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  1. 4thstringer

    Guild Second at Gencon

    I don't know about the rats, but if I've gotten my opponent to play a bunch of fk I feel like I've already gotten value. Unless the engineer has been a massive buff they just aren't very good generally
  2. 4thstringer

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    Lucius. Because his fiction is the best in the game, he was my first master and I played him a lot pre-errata and pre-thrall and MH which makes him feel a lot easier now.
  3. 4thstringer

    Lucius unintended buff

    I used that once to run lucius halfway across the board one game. Fun times.
  4. 4thstringer

    Themey lists with off theme Masters

    One of my favorite types of list to try are lists where a theme keyword is heavy, but doesn't match the master. My most common two themes for this are witch hunters (for disrupt magic lists)and constructs, but I have done journalist, Marshall and family lists with other masters too. I find Lucius can run a pretty mean witch Hunter list, and Nellie can run most things pretty well. I think I want to try Sonnia with some too. What off-theme master/crew combos have you tried, and how did it go?
  5. 4thstringer


    I've been thinking about debuffs lists in guild. I think guild has some of the more interesting options for debuffs in the game. I wanted to compile a list of the debuffs we can put out, to try to make a true control list. I also wanted to think about which master I would use. Lucius and Nellie are my instinct on this one, but id like to see what else people come up with (I've done Hoffman ones where I spam one debuff attack, but it hasn't worked very well) So my list is as follows Lucius: red tape, talk down to them (upgrade) Scribe(red tape) Nellie-slow, fees (upgrade), incite(upgrade), scathing review Printing press -slow Phiona- -to wp Dade-slow, under investigation Nurse hb- pushes, straight jacket, strapped down Witch Hunter upgrade: disrupt magic Jury:fees, guilty Queller-slow, weakened, suppression markers Lawyer-fees, slow, paralyze Guild investigator-just act casual Monster Hunter-hesitant Riot breaker- insignificant, time to go Sanctioned spellcaster-earthbound, high tide Queeg - slow Daschel - slow Clockwork trap- slow Guild Pathfinder-slow Hunter- slow Warden-paralyze Peacekeeper-slow Nurse -take your meds Vogel-gag order Sam hopkins- flaming bullets I'm sure I'm forgetting some. What debuffs can you think of for guild or guild masters?
  6. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    No offense taken, trust me. I probably run more not good and overly complex crews in a month than most people do in a year. I'm the poster child for rube Goldberg lists that fall apart upon starting the fight. I disagree about a few things you said about the jury, but I talked about her in the wave 5 review, so I won't belabor that here. I will say the masks aren't the most important thing about her, just the most interesting from a "what can I turn on" point of view. The whole combo is probably to heavy on card eating, especially since every guild master is card intensive. It's one of the reasons the investigator and the scales were both in that list. After the game, me and my opponent talked about how a list with less jank would have been a win with less risk, but damn if I don't get bored to tears of frank after a while. I intend to run the jury, domador, doxy thing again, maybe even with Santiago. I probably won't pull it off, but if I do, it will be glorious.
  7. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    Maybe if you plied something with it. Htw makes it hard to remove the condition
  8. 4thstringer

    Guild Second at Gencon

    The difference there is that the Puke snake is good enough to at least make it a comparison (I still prefer the Cherub, but I rarely play lilith so I am probably wrong). The Gov's proxy on the other hand might as well not exist.
  9. 4thstringer

    Guild Second at Gencon

    I don't know about no totem, but no purifying flame is common. Malifaux child or even student of conflict are more common.
  10. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    It started as a perdita list. I switched it to lj after admiral V's suggestion above, and because ply was in the pool so I wanted to try to pulse off ply in his whole crew (that's been a goal for a while, have always been too busy killing to do it). The rest of the pool I wasn't specifically building for but it was public demo, vendetta (I did Santiago on Nekima before realizing what mimics blessing does), search the ruins, surround them, and hold up their forces.). My opponent had a list with collodi, Nekima, effigies, those bag of rot puppets, and marionettes. I think the belle is the preferred minion, but during my game I could see the potential of the Santiago/jury/doxy attack. Mimics blessing on Nekima put a stop to it though. Also, I wouldn't do it with lj, as she is pretty card hungry too.
  11. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    Unfortunately (for the purposes of this thread), I got so much out of LJ and nino tonight that I didn't get to test the ability the doxy to make a difference.
  12. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    I'm thinking something like this: Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: lj doxy 50ss Leader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Swordfighter 1ss Vendetta 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss The Jury 8ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Domador de Cadaveres 7ss Santiago Ortega 7ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Nino Ortega 7ss Hair Trigger 1ss Guild Investigator 6ss Dead Doxy 6ss
  13. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    Very true about perdita. I might switch that part.
  14. So I was looking at the dead doxy, inspired by Gnomeys story of facing doxy spam, and I noticed that the trigger to put the opposing model on negatives is a mask trigger. Since I like jury in perdita crews anyways, I decided to make a list that uses this. I also put in Santiago, figuring putting the opposing model on negatives flips is almost as good as +2 sh. I figured I might not have to beat Santiago half to death in order for him to contribute, and once he is beat all up using the doxy to push him or an enemy should be even better. Has anyone tried this?
  15. Gg get no respect. I watched a horde of gg beat Parker to death, stones be damned, once.