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Found 47 results

  1. What: Malifaux M2E Demos and open gaming at the Your Hobby Place gaming block party When: Saturday, 24th of October Time: 12-4 Where: Your Hobby Place 77 Monroe Street Martinsburg WV What: Malifaux Demos When: As needed Where: Play More Games 42 Bureau Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 What: Malifaux M2E Demos When: As needed Where: The Historic Haven - it's a private club, PM me for info 21 South Carroll Street Frederick MD 21701 Phone (410)490-4353 Club Website: http://www.historichaven.com/ Demos available at these gaming spaces. Demo ID:10019810
  2. Hey all, I know these have been done a couple of times before, but I've just finished some M2E scheme cards. They are designed to be printing at 100% on A4 paper, cut, folded, and then popped into 2.5" x 3.5" card sleeves. "Classic" Rulebook schemes and strategies, (including cheatsheet): http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/CrikeymilesSchemeCards.pdf (39 MB) NEW! Gaining Grounds 2017 schemes and strategies: http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2017_Cards.pdf (1.3MB) EDIT (02 Jan 2014): fixed errors in the text. EDIT (04 Jan 2014): added "noted model" boxes. EDIT (31 Jan 2015): added Gaining Grounds 2015 strategies EDIT (17 Sep 2016): added Gaining Grounds 2016 version EDIT (15 Jan 2017): added Gaining Grounds 2017 version Cheers.
  3. Rapfat93

    Malifaux Demo's

    Demos for the month of June Starting 6/13/17 Come in on Wyrd Wednesday to learn about Malifaux!
  4. I will be hosting my next Tournament, Behold My Glory, on May 13th, 2017 at Astral Games of Medford OR! I'm intending this tourney to be a "practice" tourney for those intending to do Califaux 2017 the following month. I will be mimicking Crissy's usual Qualifier Strat choices as best I can guess them. Hopefully with the location in Southern Oregon, I can interest players from the Portland area and the Sacramento/Bay Area to meet at my humble LGS for a practice throw-down. I'll make it worth your while with lots of prizes and loot that everyone has a chance at claiming in the end! Come on up/down, and see how you measure up before Califaux! Be wary, I'll only be accepting the first 16 players in our medium-sized space, so be sure to contact me (either through PM here or on FB in our Community Page) to preregister ASAP! For more information, visit us at my store's Malifaux Community Page, or find more information on the tournament page here!
  5. Hey all, For those who don't know, I'm a high school teacher, and one of the clubs I manage is the school's gaming club. Our yearly "big event" is Extra Life, a 25 hour gaming marathon where donors sponsor me, my students, and close friends/family to play and raise money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. This will be the FOURTH YEAR we've put this shindig on, averaging over $2,000 each year to our local children hospital in Medford, OR. This year, we've gone though a bit of an upgrade. Normally we play in my classroom (and at a local gaming store when they open a little later), but last year has shown we've outgrown the space. In response, one of my seniors has successfully booked the Best Western Convention Center in Yreka,CA from 8am Nov. 5th to 8am Nov. 6th. While most of my students will be on consoles or doing card games, my small M2E-meta outside of school will be completing our Shifting Loyalties League throughout the 25 hours. If you would like to join us for this great celebration of gaming for a great cause, I'll try to host additional small Wyrd events during the day like demos, open tables, painting sessions, Henchmen Hardcores, or Enforcer Brawls (depending on demand). I can't guarantee a full fledged tourney (again since our League is concluding), but if you and friends come to play Wyrd products with us, I'll have some Guilders jingling in my pocket ready to hand out. No entry fee or anything; all that I request is if you would like to visit us anytime throughout the 25 hours (or if you want to contribute to our efforts), donate and sponsor myself or one of my students. All proceeds are #FTK For updates on this event and others we host in the Southern Oregon/Northern California region, follow our M2E meta at Jefferson State Malifaux Facebook. You can find event itself at it's Facebook Event Page. Cheers!
  6. What: Malifaux M2E demo When: last Monday of the month starting on the 15 Time: 7 to 10 p.m. Where: The club is located at Akora Community Building, 7 Roebling Street, Modbury Heights https://www.facebook.com/GarrisonWargamingClub/ I frequent most of the local gaming stores so if you can’t come Monday nights free to contact me and we see if can meet up somewhere else And if you’re looking at a specific crews let me know and I’ll see if I can bring it
  7. I know it's late notice, but come on over to Astral Games of Medford, OR for my first official tourney! My group here is a relatively new meta, but if you want the Strat/Scheme practice before Califaux a month later, we'd love to have you! For details, visit tinyurl.com/m2edevilsdeal
  8. I just ordered four miniatures which I'll be using as Bunraku proxies. I'm only going to be basing/painting two of them. If anybody would like the remaining two, let me know. I'm thinking $5 plus shipping but am open to suggestions or best offers. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, if you're in or around the Bel Air area in Maryland, feel free to stop by Bel Air games and learn to play Malifaux 2nd Edition. Our demos run every Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm Don't want a demo, but want a game with some awesome players? We've got those, too. Tuesday is Terror Tuesday at Bel Air Games so come on up and get your game on. Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Dr Bel Air, MD 21014 Phone:(410) 776-3491
  10. Hi all I'll be running some demo games of M2E at Infinity Games on Thursday Nov 20, from 530pm. Will be doing some 35ss Starter Box match ups and also some 20ss Hardcore games. Infinity Games are located at 22 Currie Street Adelaide. Up the stairs and turn left :-) Feel free to just drop in and get a game, but replying to this thread will help me get a handle on how many people to expect. This will be my first "official" demo so I'm pretty excited! Flip on! Tim
  11. Tawg

