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Found 24 results

  1. So with the beta at the end and a release data for M3E announced I though Id get the ball rolling on Sandeep for this addition. now this does come with the disclaimer that all this is correct as of the time of writing (e.g end of Beta) rather than the printed rules, and there could be tweaks between what I've said here and the final version. It also comes with the disclaimer that while I've played something in the ball park of 20-30 games with Sandeep throughout the Beta its been against a fairly small meta (I mean I've yet to play vs Guild once!) and so there may be things
  2. Hi dudes! For long time ago I doen't play Mali, so I'm returning on M3E, in the rulebook says "The new model’s Health is set to the original model’s Health or to its maximum Health whichever is lower If the effect that Replaced the model Heals the new model the new model Heals at this point" So when I have 1 Fire Gamin, and summon 2 more with Sandeep, and with the last Fire Gamin with slow, replace for a Fire Golem, it will be created with slow, 1Ap and ONLY 4 wd? thx in advance.
  3. First of all sorry for my english and possible game mistakes, I didn't take notes in the tournament and I can do mistakes here. This will be a different Tournament report, I will tell you my impressions and my game style, that report will be of the valuable actions of every turn, and I will save my oponent crews in case they do not want to teach them, I will not post my crew or his crew, but if you read you cant take notions of it. G1 Darky NB Zoraida G2 Jon Ortiz TT McCabe G3 Rober Resus
  4. Hi! When we select Unaligned Sage upgrade can't have option to hire academics of another factions like Valedictorian
  5. PART I, SANDEEP In advance sry for my bad English and if someone want help me with the edition for the text can send me a mp with the changes and I will edit the post. Sandeep, or like a mate said one time 'Master of nothing'. He doesn't have one thing op, but can do all things good and can provide his entire crew of a lot of interactions. SANDEEP Card Front With his Arcane Shield and Impossible to Wound he's enough tanky to can move arround the enemy. (thx to @Adran for help me in this paragraph) His synergies with his crew come from Beacon. The ability allows
  6. Some great Lady J vs sandeep action! I listen to you guys about your suggestion for the upcoming videos and i hope the quality of the video have increased https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuAt8zn8RY4
  7. Sandeep's Tutelage upgrade lets him copy a Ca action from a friendly Academic once per turn (and also lets him temporarily make models Academics). Both of Amina Naidu's (0) actions have triggers that let her use a different action on her card for free. If he copies one of Amina's (0) actions and gets the suit he needs, say Missing Forms for example, is he able to take the free Collier Navy Sh action from Amina or not? I want to say the answer is no, since Sandeep doesn't have those other actions on his card, but I am not sure if that matters. What about when he copies Freeze from a
  8. I'm fancying a dabble with Sandeep and wondered what everyone felt was his must buys when putting an order together?
  9. I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that for this game week I can only afford the master and not any upgrades (you even have to pay scrip for 0 upgrades). I'll have to face Asami and a ten thunders crew in one game and Nicodem with some rezzers in another. Reconnoiter, Distract, Vendetta, Assasinate, Bodyguard.
  10. Using Rasputina's Freeze Over cast action can you target your own engaged model and hence paralyse the enemies in base to base contact? If your friendly target has Frozen Heart are they then immune to the paralyses but the enemies still get it? Also, if you're interested, I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that fo
  11. Hey guys, So I expanded into Arcanists recently and I am trying to figure out paint schemes for my masters. I have Ironsides, Kaeris, and Sandeep. However the stock art for the three of them, I am not the biggest fan of them as I play guild and like having red as my guild color. I have done some google image searches and not found a whole lot and was wondering if people here could post some pictures for inspiration. Thanks
  12. Hi! Sandeep has an action on one of his upgrades: (1) Action Through Inaction: This model gains the following Condition until the start of its next Activation: "Action Through Inaction: Once per Activation, when another friendly Academic in play discards (not cheats) one or more cards, this model may suffer 1 damage that may not be reduced to draw a card." How does that interact with Kudras "Butterfly jump" and "A worthy student". Does she get to draw a card once during each enemy figures activation if she triggers one of them? Basically do "once per activation" coun
  13. Hey all, so my LGS had a Malifaux tournament this weekend and I'm fairly happy with how I did overall so thought I'd share it with all of you! It wasn't the largest event, only 8 players, but we had a good mix of regular players and some people I hadn't seen before come out for it as well. The tournament had one of every non-10T faction show up, and two Gremlins and Neverborn player (I was the only Arcanist). ----- Round one was Extraction with Standard Deployment. I had only played against the Neverborn player once before at a previous tournament so I was going in not knowing wha
  14. Hi dudes! I can see the Sandeep's summon card on Wyrd page for download, but for example in app called Crew Faux have the Ramos's summon card and I can't find it to print. Someone can help?
