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Found 51 results

  1. So i was playing a game of 50 ss with jack, running amongst others 2 guilty. My opponent was running an ashes and dust. In the first round, his ashes killed my guilty, therefore attaching the punish the wicked upgrade to it. So far so good. However, as i then killed his ashes, we noticed, that both demise abilities would go off. However, the demise of the ashes and dust would replace the model with the ashen core, wich would keep the upgrade on it, while the punish the wicked just summons the guilty and doesn't remove the upgrade itself. When i then killed the core in the same activation, it summoned a seccond guilty to the table. Is that really how it works or did we get something wrong? And if it is, is it intentional?
  2. Jack Daw has a curse upgrade called "Firing squad injustice". The relevant part of it says the following "When this models declares an Attack Action it suffers 2 damage which may not be reduced". In a recent game Jack Daw had attached this upgrade to Lady Justice. She used her Tactical Action "Acrobatic assault" from the Swordfighter upgrade. The relevant part of it says "Place this model within 4" of its current location, then take a (1) MI Attack Action against a target in range." So, in this situation, has Lady Justice declared an attack action? She takes an attack action, but is that the same thing as declaring it? The action she declares which lets her take the attack action is listed as a Tactical action. Or is it considered that the Acrobatic assault tactical action generates an attack action which must then in turn be declared as well? Would it be any different if she used a "Charge" action? It is also a Tactical action which generates attack actions.
  3. I looked around a bit but couldn't find a clear answer. Do models need to be completely within six inches of jack daw for the writhing torment push or is it just as long as any part of the base is within six? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys, after a long break (played a lot of 10T lately), I decided to give my Outcasts a try in GG18. Unfortunately, I don't own so much, so I haven't a real flexibility in builds. The rolled Strategy and Schemes are these: Ply For Information (we decided to play Extraction, just to change a bit) Surround Them Inescapable Trap Public Demonstration Hold Up Their Forces Vendetta Given I own Hamelin, Parker, Jack Daw and some random stuff, what are your advises about the game? Is Hamelin able to play into these Schemes? I know he's really powerful and can do almost everything, but don't know. By the way, I thought to go for Hold Up Their Forces and another one (Surround Them or Vendetta, probably), 'cause I think Montresor will shine into Hold Up. What can be an efficient runner? The Midnight Stalker? Thanks in advance.
  5. I was reflecting on the GG18 for my Masters (Hamelin, Jack and Parker) and, all of a sudden, I came with this revelation: is Hamelin effectively weak in Ours? The whole game of Hamelin is about cycling, and with cycling you summon constantly new models. The things you play with him surely follow this road: Abominations, Desolation Engine, Ashes & Dust, Rat Kings, Rat Catchers, Stolen. How is my Tyrant supposed to play into this Strategy? Help me guys and you'll get a slice of cheese.
  6. Hey guys, what are the best picks for a Jack Daw list (in terms of crew)? I tried the box (Montresor and Ligeia together are an awesome tarpit), one or two post-errata Desperate Mercenary, Jaakuna Ubume, Ama No Zako (gave her Oathkeeper and Tormented with a Guilty). Which are your common picks? Do you think he can run a spam list with Aionus on top of that?
  7. Arcane Emissary use his (0) The Negation on Target Model (TM) and target gains condition "Negated: This model loses all non-Station Characteristic" . 1) Jack Daw gain to TM upgrade with "This model gains the Tormented Characteristic" Do the TM have Tormented Characteristic because of Upgrade or not because of Negated? 2) Viktoria discard Howling Wolf Tattoo and gain to TM condition "Blood Ties: This model gains the Sister Characteristic" Do the TM have Sister Characteristic because of Blood Ties or not because of Negated?
  8. So Jack Daw's new upgrade says that when a guilty model is killed jack may "Choose a Cursed Upgrade that this model does not have attached and that is not attached to an enemy model." Does this allow him to attach the Suffocating Injustice? I'm assuming it doesn't since he's not an emissary of fate, and Growing doesn't say that you ignore restrictions. I also assume it doesn't let you go above your upgrade limit as well.
  9. Hi Guys, i gota couple of questions of Jack's abilities. 1) if an enemy model has frame for murder on it and it died to Jack's curses, does it award VPs? 2) i took betrayer and twist and turn upgrade on Jack. I made an enemy model tormented by final fate trigger and then i cast twist and turn to make it attack Jack, who controls the horror check? I heard that i will control the enemy's flip and i can cheat with my hand to fail it if i can. Is it correct?
