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  1. While I think that is the current take, symbols of authority is a big part of that. The big question is, if you wanted to one trick with guild, who would you run? I'm not sure dash is my take for that. I'd like Hoff.
  2. If I went to a tournament and faced Ivan twice I think I would be furious. I don't think he was balanced for the same game as guild.
  3. Do you not like Hoffman into Ivan? I've found that to not be horrible. Guardian and riotbreaker hurt his summon game considerably.
  4. I have at least one opponent who would say Lucius. All the obeys really tend to throw him. I think Basse could, if he can get nice work out of the sandworm.
  5. I realized the other day that the distracted changes help pine box too.
  6. Your Lucius game is so unique, but I've seen how effective it is. It's tough to deal with.
  7. So, how's it going so far?I see a guild player near the top, but don't know if he is in here. I know people from swampfiends chat are hungry to hear about his lj list against Reva. How are you finding the new gg? Good, bad, more of the same?
  8. I'm not sure they are great, certainly they struggle to compete with the Pathfinder and steward. But I certainly get some enjoyment out of them.
  9. Frontiersmens get lots of value out of their 2" pushes, field kit, and out of activation shots. Remember, they don't have to hit with the tomahawk to heal, and they are friendly to themselves. Their guns have 2 really nice triggers too.
  10. Also they don't pull it off of themselves. Sonia might be able to manage it will enough, but it remains to be seen. The steward might still have a place too.
  11. I think you might see stalkers to take off pyre burning.
  12. That's my trick. I avoid those opponents.
  13. I kinda wanna try perdita with pistoleros in the new scheme. I feel like you could really move the markers turn one with a few a por el uses.
  14. I haven't played against explorer mccabe yet, but I feel like new mccabe is a lot more dependent on the net gun.
  15. I'm honestly not sure yet. I need to mess with it, but I think it might come down to enemy faction and whether bait and switch is in the pool.
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