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  1. Malifaux at Ground Zero Comics and Games from 12:30pm-5:30pm on Saturday, June 2nd. 15139 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136. Casual games and demos available. Great opportunity for tournament prep for anyone playing at Origins. I'll be doing demos at the con on 6/15 from 3-8pm. Stop by the Wyrd booth if you're at the show.
  2. Open play and demos available at Ground Zero Comics and Games on 4/28 from 12:30pm-5:30pm. 15139 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, Ohio 44136
  3. Casual games and demos available on 4/7 at Ground Zero Comics and Games. 15139 Pearl Road, Strongsville, OH 44136. 440-572-9599. From 12:30pm-5pm Join the NEO Malifaux facebook group to stay up on events and activities in the area.
  4. Okay...Adeptican't 2018 is a week away and I'm going to drop the schemes to make it easier for everybody to prepare. Round 1 Flank deployment Public Execution Eliminate the Leadership, Search the Ruins, Undercover Entourage, Covert Breakthrough, Inescapable Trap Round 2 Standard deployment Ply For Information Surround Them, Dig Their Graves, Recover Evidence, Hold Up Their Forces, Covert Breakthrough Round 3 Corner deployment Ours Guarded Treasure, Search the Ruins, Vendetta, Take Prisoner, Public Demonstration Prize pool now includes a variety of 1.5 Avatars and out of production models! Please respond to the event post or contact me so I can have enough tables set. We've the entire store open for this event. Just came into a treasure trove of 1.5 avatars and alt models for prize support and purchase!
  5. Ground Zero Comics and Games, 15139 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136 Saturday, March 24 at 12pm-7pm For all us poor folks who can't make it to the big show. 10$ entry. GG2018, 3 rounds, 50ss, fixed faction. Strats follow GG2018 rotation with schemes announced on the day. No painting requirements, but everybody likes to see some color on the table. Special awards for best painted. Shop opens at noon with the first round starting at 12:30pm. Entry fees will be turned into store credit for prizes. Please respond to this post or the NEO Malifaux facebook event so we know the numbers, looking for at least eight for rankings. Let's get the Midwest going!
  6. Open gaming and demos available at Ground Zero Comics and Games in Strongsville, OH. 15139 Pearl Road. 440-572-9599. Saturday, 2/24 from 12pm-5pm. Join the NEO Malifaux facebook group for event invitations and to stay up on what's going on in the area.
  7. Happy New Year everyone! Here's the shared strat and schemes for this Saturday's achievement league: Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak, Take Prisoner, Recover Evidence, Search the Ruins, Inescapable Trap Standard Deployment 12:30pm-5:30pm Ground Zero Comics and Games 15139 Pearl Rd Strongsville, OH 44136 440-572-9599 I'll have copies of GG2018 and league achievement sheets available. Join the NEO Malifaux facebook group to keep up with events and attendance.
  8. Happy Holidays Cleveland Wyrdoos! I'll be running another fun league this January at Ground Zero Comics and Games. 15139 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, Ohio 44136 440-572-9599. Every Saturday in January from 12:30pm-5:30pm. We'll be getting everyone up to speed on GG2018 and the January errata using the Wyrd league format. Points will be scored for participation, hobby and sportsmanship, not how many games you win. This is a great opportunity to get back into the game and introduce new players to the world of Malifaux. I'll be posting shared strats and schemes every week. Play one or all four Saturdays and you'll be eligible for prizes and guilders.
  9. Christmas story encounters and demos at Ground Zero Comics and Games on Saturday 12/9 from 12:30pm-5:30pm. 15139 Pearl Road, Strongsville, OH. 440-572-9599. Join the NEO Mailfaux facebook group for invitations to events and casual game days.
  10. The only issue with having Tara attempt to bury something with glimpse the void is making sure you have a low enough card to intentionally fail the TN. You can always relent the death marshal’s pine box attack. I had one game where I had Tara try to bury the Nothing Beast three times to avoid Set Up. Top decked the TN all three times and because it was late in the turn I didn’t have a card left to cheat it down.
  11. As a die hard resser player, Molly and Tara usually travel together in my game bag. It was crazy Karina that brought them together. While not always competitive, Karina is fun in casual play. Maybe you'll get a horror out this round, maybe not. But it's nice just to have the scare there for the opponent, and having the full list of horrors is pretty handy. Once you've the horrors, Molly gives you the option for a more aggressive play style. While Tara's beast bomb is a great hit and run tactic, Molly just has a way of getting in the opponent's face and sticking around to make for a vey bad day. I run Tara if I want to be all over the board, Molly comes out if I'm looking to clear the board. Compliments to both crews are Yin, belles, doxies, rogue necromancy, and lately I've been having fun with Sloth to add to Tara's slow parade and healing for Molly's summons.
  12. Halloween Story Encounters at Ground Zero Comics and Games, 15139 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, Ohio 44136. Saturday 10/28 from 12:30pm-5:30pm. I'll have a variety of Halloween story encounters available to play. These encounters tend to go faster than a typical game, may have up to four players and involve candy eating requirements. North East Ohio Malifaux players join the NEO Malifaux Facebook group for regular play invitations, painting pics and local tournament and con listings.
  13. Open gaming and demos at Ground Zero Comics and Games in Strongsville, OH. 15139 Pearl Road. 440-572-9599. 12pm-5pm.
  14. As a henchman with a small player base, I keep running into an odd number of players showing up for the Saturday Malifaux I run at the local game shop. The couple of three player options from the original M2E strat and scheme deck have been tried and vetoed because they take to long and aren't really the Malifaux we all know and love. Any suggestions?
  15. Here's the strats and schemes for the 7/29 tournament: Round 1 Turf War Standard deployment Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Mark for Death, Inspection Round 2 Headhunter Flank deployment Claim Jump, Accusation!, Leave Your Mark, Show of Force, Set Up Round 3 Interference Close deployment Claim Jump, Undercover Entourage, Eliminate the Leadership, Hunting Party, Frame for Murder
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