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Found 26 results

  1. The list i'm using to learn the sinergies of McCabe. What do you think? Soul Stone Cache: 1 [Masters] - Lucas McCabe, Relic Hunter, Leader [Henchmen] - Sidir Alchibal - Desper LaRaux [Enforcers] - Luna [Minions] - Huckster + Trained Ninja - Huckster + Trained Ninja - Ruffian - Samurai + Silent Protector The deployment is with hucksters as close as i can from enemy deployment area but close to terrain for his amazing movement. The rest of the gang around Luna waiting for her activation. First turn Luna drop a scheme market and run. Ruffian drop a scheme market, use his ⚡ to move 3" the samurai and walk to get focus. Then i activate LaRaux, Hucksters or Samurai depends of enemies moverment. The last 2 activations should be: McCabe search the Scrap, get a relic upgrade and give It to Sidir, then he uses his ⚡ to push him (and Sidir) 5". And last activation should be Sidir, he ido already fast, so he should be able to shoot some enemienemies. Some tips: First turns drop scheme markers in your area for future False Claim of the Hucksters. Try to scape from enemies and don't let them to get close to you. As soon as you can, give the second relic uograde to the Samurai. 3 shoots of his gatling are so dangerous. Use the ⚡tactical action of hucksters to get cards or soulstones as many times as you can.
  2. First of all sorry for my english and possible game mistakes, I didn't take notes in the tournament and I can do mistakes here. This will be a different Tournament report, I will tell you my impressions and my game style, that report will be of the valuable actions of every turn, and I will save my oponent crews in case they do not want to teach them, I will not post my crew or his crew, but if you read you cant take notions of it. G1 Darky NB Zoraida G2 Jon Ortiz TT McCabe G3 Rober Resus Yanlo G4 Linar Guild Hoffman G5 Antonio Arcanist Ramos G1 Zoraida's crew with 2 Will o'the Wisp to summon Grupps from the 2Ap of the Mother and Dolls from Zoraida, for me his biggest error was expose Zoraida to Snow charge on T2, with my Gamin I can kills Zoraida really fast. T1 With one push from Angelica Banasuva charge to Nekima T2 He expose Zoraida to do an Obey on Snow and Snow charge her T3 Snow kills Zoraida, Sandeep kills enemy sucker one Will o'the Wisp T4 Nekima kills my sucker and later I kill Nekima with my Vendetta Oxfordian, Sandeep kills the Spawn Mother T5 With only a few models in enemy crew I take the rest of the points One great game and great opponent, his crew seems powerful with the Will o'the Wisp taking 2Ap's actions I was took Vendetta on Nekima, Sucker on one Oxfordian and the central mission was Ply Result: 9 - 5 Win. G2 McCabe's crew with a Emissary, Jorogumo and a lot of minions to give upgrades, the deployment kills my enemy, he put his 50mm miniatures cover the rest of the crew and the escenography doesn't let him pass T1 Banasuva charge to McCabe and Snow discard IE to charge Yin with the Gamin and engaged with Luna and Emissary T2 Snow kills Yin and Luna, my crew takes positions and do some dmg on his crew T3 Sandeep kills Jorogumo, the Oxfordians kills Emissary, a Monk and dismount McCabe T4/T5 McCabe move, reactivate and move to take points, I kill the rest of the enemy crew except Sun Quiang for Take the Prisoner My opponet loss for the table elements, he play good the miniatures but he can't pass and with my placements, pushes and teleports I doesn't have problems with that I was took Hold up, Take the Prisoner and the central mission was Symbols, I kills so fast his crew that I can't take points of Hold up, mistake here Result: 7 - 2 Win. G3 Yanlo with full spirits and Sybelle + 2 Rottens, so much movement tricks in this crew T1 One Oxfordian take Vendetta from Datsue Ba, Banasuva kills 2 Seishins to cut his activation control, a Rotten takes Vendetta from one Oxfordian T2 He expose Yanlo and Snow charges to him, mi crew takes positions and do some dmg T3 Sandeep + one Oxfordian kills Yanlo, Snow charge and engage with 3 miniatures, the rest of the Oxfordians push the wagon and do some dmg T4 I kill his sucker with fire that was Datsue Ba, he doesn't take points and I take 2 points from Vendetta, I kill all his crew except Sybelle, Chiaqui and 1 Rotten that