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Found 57 results

  1. Posting on behalf of a friend learning the ropes with his Bayou crews, who needs perhaps a bit of guidance. I play Neverborn, Dreamer, Titania, Nekima, Pandora and Lucius to date. So far he plays Wong and Zipp. In 2e zipp was a terror unto himself, murdering Dreamer from out of nowhere, using first mate to deny pretty well any schemes involving markers, and generally performing well. So far in m3e however things haven't been so good for the gremlins. Any and all advice on these match-ups, fighting Neverborn generally, or even just playing Zipp or Wong (especially Wong) would help a lot. I think probably the biggest problem he has so far is getting his crew murdered by the end of turn 2, something that I hope should be avoidable?
  2. Hello again guildmates So, after my recent asswooping at my last tournament, I've been doing my best to just observe how other players at handling current meta. In particular, the abuse of Shen Long in tourney play. He appeared many times at my recent tourney as well as many times in the higher end tournaments such as the UK Nationals. My main opponent happens to be a 10T player who's pretty darned good, so we played a practice game where we randomly generated a scenario and agreed we would play Hoffman vs Shen Long. We figured these to be the 2 biggest masters from their respective faction and they're the ones dominating the meta atm (besides Arcanists in general) So, the scenario was pretty lame from a Hoffman perspective. Flank Deployment with Turf War, with Power Ritual, Outflank, Harness the Ley Line, Hold up their forces, and I can't remember the 5th. I chose Power Ritual and Outflank. Hold up their forces was basically non completable due to the high point cost of our models and Ley Line is very difficult without a dedicated tech piece. To keep it brief, I lost. Sent a hunter to one end and a watcher to another. Shen Long turbo charged and then shot straight at the watcher and killed it turn 1, while a Samurai and a Thunder Archer killed the Hunter by end of turn 2. Shen Long got another Uber charge off and killed Melissa KORE before being taken out by Langston. My Riotbreaker did a good job in killing the 2 peasants turn 3, as well as hurting Sensei Yu w/ blasts. Guardian straight up insta killed a low river monk which was tight. But in the end, I lost due to failing to accomplish my schemes. Takin schemes that require Hoffman to spread out is always a bad idea but in this case I didn't have much of a better one. So with that in mind, ive learned a few lessons about how to play Hoffman better and when it's appropriate to take him (scheme wise) but I'd like some input about what would have been a good play instead of Hoffman. I've got most of Dashel and Lucius, and a decent collection of Lady J as well. So to put this into an actual question (I'm sorry I ramble so much), what crew would you have taken instead of Hoffman and how could I have handled the situation better WITH Hoffman?
  3. Hi all So I've been pondering picking up some bayou in the new year to give me a change from ressers and arcanists. However only played vs bayou a couple of times so don't really know what's good and what not (beyond first mate) I'm interested in orphelia, mah, zip and ulix. Brewmaster semi interests me but looking at his crew not sure what they are good for. Zoridia isn't gremlin so she doesn't count. Not sure on if I like sommer or not and wong I've got o interest in So bayou players, teach me your ways
  4. So with the beta at the end and a release data for M3E announced I though Id get the ball rolling on Sandeep for this addition. now this does come with the disclaimer that all this is correct as of the time of writing (e.g end of Beta) rather than the printed rules, and there could be tweaks between what I've said here and the final version. It also comes with the disclaimer that while I've played something in the ball park of 20-30 games with Sandeep throughout the Beta its been against a fairly small meta (I mean I've yet to play vs Guild once!) and so there may be things I've not come up against. but I still hope my experiences and knollage of the master of elemental is worth while to at least get the ball rolling on m3e tactical discussions So without further Ado on with the Tactica for Sandeep and his academics and Elementals Mantras So the Academics Key Mechanics is Mantras. These are abilities that essentially read Mantra X: when this model or a elemental (the gamin) within 6 inches takes a concentrate (the new focus) action, you may do X now every academic including Banasuva and Kandara have there own Mantras which means that the crews have to strike a balanced of getting the right blend of Mantra's for the Elementals and enough elementals to benefit and trigger the mantras. the other thing to make note of is that X is part of the aura's name, which means that you can trigger multiple different mantra's when an elemental focuses. So the first thing to point out is the importance of concentrate in m3e. for people who have yet to play the new addition, the changes to manipulative (negative to hit if not activated) terrifying (you now take the dual every time you target something with terrifying), Shooting in to combat (negative to hit) and the increase prevalence of butterfly jump (pritty much every never born player is going to have 2 models with it) as well as the changes to focus (it no longer going at end of turn) means that in quite a few situations its better to focus and then attack with said focus, rather than just getting in 2 swings in my opinion, especially if you can trigger a mantra or two by doing it. so lets now look at the models that make up the crew in question, starting with Sandeep himself.
  5. So I've been doing a thread about every master after I've played a few games with em. Today, I'd like to talk about Dashel. Stereotypically he is known as the summoner of the Guild, able to summon any Guard minion. However, I feel that the reality of the situation is a bit less encouraging. He needs excessively high cards to do only a decent summon, and significant investments. In addition, this all is assuming that he can find a scheme marker, hopefully an enemy one because if it's a friendly than it becomes even harder to summon. He can only do it once per turn as well. Now, he has means of making this happen, with a few sources of Drop It and his totem counting as a friendly scheme marker AND being able to turn friendly scheme markers into enemy. However, make no mistake, it takes A LOT to make happen and I feel there's more to Dashel than that, and that's what I want to talk about. He's got a couple buffs he is handing out to guardsman near him. Stopping them from being moved, allowing them to concentrate as a bonus (at the cost of a card.) So he doesn't buff guardsman to be better so much as buff them to be less bad. His shooting and melee are decent enough, not anything to write home about but definitely usable. Foul mouthed motivation is nice for keeping his dudes sharp. Armor 1, decent wounds makes for sub par survivability but any Guard Patrol near him fixes that issue nicely. So how is everyone else using him? Do you just bring him in a mob of guard patrols? Keep him in a corner somewhere with some rifleman maybe? Additionally, listbuilding is a bit of an oddity. I try to take stuff he can't summon to get the most out of his crews, so having an Excorcist and a False Witness is great when you can't buy more. Lemme know what you all think!
  6. With the new crossroad 7 box coming out, I'm just wondering what people think of crews lead by envy lord of the dakka? Envy seems to be one of the better leaders as the extra AP means more dakka and the crossroad 7 seem a great opportunity to play something unexpected in arcanist So has anyone tried this. Is envy now a better gun line leader than raspy? Do you take the full band or drop 1-2 (I'd be tempted to drop sloth for a silent one with magic training) Tell me your thoughts
  7. So. Lucius. At first glance, he requires minions a plenty to command and elite models from his new box set whenever it comes out. However, I'm thinking he might be able to fit a couple of scary enforcers into his list. The only minions I think he needs is a couple lawyers. Lucius's "Issue Command" ability only affects minions, elites or mimics, giving it a failry specific set of models it can affect. However, the best target for this action are his lawyers. Whenever his lawyers preform an action outside of their activation, they draw a card (remember that you already have a 6 card hand) so that's some very good hand building and rotation. In addition, the lawyers have the "Obey" action, which is like Issue Command but with a lower stat. However, it can target any Non master. This means that suddenly if you have an executioner that needs to shred things, you're going to be able to use Lucius's turn to do so, AND get some card rotation to help. Can be used to give extra mobility to the Brutal Emmisary so he can get up and box something for the rest of it's life as well. These are just beginner thoughts though, I haven't played since the closed beta ended and only have about half of the guild range of models. Please feel free to expand and add to this tactica!
