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  1. The false witness would be so much better if it didn't die to a stiff breeze.
  2. I suggested switching perdita into that list and my opponents were all very excited for that.
  3. Honestly I think it will depend on matchup. So far this edition, my opponents can't seem to help themselves from bunching up and letting me blast or pulse all over them.
  4. I ran it tonight, against mcmourning. Won 6-2. It was pretty good. Completed both points for all my schemes, but he only had 3 models left turn 4 and I wasn't going to be able to get to and kill his rider. The staggered made a big difference imo.
  5. I need to put a disclaimer on all my posts that says something like "warning, following the advice of a mediocre player like myself could result in developing mediocre playstyle".
  6. I wish I could claim that idea as my own. It wasn't, but I couldn't tell you who on here put it in my brain.
  7. I would never put an upgrade on a rifleman unless I intend to run a very janky high range grenade list (one day I will run that one)
  8. You just made me silently mouth the words at my desk.
  9. I agree about the hunters not being durable. I tend to send them around the flanks, but if I use them I use their deadly pursuit to get them where I need them at the end of turn and am very careful about not exposing them to real beaters.
  10. Sounds like you are feeling more frustrated by scheme selection than deployment. I'm struggling with schemes in this edition too playing with guild. I tend to do well with search the ruins or breakthrough, can usually get at least one for power ritual, assassinate or deliver the message. Honestly my game is much more strat point focused than scheme point focused. It turns out if you kill a lot it's hard for your opponent to score.
  11. Besides putting someone in a position to drop a power ritual marker, where do you tend to get into trouble? Crews are very different in deployment needs. I tend to think of my deployment as several small teams, each with a goal.
  12. Ok, honing my 8 traps basse list. I'm going to try next game (assuming my opponent is ok with double masters) basses, Sonia, Pathfinder, undercover reporter. 8 traps. Has anyone else tried this?
  13. I recommend giving the PR a try with Hoffman. One of the things I have noticed in the few games I have played with Hoffman is that his crew is strong out of the blocks, but then can tend to sputter out in the late turns (though that might be a function of my natural playstyle). For those cases, having a pale rider swoop in, pulse out a heal and damage, or even a heal and everyone charge, can keep that momentum going and break the back of the opposing crew. HIs irreducible and slow would also make Titania quite sad.
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