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  1. Hi dudes! For long time ago I doen't play Mali, so I'm returning on M3E, in the rulebook says "The new model’s Health is set to the original model’s Health or to its maximum Health whichever is lower If the effect that Replaced the model Heals the new model the new model Heals at this point" So when I have 1 Fire Gamin, and summon 2 more with Sandeep, and with the last Fire Gamin with slow, replace for a Fire Golem, it will be created with slow, 1Ap and ONLY 4 wd? thx in advance.
  2. OK, why not, I used the same crew for all games in the tournament: Sandeep Desai (6ss pool)Arcane Reservoir 2ss To Command Another Plane 1ss Seize the Day 1ss Snow Storm 11ss Warding Runes 1ss Imbued Energies 1ss Oxfordian Mage 6ss - 1ssBlood Ward 0ss Temporary Shielding 0ss Oxfordian Mage 6ss - 1ssDoom Ward 0ss Temporary Shielding 0ss Oxfordian Mage 6ss - 1ssNemesis Ward 0ss Temporary Shielding 0ss Angelica 6ss Medical Automaton 5ss Malifaux Raptor 3ss For me this Crew is simply perfect, all miniatures are good, doesn't need sinergies, but they have a lot too... Lets speak abaout Snow, IMO the best Hechman in the faction and probably one of the best in the game He is so resilient, Df6 & 10Wd, Frozen Heart and heals 5 on attack with and can use SS, add to that Warding Runes with 3 Oxfordians buffs, if you play him well is immortal He do a HUGE dmg, with IE and can do 18dmg, if you have the Ice Gamin, he can do 21dmg with He can move Banasuva, yes, but a lot more important than that is that he can move the Ice Gamin, with that all your crew can attack with He is so fast, Wk6 with IE, can be pushed him with Angelica and you can shot him with your Oxfordians to push him And that are only a little portion of tricks that that crew have, you can do a lot of variants Hope that helps you, and to anyone that want to read! ^^
  3. For that crew I prefer change the Fire Golem for the Medical, and Well Rehearsed for Warding Runes on Carlos to make him a rock (Well is only for living models so is useless for the Golem and probabli most time you have him on the frontline and no friendly models at 3"), G&D is one of the best attacks in the game, this crew probably works. Carlos is so tanky but maybe with the markers and the Oxfordians you can take Fitzsimmons because his aura are so good. And YES you NEVER wants activate the Fire Golem near Kaeris or you was autofucked.
  4. OMFG, yes, better pay attention to the game than fight for survive like in last tournament... kids, drink is Barbados, don't drink
  5. First of all sorry for my english and possible game mistakes, I didn't take notes in the tournament and I can do mistakes here. This will be a different Tournament report, I will tell you my impressions and my game style, that report will be of the valuable actions of every turn, and I will save my oponent crews in case they do not want to teach them, I will not post my crew or his crew, but if you read you cant take notions of it. G1 Darky NB Zoraida G2 Jon Ortiz TT McCabe G3 Rober Resus Yanlo G4 Linar Guild Hoffman G5 Antonio Arcanist Ramos G1 Zoraida's crew with 2 Will o'the Wisp to summon Grupps from the 2Ap of the Mother and Dolls from Zoraida, for me his biggest error was expose Zoraida to Snow charge on T2, with my Gamin I can kills Zoraida really fast. T1 With one push from Angelica Banasuva charge to Nekima T2 He expose Zoraida to do an Obey on Snow and Snow charge her T3 Snow kills Zoraida, Sandeep kills enemy sucker one Will o'the Wisp T4 Nekima kills my sucker and later I kill Nekima with my Vendetta Oxfordian, Sandeep kills the Spawn Mother T5 With only a few models in enemy crew I take the rest of the points One great game and great opponent, his crew seems powerful with the Will o'the Wisp taking 2Ap's actions I was took Vendetta on Nekima, Sucker on one Oxfordian and the central mission was Ply Result: 9 - 5 Win. G2 McCabe's crew with a Emissary, Jorogumo and a lot of minions to give upgrades, the deployment kills my enemy, he put his 50mm miniatures cover the rest of the crew and the escenography doesn't let him pass T1 Banasuva charge to McCabe and Snow discard IE to charge Yin with the Gamin and engaged with Luna and Emissary T2 Snow kills Yin and Luna, my crew takes positions and do some dmg on his crew T3 Sandeep kills Jorogumo, the Oxfordians kills Emissary, a Monk and dismount McCabe T4/T5 McCabe move, reactivate and move to take points, I kill the rest of the enemy crew except Sun Quiang for Take the Prisoner My opponet loss for the table elements, he play good the miniatures but he can't pass and with my placements, pushes and teleports I doesn't have problems with that I was took Hold up, Take the Prisoner and the central mission was Symbols, I kills so fast his crew that I can't take points of Hold up, mistake here Result: 7 - 2 Win. G3 Yanlo with full spirits and Sybelle + 2 Rottens, so much movement tricks in this crew T1 One Oxfordian take Vendetta from Datsue Ba, Banasuva kills 2 Seishins to cut his activation control, a Rotten takes Vendetta from one Oxfordian T2 He expose Yanlo and Snow charges to him, mi crew takes positions and do some dmg T3 Sandeep + one Oxfordian kills Yanlo, Snow charge and engage with 3 miniatures, the rest of the Oxfordians push the wagon and do some dmg T4 I kill his sucker with fire that was Datsue Ba, he doesn't take points and I take 2 points from Vendetta, I kill all his crew except Sybelle, Chiaqui and 1 Rotten that can't let me move his wagon to denny his points T5 Continue the fight to move his wagon nothing inportant happens I can't kill Sybelle or Chiaqui, and can't move the wagon My opponent plays pretty well but his crew have a lot of incorporeal models and my crew have