  8. Hello again all. Today I want to talk about a particular strategy, Corrupted Idols. For those unfamiliar, whoever wins initiative flip will look at his suite and use that to determine where to drop a strat marker, and from there you have to take damage to move the strat marker to the enemy table half to score. This strat seems like a real bitch! I've only played it twice, but it's coming up at my tourney. So I want to see our thoughts on how we accomplish it. Do we devote cards to cheating initiative to control where the strat marker lands? Do we have specific models we like to use when pushing the marker? How do we like to position our models across the board? Now, I don't actually own Nellie, but my opening thoughts is that taking her and the printing press gives Arcane Reservoir and then you've got an extra card to try and influence the strat marker drop location. Then, her and her minions, if they're within range can control enemy interacts, so you could use enemy models to place strat markers on their side of the table, at the cost of their own health. Let's see some ideas!
  9. So I've played a few games with Hamelin now and have some thoughts I figured I would share about how he and his crew interact, and some things to avoid. My games and end results were as follows: Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, obedient wretch, nix, a few rats and 6ss vs Nekima won 5 to 3. Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, hodgepodge effigy, 3ss vs jack daw loss 4-1 . Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, 1 rat, 5ss vs somer draw 3-3. (lists may be off by a few ss, didn't double check just typed what I remembered. A few general tips I want to state before I get into a few nitty gritty things: 1) Turn three is when you should be swinging at full force and causing some massive damage. Surviving until then without falling too far behind in points can be the difficult part. 2) Don't focus to heavily on the rat engine (I'll bring this up again later) 3) STACK BLIGHT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT 4) Hamelin is pretty squishy when cornered, but the stolen offer some level of protection. Let them die when needed. 5) The crew bubbles to some extent, but if you work out your bubbles the right way you can easily divide and conquer. The points I really want to discuss in depth involve how to bubble up your crew properly, and what I mean by don't rely on the rat engine. Most of the other points are self explanatory and a bit more obvious from the get go. BUBBLES!!!!!! Lots of crews have to bubble, and Hamelin is really no different. My suggestion is to bubble Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 3 Stolen, and nix together from the get go, and bubble up 2 rat kings, benny, and a few rats. Benny will normally break off when he needs to in order to go do other things, but starting him there is a good idea in order to not have him get singled out. When it's time to split up, the rat kings can slingshot themselves to some extent, and your other crew members can help out with that if needed. Hamelin needs to be with the stolen at all times, and leaving him with the wretch helps support him and provide an additional source of rats and blight. Nix can be used wherever, I've just preferred starting Nix with Hamelin and breaking off later if needed. These smaller bubbles keep the board from getting too clogged up, and allow you to separate your early game from your late game without risking being the target of repeated hit and runs. Why the rat engine isn't all I had hoped it would be It's really easy to get caught up doing wild summoning with all of your fun abilities, but they really aren't as great as they seem. Loyal rats with tiny hats eats up way too many of your schemes in a crew that can summon to scheme run efficiently. Use it when you have scheme markers that you aren't planning to use, or when you can target enemy schemes. If neither of these applies, avoid the ability. A usable scheme marker is not worth trading for a rat. Tangle together is probably the best summoning in the crew, as sacrificing 4 rats for a rat king is amazing, Setting it up can be tricky, as can getting enough rats close together without dedicating your turn to it. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't just keep playing. Rat problem is situationally better than tangle, as being able to kill an injured rat king and surrounding rats for a full health slowed rat catcher not only gives you an awesome new model but also allows you to draw cards. Just be careful using it, as it can unintentionally kill rats your forgot were there. What to watch out for Hamelin's crew is afraid of a handful of things. Terrifying is big. WP 5 only pretty much everything and WP 2 on rats is really tough, especially if you are low on cards to cheat and have been flipping poorly all day. In my game against Daw my opponent's hanged held position against a rat king, a rat catcher, nix, and 2 rats for 2 turns because I had very few cards to cheat and couldn't flip above a 7 for my terrifying duels. Armor and hard to kill are tough to keep up with early game since so many of your attacks that do decent damage rely on blight which takes some time to stack. Slowed and stunned are also difficult to fight through. The biggest thing when playing Hamelin is carefully selecting your schemes. Pick ones like harness the leyline or assassinate that don't require you to break up too much. Final thoughts Hamelin definitely has potential to be a good master, but suffers from how wide the variety of abilities and potential strategies. Don't get lost in the rat engine, be careful with your scheme selection, and don't get too broken up and you should be fine.
  10. Hello again. Just got my mounted guard in the mail to my excitement. I hear that they're the guard models that everyone loves, but I want to hear about how people use them? Use their great mobility to scheme run, or use their bonus actions to get other models where they need to be?
  11. Cronex13

    Tourney prep

    Hello again all, So there's a tourney happening in October and im also hoping to make it into the Masters Tourney in the USFT. So this weekend, I'm doing tourney prep games. Practicing competitive level games with another buddy who's also going. 2 hours long, no takebacks, brutal as fuck games So I present below the scenarios for the 2 games we will be playing and the list I made for game 1. My list with game 1 has a really specific plan in mind. Grimwell nimble and walks up and places a scheme marker, while the dogs all pick a flank to run to. Then the rest of the crew sets about establishing a perimeter of scheme markers in the nearby area. Turn 2, Grimwell joins the dogs and the 4 of them all run up a flank together. Note that all 5 explosives markers will be with the that group, hereby called the Flank Wing. Meanwhile, the rest of the group settles in on the edge of the deployment zone. From there, they can defend against anyone trying to do the strat, breakthrough or search the ruins. The opponent has to come to me to get assassinate or dig their graves. Unsure of how Take Prisoner is gonna go down. My opponent is Mei Feng. Lots of mobility cuz they're 10T. But I nullify that (to a degree) by sitting in place. They have tons of scrap they drop, but I'm hoping the Investigator and Hunter can help deal with that. Note that my guard collection is somewhat limited. I don't have Queeg. I have all guild patrols and guild hounds. Only have 2 of the 3 riflemen. No mounted guard, and only 1 Executioner and 1 Warden. Open to thoughts on the first list, and ideas on a good crew for the second! I'm really hoping to get the best practice in I can because I WANT to go get the win at the tourney AND rep guild in the USFT
  12. So I'm a newbie but I've managed to play two 50ss games recently with Sandeep my crew is Sandeep Desai Banasuva (0) Kudra Acharya (9) Kandara (8) Oxfordian Mage (6) Oxfordian Mage (6) Oxfordian Mage (6) Silent One (7) Silent One (7) I basically use the silent ones to place 2 pillars a piece as soon as I can, and then get Sandeep to summon gamin (fire or ice usually), and then try and start a concentration mechanism going. So I have a couple of questions: What's the best way to play Sandeep and his crew? Is this a good crew set up, would you change it? What are the best ways to capitalise on Sandeep and his crew? Thanks
  13. I think the ability to pass activations by discarding cards is likely to be a very tactical/playing the player aspect to the game. Since it is likely that Abyssinia is outnumbered as a faction, it is likely they could make better use of this mechanic than anyone. My premise is that Abyssinia would look to get up in VP early and pass activations to diminish the opponent from fully utilizing their numerical advantage. When can you see yourself passing an activation at the expense of a card?
