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  1. Newish player here! Coming from Warhammer via Infinity and for some time now, playing Malifaux with a few friends - for whom I also paint stuff. Feel free to comment and criticise - I'm always happy to find ways to become a better painter First off: Ressers - the McMourning starter, painted for a friend.
  2. I've recently started painting Malifaux models, and now I've finally finished some! First out, the Judge. I didn't really like the "official" look with a brown leather coat, so I decided to try a red one. It brings my mind to the Spanish Inquisition, English judges' robes and Alucard from "Hellsing". And all those things fits perfectly for a undead-hunting judge. Having the entire cape plain red got a little bit boring though, so I added some freehand to break it up. I also think it makes him look more special. And Captain Dashel. With this model I wanted a more practical and down to earth colour scheme. And I also wanted his colours to repeat on the guardsmen models. And finally two riflemen. They seem to work well with Dashel. I definately wanted some kind of uniform for my guardsmen models. Dark blue seemed like a good colour. Although it is not visible on these photos, the inside of the coat is light brown, to bring some contrast. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the green pants. I was thinking about making them grey, but then the models would have very little colour on them. And I still like the green pants on Dashel.
  3. So, I checked that Crew on Dashel, played against Yan Lo. Guild(Cache: 4😞 - Dashel - Dispatcher - Francis Quegg - 2x Executionier - 2x Mounted Guard - Brutal Effigy Opening is a real prep before the bloodshed, with Dashel we are making Sergant, Everything goes straight to the enemy(Executioniers got Ride with Me so we are at the end of the turn withing charge engagment). New Round starts, I go first, summoned 2 Guild Patrols to be the shield, some boring shooting and Executioniers with enemy markers around(Dispatcher + Yan Los), fast, +1 to AA, Focus, 6 mv, free 3" push. The Frontline was devasted in like quater of the turn (Izamu, Yin and Toshiro). When I lost a Executionier, it wasn't even a problem for me because of summoning and overactivation. Dashel as Master is not a big threat, but combo potenial of Guard is astounding. Don't you think we should cut off some staff from them?
  4. I've got a Sonnia and a Lady Justice crew, both metal, both painted, Justic to a far nicer standard. Any offers PM me, I'll throw up pictures later on Sonnia Sam Hopkins Witchling Stalkers x 3 Lady Justice The Judge Death Marshals x3
  5. So with summoning being OPT on alot of masters should Sonnias scorched Soul be changed? Should it either have the burning cap removed and changed to OPT to make it consistent. Or another idea you leave scorched Soul the way it is but change it to have a built in trigger that is OPT after killing a model with this ability summon the model following the same restrictions it already has? Which means her Damage won't take a hit but offer balance. Feel like this will encourage use of more of her cards while offering balance to her summoning. Won't take anything away as far as I can tell but will bring her in line with the rest of the game and summoning? Thoughts?
  6. So I have played dashal 3 times this week and in all my games I just can't see a point to taking guild hounds or guard patrol. I find that the dogs stats are just not worth hiring as scheme runners even if they are cheap it feels like they benefit my opponent more by me having more models then then and giving them a pass token. And they drop so easy I just can't see the point. I have a similar opinion for guard patrol who i feel lost some ability to survive losing armour and no longer benefiting from other guard models. They are just not worth hiring and I can't see why u would summon them either. If dashal had the opertunity to try and bring multiple of these models out with his summon u may see them, but I am not even convinced even then. How has everyone found them? Anyone found a use yet or are they just dead models?
