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  1. So with the beta at the end and a release data for M3E announced I though Id get the ball rolling on Sandeep for this addition. now this does come with the disclaimer that all this is correct as of the time of writing (e.g end of Beta) rather than the printed rules, and there could be tweaks between what I've said here and the final version. It also comes with the disclaimer that while I've played something in the ball park of 20-30 games with Sandeep throughout the Beta its been against a fairly small meta (I mean I've yet to play vs Guild once!) and so there may be things
  2. With the new crossroad 7 box coming out, I'm just wondering what people think of crews lead by envy lord of the dakka? Envy seems to be one of the better leaders as the extra AP means more dakka and the crossroad 7 seem a great opportunity to play something unexpected in arcanist So has anyone tried this. Is envy now a better gun line leader than raspy? Do you take the full band or drop 1-2 (I'd be tempted to drop sloth for a silent one with magic training) Tell me your thoughts
  3. Hi all, finished up another of my crew writeups focusing on Tara and her Obliteration keyword. Not as in-depth with specific combos as some others but I feel like it goes into enough about what they do to get a fairly good grasp on the crew and act as a diving board for anyone looking to play Tara! I've also got this hosted on my blog with pictures of my own Tara crew spread throughout here! Keyword abilities/actions- From Nothing- The crew's main ability, this lets them unbury at the start of their activation by removing Fast from any model (although you'll want it on en
  4. Posting on behalf of a friend learning the ropes with his Bayou crews, who needs perhaps a bit of guidance. I play Neverborn, Dreamer, Titania, Nekima, Pandora and Lucius to date. So far he plays Wong and Zipp. In 2e zipp was a terror unto himself, murdering Dreamer from out of nowhere, using first mate to deny pretty well any schemes involving markers, and generally performing well. So far in m3e however things haven't been so good for the gremlins. Any and all advice on these match-ups, fighting Neverborn generally, or even just playing Zipp or Wong (especially Wong) would help a lot.
  5. Hello again guildmates So, after my recent asswooping at my last tournament, I've been doing my best to just observe how other players at handling current meta. In particular, the abuse of Shen Long in tourney play. He appeared many times at my recent tourney as well as many times in the higher end tournaments such as the UK Nationals. My main opponent happens to be a 10T player who's pretty darned good, so we played a practice game where we randomly generated a scenario and agreed we would play Hoffman vs Shen Long. We figured these to be the 2 biggest masters from their respective
  6. Hi all So I've been pondering picking up some bayou in the new year to give me a change from ressers and arcanists. However only played vs bayou a couple of times so don't really know what's good and what not (beyond first mate) I'm interested in orphelia, mah, zip and ulix. Brewmaster semi interests me but looking at his crew not sure what they are good for. Zoridia isn't gremlin so she doesn't count. Not sure on if I like sommer or not and wong I've got o interest in So bayou players, teach me your ways
  7. So I've been doing a thread about every master after I've played a few games with em. Today, I'd like to talk about Dashel. Stereotypically he is known as the summoner of the Guild, able to summon any Guard minion. However, I feel that the reality of the situation is a bit less encouraging. He needs excessively high cards to do only a decent summon, and significant investments. In addition, this all is assuming that he can find a scheme marker, hopefully an enemy one because if it's a friendly than it becomes even harder to summon. He can only do it once per turn as well. Now, h
  8. So. Lucius. At first glance, he requires minions a plenty to command and elite models from his new box set whenever it comes out. However, I'm thinking he might be able to fit a couple of scary enforcers into his list. The only minions I think he needs is a couple lawyers. Lucius's "Issue Command" ability only affects minions, elites or mimics, giving it a failry specific set of models it can affect. However, the best target for this action are his lawyers. Whenever his lawyers preform an action outside of their activation, they draw a card (remember that you already have a 6 card hand) s
  9. Hello again all. Today I want to talk about a particular strategy, Corrupted Idols. For those unfamiliar, whoever wins initiative flip will look at his suite and use that to determine where to drop a strat marker, and from there you have to take damage to move the strat marker to the enemy table half to score. This strat seems like a real bitch! I've only played it twice, but it's coming up at my tourney. So I want to see our thoughts on how we accomplish it. Do we devote cards to cheating initiative to control where the strat marker lands? Do we have specific models we like to use w
  10. So I've played a few games with Hamelin now and have some thoughts I figured I would share about how he and his crew interact, and some things to avoid. My games and end results were as follows: Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, obedient wretch, nix, a few rats and 6ss vs Nekima won 5 to 3. Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, hodgepodge effigy, 3ss vs jack daw loss 4-1 . Hamelin w/ 3 stolen, benny, nix, wretch, 2 rat kings, 1 rat catcher, 1 rat, 5ss vs somer draw 3-3. (lists may be off by a few ss, didn't double check just typed what I remembered
  11. Hello again. Just got my mounted guard in the mail to my excitement. I hear that they're the guard models that everyone loves, but I want to hear about how people use them? Use their great mobility to scheme run, or use their bonus actions to get other models where they need to be?
