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  1. I have never been impressed by Sonnia's range reduction, but then I bet someone else has gotten more out of that one than I have.
  2. I completely agree. He did not. And this is someone that I usually agree with and that you are likely to run into in the vassal scene. Luckily for me it wasn't in game.
  3. Oddly it was the nests and the brocken that got me thinking about it again.
  4. Be warned, most opponents will just pick up schemes instead of dropping a marker, and I've had at least one person argue that the lawyer let's them decline to discard and so can't take the interact. I disagree with them, but it's not something that is pleasant to have to work out during your free time.
  5. Daw is a weird pick for symbols. @Miltarion did you lean into the ruthless, or go another method?
  6. Your opponent is right in that Pandora is one of the best at controlling the middle. You aren't going to beat her there. Unfortunately gg1 likes bunched up fights in the middle. Turning off candy's disarming with Dade seems like a good option. Hinamatsu is a really tough one to deal with. Both hina and pandora's ability to generate plus flips are going to make life tough for a journalist crew. You are going to have to avoid hina the best you can. There might be game in making hina charge her own stuff with Nellie. Lean into the slow, the obeys, and keeping them off o
  7. I find the emissary to be a liability against obeys, with his wp 5 and ability to smack the hell out of my crew.
  8. I've heard in a couple podcasts the recommendation that distracted cancel off focus like fast and slow. If its doing that, would that resolve the resiliency concerns?
  9. The change to burning is also part of what made them worse.
  10. The stalker got significantly worse than last edition, but I swear I didn't buy stalkers last edition, so I don't know what the idea is.
  11. I don't hate the sanctioned spellcasters. In fact I think I like them more than I do the thrall or stalker.
  12. Double huckster. Guess he didn't want to have to use misaki to get your markers.
  13. It seems to me that at the beginning of the edition, we were all hyped for this model, and now I never hear about it. Are people still using him? My theory is that people are using less minions outside of summons, which makes him less attractive. But I still think I like him (though I'll admit I have a hard time fitting him in)
  14. Antons +8 certainly swings things a bit.
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