can't let me move his wagon to denny his points T5 Continue the fight to move his wagon nothing inportant happens I can't kill Sybelle or Chiaqui, and can't move the wagon My opponent plays pretty well but his crew have a lot of incorporeal models and my crew have full Ca attacks, that lets me kill him really fast I was took Vendetta, Hold up and the central mission was Symbols Result: 10 - 5 Win. In that point I was happy but knew the last day would be hard, what I didn't know was how fucking lucky that I was going to be... G4 This man plays milimetrical, is a really good player, and his crew, for me, is the best in Malifaux: Hoffman + Ryle T1 He do his chain on Ryle with triple Obey and kills 2 of my Oxfordians, Sandeep push him closer and summon Banasuva and Gamin, Banasuva hit him, and later Snow walk and hit him with the first big luck of the day RJ on dmg, Ryle ends to 1Wd T2 Snow discard IE and triple hit with and... can't do 1 dmg on Ryle he has Df8 because of 'El Mayor', Hoffman Obey Ryle and get him out of the combat, Banasuva charges to Hoffman T3 My Sandeep kills Hoffman with a moderate on , Ryle can't come closer because I can summon a Metal Gamin or teleport an Oxfordian to kill him, we fight for the points, place markers and move carefully T4 Snow kills Ryle and engage with Francisco T5 Angelica push my miniatures to get points and Sandeep kill the Guild Investigator that deny my markers For me the most dificult game in the tournament, we move very carefully but when I start with 2 Oxfodian killed that was terrible, for my luck I have the RJ on dmg from Snow and that was a reliable point, in all moment I try to get my important miniatures like Sandeep or Snow in the range of Medical I was took Eliminate the Leadership and Search the Ruins central mission was Public Executions Result: 10 - 1 Win. G5 I know he is a great player and in fact are the only with me that goes 4 - 0 so that will be hard again, he plays the Vox Ramos list, that push you with Mauler, Cojo and Captain and does 12 - 16 dmg out cards, bad news T1 Like in the G4 we move carefully, he put Strike markers with Ramos and the Child, I push an Oxfordian out of range of the markers, and summon Banasuva and Gamin ready to charge the Mauler, at this point starts the fight, he uses the Captain to push my Banasuva back, but I move one Oxfordian and shot my own Banasuva to push him again in charge range, Banasuva charge to the Mauler with +1dmg and , doing 9dmg + burning on the bear, and with melee expert atack hit the captain with a RJ on dmg, he prevents but gets BJ and die... this is the second point of luck and the biggest, Mauler dies at the end of the turn for burning T2 At this point he lost so many pushes, and the Strike markers doesn't are effective, I have the table control. Snow discard IE and charge to Union Steamfitter to try kill him and stop the scrap generation from Ramos, Snow can't do it and Sandeep finish the job T3/T4 I kill all his miniatures except Ramos, that can't move from his deployment zone, we decide stop play in this point I really have a lot of luck in the fist charge, because my Banasuva can't cheat the fate, the Mauler have a low defense but the Captain ... and he has bad luck on the prevention. Opponent crew and game style was good and hard but sometimes the deck want to speak. I was took Undercover and Guarded Treasure, central mission was Ours Result: 8 - 2 Win. I play a hight movilithy crew, pushes, teleports, placements and more pushes, with two/three heavy hitters and two supports, all the games have the Medical near to my key miniatures like Sandeep, Snow or Oxfordians My priority was engaged or kill his valuable miniatures with Banasuva/Snow and take position with my Oxfordians all the time that I hit I do with thx to the Gamin Try to not waste cards on hurt, select the right moment and waste cards on kill, a miniature do the same job on 1Wd or 10Wd Hope you enjoyed this report and thanks for reading
  3. If a model holding one of his upgrades were to die within 10" of McCabe, Loan triggers, causing a discard and re-attachment. Since this happens "before death", is the model healed by 2 by a friendly Kamaitachi and therefore saved? Or does the heal+ push not trigger because it is McCabe who does the discarding, and not the model itself?