  14. I've seen a few Tacticas here and there, but for my personal favourite master I've seen only threads with questions and ideas. I've been playing this nightmarish killer since he's been in Beta. I've tried my hand with and against every Master out so far, with the single exception of Shenlong, with this terror of Malifaux and I've learned quite a bit from it. So why not share my knowledge of this horror-bound "demon?" I'm talking about the elusive boy known as The Dreamer, of course! I'm hoping that everyone can learn at least something from this but my main goal is to try to help people be unafraid to try the Dreamer and perhaps pick him up as a permanent addition to their repertoire. A quick overview before we get more specifics! The Dreamer's Strengths - Large board control - Powerful summons and summoning - Extreme flexibility - Resilient master - Awesome flavour! (Seriously, his flavour is what got me into Malifaux. Props to Wyrd!) The Dreamer's Weakness - Every move requires consideration - Requires a largeish model pool - Hard to master - If you fight something that ignores incorporeal and/or defensive triggers, resilience gone. Now then, if you're still interested about him, let's get learning! The Dreamer Himself First thing to note is that, like a select few other Masters in the game, The Dreamer is first and foremost a control piece. I don't mean he can't do damage, as that is certainly not the case. What I mean is that a great deal of your control over fate is through The Dreamer. Fransico can still cut people in half without his sister and a Belle still has a Ca 8 without Seamus, but you'll find that your entire army seems to be made of molasses and glass without the blond boy from Earthside alongside them. Stats With a Df of 4 and only Wd 6 The Dreamer seems really easy to kill, at the very least easy to hit. You'll find, thankfully, it's actually a gigantic pain to take him down. His Wp of 7 means that Ca attacks will have a harder time hitting him. His impressive Wk 7 will allow you to easily maneuver him or, turn 4 or 5, have an unstoppable objective runner for those last few points. He also has a few less-noticed abilities: In not having any characteristics such as living, undead or construct he will be dodging quite a few hate from the ever-present Guild. His Ht 1 means you better put him in a good spot for line of sight because he's not seeing over anything, but it makes it ever easier to hide him away if you must. And he has a rather low cache of 3, so in order to take the full cache of 7 or even 6 it will cost you a Wicked Doll, two Daydreams, or an Insidious Madness' worth of models. Front-card abilities Incorporeal The easiest of his abilities to understand. It gives him a deceptively higher Wd pool than at first glance and the ability to move wherever he is needed with that high Wk of 7. Its only weakness is Ca actions but, thankfully, Ca actions are more likely than MI or Sh attacks to hit Wp. (Beware of attacks from Masters that do have Ca vs Df; Sonnia Criid, Rasputina, McMourning, and Nicodem as examples.), so he can rely on his high Wp to stave them off. Safe In My Bed This defensive trigger is automatic on his Df and only needs a if you're afraid someone is going to hit through his Wp. This allows him to discard a card to toss a successful attack against him off onto a friendly Nightmare model within 3''. Keeping chaff nearby, such as a Daydream and an Alp, allows him to kill them off in a manner similar to Collodi to keep him from being hit, keeping a high-regen model like Teddy or the nephilim twins to tank the shots and simply heal them off, or keeping the horrid Stitched Together nearby make him neigh-unkillable without some foreplanning. (More on them later!) Just be mindful, you're unlikely to have more than 3 cards to ditch to this ability: It isn't endless. (Note: This uses his final duel total for the modifiers, so if he flips a 7 [for a total 11] against a 17, tossing it off onto a Df 5 model won't force a on them. They're hitting on the straight they would've hit him on. But the new model takes the effects as if it had been the original target, ignoring The Dreamer entirely. As an example, if The Dreamer has Poison 6 when McMourning tries to Expunge him and he throws off the attack onto an unpoisoned Teddy nearby, your enforcer remains unharmed and McMorning doesn't have to take a Terrifying duel.) Pleasant Dreams Now we're cooking with gas! Whenever a friendly model activates within 6'' of your master they heal 3. Note that this doesn't say friendly Nightmare models, so if you find yourself taking a merc they still benifit from his pleasant dreams. This makes a lot of his army far harder to kill, from the Hard to Kill, Reactivating monstrosities the Stitched Together, to the twin Nephilim Lelu and Lilitu, to giving Teddy Regenerate 5. Key placement of The Dreamer is important to your success: Maximize your healing without putting him out of position. Release Nightmares Ah, the unique bit of the Dreamer, his duality. Every time he uses a summon he gains the condition Waking +1 that lowers his Pleasant Dreams healing by 1. If he gets Waking +3 he's no longer having any pleasant dreams and one more wakes him up, pulling him off the board. Right before he goes, though, his friend Lord Chompy Bits gets summoned within 6'' of him. We'll discuss the big guy himself later on, but the important bits of this interaction is another big place where foreknowledge will come in handy. Controlling when to summon, when to hold off and when to go all out to get out Chompy is important when controlling his pleasant dreams. Lord Chompy Bits can nix himself the turn he comes out as a (0) action, allowing a double walk to re-position himself before bringing the Dreamer back out in position once more. Release Nightmares removes all conditions from The Dreamer, not just his Waking, so if you're really scared of being Burned, Blighted or Poisoned you can wake up just long enough to get rid of them. You can use this to hide him if Assassinate is really pressing down on you. Wake up from the dreamland of Malifaux and just stay awake until the death of Lord Chompy Bits forces you back to sleep, then do your best to hide again in one or two turns (depending on your choice of limited upgrades.) A Fun Game of Cards: How The Dreamer influences Fate. The best strength of The Dreamer is how much influence he holds over his friends. Lets break down these abilites, shall we? Twist Reality With a decent Sh 6 and a solid Rg 12 or 1 The Dreamer can hit quite a bit with this nifty skill. It has a weak damage profile of 1/2/4 but its the triggers where this skills strength lies. If you nick a you get the powerful Unhinge trigger, paralyzing the target if it's Wp is 4 or less. This includes your decreases to Wp, so if someone with Wp 5 is within range of your Daydreams or a Weaver Widow's web marker, they're a target as well. You'd be surprised to find how easy it is to paralyze someone when all you need to do is tie them, especially with some (Ototo comes to mind) having a naturally low Wp (therefore requiring no setup before throwing the trigger at them. You can also push all friendly Nightmares their walk towards the target on a so long as they're already within 6''. Not game-endingly powerful, but useful. It makes for a nice alpha-strike before or after setting up for a strong Surrounded by Nightmares shot. Tucked In A (0) that lowers his Waking condition by 1, and being his only (0) action, means that he can naturally drop it once every turn. Unless your goal is to max out on Waking, get Lord Chompy Bits, then pop The Dreamer back out on the Tyrant's activation, use this every turn to drop your Waking and increase the healing from your pleasant dreams. Daydreaming Requiring a 7 of any suit to go off, this useful skill is his only printed summoning ability. A success gets you a Daydream within 6'', getting a 7 or better gets you the optional trigger to get an Alp instead. It also causes the Waking +1 condition, as both of his summoning abilities do. With the relatively low card requirement, getting new Daydreams for their Disturbing Whispers or Alps