full Ca attacks, that lets me kill him really fast I was took Vendetta, Hold up and the central mission was Symbols Result: 10 - 5 Win. In that point I was happy but knew the last day would be hard, what I didn't know was how fucking lucky that I was going to be... G4 This man plays milimetrical, is a really good player, and his crew, for me, is the best in Malifaux: Hoffman + Ryle T1 He do his chain on Ryle with triple Obey and kills 2 of my Oxfordians, Sandeep push him closer and summon Banasuva and Gamin, Banasuva hit him, and later Snow walk and hit him with the first big luck of the day RJ on dmg, Ryle ends to 1Wd T2 Snow discard IE and triple hit with and... can't do 1 dmg on Ryle he has Df8 because of 'El Mayor', Hoffman Obey Ryle and get him out of the combat, Banasuva charges to Hoffman T3 My Sandeep kills Hoffman with a moderate on , Ryle can't come closer because I can summon a Metal Gamin or teleport an Oxfordian to kill him, we fight for the points, place markers and move carefully T4 Snow kills Ryle and engage with Francisco T5 Angelica push my miniatures to get points and Sandeep kill the Guild Investigator that deny my markers For me the most dificult game in the tournament, we move very carefully but when I start with 2 Oxfodian killed that was terrible, for my luck I have the RJ on dmg from Snow and that was a reliable point, in all moment I try to get my important miniatures like Sandeep or Snow in the range of Medical I was took Eliminate the Leadership and Search the Ruins central mission was Public Executions Result: 10 - 1 Win. G5 I know he is a great player and in fact are the only with me that goes 4 - 0 so that will be hard again, he plays the Vox Ramos list, that push you with Mauler, Cojo and Captain and does 12 - 16 dmg out cards, bad news T1 Like in the G4 we move carefully, he put Strike markers with Ramos and the Child, I push an Oxfordian out of range of the markers, and summon Banasuva and Gamin ready to charge the Mauler, at this point starts the fight, he uses the Captain to push my Banasuva back, but I move one Oxfordian and shot my own Banasuva to push him again in charge range, Banasuva charge to the Mauler with +1dmg and , doing 9dmg + burning on the bear, and with melee expert atack hit the captain with a RJ on dmg, he prevents but gets BJ and die... this is the second point of luck and the biggest, Mauler dies at the end of the turn for burning T2 At this point he lost so many pushes, and the Strike markers doesn't are effective, I have the table control. Snow discard IE and charge to Union Steamfitter to try kill him and stop the scrap generation from Ramos, Snow can't do it and Sandeep finish the job T3/T4 I kill all his miniatures except Ramos, that can't move from his deployment zone, we decide stop play in this point I really have a lot of luck in the fist charge, because my Banasuva can't cheat the fate, the Mauler have a low defense but the Captain ... and he has bad luck on the prevention. Opponent crew and game style was good and hard but sometimes the deck want to speak. I was took Undercover and Guarded Treasure, central mission was Ours Result: 8 - 2 Win. I play a hight movilithy crew, pushes, teleports, placements and more pushes, with two/three heavy hitters and two supports, all the games have the Medical near to my key miniatures like Sandeep, Snow or Oxfordians My priority was engaged or kill his valuable miniatures with Banasuva/Snow and take position with my Oxfordians all the time that I hit I do with thx to the Gamin Try to not waste cards on hurt, select the right moment and waste cards on kill, a miniature do the same job on 1Wd or 10Wd Hope you enjoyed this report and thanks for reading
  6. Yes I know that can't do triggers like infect, but sometimes the poison is in the dmg line, and this is my doubt. But ok, if you are sure, Wicked is worst =P
  7. Hi dudes! My question is, when you have a miniature like Myranda with Wicked she does dmg track + poison/burning or the other characteristics or only do dmg track. Kind regards.
  8. Ofc Well Rehearsed is better upgrade, but, man, it's only for Henchmans 😋
  9. For me it's worth on Df6 miniatures because it gives Df7 that can avoid so much attacks to justify the 2SS, I usually take this upgrade with Carlos or Snow
  10. Like some nights, yesterday, I was review the upgrades and while was reading Colette's... Did you read Audience Participation!? Let's read together: 0Ap, you can only take it one time no dmg 8" treat 2ss upgrade, you need stones + slot TN 14, so you need 7 You can only target minions Must be unactivated minion Need be within 3" of a allied Scheme Marker Now compare with a fucking trigger on Collodi attack: 1Ap, 3 or 4 times per activation if you gain fast vs only 1 2/3/4 with on dmg vs 0 dmg 10" treat... 2" more No upgrade, no slot and no stones needed You need the additional , but you only need win the duel, not TN You can target all non-Leader miniatures Can target activated non-Leader miniatures Doesn't need Markers Yes the upgrade in addition gives Focus on 8" of Colette to minion-showgirls, that's is in all the game: Performer + Ice-Dancer + Oiran (mercenary), thx for it, yeah, it's op upgrade... Take this shit and burn it please...
  11. I wanted to let you know that it looks like all of the symbols that you used in your Sandeep guide look like they are broken now.

    1. Fictor


      Thx a lot, tomorrow I'll fix it

  12. Hi dudes! When Ashes die, if doesn't have space to summon the Core he doesn't appears, it's true? and if the Core can't appears, the Dust Storm appears? Kind regards.
  13. I'm with your opinion, but I desire to know the truth... We must post that in rules xD
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