  4. So I was theory crafting and had a new list I wanted to try out. Likely it suffers from having too many moving parts but I thought it was cool so I am posting it McCabe w/ promises, saber, badge of speed 5ss Kamatachi 4ss Terra cotta warrior 6ss Guild guard x2 6ss Dashel w/arrest him 8ss Emissary w/ conflux 10ss likely taking Strange metal shirt but other upgrades availible total of 39ss which leaves room for izamu or bettari. probably needs to be a beater in that position. The idea is that your guild guard are scheme runners getting replaced by dashel. kamatachi helps with pushes and card draw, maybe healing, everything else is pretty standard. also having free scheme runners that can focus as a 0 action with the saber seems good. if you wanted your beater to be yasunori you could drop one or both guild guard and try to just summon all of them in but I like the idea of two together, one with strange metal shirt getting them armor 2 and the other with the saber charging things. Feel free to tear this apart in the comments. I am hoping to try this tuesday evening.
  5. Hello. Wanting to put together wild ones box and build a crew using all models in box. What I'm thinking Rollins black 4ss cache glowing saber, badge of speed, promises Iggy pup (Luna) Cherri Bomb (Sidir) by your side Patti Ramone (Mounted Guard) Ell I Ramone (Mounted Guard) 2x guild hound witchling thrall What do you think? What would you run with box?
  6. good morning all, I have been playing malifaux for around 18 months and recently made the precarious step into TT with the treasure hunter himself, and I could use some help from you beautiful people, I have started playing him and like the emissary (who doesn't want to push a model with an upgrade and give it fast) in a crew where everything has upgrades attached, my question to you is what minions do people use I quite lke wastrels min damage 4 seems pretty good for a 4ss model and the double walk plus defensive I like really the ones I've looked at and the reasons behind them are Wastrel 4ss - reasons above Dawn serpent 10ss- pure attacking goodness ml and ca 7 with pretty decent damage that gives poison, it has a good number of wounds and can heal itself so it makes it a prime target for my reactivate. illuminated 7ss - it is a tank it can heal regen decent damage give it fast and rip through a model a turn TTB 5ss - I like the fact that t can adapt to all stations, and that it can really help with protecting markers frim people like Titania, Rogourou, Parker. TTA - looked at these but I'm not sold as I tend to run McCabe with promises which makes these less efficient, I do wish that promises as limited and they created a new upgrade that give positive to Sh actions. guild hounds - if I'm going to run Luna, if I'm running kamiatatchi I don't tend to take them but I know that many of you will shout guild hounds at me. any comment or other recommendations
  7. Last weekend I went to the ITC with Team Lollipop, aka the finnish team and me - a random swede who had been invited to fill out the team. The amazingly friendly fins had been informed that my moderate success at swedish tournaments coupled with the fact that I hadn’t played too much the last six months meant that I wouldn’t be really improving their odds of a win but decided that my personality would do, for which I am very grateful. I didn’t really prepare properly from my hiatus by building crews before the tournament since I had a really stressful couple of weeks leading up to it. I mostly just threw in the models I figured I would use and got on the plane. I also didn't use the time during matchup to build my crew sinceour team tried to create favourable matchups of masters so I wasn't always sure which of two tables I would be playing. This left me sort of stressed during setup when most of my opponents seemed to know what they were going to play before coming to the table. Just deciding and building to the table and strat would probably have worked better. I had also accepted to take Sonnia into any interference games despite really sucking at interference, I should really have made myself a comfortable crew for that well in advance. My team did ok in my eyes, finishing 11th out of 18 teams. You'll see how I contributed below! Game 1 was Extraction (Standard), Claim Jump, Dig their graves, Leave your mark, Hunting party, Search the ruins. I played against Viktor from Northern Moose cavalry. I brought McCabe with Queeg, Francisco, a hunter, a guardian, Luna and the brutal effigy. I had all of McCabes 2ss upgrades and promises on Queeg. Viktor brought Marcus with a rogue necro, Myranda, Cassandra, a waldgeist, wind gamin, raptor and possibly something else. Queeg died turn one, I killed the rogue necro turn two and then most of my stuff died over a few turns while he scored points from the strat, hunting party and leave your mark. I managed to get a few strat points but failed miserably at everything else (leave your mark and dig their graves) so I ended up loosing 3 - 9. Luna was supposed to put markers for leave your mark but got tied up by a wind gamin and I really didn’t have the models to drop markers before the few kills that I did which made dig a pretty bad scheme for me. In retrospect I should probably have kept less minions around and