  10. Montresor use his (0) Fearful Whispers. "All models in range must pass a TN 14 Wp duel or be pushed in base contact with this model..." 1. Models must be pushed directly toward into base contact (A) or it can be pushed aside (B)? 2. If B is correct - can incorporeal models be pushed through and placed in base contact on the other side of Montresor's base? 3. Who will determine the order (and place if B is correct) of pushes enemy models?
  11. Hey guys, I am new in Malifaux and would like to try the Jack Daw crew to begin. I have read some posts about the play style of Jack and I believe the curse ability is one of the focus and fun point for playing Jack. I was wondering since there are only three curse for him and your opponent can simply get rid of the curse by discarding a card, then how can the curse really do the damage in game? Or if I have miss something about the curse? Thank you for any opinion!
  12. hello people, I have been running Jack Daw for a while now and with all the movement shenanigans and curse potential he is my favourite, I just keep finding new and cool lists with him. I have recently tried the following list Jack Daw > Writhing torment Twist and Turn 3 curses Jakuna Ubume > The creeping Terror Ama Na Zako Lady Leiga Ronin Johan Montressor > fearful whisper Brick by brick I have found another interesting way to play him (this may not be a new way to some but I'm not the quickest to discover new things), its all the terrain the only thing that I have had to be careful with is ama na zako's terrain say all models where as jakuna says enemy so placement is key tried it with a drowned but ama na zako kept killing him, in my other lists I tend to have a good mix where as this has two focal models but with strategies like turf war I think it could really work. please share your thoughts comments on this or on Jack Daw
  13. Apologies because I know this has been discussed before, but I don't know whether a final consensus was ever reached - I've seen contradictory posts about how this works recently on A Wyrd Place. The question is, whether the trigger Remember Injustice on Jack's Noose attack can benefit from extra damage due to Firing Squad Injustice and The Bigger They Are. Lets take Firing Squad Injustice first. It says "When this model suffers damage from an attack action, it suffers +1 damage". Because Remember Injustice is part of the initial Noose attack action, it seems that this damage source should also benefit from +1 damage due to Firing Squad. But then I've also seen it argued that the overall Noose attack action can only receive +1 damage in total. So if you have applied this +1 to the original hit, you can't apply it again to the trigger damage. However, that interpretation seems counter intuitive to me. The Bigger They Are is worded slightly differently: "This models close attack actions that deal damage +1 damage to non-Masters with an upgrade attached". Again, Remember Injustice is considered part of a close attack action, so on face value you would expect the +1 to apply again. But I've seen the same counter argument outlined above applied here as well. So can we resolve this once and for all? Exactly how much damage should Remember Injustice do to a model with Firing Squad Injustice, if Jack has Bigger They Are?? NOTE: posted this here rather than in rules forum, to gain more exposure to those in the know (Outcast players).
  14. Minnesota wargamer Alex Vien/TheGreatSerpent has written up yet another awesome battle report with his favorite Outcast, Parker Barrows. This time, it is vs a familiar foe, Jack Daw of the Outcasts. Alex is preparing for the Renegade Open and has been experimenting with the idea of having an 'All-Comers' Parker Barrows list that he can drop into any matchup. In this battle report he continues to test out that experiment and gives a turn by turn re-telling of his game. If you enjoy his batrep or have thoughts, leave a comment for him. http://midwestwargaming.com/battle-report-parker-barrows-outcasts-v-jack-daw-outcasts-malifaux/ Here's the lists: 50 soulstone Outcasts Crew: Parker Barrows + 6 SS Cache -Highwayman -Stick Up -Hail of Bullets Doc Mitchell Bandido Bandido Ronin Freikorps Trapper Sue -Oathkeeper Mad Dog Brackett -Crate of Dynamite -Lucky Poncho VS David’s crew: 50 soulstone Outcasts Crew Jack Daw + 4 SS cache -3 facedown curses -Twist and Turn -Betrayer Convict Gunslinger Lady Ligeia The Guilty The Guilty The Guilty The Hanged Montresor -Brick by Brick -Fearful Whispers
