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  1. Surely they replace pet project with an ability called ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’
  2. I think they’d be good ignore they hadn’t the mask built-in on their gun
  3. Mate, I can finally die happily if it goes through. I haven’t wanted something more than this absolute gem since the bottle’o started opening at 6
  4. I second the ‘Charlie bit me idea’! So funny but yeah the banjistas and crier should really need work
  5. It would be cool if they hadn’t that thing where if there’s 2 or more they lose ‘got better things to do’. That or bump em back up to 3 and make them significant again
  6. DanteJH

    Moon Shinobi

    They REALLY need it back like badly, like really really badly. I can’t express enough how vital this is
  7. Literally everyone: damn gremlins and their *squints* poison immunity!
  8. The model is pretty obviously based off a character from mad max 3 called Master Blaster so check that out if you wanna get an idea of what he’ll probably look like
  9. Yeah man, even in m2e their secondary use was tying down models and they’re damn good at it!
  10. DanteJH

    Showboating Merris

    The same showboat I assume?
  11. DanteJH

    Showboating Merris

    Hey, just s little thing I noticed that I think may have been overlooked. Merris has the infamous keyword but for whatever reason doesn’t have showboating? I don’t know if this is a balance thing or not but I don’t think it would be OP or anything to give her her secondary crews ability
  12. My god these look hilarious and like too much fun. The reason I play gremlins is because of stupid fun like that which we lost a bit in this edition. Pretty please add these!
  13. DanteJH

    Test Subjects

    They’re a decent tech choice against armoured crews and robots but they lack general synergy. Maybe give them something to electrify a pit trap? That could be cool
  14. can we just give him versatile please? I actually went to put him in a infamous crew then got upset
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