gone for an even killier crew to score hunting party instead. This crew sort of felt like what I used to bring with Lucius last year when I looked back at it. I messed up my activations since it had been a while since playing McCabe so I managed to leave his waldgeist at one wound and have Myranda heal it right back up among other dumb choices. Over all I had a very enjoyable game despite me messing up and loosing 9 - 3. Game 2 was against Conor playing for Abnormalifaux. Turf War (Flank), Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Dig their graves, Mark for death, Show of force. I had McCabe again and he had Collodi. The board was really open and had some rough terrain in the middle so shooty crews would probably have done well. None of us went with that. My opponent had mostly cheap minions in the form of marionettes, a doppleganger, brutal and whichever effigy lets you push and three(!) stitched. I had Johana and Francisco, a death marshal, Luna, a couple of hounds and double wastrels. Instead of doing something sensible I figured that charging McCabe at a stitched turn one would be a solid move. Collodi pushed around all over the place and scored by digging graves for Luna and her canine companions. I actually facilitated this by charging him near scheme markers like an idiot instead of running away with my hounds. Johana’s only contribution was taking the last wound off an emissary that had been hurt pretty bad and marked for death by my death marshal (who else to mark stuff for death?!). I’m pretty sure he had frame on the doppelganger and that I stupidly gave him three points with McCabe, could have been something else too, Francisco did kill a few things. I also had show of force which I scored without much resistance since he only had one upgrade on the doppleganger. My idiot dash with McCabe payed off decently and I killed a lot of his stuff but couldn’t lock Collodi down. It came at the cost of needing to walk Johanna instead of killing stuff with her turn one but at the same time it kept my upgrades safe since I couldn’t be aggressive with her or Francisco which probably saved them from the stitched. My wastrels managed to get killed, I think one of them took out a stitched on two wounds. At the beginning of turn 5 Collodi was on three wounds and engaged with McCabe so a single weak hit would have killed him. My opponent naturally won initiative and Collodi killed so many models that I couldn’t score the last strategy point which cost me the game. Since I had the advantage of deploying second I could probably have been a lot smarter with my hounds to not give away such easy points on dig. If I had forced Collodi within the threat range of both Johana and Francisco to get kills I might have had a decent shot at neutering it. Final score 10 - 9 to Conor. Game 3 was Interference (Close), Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame for Murder, Leave your mark, Covert Breakthrough against Ross of the Pariahs of card. He had Seamus and I had Sonnia on a cramped city board. The center line had some ht 2 terrain dead center, two passageways and then some buildings before clearing up at the board edges. I used a malifaux child, Francisco, two stalkers with a handler, the effigy and a watcher. Seamus had bag of tools, his emissary, Yin, a couple of belles, Big Jake, the carrion effigy and another minion that I forget what it was. I had Sonnia and Francisco dead center. My right flank was the witch hunters against Big Jake hiding in a corner and a belle more aggresively placed. My left flank had my watcher and effigy unopposed. The rest of Ross’ crew was placed fairly centrally. Turn one started with me blocking off his closest approach. Well, so I thought, forgot that Yin can ignore everything when walking so my first big mistake was placing the markers close to her so she could clear them in a single walk. He responded by blocking off the other central-ish approach with shard markers from his emissary and then walking backwards to avoid Sonnia targeting it. Franciwsco pulled Sonnia up so she could target the emissary and she put some damage on it but failed to blast. Seamus popped right next to Sonnia and started smacking her with his bag of tools. Francisco was lured by the central nurse and was paralyzed by Yin who cleared my flame wall without any effort. I actually forgot to activate my watcher turn one which may have cost me the game the way it played out. The start of turn two saw Seamus ending Sonnia with a lucky red joker so not looking great. Francisco had paralyzed cleared by a stalker and used enfrentate a mi to get away from Yin and lucked out by oneshotting a belle with the red joker. The stalker and handler killed his emissary and belle which scored him two frame points for the emissary. My watcher and effigy apent the rest of the game running from Yin and dropping markers. The child tried to keep Yin engaged so she couldn’t tie them up but unsurprisingly failed the task. The stalker and handler actually managed to kill off Seamus when he came to deal with them but instead of dropping a scheme marker to secure me the win I used the stalker’s last activation turn 5 to shoot at Big Jake which had no prospect of giving me any VP. This intensely stupid rookie move cost me the game since I didn’t get