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  1. This edition perdita has become very very fragile. They dropped her def and wp by a point, managed to make finger on the trigger less usable, and her trigger is rarely going to land. They also reduced her range and get ability to defend herself up close. Pandora is a crew that thrives off emptying your hand. She works in a bubble which candy loves. Perdita needs every card to get the most out of a por El. I'd go Lucius. Agent 46 for ruthless. Rider for ruthless, lawyers for models that are bad to use self loathing on. Alan Reid to get cards and to take advantage of staggered gained by agent 46 copying the riders gun. Or maybe a thrall for more ruthless. Just don't expect him to survive anything from Pandora. Don't count on take prisoner because people don't spread out in reckoning.
  2. I forgot to mention how much I love your idea of the thrall into Kaeris. I'll probably take her into Sandeep too, since I keep seeing fire golem there.
  3. I think I remember @Gnomezilla saying she liked them into the viks.
  4. One thing I like on Papa is you can use bravado to focus and close the ml distance, or if positioning is right to back off to throw more blasts.
  5. Somer might be jury's second or third best (dreamer/Tara 1+2).
  6. Tonight I'm playing some turf war. I call this list the trap bunker My plan is to, with the help of some terrain, try to make it very hard to find a place for a charge to land on my small group of elite guns. Those guns? Perdita, Santiago, agent 46, and nino. My last few models will either be a couple pistoleros or more likely the guild steward. This will both be table dependent and opposing crew dependent, but I think I can make this work.
  7. I was so embarrassed. I realized it hadn't come up before my opponent did.
  8. Three lists from Monday. Basse+basse Reichart Austringer Pathfinder Frontier man 5 traps Beat kaeris then realized I was cheating. (My black joker was missing) Second game vs Sandeep Lj, Effigy with upgrade Judge with LLC Jury with LLC Pale Lone Marshall Stewie Won that one by a miracle flip Game 3 vs Molly Lj, Pale rider 2 dm 2 ddc Lone Marshall Got crushed.
  9. Ok, lets talk about countertakes you take when seeing a certain opposing master. Exorcists for summons? Agent 46, Thralls, wardens for terrifying crews? Riotbreaker for friendly obeys users? Jury for buries?
  10. I don't disagree with that. But I would say that if they do that, they better buff just about every master in guild because we are already doing poorly enough.
  11. I'm talking mainly about tournament games. In my casual meta we are able to play with a mix. But in tournaments, I ride that crutch as much as I can. My experience has been if I am playing against something I consider a strong master (Molly, Von Shtook, Misaki, Shen, Dreamer, probably will find more) if I don't have the Rider I am going to struggle to keep up. Edit: Someone in my meta pointed out that maybe guild's playstyle doesn't match which my hyper-aggressive style anymore. They might be right. We certainly aren't the beater faction anymore.
  12. Yup. I should make that part of my signature, because I always mess that up. I tried him the other week deployed as normal with 2 bombs for plant explosives, and he was amazing. Even if you don't have a scheme marker for him, he is getting those bombs out and about.
  13. Why bring lucius to lead that list instead of say... Basse?. Only thing I see you are losing is the condition removal from the scribe, and I think basse is going to do more for you than Lucius with the rest of that list.
  14. God I hope not. The Rider is about the only thing keeping my games close tbh.
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