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  1. Patzer

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Maybe she will get two play styles. One pure ninja (last blosssom), and one where she is more of up front commander (katanaka). With that said, I think it fits thematically that the katanaka models will be general faction models.
  2. Patzer

    10T Keyword thoughts

    Where do you all think Fuhatsu will end up; in a crew or in as a general model? And will he keep his henchmen status?
  3. Patzer

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    To everyone who got robbed of their favorit master (like me with Lilith), First, the handful of masters who arent getting m3e treatment from the get go might get it further along. We got more masters during the whole of m2e, and I think it is safe to say that the ones that is buried as of now will probably be the ones that the designers will think about first when its time to add some new masters to the game. So dont threat just yet. Second, there is so much new stuff to try!!! Have a flexible mindset about it, you loose something you like, but you get to play a bunch of cool new masters and versions of old masters. There is a ton to get excited about even if you feel that you have been left out. And, if you tag a long for the m3e ride an old friend might be waiting for you a few stops a head
  4. Patzer

    Third Floor Wars - Mr. Tannen

    Great read!
  5. Patzer

    Outcast Misaki: What do you bring?

    My core at the moment: 50 SS Outcasts Crew Misaki - The Storm (1) - Survivalist (1) - Risk and Reward (1) Anna Lovelace (10) Marlena Webster (8) Desperate Mercenary (3) Desperate Mercenary / shang (3) That leaves 23 SS to play around with. I usually settle for a cache of 4ss. Webster is gold for her. Just fantastic. The threat of alpha striking with Websters buff demands respect. All of the other actions and abilities will provide something in every game. Anna can shoot into melee, summon, and disrupt with her auras. With shang the crew gets double rush of magic, which is never a bad thing. Other models in the pool are Sue, Johan, Yamaziko, Effigy, Ashes and dust, Vanessa, Lazarus, and Hannah. Misaki will attack often non-SS users and either kill them with assassinate or blast imporant models off them. Target selection is vital.
  6. Patzer

    M2E Rasputina

    I think Rasputina is more or less all the shooting you need, so I wouldn't rate the mages that high with her. Captain, maybe now when he is cheaper, but I dont know... The real non fh star is Myranda. Quite a balanced approach still! I have a hard time leaving home without Cold Nights for similar reasons, and on most boards 4 50mm markers gives so much control. Yet, I have tried a full cache, Imbued Energies, seize the day, and December's pawn build. Its an all eggs in one basket thing, but its a nice option in certain games.
  7. Patzer

    M2E Rasputina

    @Hollingydale what upgrades do you tend to take when running aggressive Rasputina builds?
  8. Patzer

    M2E Rasputina

    +++ To this. When I ran Misaki, with Recalled Training and Yu, black jokers would often just kill a turn for me. With a ton of flips and ap to attack, that joker will come up. Ultra aggressive Rasputina can spew out as many or more attacks, and I have find that having a that threat removed is really good.
  9. Patzer

    Hunting Down Nicodem

    Lilith with Wings and prim magic (for cards), plus whatever you like, and Tannen. Tannen's leave it to luck can boost Lilith's tangle by 2. By turn 1-2, with a 13mask or rj will get you nico into your crew.
  10. Patzer

    Hive mind... how do you beat ressers

    Hit them early and hard. I dont mean you should be reckless and just alpha all the time. But puttning early constant pressure on key models with a focus on disrupting synergy and ending the game early is usually the way to go, against the summoners of the faction at least.
  11. Patzer


    Lynch would be pretty great. A pose with a bit more action in it. Living Titania and fae could be an interesting take.
  12. Patzer

    Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    Really curious about wave 5 Misaki. Please share some of your lists! I am thinking about something like the following: 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew Misaki + 4 Pool - The Storm (1) - Risk and Reward (1) - Recalled Training (1) Kamaitachi (4) Sensei Yu (9) - Wandering River Style (2) Mr. Graves (8) Johan (7) Guild Pathfinder (6) Charm Warder (5) Shadow Effigy (4) Or 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew Misaki + 4 Pool - The Storm (1) - Risk and Reward (1) - Recalled Training (1) Kamaitachi (4) Shadow Emissary (10) - Conflux of Thunder (0) Samurai (8) - Favor Of Jigoku (0) Johan (7) - Hidden Agenda (0) Guild Pathfinder (6) Charm Warder (5) Terracotta Warrior (5)
  13. Patzer

    Expanding Rasputina

    1 Snowstorm 2 Silent Ones 3 Ice Dancer 4 Myranda / sabertooth cerberus 5 molemen
  14. Patzer

    If you were the Errata man...

    I am really curious. Is december acolytes really pulling that much weight in everyone's crews? I think they are a really neat offensive model, but they die so easy. They are also a gamble, they are strongest when they get to deploy second, where they can react to the opponent. But going first, they often most be placed quite conservativley due to their squishiness. On top of everything, 7 is quite a steep price nowadays. At least I have a really hard time fitting them into my crews.
  15. To me, summoning rasputina doesn't sound interesting at all. Why spend her ap on summoning when you have such a great attacks, and tactical actions. I will keep on rocking Cold Nights, Armor of December, and one of Imbued Energies, seize the day, arcane reservoir, or Child of December most of the time.