  7. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/02/perdita-vs-molly.html This game was played on January 31st, and the updated files were released during the game, so we played using the old rules.Third game on the blog and third game against Ressers. However, those Resser players are their own separate people, or so they claimMy Perdita list:PerditaEnslaved NephilimFrancisco, Lead Lined Coat - 12Santiago - 8Monster Hunter - 6Monster Hunter - 6Abuela - 5Pistolero - 4Pistolero - 4Cache - 5My opponent's Molly list:Molly, WhisperNecrotic MachinePhillip and the NannyYinHangedRabble RiserRabble RiserCrooliganCache - 5Strategy was Turf War. Schemes were Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line (Guild), Search the Ruins (Guild), Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner I think I deployed quite well. Abuela was in a position where she could roll over and Obey, and the Monster Hunters and Pistoleros were in a position where they could score schemes. I planned to try and use the forest to play around Lethe's Caress a little, even though it would be hard. We lay around the forest a bit. His Rabble Risers approach aggressively, so I roll grandma up within 6" so Molly can't reactivate them due to Meemaw's disapproval. The Pistoleros and MHs run around and try to do some schemes. Perdita shoots Molly several times, but it turns out it is rather futile. My models can't do the necessary dmg to a Molly out in the open without taking way too much dmg from Lethe's Caress. Frank kills a Rabble Riser and holds up another one. Molly does 5dmg to Santiago and makes me draw 5 cards. I score for strategy and Harness the Ley Line, my opponent scores for strategy. 2-1 to Guild. We struggle some more in the middle and Frank is left on one hp, Perdita on 5. I score for strategy and Search the Ruins and move to 4-1. I manage to kill Jyn, but both Molly and Phillip are at full life, as well as his Hanged. I am clearly losing the struggle in the middle, even though my scheme runners are making sure I will actually win the game. We didn't have time to play past this round as the store was closing. I didn't get to use Tough as Nails a single time during this game. I managed to generate a single pass token during the game, which I used to pass and draw a card. Cards are easily the most valuable resource this crew has, and there is almost no way for the crew to get any card draw at all, I am therefore a little skeptical about the cost for the Family's ability being discarding a card. There are so many things they need to discard for already, or at least hit a 5+/6+ TN for to work. It gets even worse when playing against Terrifying, as they have no Ruthless models either. I am looking forward to trying the new ability, and I am very happy to see the designers keep testing out new approaches for the Family crew, but I still think there is a way to go before they are in a good place.
  8. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/01/lucius-vs-molly.html Lucius vs Molly My Lucius list: Lucius The Scribe Agent 46, Lead Lined Coat - 11 Doppleganger - 8 Investigator - 7 Lawyer - 6 Rifleman - 7 Rifleman - 7 Cache - 4 Molly list: Molly Necrotic Machine Archie, Grave Spirit's Touch - 11 Phillip and the Nanny - 8 Grave Golem, Killer Instinct - 12 The Forgotten Marshal - 7 Rabble Riser - 6 Cache - 2 (Should have been 6, but my opponent thought you had to pay for your totem. I think he also paid an extra SS for the Grave Golem) Strategy: Corrupted Idols Schemes: I had Claim Jump on the Investigator and Breakthrough. My opponent had Claim Jump and Power Ritual. After deployment, the board looked like this. The large terrain piece on the left side of my deployment zone is severe, so I decided to stay away from it. This may have been a mistake, seeing as the Idols might suddenly appear on the other side of the board, but I felt somewhat confident in my considerable firepower being enough to pick off any scheme runners moving toward that side of the board. My opponent makes a mistake here and moves his Grave Golem cautiously forward. I respond by pushing and shuffling with scheme markers and Lucius and suddenly have all my four rifles (Riflemen, Dopple