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Found 57 results

  1. pjs


  2. Sergey Loginov

    Improved harness

    Hoffman new upgrade, Improved harness. Can some thing Ignor this rule? 1. Poison. 2 Some other rule that says "may not reduce damage". 3. Or "Smell Weakness: Until the end of the turn, enemy models within 6" which are targeted with an attack action lose Armor and Hard to Wound abillities and conditions for the duraction of the attack action" 4. Another rules?
  3. In accordance with Improved harness card friendly constructs within 6 of the Hoffman with upgrade may not have their Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of any enemy efects that state otherwise. If we target the Hoffman's friendly model having ignore armor(PK, Guardian, Joss, etc.) with Obey CA and make this model to perform attack action against Hoffman/construct within 6, will the Armor be ignored? Ignor armor is not an enemy effect, couse the attacking model is still friendly to Charlie, so my consideration that it is possible to open hard cans with Obey. Am I correct?
  4. Hi, people. Another question. Leveticus Unmaking attack deal damage "which cannot be reduced and ignores Hard to Kill and Hard to Wound" Hoffman gains new ability with new Improved Harness upgrade: Adaptive Armor: friendly constructs within 6" of this model may not have their Armor ignored and may reduce damage regardless of any enemy effects that state otherwise. It means for now Leveticus cannot more ignore armor with unmaking and his new Desolation ability? Or it still working?
  5. First post here, relatively new to Malifaux. Wife and I demo'd it at GenCon last year and picked up a couple of crew boxes to eventually play around with, but I'm mostly a painter and less of the actual gameplay at this point. Finally diving into the C. Hoffman box and decided to tackle the Guardian first and veer away from what seems to be the pretty standard paint job of metal, metal, more metal, and some rubber tubes. I figured that if it might be steam powered that furnace heat could be put to better use. Did some minor conversion work adding a radiator to the inside of the sword and a green stuff hose to the outside to connect it to the elbow. Gem on the chest was smooth, had to paint in the facets to create the illusion of hard edges, results are decent though. Also got to try out the AMMO Titanium I picked up a while back as well. It has a subtle blue tint to it, nothing overwhelming but it adds a nice little bit of contrast to all the warm colors. Fairly happy with this, especially as a 'for play' model. Now I just have to do the rest of the box...
  6. Daju

    Daju's Guild Crew

    Hi Guys ! I'm Daju, from Grenoble, I'm passionate about Hobby. I'm here to share with you my passion & work : I'm a miniature painter always looking for new ideas ! You can take a look at my webSite & facebook page : - http://www.dajus-miniatures.fr/ - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dajus-miniatures/354188164666603?ref=ts&fref=ts There is some pics of my Guild Crew : Effigies : Justice's Crew : Hoffman's crew : Comments will help me to improve my services ! Good game to all of you ! Daju.
  7. Surrealistik

    Hoffman's Bird in a Box

    For those who have tried it, does Hoffman's Bird in a Box (Death Martial boxing an Austringer, then using a bunch of buffs on a Hydraulics/Targeting Systems/Power Looped Brutal Emissary and Machine Puppeting it to move into range of the enemy and Austringer spam using Tyranny of Order) put him on (or even near) the level of Sonnia or Perdita? I've got the models, but I've not yet attempted it. I have my doubts (seems a tad unwieldy; super counterable via Aionus), but on the other hand, I've heard of others struggling against this combo and bitching about it pretty loudly.
  8. 4thstringer

    Favorite independent models for hoff

    So, one of my main complaints with hoffman is that with his small bubble I often need models that can effectively operate independently. Who are your favourites for such a purpose.
  9. Hagisman

    Hoffman: Promises?

