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  1. If you are certain to Face the pigapult, then Bete is usually a great way to stop it down for the entire game, as she will pop once it sacrifices a Pig to shoot, and so you can place her engaging the Pult, making it unable to shoot, and most probably wont be able to disengage her too on its own, so call it an activation lost (and your opponent lost a Pig too!). On Bete's activation, kill its Pig ammo, or any other juicy targets while still engaging the Pult (Slop Haulers/Taxidermist...). Your opponent will now have to waste resources on his backfield to get rid of Bete, slowing him down. Bet
  2. Of course it could, but with only 6 Wds and its own auto-heal, it's not that it would be crucial for its survival. Still, a full heal is always great, and Nurses are fabulous with Daw, so it is something to have in mind... But again, for its cost, I feel there are better models for Jack
  3. I dont think I'll ever hire Nix with Daw. I use the big dog mainly as a Blighted dealer, not only on the enemy, but also on my own models with its (0), for extra Rats when they die, and for longer Pipes pulls on them on the first turns. for its cost, Nix is somewhat decent for the Piper, not even close to be an auto hire even for him, so it is even less stellar for other Masters. against Melee crews, he can turn to be a pretty tanky model, able to tarpit 2-3 engaged models with just a few Soulstones on preventions. But Fear any Ca based attacks, as it will meet down fast. That said, if you
  4. I'm an IOs user, and I'd sure pay a fee for this great App, which I keep using a lot even now! Thanks for all the awesome and hard work! Edit-- Does this mean there won't be any more IOs updates, nor that the App will not show up again on the AppStore? This is important as than I must be sure to not delete it from my Ipad and Iphone!
  5. Hello there! I am trying to introduce the game to some fellows, and I would love to show them some stories about the Breach itself and the Kack's Hanging Tree, so maybe they get hooked with the history beneath the game. The thing is that I have all the 4 first books (pre M2E), but at a first glance I could not find anything about them. I know there are some, but I dont have the time to read everything down there right now, and I'm in a bit of a hurry. So I thought about asking you guys, as I'm pretty sure that there must be a lot of you with way better knowledge about Malifaux' Lore. Als
  6. In almost every Daw Crew I take, Jaakuna Ubume is there. She is just so useful with him, and so is the Nurse, which is almost an auto-hire to me. From time to time I hire a Hanged, but that is pretty rare as I dont like to abbuse on friendly games. Papa Loco is there when I feel like I'm on a lucky day and he won't blow my own Crew into pieces... sadly, it always happen and uses to hurt me more than my opponents... but I keep trying him from time to time; at least it is always fun and one day he will be glorious.... i hope! And now we got the full 7Xroads Crew to hang around with Jacky J
  7. Count me too on the "NEED THE XROADS 7 NOW!" bandwagon =/
  8. For the record, I was the playing facing Marcus and his Cojo, and Cojo activating would have been far more dangerous to me than it losing that Feral activation, and I was pointing it would not, but rather be paralyzed and lose its next, but the Marcus player believed Cojo would just end that activation, and for the sake of not losing much time arguing about it, and because it was the easier and most suddenly reasonable answer, then we just played like it and kept playing, but I just wanted to know how would be the most correct way to play it in the future, might it ever happen again!
  9. Rule's Manual, pg.55. Performing a Horror Duel: Marcus's card: underlining mine. The Activation done by Alpha does not count as the activation of that model, it is not ITS activation. So, while that model would gain the Paralyzed Condition after failing the Horror Duel, that Activation would not inmediately end; the model would still perform his Actions as Marcus's player wanted, even while the model would be paralyzed now, in the same way as a Paralyzed model can still perform an Action thanks to an Obey, p.e. Cojo would not lose that Alpha Activation, but its next own Act
  10. Thankfully, this has happened with (I hope) enough time to fix it before the GenCon, because if this was to stay for long, I know my GenCon order would really be in danger of not happening and that would be quite sad, as this would be my fifth year on it
  11. IF the Mannequins are the Totems, which I am positive to, the Monkeys should probably be Insignificant Peons. Anyway, the Mannequins could still be Minions even if they cant interact, which could help on some Strats. Still, I feel like Lola could make for a great Totem, a significant Enforcer one like Karina, not a free one like Huggy, and then Thin Lizzy could be a cool control-type Henchwoman and Mercury a bruiser-like Enforcer. If the monkeys should keep the moving people shenanigans, that would deffinately be a (2) Action, even more if they were to be inmune to dissengaging t
  12. OMG, you're totally right! I've been always playing it wrong, hahaha And the worst of it, it is pretty clearly written on the car!
