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  1. In my games so far the opponent rarely removed them, and I probably put down 4-6.
  2. I wasn't part of the beta, so as soon as they started spoiling the new stuff I started playing it. 26 games in and here are my thoughts so far. 1. Practicing without having movement tricks to ball out bad decisions, then getting lots of movement tricks is a game changer. 2. We probably reduced raw damage output on 60-75% of our masters (dash and Hoff being exceptions, maybe luci) but everything feels more powerful and a lot more flexible. 3. I haven't played with significant "which title will it be* tricks on my side z because I had to ask "is it ok if I play spoiled things", but I don't think that will be relevant for anyone but Hoff or dash. 4. I'm having trouble finding room for the new versatiles in my list. Which is crazy because they seem very good 5. I underestimated Nellie 2, but I'm coming around on her. Do you agree or disagree with me on any of this?
  3. I would definitely run this. Just needs a couple spikes on damage flips and it's unstoppable.
  4. Kore+ lone Marshall for all the run and gun shenanigans?
  5. When you bring Klaus and Calvetica and a Changeling and doppel, all the sudden you have a whole lot of disguised. It changes the math for some crews.
  6. Apparently we haven't gotten any more popular. 20 players, no guild. Oh well, at least our new titles are cool.
  7. I agree with you on everything after the first sentence. Spell eaters is tough and spreads ping damage. That's the reason you are buying them. Guild mages are squish, and marker removal/ranged marker place, a little control move, and the heal is the big thing. To me those are two completely different roles to play. Yes they are both luxury cost minions but you are taking them to do very different things. The only thing I see about them being similar is they both dissuade enemies from discarding for counterspell and other abilities.
  8. Completely different roles.
  9. Do things like terrifying and boring Convo matter for Basse 2? I think it's just the TN of their actions.
  10. The problem I always have in gunline lucius is feeling like I never get up board enough to do any schemes. Were you able to use the horseys enough to get past that?
  11. That's the impression I've gotten online, but whatever the changes my locals haven't adjusted.
  12. Yeah, I've done Emmy three times and liked it so far.
  13. Third game with her tonight. Going into turn 3 I was in pretty good shape against Levi
  14. I ran her twice and liked it both times. Really fun.
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