    So what's up with Wong?

    Sorry if this is already a thread, I saw there was that one about Wong up fairly high, but I think most threads revolve around actually using models in game and their crew building. I'm more curious about his story, or what he's doing. It's a fairly open question, but I'm just curious what he's about, or from whence he came? He clearly uses magic, but how did that come about? My other more broad curiosity is about Faction X Arcanist crossovers, namely the notion that anything that can cast spells might be related to Arcanist. Is this how people generally view the Arcanist Faction, as the primary "Casters"? The alternative, that I subscribe to (Which better explains why Wong would not be Arcanist), is that Arcanist happen to be comprised of many mages, but represent more of an ideal or mentality, a group bound more by shared interest than vestment in the arcane. Does this seem reasonable, or is there a good reason Wong could be theoretically clumped into Arcanist? I'm just curious what the defining trait why or why not a model might be partially woven into the Arcanist (Other than purely that being their design), and the general story around Wong and any connection he has to magic or the Arcanist (Does he like them, hate them?). Thanks for the know how, half-stock-green-kin.
  12. skaroreg

    Cary North Carolina Demos

    Malifaux demos can be found at The Gamer's Armory (684 Cary Towne Blvd, Cary, NC 27511) on Thursdays usually starting at 5 PM. To check for exact times (or other times) and availability of myself or other players in the area, please contact me through messaging, or through Facebook, The Carolina Breach (https://www.facebook.com/groups/324627157734004/) is a great way for local players in North Carolina to set up games on Thursdays or other days of the week. I look forward to seeing you out there!
  13. I'm sure this has been brought up, but I am unable to locate where.. Has there been any thought, plan, or attempt to inlude a shifting loyalties portion to the masters and henchmen on pullmyfinger? A lot of players in my group are finding it difficult to get a crew together considering we have to start with henchmen, (I'm aware there is an option to start with masters). Thank you for your time!
  14. I'll be at JJ's Game Lounge the following days this November for Wyrd Wednesday (4th, 18th, and 25th) and Through the Breach Thursday on the 12th of November. All skill levels are welcome to come and play. Models and all relevant equipment for demos will be provided by me. Wyrd Wednesday Malifaux 2E Demos & Regular Game play : 6pm-10pm Through the Breach Nythera Part 3: Sunday November 22nd 6pm - 10pm Location: JJ's Game Lounge 10174 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Store Phone Number: (818) 717-8558 Store Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JJsGameLounge?fref=ts
  15. I'll be at JJ's Game Lounge this week running Malifaux 2E demos for the evening on Thursday and a Through the Breach Game Wednesday. All skill levels are welcome to come and play. Models and all relevant equipment will be provided. Look for me in the blue Henchman Shirt. Malifaux 2E Demos & Regular Game play Thursday: 6pm-10pm Through the Breach Wednesday: 6pm-10pm (2 players minimum to start) Location: JJ's Game Lounge 10174 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Store Phone Number: (818) 717-8558 Store Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JJsGameLounge?fref=ts
