for this type of play. But its all just speculation as said earlier. On paper things seem to apear a little bit different compared to the actual gaming expirience. As it comes to the other factions, they have strategems to deal with large amount of units (activate experimental systems or artillery strike) yet they are relativly easily avoided by Eels (RTs, high SP)
  7. Neat. Thanks for clarification. These rules are really well written.
  8. So The Frenzy have a Toss Around trigger on their melee actions wich states: If the target is a non-Titan, Place it into base contact with another Fireteam in this Squad. And there is a placing rule: When an object is placed, it is picked up and placed in a specific location, as determined by the text of the effect creating the place. If the place has a range, the object must be entirely inside the place range. Wich follows by the movement of fireteams in squads: When a Fireteam is moved by an Action or Ability of another unit, that Fireteam is moved up to a maximum distance allowed by the Action or Ability. If the Fireteam is part of a Squad, every other Fireteam in the Squad moves as well, but only up to half the maximum distance allowed by the Action or Ability QUESTION: when one of my Frenzy attacks is resolved with a trigger Toss Around against an enemy firetean that is a part of a squad, i can place the targeted fireteam in base to base with other Frenzy fireteam, but can i place any other fireteams that are part of targeted fireteams squad wherever i wish (ofcourse in formation with each other fireteam of the initial targets squad)?
  9. So i see many powerful possibilities with this 2 commanders (frenzy with healing magic *3 and toothlaces neckles and horomatangi with his bellow of command) in hordes company. It is obvious that this alligence benefits the most of RTs. Yet sometimes it is very easly abused (thanks to multiple speckled crawlers [wich are must have and are cheap as fü€k]) As commander choices, Stormsiren is very cool indeed. But these token festival (against the opponent can do nothing against) is pretty much overwhelming.
  10. Yes they do. Hordes player can achieve this pretty easly (squall strategem), others have some triggers wich are not so easliy achieveable.
  11. Well, the thing with Eels is that they arent cheap squishy fireteams. They have commanderlike AVs. And can also prevent dmg with RTs ( wich they start game with. At first turn they can easliy be deployed in cover (tide pools or behind other fire teams) and ofcourse dont forget the rng. Between deployment zones there is mininum 24" no mans land. If your opponent clmpany has really good chance to rush forward and hit your Eels (twice to kill each) DF:7 + cover at long range than... you can always deploy a little bit further (common wargaming practice). As it comes to hitting Vunerable Eels (without RTs). Its quite simple. Activation chain. Before you activate your Eels you have already activated everything in your army (hell, even couple of eggs!). When your opponent has finished his activations, the spawning starts. And at the beginning of turn 2 your Eels have 2 RTs each (prevention prevention!)
  12. I personaly know 2 friends that are prepared to buy such a list (with more than enough of reserve models) only to win every game. I assure you. Your opponent scores something first and maybe second turn. But then they will be overwhelmed and all objectives will be claimed by hordes player. In my opinion, it should be nerfed before its to late. Some people will buy 30 Eels and spoil the fun of playing the game. Everyone will complain how IMBA it is. Then it will be nerfed and people will be left with hundreds of $ worth of worthless models. IMHO not a good company policy.
  13. So i've been reading and thinling alot. Lets say you have a 2 commander list: Horomatangi (asset x y z) Frenzy ( relict of ancient malifaux + asset x) 2x Karkinoi 2x Speckled crawlers 6x Devouring Eel Now here is the tricky sequence. First turn both Karkinoi take focused effort for reinforcement token (+1av for actions) and spawn as many eggs as possible. Next you use Spawning Moon strategem to summon additional Speckled crawlers from one of the summoned eggs. Horomatangi casts Bellow of Command twice on two Speckled Crawlers for two reinforcement tokens each. Frenzy casts Healing Magic three times (on Speckled Crawlers or Devouring Eels. Doesn'tmatter) Each Speckled Crawler squad eats Egg for glory (and maybe additional reinforcment tokens) and take focussed effort for... ofcourse reinforcment token. Now if you deploy all your fire teams corrwctly, all your Devouring Eels (each with one reinforcement token already) should be able at the start of their activations: -'steal' (tasty snack) 1-2 reinforcment tokens from 1-2 Speckled Crawlers squads. -devour one Egg (or wichever fireteam) for glory -and summon new Devouring Eel (all these conditions take place at the same time so you as the acting player may decide to take them in this order). -Then maybe focused effort for... (freshly summoned Eels also!) Maths: You generate between 3 (if you are very unlucky) and 13 reinforcment tokens on Speckled Crawlers wich you distribute succesivly to Devouring Eels (they start with 1 and maybe will get some from devouring Eggs. With a little bit luck and cheating you should be able to summon 6 Devouring Eels (and ofcourse Speckled Crawlers!) on first turn of the game. Thats already 22 extra points in your company. You probably didn't do pretty much anything else besides that, but its fine for me. Turn 2: now your devouring Eels have 2 reinforcment tokens each. Your Speckled Crawlers generate 6 additional reinforcment tokens for free (endless [ability]). You may spend tactics token to summon devoured Eggs from the Turn 1. At this point it gets a little bit awkward. But ofcourse it is even easier to summon next wave of Devouring Eels and slowly start marching towards enemy. You have wasted 1,5 Turn but now have about over doubled the size of your original company. So yeah... Tell me please that i've read something wrong or didn't catch the timing on these actions. PS: my first post! Yaaaay!
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