to gum up the tracks and throw out Slow isn't hard to do. Empty Night And here it is. That ever-present control that you were told so much about. Requiring a 4 of any suit to go off, as it comes with the prerequisite , and a range of 6'' you'll need to position yourself carefully to use this skill to its full extent. This skill hits Minions and Nightmares, just as any theme master can. Each suit gets you a different trigger: Journey, the automatic trigger, gets you a 6'' push and a free MI attack. That's 2 free AP you just handed out, provided you make use of it. You can push Teddy into combat and give him a free swing, push a friendly Lilitu out of combat and still let her use her Whip, the mobility of your army is astounding with the use of this skill. Everyone within 6'' of a model of yours needs to fear being in combat before they even know what hit them. Frantic gets you fast on the targeted model. Useful to remove slow from whatever you just summoned, giving your beater an extra swing, a caster an extra go, or you can throw it on one of the nephilim twins and the other will get it for free. Without a specific goal in mind, Frantic is simply another Journey, but with a twist. Stitches heals 2 on the targeted model. With this trigger at your disposal, your enemy better learn to drop someone in one go or nothing's going to die. Teddy can have 1 wound, activate, and after a few stitches he's good as new Just a Dream lets you remove a single condition on the target. Useful if you're trying to end Slow but not Whispers in Blood, or Poison but not Defensive. The real use of this trigger is the option to immediately take this skill again when you get this trigger. If you've got the tomes or the luck, you can just keep ending conditions one after the other. Nix slow on all of your newly-summoned models with 1 AP. Another useful trick is if you've got no cards to throw away on this and you flip a tomes, choose this trigger and point at whatever model you want, then just flip again. It basically gives you a chance to simply re-flip your card for this skill. Using this in tandem with your summoning allows The Dreamer to appear like a conductor, leading the battle exactly where he wants it to be. A Tantrum or Playtime: The Dreamer's Other Upgrades Like all masters, The Dreamer has a set number of additional upgrades that can be purchased by only him and one extra that may be taken by him or a Nightmare. Like The Dreamer they span the spectrum of damage to utility. Lying Down to Sleep: New Nightmares or a game with Lord Chompy Bits? Before we get into his other upgrades, I'll ask the question which decides quite a bit of your list: Which limited upgrade do I take? Your choice is between using Lord Chompy Bits to do your killing or bring new friends to the party. Dreams of Pain - 5SS For a whopping 5 stones The Dreamer has access to a specific set of summoning: Nightmares. It's similar to most other "Choose a Model" summoning: You start with a 6 and need a 10 :mask plus the soulstone cost of your named model. Shorthand is just add 4 to the soulstone cost and know what you're going to need to flip, cheat, stone or use your Daydreams to hit. If you want a Stitched Together at 6SS you're going to need to flip a 10 , for example. (Ratty has lovingly created a card with the prerequisite cards needed to summon using The Dreamer here.) If you do use a second source to get that and you also sneak a in there, you'll get a trigger that nixes slow from the newly made model, too! Once again, things aren't as easy as they seem: Your summoned friends come in at 1 wound and you gain the Waking +1 condition each time you dream a new friend. Manage them carefully, activate smart and his Pleasant Dreams will have them back to normal in no time. Just be wary, it is possible to summon two new friends, have one activate safely and the other die to a stray bullet. Such is fate. If you manage yourself well and keep models alive, you're opponent will be crushed beneath an never stemming tide of Nightmares. At the very least, it'll give them something to play with while you quietly sweep up all the objectives and make out like a burglar with your full 10 VP. Dreams of Pain is a solid choice if you need on-the-fly flexibility and movement control, in addition to a stronger support presence. If you did decide to go this route, feel free to read up on the New Friends section later on about summoning and your other tactics! Restless Dreams - 1SS As a sharp counterpoint to the expensive alternative, for only 1SS you give Lord Chompy Bits a quite useful ability: Melee Expert. Since the Tyrant is only a Henchman, this gives him 3 AP to work with on his turn and you'll be surprised how far it goes. Restless Dreams also adds the stipulation onto his shooting attacks, either from his printed card or his upgrade Toss and Turn, that they all now grant Waking +1 (provided that Lord Chompy Bits hasn't activated already this round, as to inhibit the shenanigans of activating with him, burying him after 3 attacks, bringing back the Dreamer who shoots 4 times and brings him back out for a second activation.) This means that is is far easier to get out Lord Chompy bits, rather than relying on many summons or sacrificing a Daydream and, well, relying on many summons. Restless Dreams is a solid choice if you need flexibility in starting models and a powerful, yet resilient, killer. If this is the route you choose, please read up on Lord Chompy Bits entry below! Otherworldly - 2SS The true draw of this upgrade is it gives The Dreamer the ever-powerful ability Accomplice. No more will you summon a model at 1 Wd and then pass turn to allow it to die before your pleasant dreams could heal it. Now you can summon a Stitched Together and chain activate to it to allow it to heal above its Hard to Kill before passing it off to your opponent. This also allows for some very powerful alpha strikes. Combine this with a hard hitter like Teddy an Empty Night's Journey trigger for three casts to give Teddy 3 free attacks, then chain activate to him to allow two, three or even four more. Combine with the Nephilim twins to keep them very hardy if you get the first turn. Heal them and give them fast (since both of those are shared) then chain activate to Lilitu to take Whispers in Blood 2 or 3 times. This puts them both at almost full wounds (between your Stitches trigger, her regeneration, your pleasant dreams) and with a double or triple positive on defense flips. It also gives you the tactical action (1) Playtime which gives the condition Playtime to a friendly model within 6''. This allows you to draw a card whenever that model deals damage. Once again, this condition is shared between the Nephilim twins, so applying it once lets them both have it. If you're scared for your life or simply want better cards t o cheat with, you can spend one AP to give this to the twins and let them wail on someone, which they were probably going to do anyway. Tantrum - 2SS This skill offers The Dreamer ranged expert, giving him 1 AP that he can spend on Twist Reality or the attack action this skill gives him, Surrounded by Nightmares. Free AP is never a bad thing. Surrounded by Nightmares is a Ca 7 resisted on Wp at a Rg of 8. The targetted model suffers 1 damage for each Nightmare within 3'' and line of sight of it. While this may not seem like much, the killing potential this offers The Dreamer is significant. Your models are quite hardy while your master is alive, and if your concern is one tanky model, prepare for it to be shred to pieces. Use your Twist Reality to draw everyone towards them, and then you have a high Ca skill that they can't cheat to lower the damage from or force negatives on. Even if they tie you, you do full damage, which will catch many people's foreplanning of guard. Your Daydreams both add to the skill's damage and lower their Wp to allow for an easier hit. Combine this skill with the Weaver Widow and anything in your way will fall quickly. (This skill is also a Wp based attack and will trigger Smell Fear on Teddy, even if it does no damage. Keep this in mind if you have nothing to do with that ranged expert!) On Dreaming