my last point from leave your mark. The game ended in a 6 - 6 draw. Game 4 was another round of interference, this time against Panzer Harris from Squigs. The pool was Interference (Standard), Claim Jump, Leave your mark, Dig Their Graves, Mark of Death, Tail ’em. He put forward Marcus against my Sonnia. My opponent had Marcus, Myranda, Angelica with PP, double raptors, a night terror and two sabertooth cerberii and the jackalope. The board was relatively open but had a few huge rock formations in the center and some vantage point walkways in the potential deployment zones. Also a forest to either side. I deployed first (lost the flip) and Sonnia started on the ht 3 walkway where I thought she would be safe from attack. I had Francisco in front but below it, two stalkers and handler off to one flank and several small, useless models in a clump near Sonnia. The useless bunch included the brutal effigy, malifaux child, a watcher and a reporter. By the end of turn one I had three cerberii and Marcus uncomfortably close to me, all of them behind cover to completely break LoS. The flame walls my child had put up was useless since his entire crew had leap. I also had a rock formation in one corner of my deployment that was perfect for hiding a raptor behind. In retrospect I should really have left something there to guard that spot. Sonnia put a few points of damage on Marcus and the summoned cerberus which was close to him since I walked my watcher up to gain LoS. After that all hell broke loose with the huge cats leaping in and killing my stuff. I sent my witchlings to mark one cat on their flank but that gave my opponent easy dig points since Angelica put a marker there before the cat one-shotted a stalker and took points for dig. I eventually killed that Cerberus with my handler on turn 4 but not after it killed my other witchling. My center had nothing killy except for Sonnia and Francisco, the former was engaged until her death on turn three or four and the latter died first thing turn two from a fast cerberus. Sonnia managed to mark and kill a cerberus before dying which was some small comfort. What got her? A cerberus of course! Angelica spent the game in her deployment using PP to score leave your mark while the night terror gave Panzer his second quarter. I messed up my positioning so I had really big trouble scoring any strat points even before my whole crew was eaten. I stupidly forgot to mark Marcus with tail ‘em until the fourth round. By that time I had three models alive near him so they got eaten during the round and Marcus broke LoS to my only remaining model - the handler. In retrospect I should have blocked off the walkway where Sonnia was standing with a flame wall to block him from placing raptors or Cerberii there and stop her shooting. This game would have been more interesting for me if she had been untouchable there. An austringer should also have been my first choice considering the insanely high likelyhood of an arcanist going for leave your mark with practiced raptors in that pool. The game ended 10-2 since I managed to kill two marked cats. Despite the crushing defeat I had a really fun game, I don’t see that many cats at the same time. Game 5 was Collect the bounty against Jake from Drunk history. The exact setup was Collect the Bounty (Close), Claim Jump, Leave your mark, Frame for Murder, Undercover Entourage, Show of Force I figured that McCabe had served me well against Collodi last game so I went with him again. My opponent had a trapper hanging out with a couple of changelings and a doppelganger in one corner behind terrain. Collodi, Lilitu an effigy and a couple of stitched hung out more centrally. I rushed along but hid McCabe on my left flank where my opponent didn’t have any models. My slow rubbish crew was easily dismembered by Collodi and his friends. Turn two I lost both my enforcers and four minions and didn’t kill a single model. I had frame on my executioner which scored me two points. The game continued with him scoring for the strat until my only model was the trapper hiding in my deployment zone. High points included having my own warden flip a moderate hit against an activated Johana to take 6 hp away from her with the glowing saber when I reactivated it turn 1 and Collodi had made it slow and put on the condition to take it’s first ap. Think end of turn two McCabe and Luna locked Collodi down against a building and I figured I could put it down and salvage a turn on the strat turn three. That might also let me score leave your mark uninterrupted since most of Jakes crew was on the other side of his deployment. I had completely forgotten that he had a doppelganger to cheat the initiative so that went south really quickly when Collodi went first and killed Luna so it was once again invincible due to pushes. At that point I had mentally given up since I had McCabe dehorsed and a trapper as my only models and was down in points with no real prospect of getting back. I reactivated McCabe to put a marker down far off to his weak flank but Lilitu walked over to block it. I then hid my trapper behind a building and offered to just fast forward to the game’s end. Jake revealed that he would be doing entourage on Collodi which I had no possible way to stop. Final score 5-2 in Jake’s favour since he