    So what do you guys think of using Promises in a Hoffman crew? Much like McCabe he gives out upgrades. Have any of you used it with him? obviously Promises would be on either Queeg or Sidir
  10. I've been trying to figure out how best to use Guild Hounds outside of McCabe. Since Luna is essentially the Guild Hound Master by getting rid of Insignificant for them it seems a bit like you're taking a hit if you take them out of McCabe crews. Currently my philosophy is that 2 Guild Hounds = 1 Six Soulstone model. So they would be vying for the same place as a Death Marshal, Warden, Austringer(not often), Pathfinder, or Lawyer. Especially since they have to contend with the Insignificant which without it would make them excellent scheme runners at 3ss. Usually I run the Watcher and now after Nellie's release the Field Reporter. How do you guys feel about them?
  11. So what's everyone's feeling on the Brutal Emissary getting Howard Langston's attack with auto-decapitate? Was it a mistake by Wyrd, and should it be fixed? For those not in the know: "Conflux of Amalgamation" makes the Emissary a construct, Hoffman gives the "Targeting Systems" modification to the Emissary, machine puppets the Emissary to bury Howard > the Emissary activates and removes the modification to add a ram to every Ml/Sh, getting Howard's attack with the decapitate trigger built-in. From what i hear, "Targeting Systems" was worded so that it can only be attached to Guild constructs to prevent Howard getting auto-decapitate. So was this missed in testing, or is it OK because of the resources you need to spend to make it happen (1 AP burying and maybe 2 wounds on the Emissary to make it Fast)? I want to be fair to my opponents, but i also want to decapitate them.
  12. How does Hoffman's Power Loop work with buried models? Specifically: If the Brutal Emissary buries a construct that has the Power Loop condition, and makes an attack using Tyranny Of Order, can the Emissary make the buried construct's attack action then choose a higher Ml or Sh stat from another model with Power Loop?
  13. Can Hoffman Machine Puppet the Brutal Emissary to do a 1 action from a buried model?
  14. Not as durable as a Peacekeeper, not as mobile as Langston, and not nearly as killy as either. Has some utility with his heal and ability to ignore Horror duels, and though he can get several attacks off with his ranged attack, the combination of its underwhelming damage and mediocre range make me doubt whether I'd ever run him in a Hoffman list vs roughly equivalent cost models like the Brutal Emissary, Joss, Rail Golem, Peacekeeper, Arachnid Swarm (Langston I almost consider an auto-include, but I'm pretty new to this game so what do I know?). Also his upgrade kind of sucks too. Has anyone run a competitive list where this guy is better than his alternatives? I'm trying to find a reason to like and use him, but the opportunity cost seems too high. Is he really just a niche include vs Horror heavy factions (and maybe swarming factions)?
  15. HowNot2Wargame


    Is it just me or is anyone else really excited for the Hoffman and Lucius based shennanigans which may ensue now that Wardens can be brought during the Easter Sale?
  16. New player here. Settled on Sonnia and Hoffman for now. I understand that lists will vary depending on objectives, but I want to throw out my core and solicit opinions on modifications both to the core, and for swap ins on the various strategies and schemes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsEggHDlaA4FTdUUAKu_eazZuQkdVy2TQyu-iZc3GYI/edit#gid=0 Idea with Sonnia is to obliterate the enemy crew by hiding behind terrain/flame walls and abusing Visions of Flame + Austringers for cover/LoS ignoring massed fire. Deliver Orders for Scheme placement/mobility. Hoffman is deathball + mobility as needed by granting Peacekeeper or Brutal Emissary Nimble, buffing Howard, and teleporting models via Brutal Emissary cage then + Malifaux Child > Cage on Brutal Emissary via OSA duplicated off Hoffman.
  17. So, the post lost my initial order and I've been waiting the last two months for Lilith and Criid to be re-sent to me. In the mean time, I have hopped by the hobby store to pick up a crew so I can actually play and decided to go with Hoffman. Anyway, it's probably a stupid question because I missed something in the rules though here goes; looped states that you can use another looped model's Ml, Sh and Ca values though it seems somewhat unclear on how to actually use them. Do you simply exchange the value, or do you use the other model's attack action? For example, I have a Rail Golem and a Guardian in the loop. The Guardian's Ml is higher than the golem's. Does the golem use it's own attack action with the Guardian's Ml value, or does the golem 'copy' the guardian's attack action, including its damage track?
  18. Hey guys, new year (almost) so time for a clear out, It's mostly Guild but there's a few other odds and sods too. Postage on top. Most is built and primed (painted stuff listed in a separate list below): McCabe crew minus one Wastrel (Sidir primed white) - £18 Hoffman crew with extra Watcher, Metal Gamin and Peacekeeper (all sprayed in metal apart from Hoff who is black) - SOLD Guild half of Starter Set (unprimed) - SOLD Executioner (primed white) - SOLD Abeula (unprimed) - SOLD Riflemen (two built, one brand new on sprue, all unprimed) - £4 each Painted stuff: Executioner - SOLD Sonnia Crew - £40 Miss Terious - SOLD Perdita Kiss - £40 Santana - SOLD Pathfinder - SOLD I also have: Mr Graves - SOLD Metal Von Schill - £5 Ronin - SOLD Nightmare Metal Teddy - SOLD
  19. Cadaverousbirth