Wings - 2SS This upgrade can be taken by The Dreamer or one of his Nightmares, however it is Rare 1, so you can't take it on both. The upgraded model gets +1 Wk and grants Flight to all friendly Nightmare models within 6. While you can take this on The Dreamer to give him a stunning Wk 8, he can't use the Flight he is granted, and while you want to keep your models within 6'' of him for his pleasant dreams, you'll be surprised how often someone trying to move forward to hug the everloving daylights out of an enemy they lose the ability to fly just before they get to the enemies they have to fly over. Instead, I find this upgrade useful on one of two models: Teddy or Coppelius. Giving Teddy wings allows him to fly right where he needs to be and start hugging everyone, it also gives him a respectable Wk 6 to get there on his own. The Stitched Together and other slower models will have an easier time following him with his wings as well and he makes for a good front line friend. On Coppelius you have one of the most powerful objective runners in the game. If you have Breakthrough on the table, or you're playing corner or flank deployment, consider this upgrade on Coppelius. You've got a Wk 8 model that can fly, is terrifying, and can take on almost any other non-leader model in hand to hand, after a few eyes of course. He can drop Alp friends as he goes if he starts picking up stragglers, but in reality, since you've been summoning new friends you don't have to worry about the 10 SS you spent on him. While you're busy killing, distracting or playing with the enemy, Coppelius is making off like a theif with your other 6 VP. Tying it All Up like a New Shoe Alright, you understand all of his new skills. But how would you use these in conjunction? Individual character interactions, things that are specific to a model not just The Dreamer's skills, will be mentioned in the New Friends section, but how would our little friend work up his tactics and start being the maestro of his playing field? We'll go through a sample turn later as well, so let's do a quick outline: Use your Wk 7 to stay in position to heal, out of easy target range. Never stray too far from a few bullet-shields and always keep a model within 3''. With Empty Night alone you can do a lot on The Dreamer's turn: Save it for as long as you can, especially if you're planning on being very summon heavy or planning a powerful charge with Lord Chompy Bits. Never leave The Dreamer at Waking +3. Either aim to top-out and get Lord Chompy Bits or save your actions for another turn. Positioning is key. You should always be happy with where The Dreamer is standing. Scheme markers are powerful things. Even without shenanigans, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who can threaten objectives like The Dreamer. Stitches into a chain activate can save a lot of models from certain death. Always know when to let something die, never fight too hard to keep a summonable, even Lord Chompy Bits.
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the board. A good wound pool and great wp, his other stats are among the average mold. He however, lacks any station characterstics (living, undead, etc) which means there are quite a few abilities that don't work on him, wheter good or bad. Lastly, he starts with a meager cache of 1. Remember this when construction your crews. Defenses Hamelin has two abilities toward defense: Nihilism, and Lure of Emptiness. He doesn't have any damage migation abilities, such as Armor, or Hard to Wound. Lure of Emptiness grants backup lives with nearby stolen. When Hamelin is killed or sacrificed, he may sacrifice a nearby stolen instead and heal some wounds. An useful ability that migates a bit Hamelin's innate squishiness. However, watch out for having a lack of stolen in a critical moment, as Hamelin is easily hit and takes the full brunt of an onslaught. Nihilism, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful defensive abilities in the game. It allows you to ignore any conditions as you see fit. This is entirely optional, and allows you to still gain the condition if you like it. Perfect if your opponent is handing positives mixed with negatives, as you get to ignore the negative conditions while keeping the postive ones. Don't forget to thank your opponent after that. Another thing to note is the Tyrant characterstic. This grants weaknesses towards the infamous Relic Hammers. Keep them away from Hamelin's face! (Relic Hammer bearers are Johann, The Captain, and Taelor) Blighted Blighted is the condition that Hamelin and his friends spreads out like candy. What does it do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Don't let this discourage you! While I am saying that it does nothing, it does have important tricks to consider. The most important and deadly to remember is Bleeding Disease. This nasty spell deals damage equal to the current blighted stack to an enemy. It does not remove the stack, so you can freely fire away, racking huge damage for only a few AP spend. There are also other tricks with certain models, but we'll leave that for later. Blighted increases on it's own at the end of turn. Nifty right? Rats Hamelin wouldn't be Hamelin without his little rats. One rat is an unintersting sight, but there are far more hiding right out there. Rats spawn for free when an enemy within 6 of Hamelin dies. Other models can also spawn them. Rats are weak, cheap, small, and pathetic. They think so too, so they swarm together when there are four of them close to each other. (friendly or enemy) The resulting Rat Kings are more intimidating, providing a nasty way of getting rid of scheme markers, as well as improved damage output. (it's a little better) Due to the free rats, expect to always being able to out activate enemies. Actions Hamelin has several actions open to him. First of all, the Black Staff is his basic melee attack. It has a unimpressive damage track of 1/2/4, but ml 6 is nothing to scoff at. It has always access to two basic triggers, one which hand out blighted and another which increases damage by the blighted on the target, to a maxium of +3. His second action, are the Pipes, which is basically a lure. It has an auto trigger that deals damage and moves the target further if it has blighted. Lastly, bleeding disease has been covered already. Under tactical actions, he has a Lure Malifaux Citizen, a (0) that allows him to summon a Stolen in base contact. Stolen are jeleous and murder all non-stolen totems summoned this way. If you spend a soulstone, you are capable of hitting a trigger that allows him to do it all again. (sans trigger) Upgrades Of course, there are always upgrades, and Hamelin is no exception. The Plague First of his upgrades, Virulent denies any removal of Blighted within 6 of Hamelin. Prefect for letting enemies build larger stacks of blighted. Secondly, it allows the usage of two triggers, both which trigger automaticly. The first hands out blighted, which is handy for putting blighted on ranged. The second only goes of on blighted+4, but grants the target a condition that forces the enemy to discard two cards for each interact action... Or it simpely fails. Putting blighted on range is The Piper Hamelin's near-auto-take limited upgrade grants two powerful abilities. Irresistable Dance, and Obey. Ireresistable Dance forbids enemies from ending charges within 6 of Hamelin. Protecting him and his crew from charges, it negates one of the weaknesses Hamelin has. Obey with a build in suit is a very powerful tool in any master's crew, and Hamelin is no different. Tools of the Tyrant This upgrade grants triggers to the Black Staff, as well providing even more interact denial. Unhealty pallor allows Hamelin to heal for each blighted model within 3. Blight your friends first, and then use them as health packages! Remember that blighted doesn't do anything when not forced upon you.... The second trigger puts blighted on a single target within 3" of the damaged model. It allows you to put blighted on certain elusive models hiding away from your ranges. It has it's usages whithin certain combo's, such as setting up the 1 AP charges using