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  1. Thanks for the report I plan on giving Nekima a go later this week.
  2. I dont mean a beater but has anyone successfully put together a build that has him wading in and brawling away? I love the model and the fluff and have played a few games with him and he is good as the support master but for something different id like to see if i can brawl with him. So by brawling i mean a bit of tanking with flashing fists!
  3. All these people refusing to play as Seamus cause he bad man! Its all fiction and sometimes its fun to play as a pyschopathic killer when you are in real life the complete opposite- an empathetic teddy bear!
  4. In particular Molly or Reva. I really want to give a Hoffman a good run and one of my regular opponents take ressers. Is it worth taking Hoffman against the ressers and what would you recommend taking?
  5. Trying out Kirai for the first time tomorrow. Taking Datsue Ba, Izamu and not sure what else. What should her first turn look like regarding summons?
  6. Always worth learning new masters....gets you used to interaction you might not encounter with your current master. Could be at least 6 months away but i suspect longer so plenty of time to enjoy 2ed.
  7. Turn one i try to activate Molly as late as possible. I usually get the necropunk or whatever to drop markers for Phillip and leave him as late as possible too. Molly is better later in first turn because the closer the enemy gets the better she can summon and then hopefully they have finished all activations so the summons can then do something. Ill normally activate one of the minions first to scheme (necropunk is good to drop marker leap then drop another one for phillip. The i do Belle stuff maybe lure a model im keen to kill in range and hit it with my beatstick. then Phillip gets the cards then Molly activates. Hopefully Belles and doxies or whatever have moved her so she doesnt need to waste AP walking. get her up to within 8 of an enemy or two and summon punk zombies. As many as possible. I used the red joker last night to get one and the 12 crows in my hands to get a second. The use her 0 to give one of the summoned an AP to hit. Normally then if they are all outactivated it doesnt matter if you chain into on or not. If they still have activations that have the possibility of killing new summons then chain into them. I like to take Bete Noir and if the summons do get killed she pops out. Molly is great fun and i havent played a ton of games with her but she is fast becoming my favourite. Im learning still but this is what has worked for me.
  8. Usually you hear about how good an effigy is in other factions but hardly ever hear anyone taking the Carrion. Is he eclipsed by other models? Doesnt do much? I was thinking about taking him in my Reva crew.
  9. @Sagrit i gather corner deployment makes the alpha strike harder?
  10. Thanks guys some good food for thought... @Sagrit interesting i might give that a try!
  11. I have played my first two games with Reva and won both. My list has been Reva, Emissary, Philip and the Nanny, Bete Noire 2 belles and a necropunk. I really enjoy the utility and price of belles and I am trying to work out whether i should give the shield bearers a go or not. the emissary has been good but i feel the mindless zombie i am basically bringing him for isnt making a big difference, i have no troubles with corpse markers and I am trying to decide whether to try something different in the crew. Ant thought?
  12. Trying to think of what it is is Im enjoying i guess its the setup and the way she does it all through the corpses but still needs to dance around and keep fluid. Hard to quantify. I like the mobility and the simplicity, there isnt a lot of choice as to what she does with her activation.
  13. Greetings all. I have played my first two games with Reva and I am enjoying the play style. What other masters play in a similar style. Sonnia? Raspy?
  14. Who is the best master to take on Pandora? I have little luck against her locking down the board and paralysing and chipping away. Any advice?
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