    Power Loop Tokens

    I love tokens. They have been the easiest way to keep track of conditions and various statuses that are prevalent throughout the game. The most useful token I've used so far are little gems to indicate who has yet to activate during the turn. Being a newish player to Malifaux, this helps keep track of a relatively complicated system. The only thing I'm at a loss for is how best to indicate when a model is Power Looped. I've forgotten which Guardian was initially looped in before, and with the positioning they were in I felt it had a negative effect on my game. When multiple models are looped together, it can get messy remembering which of my robots truly have Df6 from the Guardian from being looped in, and which ones still need to be Hoff'd. Does anyone know of a company that makes tokens which could indicate 'Power Loop'? The idea I have in my head is little lightning bolts, or maybe a cog of some kind.
  20. Hey Gang, My self and the GF picked up Malifaux recently and have had an awesome time modeling so far. I come from a history of the both Warhammers, infinity and a whole host of computer games. She has done some modelling on occasion but never really looked into a ruleset before the 'faux, so that is a good start :P. Anyway I shall pop up a few pics of some models she has already got painted. First up is McMorning. The GF apparently isn't happy with the severed head and wants to redo it. Dear god the picture is somewhat massive on here, apologies for that, will try to remedy in the future. Next up is the Flesh Construct-e fellow. So far she is loving the modelling and painting which is good. Will hopefully have a proper game at home soonly. Now I work a little slower than her and currently am conveting like mad on old mate Hoffman and his Guardian. I opted to repose his left arm due to (I imagine) the larger arms would mimic his arm movements. I changed his head as the other one was a little boring. The cables are added because, well, who doesn't like more cables on steam punk stuff. The cloak will help him blend into the overall theme of his crew and IMHO the Guild as a whole. It also adds a little bit of movement to a pretty static character I think. Next up is the Guardian which in all honesty I think I've dumped too much time into haha. I've completely rejigged his pose to look as if he is on guard and moving foward in a measured manner. I replaced his shield and weapon with things a little more suitable that also accentuated the 'guard' pose. The weapon is a longer nasty looking halberd/polearm assortment. As you can see here he also has a cloak billowing around him. Steam exhausts are on there for the same reason as the pipes on Hoffman, that and the fact I reckon it makes his silhouette a little more imposing. That pic is just to show off his pose a little more. Also fear not, that isn't a metallic wang hanging out, I have him a pistol and some pouches to make him look a little less 'off the factory' and a bit more of an 'old hand' within the 'faux. Anyway, sorry for the massively long first post and giant pictures. Will hopefully keep the updates rolling in pretty often :).
  21. Brassfist

    Watcher - disengaging

    Am I right in thinking that models engaged with the watcher can disengage without the watcher performing a disengaging strike, because the watcher has no ML attack?
  22. Its been a few months since the last Hoffman get started topic was posted. I have used the Hoffman box components a lot. Hunters, Guardian, and Watcher have become staples in my lists. I've only ever run Hoffman once and I was not impressed. This is what I have so far: Lady J BoxPerdita BoxSonnia BoxMcMourning BoxLucius BoxHoffman BoxMcCabe BoxRamos BoxXroad7 boxStarter KitMetal GaminRyleAustringersExecutionerExorcistRiflemenRoninHansPeacekeeper(On the way)Here are some questions I have: What strategies does Hoffman excel at?What strategies will he have trouble with?What schemes does Hoffman excel at?What schemes does he not like his opponent to take?What factions/masters should I worry about?What non-construct based models work with his crew?Anything I need to know about Hoffman that isn't readily apparent?I've had Hoffman since his release and haven't even painted him yet. Any advice would be appreciated. Also the reason I'm running him is because my group has been down on him lately and I am sucker for an underdog.
  23. Machine puppet says: ...construct takes a (1) action which CANNNOT DECLARE TRIGGERS. So does that mean the Hunter can't use its built-in trigger "drag" to pull a model 8" when chain-harpooning? It's still great to use machine puppet for this, but a real shame if it can't drag Thanks guys
  24. if the Malifaux child uses Just Like You! to copy Hoffman's Redirect Power to power loop models into the circuit and the Malifaux Child dies, when does the Power Loop effect end on the models given it end? Power Loop says it lasts until the start of the casting model's next activation, but says nothing about ending the condition otherwise. So, if the Malifaux child dies, do those models have Power Loop for the rest of the game or until removed otherwise?