  13. Thanks for the write up! Looks like a pretty interesting and fun game! Anyway, it looks like you should have not gotten the full 3 VPs off Vendetta, but just 2 VP, since the first Attack Action the Trapper did was against the Guild Hound. Righ?
  14. That's my crew: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/100725-my-tormented-crew/?hl=tormented At I will keep playing them even after his starter box comes to life, as I pretty much dislike all its models. The only one I have not found a proxy which I'm satisfied enough with it is the Guilty, but I never use more than one (if any), in my lists
  15. This is what happened in our game today, and we both found these same reasonings in both directions, so we finally ended flipping a card for it (which meant Incorporeal worked, btw). For the record, this Attack was boss against Dreamer, as it targets Ht, and so he cannot use his Df/Wp Trigger then, and on top of damaging him, Kaeris can use it to take the little boy far away from his nightmares so he cannot avoid the next attacks on him. If Grab and Drop also ignores Incorporeal, then it's Dreamer's worst nightmare ever
  16. If you expect facing Living Crews, especially Living Masters, Bête has a reasonable way of Paralyzing them, and she has always that psycho-effect on your opponent when she knows that everytime one Living/Undead model dies, she is most likely to show up, and most of the times within Flurry's range... with Ml 6 and to hit, even while his Dg output is just 2/3/4, she's got a lot of useful Triggers, so that is something to always bear in mind too. Adding Fast just makes her better (as anyone else, btw...)
  17. I have only used Datshue once ever, and it was on my first (and only so far) try of a Spirit focused Yan Lo, and well, she summoned 4 Seishins and 3 Gakis on a killing spree through a pretty typical Seamus gang... Call me impressed, while my opponent ended swearing all over her and the old man (they both teamed together: Yan started Humpo Assaulting to weaken enemies till 1-2 Wds left either using the Khakkara of his regular attack, allowing Datshue to easily kill them off for the summons) Ohh, and he was the first one on my gaming group to start playing with Yan Lo!
  18. Ohhh, Forgot to say that I recently started playing the old Man with more Spirit oriented Crews (Datshue, Onryos and Shikomes mostly, as I like to keep the oriental theme), and let me tell you it is a blast, specially against Armoured opponents (Arcanists!). Datshue is a beast and she gives Yan more activations thanks to all the various Sheisins, Gakis and Onryos she will keep summoning all game, as well as even allowing Yan to gain extra Chi off the Sheisins if needed, and even giving Izamu or any other Spirit some extra movility on top of the one given by the Soul Porter. And well,
  19. That is all true... but I don't see why being a generalist and really versatile should be bad in a game like Malifaux, where there are so many possible variations and different things to do and suffer. Yan Lo's Crew was a pain to play with for the very first 5 games I tried it, when I was defeated HARD everytime, but then I learned how to handle all their tricks and I use to win with it pretty consistently. Yeah, the old guy doesn't shine as much as some others do, but he has the tools to make this part of the job done.
  20. In my opinion, every Mster present in v1.5 keeps playing at least the same way it made before, although most also have an alternative tactic al route depending on the Limited Upgraded you take for them, which is great because the same Master can be played very differently. So, if you liked some Masters in v1.5, I just feel like you will even like them now more than before, as they are now the same as before... But even with more tricks under their sleeves!
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