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  1. Hello, my name is Caver and I'm a Ramos player(Both literally and figuratively). My surname is Ramos and building models out of scrap has always been something I love doing. So when I saw a guy at my local area selling a fully painted Ramos crew+ extra arachnid+ metal gamin + meta golem+ tokens for 30 quid I couldn't resist. After that I've had half a dozen games with Ramos, I even went to a tournament and finished second. This are the lessons I have learned from my experience playing my family man. 1. Ramos loves metal gamin Metal gamin might be gener
  2. Reading the rules for MuseOn Con, apparently you could use a DMH Master, but that had to be your chosen Master for the entire tournament. I've also seen (in my local scene) hiring restrictions placed on them. Like you can Versatile and Keyword in-faction but can't hire Out-of-keyword. Re-reading the Main rules, arbitrary restrictions like this are not allowed. If the DMH is allowed then those models are treated as Normal Models. Period. Dead Man's Hand is not a Faction and should not be treated as such. Anyone else seen anything like this? Where people, instead of just saying 'no DMH
  3. So just to show how wildly different the value of summoning is for Ramos and Sandeep, I thought I'd lay it all out here: Ramos Summons: Arcanist Construct Minions (Base 4 + each summon's cost) Buffs: Spark Shower, Insignificant? Penalties: Discard a Scrap Marker per summon, Slow, takes irreducible damage equal to half max health rounded down (the [#] below is how much health each comes in on) 1 cost: Mechanical Dove [1] (not counting this as it adds way too many additions, just add +1 per Dove to whatever below to summon it if a friendly
  4. First of all sorry for my english and possible game mistakes, I didn't take notes in the tournament and I can do mistakes here. This will be a different Tournament report, I will tell you my impressions and my game style, that report will be of the valuable actions of every turn, and I will save my oponent crews in case they do not want to teach them, I will not post my crew or his crew, but if you read you cant take notions of it. G1 Darky NB Zoraida G2 Jon Ortiz TT McCabe G3 Rober Resus
  5. Last game against Ramos made me think on what are our choices against him, but even other Summoners in general. Kang can be good, as many summons are Construct or Undead, Taelor can be another choice (now with the price drop), but do we have an effective way to take care of markers (countering in this way Reva too) or multiple models like Arachnids at the same time? What's your Strategy to avoid being out-activated?
  6. Hello everybody. I am an Arcanist player for almost 3 years now, but I never played Ramos so far.. Now I am going to field him in a tournament game. Strategy: Squatters Rights Deployment: Corner Schemes: will be selected before the game Some general advice would be nice. -The crew -The upgrades to take -The playstyle etc. .. In my opinion 5 markers to conquer are a very nice setting for the spider sommoning Ramos and his itsy bitsy mechanical friends. Thanks a lot Tobi
  7. Hi wyrdos, not far away and im drivin to My First tournament. The Community is growin very fast But very new so its goin to be a 35ss beginners tournament. Im planing to Go with My favourite master viktor Ramos but im actually a Bit confused how to change My Standard Crew to adjust it to the specific encounters. this is My Standard Crew: 35 SS Arcanists Crew Ramos + 4 Pool - Field Generator (2) - Under Pressure (2) Brass Arachnid (4) Joss (10) - Bleeding Edge Tech (1) Howard Langston (12) Mobile Toolkit (3) I tried mechanical Rider f
  8. so for context, Ramos soulstone eater upgrade says "for every stone used gain +1 range on electrical fire" now, say I was 10 inches away from target and I currently have 9inches on electrical fire. Can I stone for attack flips then use shoot the target because I used the stone? curious if it is: stone > choose attack n' range > flip or: choose attack n' range > stone > flip
  9. I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that for this game week I can only afford the master and not any upgrades (you even have to pay scrip for 0 upgrades). I'll have to face Asami and a ten thunders crew in one game and Nicodem with some rezzers in another. Reconnoiter, Distract, Vendetta, Assasinate, Bodyguard.
  10. Using Rasputina's Freeze Over cast action can you target your own engaged model and hence paralyse the enemies in base to base contact? If your friendly target has Frozen Heart are they then immune to the paralyses but the enemies still get it? Also, if you're interested, I'm relatively new to the game and I've joined a shifting loyalties campaign. Time to buy a master but I've got a mixed crew of arcanists: Joss, Kudra, Mech Rider, Arcane Emmisary, 1 Oxfordian Mage, 2 December Acolytes to choose from. The masters I can choose from are Rasputina, Sandeep, or Ramos. One problem is that fo
  11. Hi dudes! I can see the Sandeep's summon card on Wyrd page for download, but for example in app called Crew Faux have the Ramos's summon card and I can't find it to print. Someone can help?