Drawn to Contagation. The main selling point of Tools, however, is Face The Inevitable, a 6 that let's interact actions of enemies fail unless they discard a card. Suddely delivering messages, or distracting becomes a lot harder to do. Sewer King Last of the four Hamelin restricted upgrades, Sewer King grants Infiltration (Lost) allowing you to hire up to four out of faction Lost models. Currently they are Crooligans, Baby Kade, Iggy, and Candy. More on them later. It also grants Useless Toy, a (0) that let's you sacrifice any model of choice to draw two cards. If a stolen is sacrificed, enemy models within 3 of the stolen get blighted. Of course, you wouldn't want to kill stolen off all the time, as sometimes it's better to get rid of a near-dead model that has already activated. Or you could just kill rats. Infectious Melody A Nihilist option, infectious melody allows Peons and Minions to gain fast at the start of their activation. They die at the end of that activation, going out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes you just need that 1 additional AP. Survialist Not Hamelin exclusive, but deserved a special metion here. Most importantly, it grants him ridicilous levels of defense in the form of Hard to Kill. Hard to Kill works hand in hand with Lure of Emptiness, soaking attacks in tandem. First, hard to kill goes off, reducing you to 1 wound. Then, lure of emptiness goes off, healing you above Hard to Kill thresshold.. It's certainly worth the ss if you find that you die too often. Oh, it also grants on healing flips. Spreading & Utilizing Blighted Decided to make a list of sources & blighted utilities. Spreading Blighted For all intents and purposed, Rats & Rat Kings are immune to Blighted. Diseased gives blighted to enemies that activate within 3. Source: Obedient Wretch & The Stolen, ability. The Taint trigger gives Blighted +1 for each in the final duel total. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. The Decaying trigger gives Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Contagious Touch trigger gives Blighted +1 to a model within 3" and LOS of the target when damaging. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Useless Toy, when you sacrifice a Stolen with this action, all enemy models within 3 of the sacrificed Stolen gain Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin. Requires Sewer King upgrade. Feed On Anima gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Nix Rusty Trap gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat Catcher Swarm of Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat King. The Spray of Filth trigger gives Blighted +1 to all models 6 when the target is killed. Source: Rat King. Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1/+2/+3 depending on the damage flip. Source: Malifaux Rat Drink Spirit gives blighted to all within 4 unless a Wp test is passed. Nihilist models are immune Source: Nix Using Blighted Bleeding Disease deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target. Source: Hamelin, Nix, Stolen & Obedient Wretch. The Black Death deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target, to a maxium of 3. This is a seperate damage source. Source: Hamelin. Voracious Rats summons a Malifaux Rat when a model with Blighted is killed within 6. Source: Hamelin & Rat Catcher Pipes moves the target equal to it's Cg when the target is blighted. Source: Hamelin The Sick In Bed trigger gives the target the Sick In Bed condition if it's blighted condition is 4 or greater. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Unhealthy Pallor trigger heals Hamelin for each model with Blighted within 3. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Models with Blighted +4 within 6 of an activated Plague Pit can't take interact actions. Source: Nix The Quarantine trigger increases the attack damage by 2 if the target has Blighted +3 before the action is declared. Source: Rat Catcher, Rusty Trap. Models with Drawn to Contagion can charge models with Blighted as a (1) action. Source: Rat King & Nix, Hollow
  16. So this thread keeps popping up, I thought I'd try to write up something to help you getting started with Nicodem. At this point you have probably bought the Open Graves boxset. So you have Nicodem, Mortimer, 3x Punk Zombies and the Vulture. Let's start with that assumption. Good buy, Nicodem is absolutely the boss and you are within the righteous faction of Malifaux, good for you. Nicodem is a toolbox to no end. What you need you get. Nicodem can be played in different ways, the most obvious being the Summoner he is. Do remember though, that you have the option to summon, it's not mandatory for you to summon all the time. Giving out Fast is a superb ability. To heal your models is also amazing. Slow your enemies? That is golden. He recycles cards like no one's business. Gives out to attack, defense and to damage (with an upgrade). So simply put: he's the King for a reason. You are probably wondering where to go next? What to get for him? Well let's start breaking that apart. You might want a big beatstick? That you can support, give flips to, make it even better than it is. Very solid options are: Beatsticks: Izamu (my personal favourite). Very solid Enforcer and a good carrier for Decaying Aura in a Nicodem list. Give him fast and he goes up to 4 attacks a turn with to attack and to damage built in with ml6 that are unpreventable, that will make some seriously dead models. Rogue Necromancy. Has already built in to attack and damage. Nicodem can give even more of those for him. Also Fast for this monstrosity is quite terrifying. Also Nicodem can heal him to keep him with his Three Headed rule so he keeps on getting those flips. The Valedictorian. Our beatstick henchwoman. Sold in the University of Transmortiis boxset, which is a very solid buy for Nicodem because then you can choose to summon the exact weapon you need as all the students are tailored to counter Constructs, Living or Undead threats, so you can wait to see what your opponent brings to the table and then summon a counter, beautiful. Valedictorian hits hard, is very durable, fast on it's own. Just make it worse for your opponent by giving her Fast and keep her even longer on the table with the healing. Everybody loves flips too. These are 3 solid options for a beatstick role. You want and can afford to bring one from the get go. Remember Decaying Aura to make things worse for your opponent. Support: Then the Support models. Nicodem can afford to bring more of these than others, so let's start with a few options on this department. Nurses. I rate these models as one of the best models in the game and my Nicodem always has one. Two? Some people use two, I never use more than one. What they do is make your beaters even worse than they are with +2 to damage, they can paralyze enemies from leaders to peons, everything with a very solid ca6. They also make everyone a scheme runner when in need. Or make your opponents on :-fate on all duels. Just solid gold for 5ss. (Sold separately but they also come in the McMourning boxset, a very good buy as you get a Flesh Construct, two of these, a Canine Remains and Sebastian. Plus one of the most fun masters in the game, McMourning.) Chiaki. Removes conditions, heals, pushes enemies, is durable. Synergizes very well with Nurses as you can Full Heal and Paralyze your own models. Say Nicodem or Izamu is at very low wounds. You full heal it with a Nurse and paralyze it. Then you take Chiaki and remove that Paralyze. Voila. Full wounds. (Sold in the Yan Lo boxset. You also get Ashigarus which are good minions.) Rotten Belles. Depending on schemes and points you have to spare these are solid gold. They cost 5ss so you can hire one from the get go or summon it in game if you see fit. You should get these though, they are another model that is among the very best in the game. (Sold separately but you find these in the Seamus boxset, where you get 3 of these, Sybelle who is a very very good Henchwoman too, as well as Seamus who is one of the most fun masters again in the game). Henchmen: Well you get Mortimer with Nico and he is just solid gold, one