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  1. 4thstringer


    I think Sam is the model from that crew that I see little hope for. 2/3/4 for a 9 pt gun? No thanks. Another edition of him being a model you only bring because you like his story.
  2. Would you like us filling out the questionairre each week, after a successful test game, or at the end of the beta?
  3. 4thstringer

    Pray for Abuela

    TBH I am ecstatic over tough as nails, because what was there before was much worse. I'll take this version any day of the week. Edit: apparently I misread it. Never mind, will only use it if the model will die otherwise. Maybe a once per game ability now.
  4. 4thstringer

    New Hoffman.

    Its really cool to see because the best possible place for a game to be is multiple people looking at the options in front of them and having very different experiences with those options. Variety of play and all.
  5. 4thstringer

    Monster Hunter Creep Along

    I think targeting requires LOS unless it states otherwise. I don't think they need language for that.
  6. 4thstringer

    New Hoffman.

    That is wild, because while I thought I would really dig the cyborg upgrades, I found the jump to be the missing piece with him I didn't know I needed.
  7. 4thstringer

    New Hoffman.

    Laugh if you want, but I've had this issue with a couple of relatively slow, but still low range masters. Needing to use all your AP for moving your matter was something we saw in m2e as a real problem, and even with magnetic Hoffman never really came together in m2e until he was given a leap. I think you are really going to have to use harpoons to drag things in in a Hoffman crew, which is a mixed bag depending on terrain. It may be that his crew is better than i think and he's gonna be really good, but right now I am just not seeing it.
  8. 4thstringer

    Misprints and Typos

    Pale Rider- I don't think all it's actions are meant to be rapid actions
  9. 4thstringer

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    Abuela lost that ability. 😫
  10. 4thstringer

    Any changes from final closed beta?

    So only guild stuff got hit?
  11. 4thstringer

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I didn't think of using abuela to bring in Marlena. I do love that model....
  12. 4thstringer

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I guess I'm alone about being excited by Cornelius.
  13. So, given the limited bit we know right now, what are you excited to try in the open beta?
  14. 4thstringer

    Happy New year guildies!

    I've been a little absent here recently, between the TOS release and some illness, but I want you to know my heart is in guild (rumors of my decent towards neverborn are greatly exaggerated)
  15. 4thstringer

    Last 6 SS- 2nd Investigator or 2 x Guild Guard?

    I like the way you tried both. I love a pair if guild guard, but man is the investigator a good piece. Honestly perdita lists are the wild card here, there is no much other good stuff I'd want to stuff in.