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  1. DanteJH

    Moon Shinobi

    They REALLY need it back like badly, like really really badly. I can’t express enough how vital this is
  2. Literally everyone: damn gremlins and their *squints* poison immunity!
  3. The model is pretty obviously based off a character from mad max 3 called Master Blaster so check that out if you wanna get an idea of what he’ll probably look like
  4. Yeah man, even in m2e their secondary use was tying down models and they’re damn good at it!
  5. DanteJH

    Showboating Merris

    The same showboat I assume?
  6. DanteJH

    Showboating Merris

    Hey, just s little thing I noticed that I think may have been overlooked. Merris has the infamous keyword but for whatever reason doesn’t have showboating? I don’t know if this is a balance thing or not but I don’t think it would be OP or anything to give her her secondary crews ability
  7. My god these look hilarious and like too much fun. The reason I play gremlins is because of stupid fun like that which we lost a bit in this edition. Pretty please add these!
  8. DanteJH

    Test Subjects

    They’re a decent tech choice against armoured crews and robots but they lack general synergy. Maybe give them something to electrify a pit trap? That could be cool
  9. can we just give him versatile please? I actually went to put him in a infamous crew then got upset
  10. DanteJH

    Pray for Abuela

    What do you propose to change it?
  11. DanteJH

    Pray for Abuela

    In my games with the Ortegas, I've found that as you can be using bravado as a primary mode of transport making it actually pretty easy if you use it right. What do you suggest?
  12. DanteJH

    Pray for Abuela

    What if it was 1/2/2? That sounds ok to me and actually worthwhile to spend. I think a flat 2 would be better though
  13. DanteJH

    Pray for Abuela

    Tough as nails is fine as long as you really make use of bravado as your primary was to move which I find is fine anyway because you really have to make use of their huge threat range. Starting turn 2 8’ inches up the board with a 12’ range and focus 2 is no joke. I do agree that 1 focus for 1 damage is a bit expensive though, maybe 1 focus for 2 damage? Back to Abuela, I like the idea of making ‘on wheels’ a ‘may’ ability because then she could actually be an ok tar pit who can hand out slow and focus to keep herself alive and relevant without pushing herself out of the model she’s trying to keep in her aura
  14. Hey Wyrdos, I was part of the closed beta and with a couple tweaks made from the betas I’m really concerned about Abuelas place rn. When we left her in the last beta, she was a defensively weak model that was difficult to position but had a fantastic obey and really opened up the hiring pool but with her wedding stripped off and obey dialed back I see no reason to take her in any crew. ’meemaw’s disapproval’ replaced ‘shotgun wedding’ but I find it a really wierd ability to give her considering that it’s directly at odds with her ‘on wheels’ ability which makes defending herself impossible when trying to trap a model in the aura. Furthermore, her low survivablity mean that even if she pops herself close to someone who cares, she’s dead to a stiff wind. stripping back her obey was annoying as well as it now costs above average for an obey and doesn’t have the best range. Mechanically and flavour wise this doesn’t make much sense to me as the matriarch demands a little more respect than a 50/50 flip when it’s the only reason to take her. Finally, when we look at her price bracket we see that monsterhunters are astronomically better for one stone more and for a stone less, pistolaroes are so much more versatile and not annoying. P.s. what’s the enslaved nephilim’s job nowadays? With the extension of deployment zones and more built in movement, creepy noises and a crappy obey don’t mean all that much to the family. I’d suggest giving him abilities to semi-reliably be able to move enemy models which could be more useful to draw people out of cover or some scheme marker shenanigans which the family doesn’t have
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