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  1. DanteJH

    Who is the best Grem master vs Neverborn?

    It’s Zipp every time!
  2. DanteJH

    Somer Gremlin spam- thoughts?

    I’ve actually had great success with show off. With drunk and reckless and bayou 2 card, it can be devastating as it’s 3 unavoidable damage in a decent range! Also, if you have somer and a banjista nearby, you draw 3 cards. I’ve blown my enemy to smitheriens and drowned them in card advantage, especially brutal after a bigger hat!
  3. DanteJH

    M3e sculpts

    I really want a more dynamic ophelia and Francois model and I’d like some updates scaling if at all possible.
  4. DanteJH

    Has anyone tried a doxy with the jury? How did it go?

    How’re we getting the doxy in?
  5. DanteJH

    Somer Gremlin spam- thoughts?

    Looks like absolute chaos, go for it!
  6. DanteJH

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    It’s funny, I don’t take him pro-activity but more re-activity to what I think the opponent is doing. I do like him for covert breakthrough, take one for the team, undercover entourage and for taking prisoners but he’s a flex model who can change gears fine on the fly like the whiskey golem who I love
  7. DanteJH

    Weekly Model Discussion - The First Mate

    He’s a very good alternative anti-scheme runner to fingers but is a bit fragile in the early game, I’ve had a couple games where my opponent has heard horror stories about him and have nuked him off the table turn 1 or early turn 2. A main reason I take him instead of Fingers is the huge resources that can be gained. With treasure map, you cycle 2 cards and get an extra effect (hello soulstones!). He also offers more options with a decent attack, push and pounce (and yes, I’ve gotten the eating combo off multiple times, see ya Lilith!). Absolutely love him, great for scheme and anti-scheme running!
  8. DanteJH

    Starting Ophelia

    Id highly suggest getting the somer or Zipp box but if you aren’t feeling another master yet, slop haulers and Burt jebson are the way to go
  9. DanteJH

    Whiskey golem with Mah?

    I use the golem all the time, he’s fantastic as he can keep up with the fast mah crew and stick around for a while.
  10. DanteJH

    Question: Aura Stacking with Somer/Skeeters

    Yep, this is by I take Burt in every somer crew, I very easily get min damage 4 or 5 w Lenny
  11. DanteJH

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    That would be great @Cadaver_Junkie
  12. DanteJH

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    Don’t have the app, can you write out or screenshot the cards?
  13. DanteJH

    Self-imposed restrictions!

    I’d highly suggest a slop hauler, banjonistas (3 cards per gremlin death w somer!) and Burt in that order
  14. DanteJH

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    I really wanna make a wrestling themed list and pretend I’m the announcer, sounds like such a fun game! I’m thinking either brewie with the idea that the match is at his bar or Wong as his special event!
  15. DanteJH

    Weekly Model Discussion - Bayou Gremlin

    In every crew before GG18 I ran at least 3 in every crew. Great for burning activations and decent scheme runners. They actually survive longer than you’d think because of their defensive tech but with gg18 being more about survival and bigger models I’ve taken them in less and less crews