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  1. Shang doubled his cost. He and Misaki are now 19ss. And that is a lot.
  2. Huggy may be a nice fit for similar reasons.
  3. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot get over dis McCabe having extended reach (preventing charges from 2" away), but only having 1" range on his saber. Cant he have the whip while a foot and the sabre on horse? Makes more sense.
  4. How about Yan Lo with his demise ability, or giving McCabes horse h2k.
  5. Silent protector got reworked for 2.6.19. Hard to kill for everyone! This seems very good. Any models you all see this work well with?
  6. I think the intention of the rule is that Misaki only get the movement penalty if she has been buried. But its not clear.
  7. They should become mimics again. Creates a small link to neverborn through Lucius which also fits strongly to his theme of having influence everywhere.
  8. Thats a really neat TT list. Misaki, Shang, and a Torakage is enough from Last Blossom to get that code word synergy to work. Maybe that is a strike against Misaki's squad, and that they should have some more synergy. I think that trio is a pretty good way of spending 23ss and get most best parts of out of running Misaki as your master. Right now I am more eager to play Misaki as a hire rather than a master. Do not know if that is a bad thing or not.
  9. I have not played with or against Lucius, but here goes. I think you circled something quite telling here: 46 is probably too good, but at same time that is kind of needed since it is the sole source of hitting power to the crew. If 46 is to be toned down, it is probably a safe bet that some other elite or mimic needs more offensive punch.
  10. Patzer


    Cool idea! Lynch having two ap, and Huggy three (as long as it is in play maybe?).
  11. Can the teracotta warriors copy from Misaki?
  12. Maybe she will get two play styles. One pure ninja (last blosssom), and one where she is more of up front commander (katanaka). With that said, I think it fits thematically that the katanaka models will be general faction models.
  13. Where do you all think Fuhatsu will end up; in a crew or in as a general model? And will he keep his henchmen status?
  14. To everyone who got robbed of their favorit master (like me with Lilith), First, the handful of masters who arent getting m3e treatment from the get go might get it further along. We got more masters during the whole of m2e, and I think it is safe to say that the ones that is buried as of now will probably be the ones that the designers will think about first when its time to add some new masters to the game. So dont threat just yet. Second, there is so much new stuff to try!!! Have a flexible mindset about it, you loose something you like, but you get to play a bunch of cool new masters and versions of old masters. There is a ton to get excited about even if you feel that you have been left out. And, if you tag a long for the m3e ride an old friend might be waiting for you a few stops a head
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