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  1. Inefficiency_Expert

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    It's very hard to get a six pack when your entire torso is a mouth. Also while I miss the adorable malevolence of the old school dream critters I do dig that they are getting scarier as the dreamer gets older and more traumatized.
  2. Inefficiency_Expert

    Wyrd at Pax Unplugged 2018?

    Now the other question is will they be asking for volunteers this year. I had a blast demoing TOS for folks last year and I've already gotten my three day pass.
  3. Inefficiency_Expert

    Need inspiration for 120mm terrain features

    At my friendly local gaming store they have a pretty solid Warmahordes community and one of the guys who plays Gatormen there had a pretty cool solution to his need for large deep water tokens. He found glass petri dishes of the right size and half filled them with clear epoxy before adding swampy elements like twigs for fallen trees and tufts of long modeling grass. I'm thinking of trying the same for tidepools but with sand and pebbles to make it beachy.
  4. Inefficiency_Expert


    Yeah, mine did arrive yesterday. It came through in my spam folder though. So I'd double check there if you haven't seen it yet.
  5. Inefficiency_Expert


    All good then. I figured it was something like that.
  6. Inefficiency_Expert


    Quick question; Two days ago the Kickstarter TOS update said this, "The second quick note, if you have already completed everything that was needed you will be sent an email late day tomorrow with a link to download the translated rules and cards of your choosing." That would have been yesterday when it was supposed to go out. If I haven't heard does that mean that I have something incomplete or is it just a delay at their end? Either way is fine, I'd just prefer to know if I needed to fix something.
  7. Inefficiency_Expert

    TTB One Shot - The Show Must Go On

    Yeah my store didn't get this for Free RPG day so for the first time in, I think, 3 years, I wasn't running TTB. Kind of a shame since it was kind of a weak year overall. We did have a lot of fun with Overlight though. That game has potential.
  8. Inefficiency_Expert

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Nope. I did however play Feng Shui/ Shadowfist, as did Bizzrak, I suspect.
  9. Inefficiency_Expert

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Oh hey, someone found Geoffrey. We must tell Professor Elemental at once. Bring me my time travel trousers!
  10. Inefficiency_Expert

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    I will name him Furious George. Also, is he a regular cyber orangutan or a cyber skunk ape? If the latter he could be Gremlin model. Sparks got creative with the local fauna.
  11. Inefficiency_Expert

    Is Kimon purely comprised of Oni?

    Also the Cyclopes are ice themed and use runic magic. Why, exactly, aren't they trolls? Side note, I've been to Greece and morbidly obese ice giants would not be happy there. 😓
  12. Inefficiency_Expert

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Well, the dreamer is Earthside. Maybe, LCB can channel himself through the minds of the sandmen. Is so, I hope that enough of them come together to make him a titan. Kaiju Chompy!
  13. Inefficiency_Expert

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    Clearly its Ms Weaver's on again, off again platonic boyfriend, the Brown Recluse.
  14. Inefficiency_Expert

    Friday Preview - Raving Madman

    Sorry about that. I'll tone it down next time. ...except about Oprah... she knows what she did.
  15. Inefficiency_Expert

    Friday Preview - Raving Madman

    It's hard to keep a decent beard when you're around fire as much as he is. Trust me, I know.