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  1. Ok, a list dump. I've played a bunch of vassal games with a bunch of different lists in the last two weeks. (Mainly but not all against corwin and Len) None are particularly innovative, but here they are; Recover evidence: vs viks Standard New Sonnia Criid Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Sonnia Criid Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Purifying Flame Hires: Samael Hopkins Greed Lead-Lined Coat Guild Steward Sanctioned Spellcaster Thalarian Queller Witchling Handler Corner Symbols of authority vs. pandora New Sonnia Criid Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Sonnia Criid Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Purifying Flame Hires: Samael Hopkins Witchling Handler No Prisoners Witchling thrall x2 Guardian Flank Corrupted ley lines vs. levi Hoffman Mech attend Joss Howard Hunter Kore Watcher Standard Corrupted ley lines vs. wong New Lucius Mattheson Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 2 Leader: Lucius Mattheson Totem(s): The Scribe Hires: Doppleganger Investigator No Prisoners Guild Lawyer False Witness Pathfinder Pale Rider No Prisoners References: Clockwork Trap Corner public enemies v. Parker Double Executioner (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Dashel Barker Totem(s): The Dispatcher Hires: Executioner Executioner 2 Taggart Queeg Guild Steward Rifleman Rifleman 2 Corner public enemies v. Lucius (guild) Basse Sonia Baby basse Rider Pathfinder Traps x6 Standard recover evidence v. Lucius (NB) Lady J No Prisoners (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 7 Leader: Lady Justice Totem(s): Scales of Justice Hires: Mounted Guard No Prisoners The Judge The Lone Marshal Exorcist Domador De Cadaveres
  2. Hoff, Nellie or lucius would be my go tos. Family can often disengage with bravado or get extra actions too get there.
  3. Played a vassal game yesterday morning, got about halfway through so not going to say which schemes I took. Playing against nb Marcus, Corrupted idols, in corner, research, vendetta, sabotage, breakthrough, runic binding I had Nellie, pp, Dade, phi, field reporter, undercover reporter, false witness, newsie, and investigator.
  4. Played one yesterday, on Vassal (yay for social distancing. I'm just now coming to terms with how many scheme marker schemes there are in gg1. So yesterdays was public enemies, with breakthrough, spread them out, claim jump, leave your mark, and one other scheme marker scheme. Corner deployment. I was playing against parker, who had doc, wokou, mad dog, sue, bandito, dead outlaw, and emissary. I took Daschel, queeg, dispatcher, riflemenx2, executioner x 2, and the stewie. Turn 1 I bjed a damage flip against parker with the executioner, and he got another executioner down to htk, then that executioner killed mad dog. (clutch execute). I summoned a mounted guard too. Turn 2 he killed the executioner, but overextended sue, so I killed him. He retaliated with the bandito and killed the other executioner (who was at full health, but was in the open after killing sue). He overextended Parker, for not much gain. I walk/charged daschel into him, then summoned off of this dropped marker to get a warden, who whiffed on parker. He chose to not lose 3 bounty points to score the first bounty point with bandito. mounted guard and rifleman got into it with a wokou. Turn 3- He had first activation, and parker stole a soulstone from me and got two more from dropits, but I took minimal damage. I put a rifleman, queeg, daschel, even the dispatcher shot into parker, he healed him some with doc, but in the end, a summoned sarge with 2 focus was able to finish him off. The mounted guard and the rifleman were able to kill the wokou. We called it at that point, because it was unlikely hewas going to score more than 1.
  5. Maybe other people like them, but I struggle with all those 0" attacks. I suspect you are going to want someone with some reach.
  6. I'd be tempted to bring judge for that sweet sweet long range stagger.
  7. Ok trying to be more positive:. We have possibly the best denial model in the game in the undercover reporter. Deploy him buried or don't, his version of arson being better than Iggy. Pale might still be the best rider. Give it time and we will find out. We don't have as many built in triggers but maybe we are less dependent on them. We have the best anti bury tech. Daschel and perdita got significant buffs. Most other factions can't match lone Marshall too. Have you seen anything short of a master match a severe with a second ram from the thrall? And you know how much I love traps
  8. All that's left is "do you already have sunk costs from last edition" and do you like playing the faction the designers aren't really interested in?
  9. I think that is why mounted guard and the handler have been the main suggestions. Mounted guard are more durable, and the handler can use soulstones. Honestly it still feels like too much.
  10. the place is minion only unfortunately.
  11. Another use- on a melee master in recover evidence. You can kill, use the push to move onto the strat marker without having to use an action to pick it up
  12. I'm very skeptical, but my main thought right now is with a mounted guard in an LJ crew. Getting judge, Greed, Jury, or a second beater up there with her could take some pressure off of her. Greed to prevent SS use or Jury and her anti focus and anti suits auras going. Getting marshalls up there to get the pulse focus from LJ killing helps too. You could also use it to move LJ up, then have her leap out to go after support turn one. Against hazardous users or blasters is could be useful too. Another use is on a witchling handler to get stalkers and thralls right in there. Because you are placing into base to base placing them to most effectively use their demise should be possible. Against Nekima it is a take 2 of for your front line IMO (I need to look and make sure it does pulses though). You could use it with traps. get a model shooting with that upgrade, then stick a track next to them to keep them back there. Extra points if you can toss them into hazardous.
  13. Thats the one that plays my daschel. He was the official daschel for 2nd ed until the plastic came out at least.
  14. Lots of guns mainly. I also killed off the nurse to avoid that heal. I think his insig totem was all that wasn't injured. Honestly she could have tried to heal up Seamus using terrorize, but I got everyone else.
  15. Vendetta and bleed. Bleed meant I left the rider and emissary alive when I could have killed them. Didn't like that one bit.
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