  15. Hi dudes! This weekend I played an aprox. 30 people tournament, and now I'll report ^^ I don´t remember all the things, for example I can't tell you the upgrades of enemy crew, and if you see something wrong tell me please! In my opinion I played this tournament good but a lot of fucking red jokers on dmg killed me xD So... lets go! ------------------------------------- Round 1 Colette(A) vs Jacob(TT) Schemes: Headhunter - close deployment Claim jump Frame for murder Leave you mark
  16. Hi dudes! The next Saturday I'll go to a tournament [Declare faction + 50ss], and someone that knows me a little you can imagine I'm a very very meticulous man xD First of all this will be a hard and long post, if you keep reading assume that, and... if that are the case... thx!!! I'll go to explain all the shit of my head, and if you can and want, I'll really appreciate all the advices can give to me, thx for all blue mates =P I promise a report later if can ^^ I'll divide the post on sections: 1. Introduction 2. Min
  17. Hi everyone, Shapeshift Options for Myranda: Synergy with Sandeep So, I've recently started building a Sandeep crew. I've read quite a bit about the various models that tend to 'mesh' well with Sandeep, and I'm aware Myranda is essentially an auto-include for most Arcanist crews. However, I was curious what particular beasts are the best models to have in reserve for Myranda to turn into? Most of the topics in regards to this are pretty old, and happened well before Sandeep. Here's a list of things I've purchased: Sandeep Box Marcus Box (Mostly to get Myr
  18. Hello all, I was Theory-Faux'ing and playing around with Nellie and Brutal Emissary combos and as good as the generic conflux upgrade is, many of the emissaries generic conflux upgrades are far inferior to master-specific upgrades not including all the synergy the specific upgrades offer. I wonder if there were any rumors of wave 4 upgrades on the horizon. Better yet, to make this post more fun, what would you craft if you could design the wave 4 conflux upgrade? I’d love to hear clever ideas that are not too broken. The wonderful thing about the master-specific upgrades is that
  19. Afternoon gang, Quick question for everyone. Say your Arcane Effigy casts Arcane Radiance on Sandeep. The wording of Arcane Radiance states "models which are damaged by one of this model's Attack Actions must discard ... blah blah." Does that mean that if someone else copied Arcane Storm via Sandeep's Beacon ability, that the Radiance would still apply. Because technically, it is Sandeep's Attack Action that is damaging the enemy model, even if it isn't Sandeep's AP that caused it. What do yall think? James.
  20. Hi folks, After a long hiatus, "Play It Like Beatdown", my blog about playing Malifaux badly, returns! In the olden days it was pretty much all about playing Marcus, but recently I've mixed things up a bit and started using Kaeris, plus I've got Sandeep on the way too. So if you want something to read which is certainly not going to make you the world Malifaux champion, why not stop by? https://playitlikebeatdown.wordpress.com/ Enjoy Dave/sssk
  21. Just been looking through the Wave 4 stuff and came across these guys. I haven't had the opportunity to test them out, but I think they seem really good for their cost. The ability to focus for a card pitch and also cycle bad cards out (particularly in an Ironsides crew where pushes are against def anyway) is great, H2K is great particularly if you take heals with Ironsides and their attacks and triggers are really solid. Has anyone had any experience using them? I feel like they would be a great flanker or even a sidekick for Ironsides in something like guard the stash or turf
  22. Howdy folks! I just started blogging again, and I've recently thrown together some info on Sandeep, including some ideas for using his summons! I hope you guys enjoy it! http://tobeanarcanist.blogspot.com/2016/08/i-gamin-will-save-us.html
  23. Hey everyone it's been a while since I was active here I just got to try my hands on Sandeep and he is awesome but I've been hearing some odd things about his beacon ability. The ablilty says: "Beacon: other friendly non-Peon models within 12" and LOS may take Ca Actions printed on this model's stat card at -1 Ca during their Activations. An action taken in this way may not be taken again via Beacon (by any model in this crew) until the next turn." Ok seems clear enough Oxfordian mage 1 uses Arcane Storm now when Oxfordian mage 2 goes he can't use the same thing. My confusion
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