of the best movement tricks in the game for you whole crew basically with right positioning! Chatty to prevent and disrupt enemy schemes and Corpses to fuel the Summoning engine. Corpse bloat is a great upgrade for him to get even more out of him. Sybelle is a cheap and a very solid Henchwoman. She has amazing triggers with her upgrade and she becomes even worse with Fast which Nicodem as mentioned gives out like Candy. (sold in the Seamus box set) Toshiro for even more Fast, flips and support for minions. He is quite durable too, he hits quite hard and brings even more support. A solid consideration. (sold separately) Summonable minions: Now we get to where Nicodem shines. He just brings a solid list to the game from the get go and from there he builds it even better. Good go to minions that you will most likely like to summon is: Hanged. Seriously these are absolute monsters on their own, with Fast even worse for your opponent. You won't be making friends with these bad boys but you will be wrecking face. I wouldn't ever hire these with Nicodem, ever, they cost 9ss and you can summon them very easily, solid buy. (sold separately) Punk Zombies. I wouldn't hire these either. They cost 7ss which is a lot and they are quite easy for Nicodem to summon. Also they have Hard to Kill so they won't suffer from low wounds all that much. Solid solid summons. They hit hard as well. The Students. I mentioned these already but they are very solid to counter what you see on the other side of the table. Very good. I wouldn't hire them again either, because you never know what you will be facing and they are quite easy summons again. (Sold in University of Transmortiis) Mindless Zombies. These guys will be doing a lot card cycling and activation control. You take Maniacal Laugh and Undertaker upgrade, laugh up the corpses to Zombies and then start summoning out of those Zombies, so while you summon you also draw cards. Yeah. (sold separately in a 5 box.) Flesh Constructs. They have a ton of wounds, they hit quite okay but the best thing here is Devour. Which synergizes very well with Nurses Paralyze trick as they can insta kill models with Paralyze with a Ca6 and a (sold separately, but recommend getting the McMourning boxset) Rotten Belles. Board control. Get the enemy where you want and dispose of it. Just solid minions really. I can't speak highly enough of these. (sold in a 3 pack, recommend getting the Seamus box though) Scheme runners: Now we get to one more section I'd like bring out. You can bring these from the get go if you feel like it or summon them in game. Another good thing with Nicodem. Do note that the runners you summon can not interact the turn they are summoned in. Summoning sickness and all that. Canine remains. These are solid little critters with Nicodem. They can dig up corpses, do schemes, harass the enemy and when they die, you summon something even more worse out of them. Just very solid. (sold in a 3 pack) Necropunks. These are amazing. Among the very best of scheme runners in the game. With leap and 2 AP naturally that go to 3 AP with Nicodem giving them Fast. Well they do schemes like no one's business. (sold in a 3 pack, not available in plastic atm) Crooligans. Very good scheme runners too. (Sold in a 3 pack as well as the Molly boxset, good consideration to get the boxset again) Totems: Here we have 3 options really. Vulture. Nicodem's own little totem who is very solid indeed. I don't use it that much myself actually. But he is solid. Also a fun trick is to use the Vulture as a mobile pod for Undead Crowning to have the to damage where you need it. The Eyes and Ears that the Vulture has is a really potent and cool ability. Also for fun you can use the Vulture to carry around Mindless Zombies and drop them to enemies. Graveyard Spirit. This little bugger is very good with Izamu giving it armor 4. Armor 4 is no joke on a model such as Izamu. Haven't tried this one yet with other beatsticks but I've seen it used with a Rogue Necro and it was pretty annoying to face. (sold separately) Malifaux Child. Even more Fast for your models. (sold separately) There we have it a start of a Nicodem crew what you might want to consider and get. I will be updating this a long the way and I'd appreciate feedback and thoughts how to better this. Nicodem might be a bit expensive to start with as he likes to have a lot of models. But he is an absolute blast and well worth the money and time you put into him. You can always PM me for more info and if you want to talk tactics or ask questions or post them here. Cheers for reading, it was a long read but I hope it helped a bit with your struggle!
  17. The Arcane Emissary's 0 action removes an enemy's non-station characteristics i.e. Construct, living, academic, M&SU, showgirl, etc etc basically everything except their rank (Minion, enforcer, master, totem etc). Im interested to hear anyone's examples of how this could be useful?
  18. I've got a couple of games coming up where I can see the 'pult being really useful (namely vs Levi and Sonnia), my problem is fitting it in the crew plus it's ammo tends to leave me very few resources left to complete strats/schemes. Vs Levi, I'm thinking of using it for Waif hunting so the normal Sh 6 min damage 2 piglet shots will be what I want. Vs. Sonnia, I see the 'pult going for her early game so the Sh 5 min damage 3 stuffed piglet shots should be ok. So what do you folks do to mitigate the cost or do you just accept it and build the list around the 'pult?
  19. To help budding and struggling Yan Lo players (i.e. me, total self interest) I thought we could have a bit of an ancestral conflux and pool some experience. There is a pinned thread on yan lo, a pull my finger page, and schemes & stones podcast which cover general lo-ing. These are all great, though ageing a bit. The focus of this topic on specific master match ups for Yan - ambitious, but dream big! The diversity of crew builds, scheme pools, terrain layout in Malifaux is staggering and a core strength of its wonderfully rich and balanced mechanics. However, there are predictable themes and patterns. As much as any master can be, Yan Lo is about identifying and messing with his opponents patterns, save a brother/sister some time and unpick the ones you have noticed. Most enemy masters have a couple of specific ways they ideally want to play, and have common in-theme elements to their crews that can be expected in certain schemes pools (simplify this to kill-heavy, interact-heavy, balanced), or there are powerful 'net-list' combos. Pooling ideas on how to disrupt these with Yan Lo is the name of the game here. The most useful information are the tasks Yan's crew needs to perform to shut down the enemy's game (e.g. remove the slop hauler to gimp the gremlin engine), and positioning tactics required to do it. Go ahead and list tailor, the benefit of this is in highlighting what tools Yan Lo wants against master X, rather than the models themselves, and understanding what options you do/don't have when you find yourself toe to toe with them. I will post links to my battle reports here if I think they demonstrate something relevantly Some ideas to counter these common headaches would be nice: Vik/Yasanori/Langston/Nekima missile Spider/Gremlin/Rat/dog spam Lilith/Zipp/rotten belle kidnap Sonnia/Levi/Wong/Rasputina/Reva/Lynch etc. range Ca blitz Cheers
  20. Hivemind, I have recently run into some trouble with the Guild. Prominently against Lady Justice (probably something to do with Yan Lo). My standard tactics of tying up key models and cutting down the rest have not been working as well. So I write this both to learn and to share what are the Guild's strengths? What are their weaknesses? Here is what I have so far; Guild Strengths: High damage output, Cheap Armor +x, Lots of Shooting Guild Weakness: Elite crews, Guild Keywords: Critical Strike +x, Armor +x, Bury
  21. Ok so the new GG are out. We had some time to look them up and now we can discuss what masters gained and loosed based on each strategy and scheme pool. So what do you think ? Did Dreamer got cuddled ? Did Titania get buffed ? State your opinions here.
