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  1. 4thstringer

    Themey lists with off theme Masters

    I enjoyed ml 7 rail golem more than ml 7 swarms. That was an enjoyable build. Any list using papa loco makes me smile. The meta seemed to be moving more and more towards murder balls, at least my local meta was, and so papa became really enjoyable. The one that got kirai had the emissary copy flaming bullets then pop out a fast papa to utterly cripple a crew that had bunched up. Card expensive but man was it cool.
  2. 4thstringer

    Themey lists with off theme Masters

    I really didn't enjoy the "Sonia without Sonnia list when I ran it. Just never really worked for me
  3. 4thstringer

    Who do you take?

    When I play nellie in interference I often will try to wittle their crew down, and push enemy models onto the dividing lines so they don't count.
  4. 4thstringer

    Who do you take?

    What faction are you playing against? Id bring Sonnia against ressers, gremlins, or NB, Nellie against tt, arcanists, or outcasts.
  5. 4thstringer

    Communication & Wyrd

    Glad to hear from you on this. Our metas are taking a beating right now, and we don't want to see the game die.
  6. You sure you aren't selling yourself short?
  7. So was the upsetting part that you were seeing your most beloved master not getting his due?
  8. 4thstringer


    I've ran it in symbols a fair amount, both with Hoff and Lucius. His gun is one of the few things that can hold off a leapy enemy from getting the marker, and his push helps help other models off of it. When lucius or Hoff obeys him with a push, he can then use his own push then walk to really get to the opposing marker fast too.
  9. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    I don't find I focus all that often. What is it about the bone pile that makes that so rough?
  10. 4thstringer

    Help me with my Nellie list

    I like the queller in this. I also like the pathfinder because I would assume if you can push traps into the strike markers they go away.
  11. 4thstringer

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    I love that you did the bone pile. Definitely on my list, cause it is interesting.
  12. 4thstringer

    Best spam lists?

    LJ with 16 guild guard
  13. 4thstringer

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    I don't know why we are talking so much about 2 master, when we all know 4 master is going to be where it's at.
  14. 4thstringer

    Looking for Guidance

    Its rough when you get the npe on a tie, I'm glad you got some models to the table that you hadn't before.
  15. 4thstringer

    Whose your favorite Guild Master?

    Huh? I thought in GG2018 brutal alphas were out and cagey play and lures were in.