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  1. Could you give me a short description of each member? Don’t have access to the cards and I’m thinking of running them as bayou
  2. That makes me sad
  3. Where does it say you can’t hire a second master for the 7 @Morgan Vening?
  4. Anyone here had any experience with the crossroads seven in 3e?
  5. DanteJH

    Fingers Tweak

    I’m aware of that and have enjoyed giving the whiskey golem another 2 ap but I don’t think it’s unreasonable or overpowered at all. A lot of people like myself and @wizuriel had been playing like that anyway out of assumption till I got called out on it today
  6. DanteJH

    Fingers Tweak

    Hello bayou dwellers! Today down in Melbourne we had a henchman hardcore tourney and I played the tri chi. It felt really good except I think there should be a minor tweak to fingers’ ‘small favour’ trigger that says that the model counts as friendly during the action. It’s a great trigger but too often I’d be engaging the enemy model so they couldn’t shoot or charge or anything. Would really appreciate the tweak
  7. Surely they replace pet project with an ability called ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’
  8. I think they’d be good ignore they hadn’t the mask built-in on their gun
  9. Mate, I can finally die happily if it goes through. I haven’t wanted something more than this absolute gem since the bottle’o started opening at 6
  10. I second the ‘Charlie bit me idea’! So funny but yeah the banjistas and crier should really need work
  11. It would be cool if they hadn’t that thing where if there’s 2 or more they lose ‘got better things to do’. That or bump em back up to 3 and make them significant again
  12. DanteJH

    Moon Shinobi

    They REALLY need it back like badly, like really really badly. I can’t express enough how vital this is
  13. Literally everyone: damn gremlins and their *squints* poison immunity!
  14. The model is pretty obviously based off a character from mad max 3 called Master Blaster so check that out if you wanna get an idea of what he’ll probably look like
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