  22. So I've been playing Malifaux for around a year (well, playing again, its a long and uninteresting story). I play exclusively Neverborn. I'm not a fantastic player, but I'm not a terrible player either. I have no issues playing against any faction, except Gremlins. I really hate people who make casual unbalanced accusations as most of the time its a lack of imagination. In this case though I really struggle to see a pathway to victory when my opponent is a skilled Gremlin player. When I first started playing I heard some people talk about how OP gremlins were, but I also heard others say they were terrible so I assumed a balance there. But after going against them enough times I, frustratingly, am starting to agree that there are balance issues. Being able to buy up to 6 stuffed piglets for 2ss each is ridiculous. Even if ALL they did was given an activation that would be good. But they can deny schemes like Convict just by existing. If you can reliably kill them from range they will run up and tarpit you, and the fact that their explosion on dying is OPTIONAL is even more ridiculous, since you can't even force them to explode by killing them next to their own models. Add in a Pigapult, which is ludicrously low cost for what it does, and you now have 7 activations for 20ss which can deal MINIMUM 3 attacks from 24" away without requiring LoS which have a decent likelihood of blasting. Rooster Riders are ridiculous for 6ss cost models. Combined with the presence of Dumb Luck and Bayou Two Card on most of the faction I don't see what they don't do better than everyone else. High number of activations, essentially 3 ap for their entire faction in the form of reckless, insane damage output for what in my opinion is minimal cost, initiative control, hand control, high speed. So I'm not trying to be a whiner. I just am at my wit's end. I've asked experience players I know, I've asked forums on Facebook, I've asked my local henchmen. How do you beat Gremlins? I've been told to take WP attack models, but on a whole I actually don't find their WP THAT low. I've been told to isolate and kill off key models, but I'm completely unsure as to how to even get close. Manipulative, Mimic's Blessing, and Perfect Camouflage are all basically useless since nothing important on the Gremlins' side will happen before I'm completely finished activating. The only things I've come up with so far are things like Tuco, which can alpha strike the pigapult with Rets Eye from the shadows and hopefully take out a few other models with blasts, but if you lose the deployment flip then that strategy goes out the window, and even if you succeed Tuco for the Pigapult isn't an even trade. Zoraida seems to be a really good master against them. Obey's can make Stuffed Pigs go off, I think, and turn Rooster Riders back on their own with 1ap charges. Collodi could do that too I suppose and could bring Vasalisa along for more straight Obeys. So.... what do you guys have? Considering posting this in the Gremlin forums too. I'm not saying the game is broken, or even that Gremlins are definitely unbalanced, but curious how others feel on the subject and to know if anyone has figured out a way around these issues. I'm very interested in figuring out a way through this problem rather than saying its a balance issue, I'm just becoming exasperated trying to see the balance and failing.
  23. How do you guys run von Schill and the Librarian together? I tend to think von Schill likes to be reasonably far upfield and get in people's faces. He seems to be a master where if he does on turn 4/5 it's not so bad because they're probably spent so many AP taking him down that it's worth it - but he always has a fair chance of surviving, so lately I've been pushing him fairly far upfield (I also take the upgrade that gives him hard to kill, on top of 'shirt comes off', of course). Initially I'd keep vS back to keep the Trapper within 10" for "I pay better", but I don't think restricting vS' movement for this reason is a good choice. Pushing vS pretty far upfield often seems to work well, even though this may mean nobody else is in his 6" bubble. But I've lately been finding the value of Librarian in just healing vS - however, it's hard to keep her within 6" of vS (her healing range), and last time she just ended up chasing vS around the board with double walks. So how are you positioning vS in relation to the rest of your crew to get maximum effectiveness? I feel like his buffing for the rest of the crew tends to be nice but not essential enough to restrict vS' movement. Of course this all depends on the game. Sometimes it just works best to have vS sitting in the middle of the field somewhere shooting fools.
  24. Hello everone, I'm new to the game and have played only a couple of games with my Hamelin crew, which were all nice and fun until I faced the Victorias. Having to play Reckoning against them was no fun whatsoever. In the end I lost 8:6, managing to score 5 points from my shemes, as did my opponent, but only once scoring from the strategy. The no fun part however was not due to losing, but rather due to the feeling of being massively outmatched. Facing a crew with such massive damage output and very powerful and obvious abilities, which also has access to hard to kill condition removall, card and soulstone manipulation etc was quite daunting, even frustrating. Thinking about the game afterwards I could not see alot thatt I could have done differentlxy to change the outcome. So far I only have the Hamelin starter and the brotherhood of the rat box - so Hamelins core crew, with the "The Lost" models awaiting painting. My list featured Hamelin (The Plague, Survivalist, The Piper) Nix (Hollow, Infectious melodies) 2x Ratcatcher Lost Obedient Wretch 5 rats (ended up summoning two ratkings on turn 1) versus Victoria 1 Victoria 2 Johan(na) Student of Conflict 2xRonin Vanessa Freikorps Librarian (don't know what upgrades my opponent used) Strategy: Reckoning Shemes I picked: Frame for Murder, Plant explosives (scored 2/3) My opponent picked the same and scored the same. I'd appreciate any constructive advice on how to play against teh Victorias, without feeling utterly out of control. (I have been plaqying miniature games for over 20 years, so I know that some factions are hard to beat and frustrating at first, but after thinking about it for a long while and looking over their cards, I reallydon't see how in this case...)
  25. Last time thinking about Executioner, this model has uniq stats, one of the best df for his damage(all beatsticks like Teddy, Kiljoy, Peacekeeper, etc. have low df - 3-4), Love the job is a great ability and Certain Death is insane vs rasputina, nicodim, dreamer and other models with hard df triggers. And after all - "assasinate" trigger, only MI6 stop me to call him the HtH monster. But, low mobility and no shooting decrease his chances stay alive enough to kill someone. I'm thinking about how use him(and how use him twice a game as he Rare 2). And cant to invent some good combo. Yes, I can take Abuela to add some mobility, or Francisco to add some defence, or even MacCabe to add and mobility and defence. But... I dont know, it's not enough synergy as for me. That why I want to ask how do you use Executioner? )
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