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  1. Hey guys, I’m sure there must be a list somewhere that sums up the rule changes from M2e to M3e... is there?
  2. I just got back from Adepticon, comfy back at home relaxing with a coffee after a weekend of enforcing the Guild's will. It was my first Adepticon and I had a great time with my Guild. (I also played Bolt Action Doubles, but we did terrible.) I just wanted to share my lists and collect some of my thoughts on the event. I was a bit rusty going in, but i was playing crews i loved, my cards were hot, and i managed to fluke into 3rd place for both Henchmen Hardcore and the 2E Sendoff (also defaulted to best guild, as Duncan won best overall so the runner up guild got best guild). ---
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to an Ophelia tactica and discussion thread! What does Ophelia do and why would I take her? Ophelia is, in my opinion, the most versatile master in gremlins. She provides outstanding movement and support to her crew through her many zero actions, upgrades and auras which will be discussed later, she is also the hardest to kill gremlin master because of a fantastic stat line, defensive trigger, healing potential and ‘Plink!’ ability, in my 2 years of playing her I’ve only had her die once. She’s also no slouch when it comes to damage dealing either, when it
  4. Location: Game Shoppe Date: March 4th to 25th Time: 6pm Cost: $0 With M3e looming in the horizon, there is just enough time to run one last Shifting Loyalties campaign before it is gone. The Final Campaign will be a 3 month shifting loyalties campaign broken down into one month chapters. Players are free to use their crew from the last chapter or start new using the late start rules. This campaign will use all the basic rules for getting started as in the rulebook. All encounters will be story encounters, as they will also be gone once M3e is out. Players will get to pick loca
  5. Hi Wyrdos! I'll be organizing a tournament of M2E, feel free to come! When? 16th of February, starting at 11:00 am Where? In Montréal area (Longueil), at the Zakeda store (https://goo.gl/maps/1VMY72BGxNK2) How? Following the Gaining Grounds rules, 50ss and M2E, of course Why? Because we wanna have fun and play together Between all the people that come, we'll decide the events for the following months Link to the event with all the information: https://www.facebook.com/events/364738737411377/
  6. Background Recently I have had a lot of fun while playing Lilith. She is an all round maniac, who can tailor a crew to do any well in any scheme pool as well as change things up in game. This style of play appeals a lot to me. To have enough tools to think on your feet, react to the flow of the game, and leave the game plan for the better option if it present itself. Granted, nearly all masters (in my experience) can do this to an extent. Whereas the likes of Lilith and McCabe can do it more easily than for instance Rasputina or Lady Justice, who have slightly more carved out roles. Anothe
  7. I’ve been thinking about writing up a tactica on Titania as she’s my favorite master(especially after wave 5) and I’ve gotten a lot of games under my bealt with her, and with the recent release of wave 5 and her new upgrades I figured now was the time. So without further ado, let’s get started. Titania is a bit of a jack of all trades in that she has a bit of control, a bit of damage, and a bit of support, however, there is one thing she excels at, and that is taking a beating, so let’s go over a quick overview of some of her strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Excellent durability, e
  8. So, I apologise for the delay for this and that it is not fully completed, sadly real life and uni work gets in the way :/ Still that said, its talking a fair amount of time to get things written up properly. Both the notes and simply typing up is taking a rather long time. Anyway, here is the first part of my tactica/run down for McMourning. It's mostly about the model's themselves with a bit of how they interact with one another. As a heads up I'll be adding to this post as I get chance with little extras and new entries for the missing models (basically for a while it will be a 'living'
  9. Join us for a Holiday themed Story Encounter December 1st, 2018 Registration at 10:30 am, gaming at 11:00 Atomic Empire, Durham, NC Three rounds, fixed faction, using M2e rules (details available the day of) Come out and have fun, enjoy some gaming before the holidays and relatives get crazy!