and Agent) in range, two of them even not having LoS to Molly. The Grave Golem goes down without managing to get out any Corpse Markers and I have a huge advantage early. Archie moves into position to jump onto Lucius. I realise that I cannot actually prevent Archie from getting into Lucius without moving out so that Molly can see me, so I decide to keep him there and hope that Serene Countenance and soulstones will be enough for him to survive for a while. Worst case scenario, I can shoot into combat with Riflemen and take off a few wounds of Archie. Agent 46 steals Archie's fist and charges Phillip, but back to back 13s saves him and his Nanny from taking any dmg. His Rabble Riser pushes the Idol to my side of the board and charges a Rifleman. I pick off the Rabble Riser and manage to push the Idol back to his side of the board. The Investigator does some shenanigans with a corpse maker and pushes out of combat and walks to the middle to Claim Jump. Turn 3, I gun down Molly and my opponent concedes. I have almost full board control and can more or less score the points I want while preventing him from scoring. Thoughts on the crews: GUILD: Lucius: Lucius seems like a solid master. He has a great toolbox for controlling the pace of the game and to apply pressure where needed. I am still not convinced how useful he is commanding non-elites, as he has to pass an additional test without any card draw, but at least it is an option. Molly dictated his placement in this game a lot, but it worked out OK-ish. Agent 46: Still the be-all and end-all of actual combat capability in the Elite crew. His Inhuman Physiology makes him Inhumanly strong (sorry), but I also feel like he is desperately needed at all times for this crew to actually accomplish what they are trying to do. The Scribe: I misplayed the Scribe a bit this game. I should have been playing him closer to Lucius to pull him out of combat. I like him as a toolbox totem and think he is elegantly designed for what he is. Doppleganger: My first time playing with him. Copying guns and shooting at people with stat 7 or charging with Agent 46s Twirling Blades was fun. As many other things in the Elite list, the doppleganger is a toolbox and often have the right tool for the job. Investigator: Investigator is also really good at what she does. I seldom manage to get her to attack in any meaningful way, but often use her for card draw, pushes, discarding opponent's cards and running schemes. She is great at all those things. Lawyer: I really like how the Lawyers play. Tools for the job just makes them so much fun to use. You often have to make a choice of whether to activate them when you have the right card on top of your dicard pile. As all the other elite models they are heavily reliant on actually having their beater in play to obey. Riflemen: I mainly brought these guys to shoot, and for the two mimics to copy their weapons. That worked out really well, but they also provided my crew with some additional soulstones due to their ability to pick up corpse markers, as well as some additional dmg against charging enemies. I am still not sure if they actually fit in this crew, but they provide a deadly firebase and a lot of ranged threats, especially for an opponent who only wants to fight in melee. The fact that they ignore friendly fire is also extremely solid. RESSERS: Molly: So, Lethe's Caress sure is something. I think changing it to LoS really helped and it is in a much better place now. I managed to hide my combatants behind my opponent's bigger models, which allowed them to actually hit twice. I also had Agent 46 and Dopple as my primary beaters, which could copy other attacks to prevent me from taking dmg. I am not sure how this would work if I instead played something like Perdita and her gunfighter buddies though. With only one attack to choose from, the game would have been almost unwinnable, I think. Grave Golem: I don't know why he lost his ability to generate corpse markers, but he seems weak now. I was easily able to pick him off turn one, even though he used the totem to try and heal it. The rest of the crew seemed to work as intended, I especially liked Archie with his leap.
