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  1. The angel eyes/ big z list was the first I came up with for him too. The biggest changes I am seeing are that agent 46 with reflexes looks scary as hell. I'm trying to decide if matures for 13 points with upgrades are worth it (or if I just want to try to grow into it).
  2. Which is good, because if it plays out like last edition, it will almost never be worth using compared to just shooting another time.
  3. 4thstringer

    NB lucius

    It seems like Lucius has gotten a ton of guild testing, but not a ton of NB. Have people found anything interesting with him?
  4. 4thstringer

    22.03 Update

    They took her mask off of one more question, which makes slow news day worse though. I'm not sure the new attack is going to get any more use than reveal source, but I'd like for it to be seen.
  5. I still can't believe that was the case. I know it worked, but my mind can't handle it.
  6. I guess I would suggest playing the matchup a few times. I don't think you will find it overwhelming. The models with anti-undead tech aren't really that effective at it.
  7. Someone tried to convince me exorcists were good. I wish I could remember who that was. They were one of the only models I could not bring myself to buy for guild in m2e.
  8. Are they actually? Because last edition there were several guild marshall models with anti-undead abilities, but that certainly didn't stop me from seeing tons of Nico, Molly, etc when I played ressers.
  9. I see what you are saying, but I disagree with the statement that if you have to put in a lot of effort it's bad design. A lot of effort for a quite impactful result is a big deal. I don't think making the suit built in is close to the same level as making a leap stat need a 4 instead of a five. I would almost never hesitate to attack a counter attack model (I played 2 in my last game). But I sure would hesitate to attack if that trigger was built in. It goes from doing less than 1 damage on average per missed attack to doing greater than 3 on average per missed attack. That is huge. Obviously I need to learn to read. I'll get there some day, I promise.
  10. Thanks for tabulating these. Id imagine these also hit harder than most of those that are after resolving, but I'd note that a lot of those are already built in. Id add lotus eaters to the list, who have counterattack. I thought (and I can't pull up the PDF on this computer) that ironsides it's after succeeding, until she gets her grit ability. But that's literally based on last schemes and stones podcast, and it may have changed since then. I'm not sure I want it to be changed, because I'm not sure what they would take off lj that I'd be ok with. Decay I guess?
  11. I have no patience for people that won't participate in the beta, yet want to complain about the results. The community will be better off without them.
  12. So here is the big question. Lets say you win the initial flip, have the 13m in hand but no other masks. Your opponent doesn't cheat. Do you cheat in the 13m, even if it wouldn't kill the opposing model?
  13. I always assume my opponent has at least a 13 at the start of the turn, then I watch what they do to get info after that.
  14. A 13m on the attack is going to make your sword hit (most likely with a positive damage flip). Even a 13m isn't going to guarantee their miss, which is what you need to trigger the damage back. You have a better chance of doing the damage with the attack. EDIT: that being said, if you can get their hand down, pretty much guaranteeing the miss plus getting the damage can be a backbreaker for the opponent. Worth considering the more I think about it.
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