  12. Hello again all, So there's a tourney happening in October and im also hoping to make it into the Masters Tourney in the USFT. So this weekend, I'm doing tourney prep games. Practicing competitive level games with another buddy who's also going. 2 hours long, no takebacks, brutal as fuck games So I present below the scenarios for the 2 games we will be playing and the list I made for game 1. My list with game 1 has a really specific plan in mind. Grimwell nimble and walks up and places a scheme marker, while the dogs all pick a flank to run to. Then the rest of the crew se
  13. So I'm a newbie but I've managed to play two 50ss games recently with Sandeep my crew is Sandeep Desai Banasuva (0) Kudra Acharya (9) Kandara (8) Oxfordian Mage (6) Oxfordian Mage (6) Oxfordian Mage (6) Silent One (7) Silent One (7) I basically use the silent ones to place 2 pillars a piece as soon as I can, and then get Sandeep to summon gamin (fire or ice usually), and then try and start a concentration mechanism going. So I have a couple of questions: What's the best way to play Sandeep and his crew? Is this a good crew s
  14. I think the ability to pass activations by discarding cards is likely to be a very tactical/playing the player aspect to the game. Since it is likely that Abyssinia is outnumbered as a faction, it is likely they could make better use of this mechanic than anyone. My premise is that Abyssinia would look to get up in VP early and pass activations to diminish the opponent from fully utilizing their numerical advantage. When can you see yourself passing an activation at the expense of a card?
  15. I've seen a few Tacticas here and there, but for my personal favourite master I've seen only threads with questions and ideas. I've been playing this nightmarish killer since he's been in Beta. I've tried my hand with and against every Master out so far, with the single exception of Shenlong, with this terror of Malifaux and I've learned quite a bit from it. So why not share my knowledge of this horror-bound "demon?" I'm talking about the elusive boy known as The Dreamer, of course! I'm hoping that everyone can learn at least something from this but my main goal is to try to help people b
  16. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the b
  17. So this thread keeps popping up, I thought I'd try to write up something to help you getting started with Nicodem. At this point you have probably bought the Open Graves boxset. So you have Nicodem, Mortimer, 3x Punk Zombies and the Vulture. Let's start with that assumption. Good buy, Nicodem is absolutely the boss and you are within the righteous faction of Malifaux, good for you. Nicodem is a toolbox to no end. What you need you get. Nicodem can be played in different ways, the most obvious being the Summoner he is. Do remember though, that you have the option to summon, it's not mandato
  18. The Arcane Emissary's 0 action removes an enemy's non-station characteristics i.e. Construct, living, academic, M&SU, showgirl, etc etc basically everything except their rank (Minion, enforcer, master, totem etc). Im interested to hear anyone's examples of how this could be useful?
  19. I've got a couple of games coming up where I can see the 'pult being really useful (namely vs Levi and Sonnia), my problem is fitting it in the crew plus it's ammo tends to leave me very few resources left to complete strats/schemes. Vs Levi, I'm thinking of using it for Waif hunting so the normal Sh 6 min damage 2 piglet shots will be what I want. Vs. Sonnia, I see the 'pult going for her early game so the Sh 5 min damage 3 stuffed piglet shots should be ok. So what do you folks do to mitigate the cost or do you just accept it and build the list around the 'pult?
  20. To help budding and struggling Yan Lo players (i.e. me, total self interest) I thought we could have a bit of an ancestral conflux and pool some experience. There is a pinned thread on yan lo, a pull my finger page, and schemes & stones podcast which cover general lo-ing. These are all great, though ageing a bit. The focus of this topic on specific master match ups for Yan - ambitious, but dream big! The diversity of crew builds, scheme pools, terrain layout in Malifaux is staggering and a core strength of its wonderfully rich and balanced mechanics. However, there are predictabl
  21. Hivemind, I have recently run into some trouble with the Guild. Prominently against Lady Justice (probably something to do with Yan Lo). My standard tactics of tying up key models and cutting down the rest have not been working as well. So I write this both to learn and to share what are the Guild's strengths? What are their weaknesses? Here is what I have so far; Guild Strengths: High damage output, Cheap Armor +x, Lots of Shooting Guild Weakness: Elite crews, Guild Keywords: Critical Strike +x, Armor +x, Bury
  22. Ok so the new GG are out. We had some time to look them up and now we can discuss what masters gained and loosed based on each strategy and scheme pool. So what do you think ? Did Dreamer got cuddled ? Did Titania get buffed ? State your opinions here.
  23. So I've been playing Malifaux for around a year (well, playing again, its a long and uninteresting story). I play exclusively Neverborn. I'm not a fantastic player, but I'm not a terrible player either. I have no issues playing against any faction, except Gremlins. I really hate people who make casual unbalanced accusations as most of the time its a lack of imagination. In this case though I really struggle to see a pathway to victory when my opponent is a skilled Gremlin player. When I first started playing I heard some people talk about how OP gremlins were, but I also heard others say they
  24. How do you guys run von Schill and the Librarian together? I tend to think von Schill likes to be reasonably far upfield and get in people's faces. He seems to be a master where if he does on turn 4/5 it's not so bad because they're probably spent so many AP taking him down that it's worth it - but he always has a fair chance of surviving, so lately I've been pushing him fairly far upfield (I also take the upgrade that gives him hard to kill, on top of 'shirt comes off', of course). Initially I'd keep vS back to keep the Trapper within 10" for "I pay better", but I don't thin
  25. Hello everone, I'm new to the game and have played only a couple of games with my Hamelin crew, which were all nice and fun until I faced the Victorias. Having to play Reckoning against them was no fun whatsoever. In the end I lost 8:6, managing to score 5 points from my shemes, as did my opponent, but only once scoring from the strategy. The no fun part however was not due to losing, but rather due to the feeling of being massively outmatched. Facing a crew with such massive damage output and very powerful and obvious abilities, which also has access to hard to kill condition r
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