  9. https://malifauxtattler.blogspot.com/2019/01/perdita-vs-mcmourning.html Perdita vs McMourning My Perdita List: Perdita Enslaved Nephilim Fransisco, Lead Lined Coat - 12 Santiago - 8 Papa Loco - 7 Nino - 7 Monster Hunter - 6 Monster Hunter - 6 Cache - 4 McMourning List: McMourning, The Whisper Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Rogue Necromancy Carrion Emissary Canine Remains Nurse Nurse Cache - 5 Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Hold Up Their Forces (Guild), Deliver a Message (Ressers). Both had Harness The Ley Line Deployment looked like this. I planned to start scoring Plant Explosives early by placing with Nino in turn 2 and try to move the Monster Hunters up to Harness the Ley Line turn 2, and score Plant Explosives on turn 3 and 4. Nino starts by doing 2dmg to the Rogue Necro. One of the Monster Hunters move up, stun the Rogue Necro and land 4 dmg on him, he later attacks back, dealing 2dmg to the MH after I spent a pass token to reduce the dmg by 2, the only time this game I got to use Tough as Nails. Frank finishes him off and I am in a good spot, seemingly. Carrion Emissary moves up a little, builds a wall to Mexico, cutting off my rightmost Monster Hunter and Papa somewhat. Perdita moves into the forest and shoots a few points of dmg off of him. Papa hits a blast of dynamite into the church, but both the Nurse and the Canine dodges gracefully. Santiago removes the poison from the MH damaged by the Necro and gives focuses her. McMourning was much quicker than I thought and moved into the forest, hit Perdita twice for massive dmg and was suddenly in the middle of my crew. Frank heroicly intervens to push Perdita away from McMourning, flurries and hits McMourning several times, but due to hard to wound, never for more than two dmg. McMourning stones some of the dmg and heals most of it back after he Rancid Transplants Perdita and is back in the middle of my crew again. Rogue Necro does 5dmg to my Monster Hunter and poisons him. Nino picks off the totem. Santiago removes injured and poison from Perdita and gives her some focus. This is where things start to go bad fast. My crew doesn't do enough dmg to take out McMourning, which is kind of annoying, as he has been in the middle of all my beaters for a while now. McMourning kills Perdita and Santiago, but is in return put down by Frank. Both my Monster Hunters die, and so does really my chances of scoring anything meaningful as well. I cannot even score Hold Up Their Forces due to the Nephilim being insignificant. Frank picks off the Carrion Emissary, but I cannot manage to place enough Scheme Markers on the centreline, nor any additional bombs on my opponent's side of the table. In the end, he wins 5-1 This may sound bitter after having lost 1-5, but I am not sure how Family is supposed to work right now. This isn't something I suddenly realised after losing yesterday, but something that has been on the mind of both the players for quite a while, seeing as both of us play Guild. Perdita and her Family have been our most played crew by far, and they haven't really impressed us at all. Whoever plays them tend to lose big. There are several grit abilities in the crew, but no way to control them by turning them on now that Shotgun Wedding and Amina is gone, there is no card draw at all outside of Pass Tokens and Hero's Gamble, an ability that triggers off number of models in the crew, and doesn't really have anything to do with the Family keyword per se. There is also no ruthless in the entire Family, which means that Monster Hunters are horribly afraid of monsters, and that the entire crew has yet another thing they need to spend cards on, on top of no card draw and seemingly everyone having a 5+/6+ free action they need to get off. In my group, I have been advocating some changes to how Family work to make them synergise more with each other. I felt I had this combo piece when Shotgun Wedding allowed Abuela to hire Amina into the crew due to her anti-charge bubble, obey and her turning on grit. Admittedly, it felt weird that an Arcanist piece provided more synergy than a Family piece, but it was a workaround. I would love to see Abuela get an ability like Matriarch, where she turned on grit abilities for friendly Family members in an aura. Perdita should also have some of her abilities synergise more with Family members I think. As it is now, she is probably best in a multi-master crew with few models due to how Hero's Gamble and Tough as Nails work.
  10. Malifaux is a great game and it motivated me to pick up my paintbrush again and again this year. Here are my first two painted crews. I hope many more will follow.
  11. For the Guild Investigator's "Stand Back! It's Evidence!", it states Once Per Activation. Does this mean: A. You can only one push per turn, during the Investigator's activation. B. Everytime the condition is met during a turn (but once per model activation), you can do the push, enabling multiple pushes in a turn. Thanks in advance!
  12. Does the December Acolyte's Smell Weakness still remove Armor from models under Hoffman's Adaptive Armor aura?
  13. So I’ve just started this wonderful game - and now I’m finally ready for my first fight. I’ve gone with the Ortegas and tried playing around with still water fix for a swampy theme.
