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  1. That would be unspeakably helpful. Can anyone official clarify on this?
  2. I'm in and super excited. Still hoping my friends can get in.
  3. So, if my idiot friends all decided to forget to sign up is it too late for them to do so? As it stands I'm the only member of my local gaming group to be in the play test. If it is too late then I guess I'm going to have to learn to love Vassal.
  4. Very excited to be sending my paperwork for this. I've been wanting to see the Explorers for a while now, especially Umbra.
  5. My guess is that they'll go with whoever the ES's summoner is.
  6. My immediate reaction was to think of the 'shadow people' that are often reported by people suffering from sleep paralysis. If that's anywhere close they could be nightmares or woes.
  7. I mean her current main description actually says, "Most disturbingly, she instilled a sense of purpose and devotion in those around her that should have been beyond the ability of a child." Everyone she meets (except her parents) just sort of comes around to her side distressingly easily, and in her intro story Vincent , a veteran guild exorcist, actually questions his own motivations for helping her.
  8. I'm going to have to point out that Kirai was willing to teach the Court of Two how to enslave ghosts in exchange for a chance at getting her lover back. Totally understandable but at best reckless, at worst aiding a hostile invading force. It hurts me to say it, her relationship with Molly was one of my favorite parts of the story and I'd love to see her on the side of angles again. Also Reva seems nice but there is a definite maybe kinda mind control vibe there. Maybe she doesn't know she's doing it but it's still a little creepy. Nelly is the worst, just the worst.
  9. Or an Imp Poster. I'll see myself out too.
  10. This is really a suggestion for a range rather than a single model, but I'd really love to see Waldo cosplaying as the different effigies.
  11. It's very hard to get a six pack when your entire torso is a mouth. Also while I miss the adorable malevolence of the old school dream critters I do dig that they are getting scarier as the dreamer gets older and more traumatized.
  12. Now the other question is will they be asking for volunteers this year. I had a blast demoing TOS for folks last year and I've already gotten my three day pass.
  13. At my friendly local gaming store they have a pretty solid Warmahordes community and one of the guys who plays Gatormen there had a pretty cool solution to his need for large deep water tokens. He found glass petri dishes of the right size and half filled them with clear epoxy before adding swampy elements like twigs for fallen trees and tufts of long modeling grass. I'm thinking of trying the same for tidepools but with sand and pebbles to make it beachy.
  14. Yeah, mine did arrive yesterday. It came through in my spam folder though. So I'd double check there if you haven't seen it yet.
  15. All good then. I figured it was something like that.
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