couldn’t reach my trapper to score more bounty points. I can’t remember what his other scheme was but I’m guessing frame since he didn’t score it. Jake was a great opponent but funnily enough this game felt the most one-sided since I got killed so quickly. After loosing over half my models turn 2 and not killing a single thing in return I had trouble keeping my cheer, apoligies to Jake if I seemed gloomy after that. Playing guild I should probably have identified that this was a really shooty scenario and picked a crew accordingly. Sidir and some other shooty henchman could probably have scored me show of force while also putting some real pressure on his crew and I should probably have gone for a second trapper. McCabe in collect the bounty is also completely rubbish since he gives out 4 points for being reduced to 0 wounds twice, I hadn’t realized that although Jake was very friendly in pointing this out before we got started. In retrospect I should have picked dear old Lucius and played just as tanky to possibly jump forward last turn and do entourage like he did. Would have been a lot more interesting as a game I think. All in all I put forward some sloppily designed crews severely lacking any credible threats to my opponent which let them run a little too wild (quite literally in the case of Marcus). I also failed to use my models to the best task a few times. On the bright side the aggressive nature of the games meant I had over half an hour to spare each round so I got to chat a little with my opponents as well as watch the end of some other intense games at the event. Every opponent was also a real treat to face so I had a very good time even though I was loosing big three of my five games. I would have liked to put up a little more of a fight but that’s what you get when you don’t prepare properly. I hope my opponents found me as nice an opponent as I found them. I think I kept myself in a good mood to the bitter end in all my games except the last one against Jake where I mentally gave up too soon. For me that felt like an achievement in itself since I can be a sore loser at times. Hope you enjoyed!
  8. Hello, guys, could you help me with my case? Few days ago I bought box with Relic Hunters. It`s a good set for me, but there is too little SS in box for comfort game. I`ve found some schemes how to hire crew for TT McCabe but i need something different... I need unversal roster where I can use Maximum models from Relic Hunters set. I need enfrocer and some more minions or other types of characters, I don`t know, please, help me! What do you think about using one of this guys as my enfrocer: Lone Swordsman, Izamu The Armor and Samurai? And also I found that shadow effigy and TT Brother works pretty good togheter. Also found that Terracota Warriors could be useful as protectors May be I`m on wrong way, what do you think about all of this? P.S. (Sorry for my bad English, just learning)
  9. Hello! I picked up the Wild Ones set and it is gorgeous. I'm a bit lost as to where to go from here. I'm also still torn on 10T vs Guild, but it seems he uses mostly the same things either way so maybe that's less of a big deal than I'm making it? I know he likes his Hounds, and it seems that Executioners are an ideal piece for the Mounted Guard to drag along. Austringers are always good, sure. Queeg is cheaper than Sidir as far as a Promises battery, but does he do anything else? Is Sidir good? How does it all that fit into McCabe gameplay? Are there any other models I should be looking out for?
  10. Hello! I picked up the Wild Ones set and it is gorgeous. I'm a bit lost as to where to go from here. I'm also still torn on 10T vs Guild, but we'll see how that goes later. I know he likes his Hounds, and Austringers are always good. Queeg is cheaper than Sidir as far as a Promises battery, but does he do anything else? Is Sidir good? How does it all that fit into McCabe gameplay? Are there any other models I should be looking out for specifically on the 10T side of things? Ten Thunder Brothers and Illuminated seem like strong options. The Wandering River Monks seem more solid after their 0ss upgrade. Any others? Any particular models you would drag around with a Mounted Guard (non-leader Cg7+ models)?
  11. I picked up the Wild Ones box and I'm planning on playing him this weekend against a friend. The problem is, I have no clue how to build a list for McCabe. Every time I look at him I feel like I'm either building the list wrong or I feel like I would just be better off playing him as Guild. In a week our small group has a local tournament and I'd like to play him but I'm just not sure how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi! I spent some time in painting from may 2016. It is important for me because it was my first good paint untill I became a mother of some wonderful daughter. She is elleven month now, and I have some free time at night to my hobby. This is my new album here The LowRes Paint where I and my husband wont to represent our processes in painting minitures, making terrane, and many other things we want to do. I'a a main correrctor of russian language Malifaux Wikia, and I want to make it a strong platform of Malifaux not only in Russia, but all over the world. Thank you. Special thanks to Wyrd for Malifaux!