  14. First of all sorry for my english and possible game mistakes, I didn't take notes in the tournament and I can do mistakes here. This will be a different Tournament report, I will tell you my impressions and my game style, that report will be of the valuable actions of every turn, and I will save my oponent crews in case they do not want to teach them, I will not post my crew or his crew, but if you read you cant take notions of it. G1 Darky NB Zoraida G2 Jon Ortiz TT McCabe G3 Rober Resus Yanlo G4 Linar Guild Hoffman G5 Antonio Arcanist Ramos G1 Zoraida's crew with 2 Will o'the Wisp to summon Grupps from the 2Ap of the Mother and Dolls from Zoraida, for me his biggest error was expose Zoraida to Snow charge on T2, with my Gamin I can kills Zoraida really fast. T1 With one push from Angelica Banasuva charge to Nekima T2 He expose Zoraida to do an Obey on Snow and Snow charge her T3 Snow kills Zoraida, Sandeep kills enemy sucker one Will o'the Wisp T4 Nekima kills my sucker and later I kill Nekima with my Vendetta Oxfordian, Sandeep kills the Spawn Mother T5 With only a few models in enemy crew I take the rest of the points One great game and great opponent, his crew seems powerful with the Will o'the Wisp taking 2Ap's actions I was took Vendetta on Nekima, Sucker on one Oxfordian and the central mission was Ply Result: 9 - 5 Win. G2 McCabe's crew with a Emissary, Jorogumo and a lot of minions to give upgrades, the deployment kills my enemy, he put his 50mm miniatures cover the rest of the crew and the escenography doesn't let him pass T1 Banasuva charge to McCabe and Snow discard IE to charge Yin with the Gamin and engaged with Luna and Emissary T2 Snow kills Yin and Luna, my crew takes positions and do some dmg on his crew T3 Sandeep kills Jorogumo, the Oxfordians kills Emissary, a Monk and dismount McCabe T4/T5 McCabe move, reactivate and move to take points, I kill the rest of the enemy crew except Sun Quiang for Take the Prisoner My opponet loss for the table elements, he play good the miniatures but he can't pass and with my placements, pushes and teleports I doesn't have problems with that I was took Hold up, Take the Prisoner and the central mission was Symbols, I kills so fast his crew that I can't take points of Hold up, mistake here Result: 7 - 2 Win. G3 Yanlo with full spirits and Sybelle + 2 Rottens, so much movement tricks in this crew T1 One Oxfordian take Vendetta from Datsue Ba, Banasuva kills 2 Seishins to cut his activation control, a Rotten takes Vendetta from one Oxfordian T2 He expose Yanlo and Snow charges to him, mi crew takes positions and do some dmg T3 Sandeep + one Oxfordian kills Yanlo, Snow charge and engage with 3 miniatures, the rest of the Oxfordians push the wagon and do some dmg T4 I kill his sucker with fire that was Datsue Ba, he doesn't take points and I take 2 points from Vendetta, I kill all his crew except Sybelle, Chiaqui and 1 Rotten that can't let me move his wagon to denny his points T5 Continue the fight to move his wagon nothing inportant happens I can't kill Sybelle or Chiaqui, and can't move the wagon My opponent plays pretty well but his crew have a lot of incorporeal models and my crew have full Ca attacks, that lets me kill him really fast I was took Vendetta, Hold up and the central mission was Symbols Result: 10 - 5 Win. In that point I was happy but knew the last day would be hard, what I didn't know was how fucking lucky that I was going to be... G4 This man plays milimetrical, is a really good player, and his crew, for me, is the best in Malifaux: Hoffman + Ryle T1 He do his chain on Ryle with triple Obey and kills 2 of my Oxfordians, Sandeep push him closer and summon Banasuva and Gamin, Banasuva hit him, and later Snow walk and hit him with the first big luck of the day RJ on dmg, Ryle ends to 1Wd T2 Snow discard IE and triple hit with and... can't do 1 dmg on Ryle he has Df8 because of 'El Mayor', Hoffman Obey Ryle and get him out of the combat, Banasuva charges to Hoffman T3 My Sandeep kills Hoffman with a moderate on , Ryle can't come closer because I can summon a Metal Gamin or teleport an Oxfordian to kill him, we fight for the points, place