  12. Hi dudes! I came with my new Alpha's list, that I think is really good on Close Deployment, but can works in other deploys 1. Ramos [UP, FG, CM] + 7ss 2. Brass Arachnid 3. Howard [IE] 4. Rail Golem [IE] 5. Angelica [PP] 6. Union Miner Perfect teoric hand: 11, 10, 10, 10, 4+, 4+ 1. Brass Arachnid reactivates (10) 2. Brass Arachnid reactivates Rail Golem + Howard (10, 10) 3. Ramos shots Brass Arachnid twice to kill him, then summon 3 Arachnid (11) 4. Arachnid A move 5. Arachnid B move 6. Arachnid C move 7. Union Miner shots Rail Golem twice for +4 or
  13. Hi dudes! This weekend I played an aprox. 30 people tournament, and now I'll report ^^ I don´t remember all the things, for example I can't tell you the upgrades of enemy crew, and if you see something wrong tell me please! In my opinion I played this tournament good but a lot of fucking red jokers on dmg killed me xD So... lets go! ------------------------------------- Round 1 Colette(A) vs Jacob(TT) Schemes: Headhunter - close deployment Claim jump Frame for murder Leave you mark
  14. Hi dudes! The next Saturday I'll go to a tournament [Declare faction + 50ss], and someone that knows me a little you can imagine I'm a very very meticulous man xD First of all this will be a hard and long post, if you keep reading assume that, and... if that are the case... thx!!! I'll go to explain all the shit of my head, and if you can and want, I'll really appreciate all the advices can give to me, thx for all blue mates =P I promise a report later if can ^^ I'll divide the post on sections: 1. Introduction 2. Min
  15. Hello, We are creating some thematic but at the same time fun and competitive crews. The goal is to create a large enough pool (20 models max) for players who will be using 1 master and need a crew well-rounded. I've included a list but your suggestion will be most welcome, please suggested to me if add, remove, or simply reduce the number of models needed! (all the models in production are good). Rasputina Pool (mostly Frozen Heart/Winter models) Wendigo Snow Storm Blessed of December Ice Golem 3 x Ice Gamins 2 x Silen
  16. I've been looking for a summoning master and Ramos' has piqued my interest. I love the whole idea of a swarm of spiders just spawning out of one scrap marker and oppressing the enemy, plus, his crew box would go nicely with my Ironsides crew (having Joss and Howard can never be a bad thing). Only one thing is kinda making me reluctant to buy him: I really dislike his fluff and his character... In all of the stories I've read, Ramos is always betraying people, or trying to deceive people. He doesn't even do it in a way that makes him interesting (eg. Lucius) and I just can't attach
  17. Hello Ramos Experts I am the owner of a Colette, a Marcus, a Raspy and a Kaeris Crew. Thinkin about to purchase a Ramos Crew box.. Mostly because of 2 things: - want to summon like a god damned Resser -Hank & Joss So what models do i have to add, for a generalist 50SS Game?? .....and is anybody out there playin Large Arachnids??.. and when, because of what??.. Greetings, Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  18. I have read a few of the noob lists / please help sections on here but I just wanted to ask a quick question for a new player that doesn't seem mentioned a lot (or I haven't read every 'please help post'). Ramos and Mei Feng mixed crews. I am considering purchasing two crew boxes and the Arcanist variation (so hard to choose with so many models available) that I think should work would be Ramos box set and Mei Feng box set. My reason being that both benefit well from each others models - Rail workers are quite hardy and still count as a construct so would be good f
  19. Preface: US only please I just won my first LE stat card(McCabe) today at our local tournament and I'm looking to get the ones for the masters and henchmen I play the most. I'd prefer to trade new product for the stat cards since it helps the FLGS I play at and I don't really want to be trading the LE card I got(for sentimental reasons). I may also be interested in any Arcanist, Guild, Ten Thunders, or Outcast LE cards but these are the ones I really want. I could also probably be persuaded into outright buying some. Wants: Rasputina LE Stat Card Snow Storm LE Stat Card
  20. Hello everyone, Welcome to my painting log! I'm new to Malifaux. In the first part of this log I will share some pictures of my Ramos crew and some pictures of my other painted models for other systems. I have a painting blog at Rust and the City. I'm going to save this space for links to different projects as this grows beyond 1 page.
  21. When you add range caster/shooter to typical Ramos+Joss+Howard team, which you choose and why?
  22. Iron Painter 2016; Round 3 - "Wyrd Science Submission" - ELIM “Trepidation of the Spheres" Technology may have exceeded his humanity yet his spirit must prevail! Note: One of my goals, in my first time entering Iron Painter, was to utilize a 3D printed object or model as part of the scenery/diorama/set for each round. This particular model, Apocalypse Teleporter Device, is available for download for free/non-commercial use if you are interested in printing one yourself: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1111770 It's an easy print with little or no support needed and jus
  23. Ramos is up to something Wyrd.. he must be, given his smug smile. He clearly didn't do enough science as he is missing his collection of spiders... but no worries, he will make some new friends soon enough.
  24. From the album: Iron Painter 2016; Round 3 - "Wyrd Science Submission" - ELIM

    Iron Painter 2016; Round 3 - "Wyrd Science" Submission - ELIM “Trepidation of the Spheres" Technology may have exceeded his humanity yet his spirit must prevail! I tried uploading the original image; however the server kept throwing errors. I'll try uploading another one in the morning to the main gallery if I have permissions/access to do so.
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