  13. Hi everyone! I've recently started playing and, as with most games I play, I wanted to get a paint log going for it. I decided to jump in with Lucas McCabe and his Relic Hunters as I really like the look of the crew (though perhaps some research into play style might have been warranted first). What could be cooler than a 1920's New York street gang and a machine gun toting Arabian bodyguard led by Indiana Jones on a horse? I decided to start simple with Luna Next up I'm working on a Wastrel and decided to up the ante with tweed pants. Thats all I have for now, but more will be coming soon!
  14. Hey! I usually play McCabe on the "right" side of the law so I have no clue about his illegal dealings with certain shady syndicates. In a recent trade deal I got two oiran thrown in and those models are so beatiful I could consider going rogue just to get a reason to paint them. I know they have a rather shady reputation and I've looked over the card and not been extremely impressed. I figured someone here would have tried it. Can McCabe make the poor girls work? If you give 'em a sabre and manage to get fast and focused on them with the free upgrade that also synergises well with promises they should be able to wreck some face. Are they strong / workable but not the optimal choice / still suck? Any opinions would be welcome.
  15. I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I didn't see it in a cursory glance at the last few pages. I'm thinking of picking up the Aionus model despite it not really appearing to fit into any of my existing crews. The closest synergy seems like it might be with McCabe who already runs lots of minions who could have another source of Fast with Aionus, and also possibly playing into a control-based McCabe crew that is heavy with Slow. Has anyone had any experience or luck with Aionus in a Guild McCabe crew, or is there another Guild master/crew he works especially well with? Have there been any particular situations where you've reached to grab him?
  16. Hello Guild officials, Does a mobile list like below sound playable? McCabe w/ upgrades Luna Some number of Guild Hounds 3-4 Mounted Guard/Pale Rider/Lone Marshall I'm just getting back into Malifaux and was thinking about the most mobile (generalized) force I could bring to the table. Back when I played Chaos in WF I would take only horseback units and had reasonable success. Malifaux seems like a game that this kind of list can work in, it isn't great at everything (head hunter and show of force come to mind) but I'd like to out maneuver my opponent to pick my battles. Also I mostly have to work off my (poor) memory as I haven't been able to pick up all the books yet.
  17. Hey guys, new year (almost) so time for a clear out, It's mostly Guild but there's a few other odds and sods too. Postage on top. Most is built and primed (painted stuff listed in a separate list below): McCabe crew minus one Wastrel (Sidir primed white) - £18 Hoffman crew with extra Watcher, Metal Gamin and Peacekeeper (all sprayed in metal apart from Hoff who is black) - SOLD Guild half of Starter Set (unprimed) - SOLD Executioner (primed white) - SOLD Abeula (unprimed) - SOLD Riflemen (two built, one brand new on sprue, all unprimed) - £4 each Painted stuff: Executioner - SOLD Sonnia Crew - £40 Miss Terious - SOLD Perdita Kiss - £40 Santana - SOLD Pathfinder - SOLD I also have: Mr Graves - SOLD Metal Von Schill - £5 Ronin - SOLD Nightmare Metal Teddy - SOLD
  18. Hello wicked enemies of the guild! With McCabe being my main man i started pondering my options for trying him in TT. Owning most guardsman models I felt the natural progression would be to infiltrate half the list so I don't need to buy everything all at once. Since austringers are severely hamstrung in the Guild by not being able to be affected by any support models I have a sish to try and break them in TT. Has anyone tried them extensively in TT or are they considered subpar? I was thinking Toshiro to give them both focused and then the emmissary to make them have blast on moderate and severe damage as well as giving them fast and pushing them up. The scheme marker for Toshiro should be easy with Luna or a Hound who often chill turn 1 to not get picked off. A severe blast could put a dent in a lot of things I believe. That puts us at 19ss support for our 12 ss austringers but the support models could probably have other uses during the game. Any thoughts on this? Or do you consider Katanaka snipers to always be better with the same combo? The range of the sniper is sort of wasted since you need the enemy model to be close to the emmissary for the blast. /Ludvig
  19. Hey all Had a game with Jack daw against Mccabe last night, and I felt fairly sure how their unique abilities would interact, but I was nonetheless posed the question by my opponent, which then made me doubt my own judgement: Are Jack daw's cursed upgrades removed from Mccabe when he dismounts? The curses stipulate that if the affected model leaves play, and did not start the game with the upgrade attached, they are reattached face-down on the original owner (Jack). When mounted Mccabe would normally be killed, he is instead removed from the game, and dismounted Mccabe is summoned into play, and all upgrades attached to mounted Mccabe are passed onto dismounted Mccabe. We couldn't figure out which of the two was a more specific ruling, so we ended up flipping for it in the end to keep the game going...
