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  1. So, side question for this. Are we expecting to see a considerable price jump if the US/China second round of tariffs continue?
  2. That's my biggest problem with daschel as designed. I haven't played it a ton, but you almost have to take one of either 1. The judge, 2. A lawyer, 3 Lucius (with several elite models) just to feel secure in your summoning.
  3. I love the hunters too. So much speed on top of the rest of the package.
  4. Ok, here's a use for the no prisoners upgrade I'm going to try tomorrow. I'm putting it on mounted guard. Next to the guild Sarge they can charge 8" to throw a grenade, then throw another grenade, then move back. Or, if you prefer charge to shoot their gun, shoot again, then back off with ride with me. I'm facing hamelin tomorrow assuming I'm feeling better, so I'm going to try it. At least against hamelin, rats are pretty easily killed to get me heals and pushes, and should be fairly bunched up for grenades.
  5. The guild is going to be in TOS, as are a couple masters. In addition, there are some models in kaeris's theme that seem to use burning man as related lore.
  6. So I've been thinking about guild lists that get up into your opponents faces. Mainly for things like cursed object, turf war and plant explosives, but also because that suits my playstyle. It struck me recently that guild isn't too bad at this, with a couple exceptions Augmented- between the give out of fast from Hoffman, and the speed of the watchers and hunters, and even the bunches of 2" pushes you can make, this crew can move up pretty quickly . If that wasn't enough, guardian throws can speed up anyone. Elite- dependent on lucius, obeys and investigators (which pair delightfully with false witness), this crew is mid range for this I'd say. Marshalls-imo the slowest bunch. Only lone Marshall and lj herself buck this. Witch hunters- Sonia herself doesn't mind lagging behind. The handler helps get witchlings upfield, and the sanctioned spellcasters can move when they need to. Sam is also deceptively speedy. Family- the push when focusing makes this not a standard gunline, but still rather slow overall. Frontier- much of theirs is how far they start upfield, and the Pathfinders little push. Journalists- kind of mixed again. The field reporters can really move, but this crew as a whole doesn't get going very fast. Guard- mounted guard and queeg can do a lot of work to speed this crew up. The Sarge has that +1 move bubble, which is nice too. The mounted guard are especially interesting to me because if you use queegs push to get 2" up from a model, then place them on the other side of you, you are looking at guardian levels of speed. And then a second can help you get further upfield. Don't sleep on the dispatchers consolidate power to move upboard too. I think this one (which is what got me thinking about this) is the one that could use the most care and practice before use. Versatile- the pale rider can do similar things to the mounted guard in early turns. Grimwell Has a decent push too Edit: I forgot the whole point of this. Am I wrong? Tell me what I've missed! Or am I a crazy person?
  7. The problem I have with spending more points on the rider is that he is already 11 points. The LLC put him at 13. At that point, I am almost more interested in a second master.
  8. honestly, I don't know the must buys yet. But these are some of the more basic buys that I think would make sense. So, in theme you have the Sanctioned Spellcasters, the Thallarian Quellors, and the Witchling Thralls. They are (in the same order) scheme runners, utility, and beater models. Out of theme, I think it was trist who was suggesting the Pathfinder was a really good fit. And the Judge is one of the best card draw models in the game right now, which is valuable with anyone.
  9. I think they changed that specifically to spite sonnia and Nino.
  10. LLC is the only one I consider anymore. 2ss is a lot. At some point I put the one that gives run and gun to minions on a dmr and didn't hate it. Id imagine id have a similar response to it on the witchlings handler or maybe the sarge.
  11. Yup. I denied breakthrough with it last game.
  12. Sanctioned Spellcaster. Sorry about that
  13. She can make the other side take interacts. Your opponent doesn't have to use those to make markers, but often will. If you have them with 2 of many of the Journalist models, you control that interact, which means you can drop a marker friendly to you.
  14. Ok, so I have not played Gremlins. TBF it was starter box Mah v. Starter box misaki, so any conclusions from it deserve a heaping spoonful of salt. She and her keyword are so good.
  15. And you think the SS is going to fix the speed problem?
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