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  1. Looks like there were only 2 guild players at the Scottish gt. If those players are reading this, what worked and what didn't? Why are there so few guild players in the UK meta right now?
  2. I tend to think of it as a 7+ for a stat 5 attack that gives injured (so you might be attacking a very low def model) which you don't have to expose your master to any danger in order to do. Is it an all game move? No. Is there a very useful place for it? Sure.
  3. About Lucius- on his own card yes he is just a poor man's version of last edition. The biggest difference to playing him is that last edition it was rare to even bother with in theme models with him. Lawyers, though fun, were garbage. Guild guard were better once they got buffed, but honestly you didn't need them. Monster hunters and thralls were the way to go. Now you can still include some of them, but you will pay a tax and won't get cards for obeying them. You can end up instead with in theme stuff, a bunch of cards, and a real glass cannon in agent 46. Investigators are in theme, but tbh I'm not sold on them test. They also can act as conditional secondary beaters, which feels weird. Lawyers and changelings keep the obeys going (a thrall, monster Hunter, or executioner might be who you want to obey with them). So it's definitely a different play experience with him.
  4. Almost always. Htw or stoning for a neg still work.
  5. Try both see which you like. Or spend all 4 and put the effigy or a monster Hunter in. Who needs stones, right?
  6. I prefer A. Pale rider is nasty and if they want to brave your guns to get to it more power to em.
  7. I didn't even think about that. I've wanted to use nino to make them take concentrate actions to get cards, but that is even better. Edit: none of what I said works, I just heavily want it to.
  8. Agreed, but so far my opponents have not been able to pull that off. I assume that they will soon, or come after his willpower. LLC is a nice addition when I can afford it.
  9. I guess the shielded and shake injured? I suspect as my opponents get used to me and stop bunching up, this will be a more common usage. But if I can catch 2 or 3, even if I've got 3 big beaters it's going to be hard for them to match the combined damage which doesn't require flips of devastation. (This goes double if I'm hitting a master, hitting armor, or dealing with terrifying enemies).
  10. So I've played a bunch of games with the pale rider, and he is approaching auto-take for me. His revel in conflict with Devastation has just broken the back of so many crews for me. So often I have a couple of key enemies at 2-4 wounds remaining in the center of a conflict, and removing them all at once just plain changes the board. I guess my opponents will figure it out eventually, but right now it's bananas.
  11. Do you use the rider for buffing? For me he is ride with me machine untill turn 3, then he is all about the pulsing irresistible damage and burning and slow. The stagger is about the only other thing that interests me.
  12. Yup we struggle with that. Terrifying is a huge card sink. Imo, the best answer to terrifying is big attacks and card draw. Ruthless is great and all, but focused attacks feel like a better choice to me.
  13. I've started new players with both. I think Sonnia will give you more getting used to the conditions and summoning side of things than LJ, but LJ is more forgiving because the judge and scales get you cards, which helps especially early on. LJ does feel more flexible to me.
  14. I struggle with the same thing. They are really well kitted for run and gun. Extra actions from a por el, and focus from both their card and family values makes them absolute terrors. So the can push up, focus, charge to shoot, then back off with creep, then let the other one either push/focus or charge/shoot. It's a world of action efficiency. But 8 points for something so fragile is a ton. More experienced players will recognize that they need to die. I was also fighting a lot of sz 3 models, which helps.
  15. They caused a ton of damage, and helpee score me hold up their forces in one game and vendetta in the other. I still let myself get suckered until a few grenades when I probably should have used creep to pull them back, but they really benefit from being low points for getting a por el actions.
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