  16. Greetings Malifaux Players! Starting August 4th, X Planet Games will be running an Official M2E Shifting Loyalties Campaign run by Henchman Chad Hackman. We will have modified rules from the defaults but will stay within recommended adjustments. Much feedback, mostly positive, has been taken from the X Planet community and your voice will shape all campaigns we run together. As Hideouts were a big hit with the last campaign, they will be used. However, they will not be the victory condition. Each Hideout upgrade will contribute points toward your Campaign Total, but achievements like painting and playing someone new will also factor in. This information will be available at X Planet Games this week along with a sign up sheet. Please sign up and leave your contact information so that you can be kept up to date on this and future campaigns. Location: X Planet Games 5170 Dixie Road - Unit 102 Mississauga, ON, L4W 1E3 905-949-4263 Cost: FREE The Details: Crew Selection -50 SS/Scrip Arsenal -You must purchase a Henchman to use as a Leader for your crew. -Any 0-cost Henchman will cost 13 Scrip minus its Cache -You may not purchase a Henchman that someone else is using as a Leader. -One upgrade can be purchased as normal. There will be a Briefing Night every Monday. It is not mandatory that you are there as games can be played any day of the week at X Planet Games. Updates will be posted no later than the Sunday prior to our Briefing Night. Please strive to attend the first Briefing Night on Tuesday, August 4th as there will be some very important information discussed. As well, I would like to get some additional feedback with respect to some of the modifications that we will be using in this campaign. Cheat Well, Chad "xKoBiEx" Hackman Facebook Campaign Link
  17. Hey all; just picked up a box of crooked men today from my local store Element Games and was wondering if anyone has had any fun experiences getting shafted by these minions and their aptly names tactical ability 'Shafted'. Also where are people using these guys - I squeezed one in a hardcore game recently and have one or two swelling the ranks of my Mcmourning crews; found them to be really fun especially with that paralyse trigger.
  18. Seismic134

    IMG 20141216 085106

    From the album: Seismic's Neverborn

  19. Seismic134

    IMG 20141216 085040

    From the album: Seismic's Neverborn

  20. SteampunkCake

    Female executioner?

    Hey guys, I think I might have lost all my marbles now, or at least I'm playing with half a deck (some kind of insane comparison) I distinctly remember a while ago there was some artwork floating around for a female executioner. Am I really just going crazy or was this actually a thing? I'd love to know I'm not crazy and if someone has it please post it so I can prove I have at least 1 soul stone left in my cache!
  21. zeeblee

    TTB Bestiary vs M2E

    When comparing the stats and abilities of Through the Breach antagonists to their Malifaux 2nd Edition counterparts, which set of stats do you prefer to stick with? As an example, the Desolation in M2E has Hard to Wound, but the TTB version does not.
  22. Fatedeck.com A web site a wrote to randomly generate a standard encounter. Its quick no frills should work on any screen size. Enjoy
  23. IlBanditone

    No Shelter Here

    This is my First Crew at all Not a perfect pic but I wanted to share it with you ASAP (finished this morning at 2:00 am)