  10. I've seen a few Tacticas here and there, but for my personal favourite master I've seen only threads with questions and ideas. I've been playing this nightmarish killer since he's been in Beta. I've tried my hand with and against every Master out so far, with the single exception of Shenlong, with this terror of Malifaux and I've learned quite a bit from it. So why not share my knowledge of this horror-bound "demon?" I'm talking about the elusive boy known as The Dreamer, of course! I'm hoping that everyone can learn at least something from this but my main goal is to try to help people b
  11. 'Hi, So, I'm 4 games in with Zipp now - 1 club game last Monday and 3 games at a 30-player event yesterday. I have 3 more today in another event. I thought I'd start a thread on what I'm doing with him and his crew, the pool of models I'm using, and the schemes I'm choosing. How long I'll keep this up I have no idea, but it might be something to chat about. Crew pool! Firstly, I'm only running Zipp - single master - because he looks fun (he has an airship and can drop pianos on folks!!), so I have to make him work regardless of strategy and scheme pool. I have
  12. As a newer player I’ve found that a lot of fantastic ideas can be found on the forums, PullMyFinger, Podcasts and several different blogs. However to make live a bit easier for newer players I decided to make a Compendium for the Guild. It covers all models we have now and will continue to be updated with further releases and obviously synergies. This Compendium acts as: - An oversight of all the Guild models (including exclusives) with links to the models - An small summery of all functionalities the Guild models have - An oversight of all the Guild cards with (including exclusives) l
  13. Hello Puppet-Lovers! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a Tactica for use with my favourite Master: Collodi. I used Collodi a lot in the Wave 2 Beta and think I have a good grasp of the tactics and abilities you can make use of in a Collodi crew, which I would like to share with New Players and old alike, as well as maybe give Collodi's Opponents a leg up if they are finding him a difficult Master to go up against in their local group. Let's begin with where we came from: In M1E Collodi's tactics involved spinning a small ball of marionettes into anything and having that thing
  14. Hey guys, seeing as how there's already a Collodi and Dreamer Tactica, how about trying to get the other Masters up? In the Arcanist section, they already have 4 Masters' Tactica as stickies, we could certainly catch up to them. This is a good time too, since Wave 5 would add to every Master's repertoire, generating more interest and questions about each Master. I could start the ball rolling for Pandora and let the other more experienced players chip in. Pandora Quick Rundown: The Good High Wp Excellent control through Paralyse and Activation order Kills thr
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the b
  16. So this thread keeps popping up, I thought I'd try to write up something to help you getting started with Nicodem. At this point you have probably bought the Open Graves boxset. So you have Nicodem, Mortimer, 3x Punk Zombies and the Vulture. Let's start with that assumption. Good buy, Nicodem is absolutely the boss and you are within the righteous faction of Malifaux, good for you. Nicodem is a toolbox to no end. What you need you get. Nicodem can be played in different ways, the most obvious being the Summoner he is. Do remember though, that you have the option to summon, it's not mandato
  17. What: Malifaux M2E Demos and open gaming at the Your Hobby Place gaming block party When: Saturday, 24th of October Time: 12-4 Where: Your Hobby Place 77 Monroe Street Martinsburg WV What: Malifaux Demos When: As needed Where: Play More Games 42 Bureau Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 What: Malifaux M2E Demos When: As needed Where: The Historic Haven - it's a private club, PM me for info 21 South Carroll Street Frederick MD 21701 Phone (410)490-4353 Club Website: http://www.historichaven.com/ Demos available at these gaming spaces. Demo ID:10019810
  18. Hey everyone! So I've decided to compile some notes on Yan Lo for the community and discuss some tactica for him. What does Yan Lo offer that other Masters don't? At first glance his rather basic stat line leaves a little to be desired. He has no real defensive abilities (yet) and no tricks for avoiding damage like Armor or Incorporeal (yet). He does offer some fun opportunties to watch him power up and then become quite fearsome. He is a master that makes spirits meaner, and will love the Adversary Condition. However, he does have some interesting abilities. Infiltration (R
  19. Introduction Resurrectionists (or Ressers if you don't like typing/saying big words) are the faction associated most closely with Undead and summoning. Likely that's why you came to this forum, because you want to play with those kinds of models. This guide is aimed at taking you, the novice, through the interesting choices ahead - which Master to start with, what models to buy to support them, and why. As with everything in Malifaux, there are no absolutely right answers. This guide is one person's opinion, based on trial and error (because this guide didn't exist until I wrote it).
  20. Hey all, I know these have been done a couple of times before, but I've just finished some M2E scheme cards. They are designed to be printing at 100% on A4 paper, cut, folded, and then popped into 2.5" x 3.5" card sleeves. "Classic" Rulebook schemes and strategies, (including cheatsheet): http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/CrikeymilesSchemeCards.pdf (39 MB) NEW! Gaining Grounds 2017 schemes and strategies: http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2017_Cards.pdf (1.3MB) EDIT (02 Jan 2014): fixed errors in the text. EDIT (04 Jan 2014): added "noted model
  21. Demos for the month of June Starting 6/13/17 Come in on Wyrd Wednesday to learn about Malifaux!
  22. I will be hosting my next Tournament, Behold My Glory, on May 13th, 2017 at Astral Games of Medford OR! I'm intending this tourney to be a "practice" tourney for those intending to do Califaux 2017 the following month. I will be mimicking Crissy's usual Qualifier Strat choices as best I can guess them. Hopefully with the location in Southern Oregon, I can interest players from the Portland area and the Sacramento/Bay Area to meet at my humble LGS for a practice throw-down. I'll make it worth your while with lots of prizes and loot that everyone has a chance at claiming in the end! Co
  23. Hey all, For those who don't know, I'm a high school teacher, and one of the clubs I manage is the school's gaming club. Our yearly "big event" is Extra Life, a 25 hour gaming marathon where donors sponsor me, my students, and close friends/family to play and raise money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. This will be the FOURTH YEAR we've put this shindig on, averaging over $2,000 each year to our local children hospital in Medford, OR. This year, we've gone though a bit of an upgrade. Normally we play in my classroom (and at a local gaming store when they open a little later)
  24. For all those budding Necromancers out there a little something to help you keep your cadavers nicely sorted. Thought I would post these up in the Downloads for people to use. http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/77-resurrectionist-summoning-cards/ For those that don't play summoners, here is a brief rundown of what these cards are for Each of the masters I have done cards for can summon a collection of models and the TN of their summon is based on the cost of the model summoned. These cards show what models these summoner can create and what card you have to cheat in
  25. What: Malifaux M2E demo When: last Monday of the month starting on the 15 Time: 7 to 10 p.m. Where: The club is located at Akora Community Building, 7 Roebling Street, Modbury Heights https://www.facebook.com/GarrisonWargamingClub/ I frequent most of the local gaming stores so if you can’t come Monday nights free to contact me and we see if can meet up somewhere else And if you’re looking at a specific crews let me know and I’ll see if I can bring it
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