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  1. I took out a rider with a false witness. It was glorious.
  2. I should have been patient and done that.
  3. Given the complexities involved, I'm not even going to try to parse the legal issues. If wyrd is ok with it, in some shape or form, awesome, if not, that's understandable too.
  4. Thats part of why I want the "what did people take" more than the scoring on it. That seems like really unreliable data
  5. I asked this on AWP and DZ suggested tagging @kyle and asking here. Any chance we can get a look at the data collected by the app? I'm thinking things like seeing what masters are most chosen into which strats, which schemes are most chosen, which factions are getting the most play, or which masters are the most popular in each faction. The kind of thing we used to be able to get from that tracking website, but since the app is more in use, it should be more interesting data. If the data is only in db format, I wouldn't mind helping to find the answers to these questions, but I suspect th
  6. I'm excited for it. It isn't a guild model, so we will only see it in basse, but I think it be a common take in at least Basse, and maybe in McCabe.
  7. Challenge should just be assumed to not be on his card. Save a low mask to get him a third shot. And protect him with phiona I guess?
  8. This had me all excited to finally have a way to keep him alive.
  9. Thinking about the best minions in guild who don't rely on in theme synergy: Lawyers Domadors Thralls Pathfinders Austringers?? Guardian? Executioners. Feels like you could so a lot with those, but a few of the beaters I'm not sure are better than agent 46.
  10. I like the idea of summoning traps, and then using all the obeys to really get them into position, and to dare your opponent to give you more cards from pass tokens.
  11. But but but, we already have plenty of that.
  12. Also, What, and miss out on all those great internal synergies like counterspell and shielded 1?
  13. I was able to pull the 7-4 win. They were able to shoot up the edge turn 3, get me all 4 points for my schemes. Nino got killed top of 2, but the monster hunters, lawyer, and perdita with a key disengage flip from the neph, were able to hold the middle, and kill the rat kings, the prospector and hamelin, and get the lodestone onto the midnight stalker preventing him from leaping. Fun game, played a style I'm not accustomed to, but was able to make it work.
  14. I get to play tonight- vs hamelin in wedge corrupted idols Perdita, 7ss Enslaved neph 3 pistoleros 2 monster hunters Abuela Nino Lawyer Lots of scene marker schemes which should be interesting.
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