  15. Really feeling Jack Daw as being my next main master and was just wondering what areas of focus Jack can present. After pouring over his rules and that of other tormented I see the he has the utility to go for a terror build, movement and repositioning focus or possibly a denial type of play - I was really wondering a few things... - Is it wise to take all three of his curses, leaving only 2 slots for his other upgrades? - what seems to be the best approach to using jack; or what would you consider a beginner approach to Jacking it with opponents. - The C7, Nurses and Drowned seem obvious but what Tormented would be best for jack to pull from other factions? Any feedback would be welcome
  16. Hey Guys! After starting Malifaux this year (with some Guild Masters). I'm finally addicted to Neverborn and Outcasts (Dreamer, Pandora, Jack Daw and the Vik's) I started my paintjob with some of my favourite miniatures. I hope you like the work. Teddy and Baby Kade Jack Daw
  17. Hello Team, I read all @daniello_s and @Patzer stuff regarding Jack Daw. Also browsed other topics at forum. I have some issues with Pride and Hanged. Pride is too squishy. If I want him to work, he should activate first- in the middle of enemy crew. So no manipulation check His auras are nice, but also I need to have him in middle of enemy crew. One big plus - he is tormented so I will get all pushes and stuff for free. When I used him it was too easy for my enemy to kill him. For the same cost I can have Sue. The Hanged- Nice CA attack, Horror duel, nice trigger (creates horror duel). He is tormented so another for him. I see only But then for one more ss I have Bishop. I made sick combo with him and nurse (Bishop was tormented, got +2 dmg, activated, pushed by Jack Daw and had 4 attack vs enemy master). Also nice combo is to give someone + 2 armor and on duels and use Bishop (armor ignore) Can you people tell me, how you use Pride and Hanged in your crews? Are those models good? Maybe I am doing something wrong?
  18. Hi Guys, Could someone tell me if there are some stories in the old or the new books about Jack Daw? Thanks
  19. Hello! Jack Daws Injustice Upgrades - When they are applied to another model, and thereafter Jack Daw is killed, are the upgrades left in play? I presume yes, but I had one of those nights where you read something so many times you are positive you don't know what your reading anymore.
  20. When I saw this page, I realized that's how it really was
  21. Hello Everyone I had time again to play Malifaux (after a few months break). Had a game with Levi (man he was killy as hell, one activation and 3 dead bodies ) But back to the main topic, I have a few questions, and hope you can help me. I Currently I have access to: - Levi plastic box - VS plastic box - Sue - Johan - Desolation Engine - Death Marshall - Hannah - Lazarus Question #1 Cheap scheme runners. I miss cheap models in my collection. After I read forum i think that Void wretches are best, but maybe in future that thing for Hamelin may be better. Are there any other options for that role? I think about Desperate merc and effigy? any opinions or advice? Question #2 Summoning Levi. I tried it a few times, Rusty Alyce generates scrap, Levi creates a-bomb. It didn't work, firstly i had to have them both in same area, second I never had a right card when i needed it. Any advices on that? Anyone had success with that tactic? Question #3 Jack Daw, I have an opportunity to buy single model for master with all cards and it's cheap. Have you ever played Jack without other tormented models? It will lose a lot of his playstyle, but can still be used . I never saw him on table so my experience is not too big. @ off-top I didn't check things on forum for some time, where is Zfiend, have Guild got him? Or maybe other sinister forces? It's strange without him and his ressers posts.
  22. So I've been running JD for a while now, and absolutely love him. I'm starting to phase in the Crossroads 7, and I'm curious what people think about the different band members with Daw, their roles in a Daw crew, unexpected combos, and so on. I ran Envy last week, but sadly all he got to do was draw an enemy Killjoy into position and die, setting me up to waste Killjoy for Murder Protege. Still, I feel he'll do good work, especially with the free 3" push and/or Jack Daw obeying him for extra shots or stealing his attack. Next up is Wrath. He strikes me as a pretty straightforward Beatstick / Tank - good at dealing damage, can heal himself as he does it or stone to prevent damage. Seems to just want to charge in and punch things, which I plan to facilitate with Oathkeeper, Scramble, or the like, and maybe Papa Loco giving him Hold This. Is there more to his role in a Jack Daw crew that I'm missing? And in general, any wild combos or hilarious successes with the band in a JD crew so far? I'll keep reporting on how things go, but I'm curious if this major influx of new tormented models has had much effect on the way people play JD.
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