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  1. so December has been a bit on the outs lately, and love for rasputina is at an all time low. So that has me thinking, I should pick her up during the easter sale and see what is what, particularly targeting the nightmare box. I know silent ones can rock, and who our heavy hitters are, but then there are acolytes. In M2E I used acolytes cause frozen heart let them ignore terror, and I faced a lot of terror back then, but what do they do these days? I guess analyze weakness would be good against a heavy armor crew, but is there anything else they do for you?
  2. I know this is an older post, but props to the folks who managed all of the elementals.
  3. Just as a world building wonk, I would like to think they have multiple languages like earthside. That said, I would still love some examples for painting.
  4. Keep in mind, I am not super 3rd ed savy. I went for protect and serve cause I want bots, but it is hard to argue against the Support Staff box. Joss is a ruthless wrecking machine with command construct for a bonus who benifits from hoff's power nexus and the mobile tool kit can throw out focus and repair every turn as well. There is something to be said for Langston and the Steamfitters, but they are just not quite as awesome as Joss and the toolkit. Once you have Support Staff, you can just go for what looks cool. But again, I am a full edition behind so my views are all theoretical. Grain
  5. Back when I thought I was a Guild player (Hoffman and aracanist really, but I was young and confused) I needed a couple Guild Guard to fill out something and blah blah sale, blah Lucius. Never got around to using him, but faded away for a while and came back hard into arcanists until the Witche3s and Woes box (didn't get candy and kade tho) wandered into my clutches. Then it was like, "I like the doppelganger and have this master and some lawyers..." and the rest will be history whenever I get around to playing them. Mostly Wyrd gets me cause I see some models I like and my dreams of playing o
  6. And it would only take one purchase I want to buy anyway.
  7. I will have to see if I can track an inexpensive nephilim. Serena just seems like a cool model. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Ok, my heart is in Arcanists right now, and I am not supposed to buy other factions until I get at least most of them painted, and the ressers cause pirate molly. Just my own rule to one day conquer the legion of the unpainted. That said, I have been cleaning up where my old models were. I still have Maurice and Angel Eyes from the old 2 player starter and Lucius and 2 lawyers from his 2nd ed box. I picked up Witches and Woes (no candy or kade though) and a carver cause I am weak around nightmare boxes. I kinda want to pick Familiar faces, but that is the entire mimic line. What else in the Ne
  9. So, I have been on a scifi kick for a while, and haven't played in a bit. I am mostly a Guild guy but Colette, well she has always been my favorite and I plan on some practice with her for a bit. Over the holidays, one of my friends grabbed the Crossroads seven, and split it among his faux friends. Like I said, I usually guild, so I got greed. But she looks like a decent hitter for Colette. Steady damage and gaining and killing soulstones seems helpful and any band member is a bit thematic. Has anyone monkeyed with greed and Colette?
  10. Let's look at the choices: Set my head on fire and carry a giant box around... not for me.Get even shorter and risk serious burns.Hunt innocent natives who are resisting foreign occupation.Ummm... die. Lots. With a used sword.Spend your days building kickass robots to destroy bad peoples' robots. Work in the basement with a weird guy and his smelly dogI don't really know enough about the relic hunters, but I never really wanted to be a droog.And really, who can afford law school?the choice seems easy.
  11. So, I am not great at Malifaux, and I have had little time to play with my outcasts, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But my outcasts are Tara and Leveticus, so my buying advice could be helpful, but probably not tourney winning. Tara and Leveticus can work with a lot of different models, so I try to aim for some overlap (then end up buying cool looking models instead). Leveticus may prefer necropunks, but thanks to Tara's sidekick Karina, Tara and Leveticus can use Crooligans, so they may be worth a look. But again, I am thinking as a model buyer more than a tourney player which
  12. Judging from the Infinity precolored sets, they are about 20-30% more expensive than their unpainted equivalents. Overall the price is comparable to MDF stuff. It is lighter which is both good and bad but deems durable so far. Haven't tried the painted kits yet and I got mixed feelings on those since I got an airbrush, but I also have been too lazy to paint the infinity and am just now paining my Garden of Morr which got when it released I want to say fifty years ago give or take. I also make use of the plastcrafy old west building since, despite being a hair small are dirt cheap, easy
  13. I feel you pain. I know why they are that expensive, but I already have metal Colette, and plan to get plastic and just can't quite justify $90 for a 3rd set. NM Tara I was getting instead of regular tara, plus was part of a trade so it was a lot easier to swallow, but for the 3rd set of the same thing... I doubt they will have trouble moving them, I was just hoping it would be cheap enough to get me on board.
  14. The Izumi model is compelling, which if I am totally honest is a bigger sraw than good strategy, so when the two align... I have promised myself a good number of games with Colette or the Hoff before I tackle Tara, but I am trying to build and paint her as I go so there may be a haunted suit of armor in my future.
  15. So, let's say that, for reasons unexplainable by modern science or due to a clearance sale I came across a single arachnid swarm. 3 Spiders or one swarm. Let's further assume that, for religious reasons, I will not buy more or magnetize them. Which would you build for the Hoff? 3 steam arachnids to power loop a spiffy DF and WP with a side of Latch on, or a single swarm for a self repairing hitman? Which would you do?
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