markers and move carefully T4 Snow kills Ryle and engage with Francisco T5 Angelica push my miniatures to get points and Sandeep kill the Guild Investigator that deny my markers For me the most dificult game in the tournament, we move very carefully but when I start with 2 Oxfodian killed that was terrible, for my luck I have the RJ on dmg from Snow and that was a reliable point, in all moment I try to get my important miniatures like Sandeep or Snow in the range of Medical I was took Eliminate the Leadership and Search the Ruins central mission was Public Executions Result: 10 - 1 Win. G5 I know he is a great player and in fact are the only with me that goes 4 - 0 so that will be hard again, he plays the Vox Ramos list, that push you with Mauler, Cojo and Captain and does 12 - 16 dmg out cards, bad news T1 Like in the G4 we move carefully, he put Strike markers with Ramos and the Child, I push an Oxfordian out of range of the markers, and summon Banasuva and Gamin ready to charge the Mauler, at this point starts the fight, he uses the Captain to push my Banasuva back, but I move one Oxfordian and shot my own Banasuva to push him again in charge range, Banasuva charge to the Mauler with +1dmg and , doing 9dmg + burning on the bear, and with melee expert atack hit the captain with a RJ on dmg, he prevents but gets BJ and die... this is the second point of luck and the biggest, Mauler dies at the end of the turn for burning T2 At this point he lost so many pushes, and the Strike markers doesn't are effective, I have the table control. Snow discard IE and charge to Union Steamfitter to try kill him and stop the scrap generation from Ramos, Snow can't do it and Sandeep finish the job T3/T4 I kill all his miniatures except Ramos, that can't move from his deployment zone, we decide stop play in this point I really have a lot of luck in the fist charge, because my Banasuva can't cheat the fate, the Mauler have a low defense but the Captain ... and he has bad luck on the prevention. Opponent crew and game style was good and hard but sometimes the deck want to speak. I was took Undercover and Guarded Treasure, central mission was Ours Result: 8 - 2 Win. I play a hight movilithy crew, pushes, teleports, placements and more pushes, with two/three heavy hitters and two supports, all the games have the Medical near to my key miniatures like Sandeep, Snow or Oxfordians My priority was engaged or kill his valuable miniatures with Banasuva/Snow and take position with my Oxfordians all the time that I hit I do with thx to the Gamin Try to not waste cards on hurt, select the right moment and waste cards on kill, a miniature do the same job on 1Wd or 10Wd Hope you enjoyed this report and thanks for reading
  15. I've been wargaming a long time, just started up Malifaux this year, It's gotten back into painting, as I much prefer painting a series of individual characters over 40 generic warrior types. First up the top dogs of clan Ortega. Yes I know Francisco looks like captain hook..
  16. Hello there! It's been a little while since my last Malifaux battle report, it's been awhile since I recorded a game too. That said, I finally completed a battle report for Malifaux that's been sitting on my to do list for quite a while. The game is a bit older, but I think it turned out interestingly enough to warrant the editing and effects. So check it out if you have about forty minutes to spare =) edit: Fixed the YouTube link.
  17. Dear folks, new Malifaux player from Germany here. I have recently purchased my first crew and thought I'd share my minis with the public as I go along. Feedback and criticism are more than welcome, as I am new to miniature painting (this is my sixth miniature total). There you go... Cheers!
  18. So I have been playing a bit of Lucius in Guild and throw it would be nice to through in a couple of out of faction Mimic’s into the lists just for fun (ok maybe that’s a bit of a lie, probably looking more for models that look cool). Obviously you have the Doppelganger but I am rather underwhelmed with the model (any cool ideas on how to kit bash this would be appreciated) so what other things go well with the masked man.