  20. In the 2nd ever Malifaux report on my site, Evil Steampunk-magic-using Marxist Drug-runner Mei Feng takes on a man on a horse and his big fat Edward Scissorhands best friend in a strangely inappropriate urban cowboy landscape as two newbie players struggle again to get to grips with what the hell they are up to .. There is kung-fu, there are dogs and eagles, there is a Sikh with a machine gun and there is a lawyer (sending guns and money..?). Who knows what it all means - but as long as everything gets set on fire, and there is a post-battle analysis that is built on the basic principles of scientific socialism and underground insurrectionists drug running and crime in an all-round way which upholds the lofty ideal of communism and its ultimate values and goals in the face of undue provocation from the forces of reactionary Guild censorship and oppression, what's not to like? See the report at: http://www.madaxeman.com/reports/Malifaux_2015_1.php
  21. Hi all - I'm relatively new to Malifaux, been playing once or twice a week for the past few months and loving every second of it. After an early, fun, but chaotic time with Som'er, I picked up Mei Feng, and I'm really liking her. I've been running her as Ten Thunders, with various combinations of Kang, Rail Golem, Metal Gamin, Rail Workers, and Archers. I'm contemplating where to expand from here, and in particular, whether to emphasize Arcanists or 10 Thunders - eventually I'll pick up more of both but with limited funds I'd like to make smart purchases. I had been thinking I would get the Ramos box: Joss and Howard L. seem like they would work really well with Mei, and even the spiders could be good for some faster moving railwalk targets. But tonight I borrowed a friend's Sidir for a reckoning match, and he was the absolute star of the show: killed McMourning for Assassinate, killed other models for Reckoning, and even helped Burt Jebson (as a mercenary) with his Vendetta against Santiago. So now I'm wondering: in general, do people like Mei better as an arcanist or as 10T? Has anybody run her with Wastrels (since I'd have to buy the McCabe box to get Sidir, I'm wondering about them)? Other directions I should be thinking about to add some tougher, higher stone models to her crew for things like Reckoning? Any and all thoughts appreciated! -Matt
  22. Yosh

    McCabe Mayhem

    Hi fellow players, i'm heading to a tournament at the weekend and i was thinking on my army lists. I usually play Outcast crews but now i want to suprise my local peeps with something new: Guild. Especially talking McCabe. So i was digging trough the new book and felt in love with the Riflemen and Wastrels. This is the list i came up: Guild Crew - 35 - Scrap Lucas McCabe -- 5 Pool + Relic: Glowing Sabre [2ss] + Relic: Strangemetal Shirt [3ss] Drill Sergeant [3ss] Guild Rifleman [4ss] Guild Rifleman [4ss] Guild Rifleman [4ss] Wastrel [4ss] Wastrel [4ss] Wastrel [4ss] Witchling Stalker [4ss] So, the basic idea is boost the Riflemen into godlike level with the Drill sergeant lurking nearby them (:+fateflip on attack flips) and with using McCabe's Braying of the Hounds spell which lowers the all enemy models Df via a pulse. So i gave McCabe a shirt, so he wont die quickly. Hopefully. Well the rest of the crew is another sweet stuff: Wastrels has trigger which makes their damage into godlike level (you can see the pattern now...) but it makes them paralized too, so i've included a Witchling stalker to get rid of those pesky side effects. And again, their attack flips are paired, the lowered Df helps them to hit... And ofc. companioning is just a cherry in the top of the icecream. Any thoughts? Worths a shot? Yosh PS: proxy is allowed.
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