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  1. Wong's ability to give out magical can be awesome against Dreamer or other incorporeal targets.
  2. Ophelia is my first love and got me into not only Malifaux but miniatures. I don't dislike her current pose but I would jump at getting a more dynamic version. I really like Franc's staredown though, it is the perfect Clint Eastwood stance and would be hard to top for me. I think Raph could use some love though, his sculpt has less character than most minion models and he deserves better.
  3. I would love to see a more cohesive swamp or voodoo keyword as well. I love her theme but she is the only Gremlin master that I don't think I will play. My friend is a NB player and would pick her up in a heartbeat if they update her
  4. I get what they were going for but it is a little too much for me with daughters in the house, if they were going to update any models in Mah's box that would be the one that gets me to repurchase it.
  5. Marcus new sculpt seems to be pretty polarizing, I actually think he looks like a Pokemon trainer and prefer his 2e version but I like the vibrancy it brings to the game. Conversely I have never really liked Myrandas but now it's so much more dynamic, if I were an Arcanist I would probably get both boxes and set them up however I like. The possibility of change is really exciting and got me thinking about my own faction. I would replace Trixiebelle with almost any new version but couldn't imagine a more perfect Ulix. Which models are you hoping for change and which ones seem perfect to you as is?
  6. All you need is a box of Slop Haulers to get into Ophelia. It will bring you right up to 50 SS and give healing for all those dumb luck triggers. Once you get a handle on the game and your character abilities then branch out. Also, there is a great Ophelia tactica stickied up top for when you do.
  7. We really lucked out on the Master purge! Giving each Master a more defined character with thematic list building and synergy is really exciting to me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get into the beta as I'm champing at the bit to play the new rules. Count me in as a fan of the faction name change.
  8. Gremlin Gamblers. Give them the fanciest of duds with some low level card manipulation abilities
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