  19. Hey everyone. Recently got a Malifaux commission from a friend, which is a bit of a break from usual GW stuff I do. He collects Guild as far as I understood, and the first batch I've chosen was The Latigo Posse. I was asked to do a bit of Dia de Muertos theme, and as I can't sculpt my options were limited to painting. I've settled for simple face make-up and colour choices because of time restraints. I've uploaded individual photos to my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/oxazejam/albums/72157665974425119 Any feedback would be much appreciated. Next 2 miniatures I'm currently prepairing are Abuela Ortega and Peacekeeper, both in plastic.
  20. I have an ever growing Space Marine army that I love, but every now and then I just want to paint something different and recently I decided to take the plunge into Malifaux. I've admired many of the models for a while and purchased a fair few Guild miniatures but have started off with Tuco, one of the Neverborn iirc, because he has a cowboy vibe that I dig as a big Deadwood and Justified fan. For some reason the highlighting on the boots hasn't shown up in the photo even though it's there in real life and the black to grey transition on his top coat isn't quite how I'd like it. Other than that I'm pretty happy with him. I've followed him up with a Witchling Stalker because they are fun little models. I bought the Torch and the Blade crew set when it came out and I've been trepidatious about tackling such finely detailed miniatures with painting skills that, while ok, are best suited to painting my marines, but we've all got to start somewhere I decided to tackle a Witchling Stalker first of all; it seemed a little less dainty than the humans and the Purifying Flame model. Here are the results: I must have ended up using half a bottle of vallejo matte medium in my paints for this guy, shaken bottles 'til my arms were sore and brushed on some matte varnish over the robes and still couldn't get rid of some of the gloss finish from the Vallejo Game Colour paints that went into the robes. Contrast that with the Reaper paints I used on the exposed hands and Scale 75 I used for the face mask; I'm going to be replacing some of my paints with ones from those ranges. Other than the slightly glossy finish I'm happy with him. Tried somenot quite layering and not quite blending on the robes which produced satisfactorily smooth transitions and generally tried to avoid the kind of high contrast edge highlights that my Marines have. I chose the skin to be very pale as not only does it make for a nice contrast but it would make some sense of why the little fellow is so covered up. My Malifaux basing theme is of an underground desert temple/shrine, inspired by the interiors of Imhotep's tomb in the film The Mummy (yes the Brendan Fraser one...). Can't decide if I prefer the grey rim for the base or if I should go back and do it brown like with Tuco. Thanks for looking, comments appreciated.
  21. Ahoy! Very recently, my friends and I discovered Malifux and after pretty much falling in love with the aesthetics and mechanics of the game began collecting and playing. With a handful of games under our collective belts, many miniatures are getting painted, rivalries are beginning to develop and inter-faction plots are starting to form. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to detail our triumphs and failures, our victories and defeats and our painting progress for all and sundry to critique and enjoy as we explore the city. I hope that my fellow Newbies will follow me in this endeavour as we post battle reports, pictures of beautiful new miniatures and in-character banter on these forums. As our games progress I hope to cobble together some sort of narrative campaign structure which I will also post if there's a demand. The four of us are still very new at this so any and all help/tactics/advice would be greatly appreciated, and try not to laugh too hard as fate kicks us in the ass over and over again Without further ado I shall introduce the players so far: Swiglitz (me): Playing as Ressers with Dr. Douglas McMourning, Nicodem and Yan Lo. Vaiuri (lovely and talented): Playing as Guild with Lady Justice, Sonnia and Perdita (and maybe Lucas McCabe). Shadowfane (cunning and deadly): Playing as Neverborn with Lillith, Pandora and Jakob Lynch. Suvalas (patient and thoughtful) Playing as Outcasts with Misaki and the Viks. Please feel free to have a gander at our painting logs too over here: Vaiuri: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101019-vaiuri-paints-malifaux/ Shadowfane: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100761-shadowfanes-random-models/ Suvalas: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101347-suvalas-small-scale-showcase/ Swiglitz: Coming soon (honest!) Guild (vaiuri) vs. Outcast (Suvalas) battle Report: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/101105-a-transcredible-battle-report-or-something/ With more to follow. I hope you enjoy our transcredible exploits, see you soon!
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