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  1. Ok I did it tonight. It was wedge reckoning, which was ideal, but misaki with 2 snipers, which wasn't. The schemes were also bad. I leaned in on the concept, I took lucius, scribe, Nellie, lawyer, 2 false witness, doppel and agent 46. My plan was to use the lure to pull them in. I ended up instead doing a lot of hidden sniper shots to kill a sniper activation one and yamaziko turn 3. I did land the big one for 7 on misaki and 2 small ones to finish ototo and a wokou. The misaki one would have been better, but I messed up and blocked los to some. I would have otherwise killed her in one shot.
  2. What does your lj first turn tend to look like? I have a habit of activating her near the end and getting her stuck in. Usually this is into either a bait model or a pretty beefy and fast opponent (arrrrchie or a rider for example). I always go into my games saying I'm going to be less aggressive with her, but Im rarely able to pull that off.
  3. can you tell I was distracted? Will fix.
  4. Change the word from enemy to friendly, and build in the ram trigger. All the sudden she is interesting.
  5. Ok, I have recovered from my shock, now time for the salt. What a garbage attack for a seven point model. Its not like she has another, so the opponent knows just what is coming. Even if they do stay bunched up knowing she is comning, since it is a pulse,it won't includ itself. What is the chance of doing more than 2 damage. If the soulstone burn was automatic it would be better, but that is a pick or choose. It can't ramp up at all for moderate or severe, you just get the probably one damage it is going to do. The trigger I guess is potentially useful, but its not built in so you are either saving up high rams for it (which will almost always pay off more elsewhere) or stoning for it. And once again, the opponent can decide which is more valuable to them.
  6. NOOOO Everything is horrible and my day is ruined.
  7. Gah! You are making me doubt my read of Greeds card now. I still think my read is right, but I'm not sure. Would make her a really nice take into Aura crews though.... You know I already have a dual false witness Nellie/lucius list made somewhere to try to get 12/14 damage in an action.
  8. Ok, last night while laying in bed staring at the ceiling in fear of the death marshalls crashing through my windows to arrest me, I had an idea for a variation on a list I have played a fair amount. Given that everyone I have talked to has said that Pale rider should be nerfed with the errata, my trap spam list is going to need some new blood. So what is a loyal guild frontier pathfinder, with a pack full of traps to do? Here is what I have come up with. Basse Baby basse Traps x7 Birb x 1 Reichart Pathfinder Greed False witness. The idea is that instead of rushing my opponent and trying to pin them into their deployment with the traps, I want to try to keep my traps alive, bring opponents to them, and then, with the numbers of traps surrounding them, hit them really hard with greed. I figure I can use baby basse and reichart to pull enemy models into the trap pile, or quicksand if I set up next to a forest, then move the false witness up next to them if I don't have a high card to support greeds attack then really whammy them from a pretty safe distance. The bird is in to be another body, but also to help the pathfinder replentish our numbers. Until I think I am going to get this going, the false witness can work to set up basses card draw. I think I might need llc on reichart and greed, but I haven't counted out what that would leave me with. The Problem: I don't think this is an "every game, any schemes" type of list. Please give me feedback on what schemes, strats etc you would look for to drop this silly jank list.
  9. Drop frontiersman for a Pathfinder. Much better value.
  10. I had a fun one tonight. Ran an asylum crew vs a pretty new player. Grimwell, nurse hb, 2 nurses, 2 orderlies, the effigy with upgrade, and 4 doggies. Barely killed anything, and mostly ran around avoiding as much as possible. I kept a bury game with the emissary going. The nurses pushes were essential. I still don't get how the emissaries are supposed to get anything done.
  11. According the TFW you don't do any events. (though I think I saw an event near the end of the month in PA that I am going to try to go to).
  12. I'll concede Colette is good, but I haven't seen anyone run marcus in any of the 4 events I've been to (granted I haven't checked every table).
  13. The crews with the anti-synergies are simply less effective. Noone is playing marcus in events for this reason.
  14. What legal isn't always right is definitely truth both in malifaux in real life. But especially if you are going to focus on Hoffman, Perdita, Basse, or LJ, you can at least comfort yourself in believing that those themes are trying to protect people from actual monsters.
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