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  1. Some interesting points....I'll shall return to beard scratching contemplation of lists
  2. So I like to play Jack & a lot of the time the hardest decision I have to make when building his crew is whether or not to take take the max amount of Hanged that I can (I love these creepy buggers). How often do you take them? I find it hard to leave home without at least one. Thinking about something like this; Jack Daw -- 5ss +Guillotine Injustice - 0ss +Twist And Turn - 2ss +Writing Torment - 2ss +Drowning Injustice - 0ss +Firing Squad Injustice - 0ss Hodgepodge Effigy - 4ss Nurse - 5ss Rusty Alyce - 10ss (OR Strongarm) +Tally Sheet - 1ss The Guilty - 5ss The Hanged - 9ss The Hanged - 9ss
  3. All in the title really, UK based & looking to buy Montresor & card. Also after a Bishop card
  4. Those were my thoughts to. But also I only need to make injury flips for the rats if the summoned units are killed & it's quite possible to keep chaining stuff into new units to avoid making those flips If the worst comes to the worst I can add more Rats cheaply enough at the start of each campaign phase
  5. If something paralyzes Killjoy I'll just have to ride out, usually he's into an opponent quick enough to deal with anything that could pose a threat to him. Having that many Rats gives the ability to put Blighted pretty much anywhere I want & give's me the option to summon Rat Kings & Rat Catchers from the get go
  6. I need help deciding on my opening gambit for a local campaign (henchmen led, but costs & 40ss) I'm torn between two options as my starting crew (both fairly similar)... Option 1: Henchmen: Nix 8ss [9ss] Infectious Melodies +1ss Killjoy 12ss [12ss] Obedient Wretch [4ss] Hodegepodge Effigy [4ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] OR Option 2: Henchmen: Nix 8ss [9ss] Infectious Melodies +1ss Killjoy 12ss [12ss] Obedient Wretch [4ss] Rat Catcher [6ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] Malifaux Rat [2ss] As it stands I'm leaning more towards #1 but would be interested in hearing your thoughts
  7. I have a Nix going spare if you're interested. Still on sprue with card
  8. I always thought these fellas would make cool day dreams: http://static2.paizo.com/image/product/catalog/WYR/WYRCP001_500.jpeg
  9. So I've decided that I want a Black Blood Shaman to run with my Nephilim but I don't like the mini & doesn't fit the angry daemon lady vibe of my grow list so I've started on a conversion... Once this section has set I need to create some sort of tie around the middle & connect the sleeves to the bodice. Edit - already swapped out the right arm to match the left & will attempt further curling of the wings when it's more set.
  10. Yes....is the only answer to that question. In my last game my opponent had to try to deal with him & got unlucky in killing him off. Next turn with a card ditch & killing off a Coryphee Duet he was back to full health & wandered up & down the left half of the board killing anything that couldn't get away & effectively forced my opponent into the other half of the board. The obey from the piper upgrade really helps his mobility also (not to mention can it can generate an extra attack [or two if you trigger onslaught]). One thing to bear in mind with Killjoy is that your opponent knows it's coming! It's usually best to hide your rats against a range heavy crew as they can pick off your rats & Killjoy's then jogging
  11. I've found the best thing about Sewer King Hamelin is not having to focus on making rats...they just happen which is awesome. Not to mention that by having a Rat or Stolen to hand you never have to stone for cards, add in to that the obligatory Killjoy delivery (which you have) from an Infectious Melody rat & your golden. In this sort of crew I stay away from the Plague & use Survivalist as it's too good to pass up & as Sewer King & Piper you'll be using those actions up on obey so no need to focus on blighted too much. Personally I've been running Iggy & Baby Kade & they're really nice to have in the crew as Kade always has a buddy in a Rat & Iggy has cool tricks at neat price (& is virtually an auto include if you're facing Tara). I would maybe consider starting with less Rats, I like to start with just one, & use the points elsewhere....maybe Oathkeeper on Killjoy Here's my list at this size; Hamelin -- 5ss +Sewer King - 1ss +The Piper - 2ss +Survivalist - 1ss The Stolen - 2ss Baby Kade - 7ss Iggy - 5ss Killjoy - 12ss +Oathkeeper - 1ss Malifaux Rat - 2ss Nix - 8ss +Infectious Melodies - 1ss Obedient Wretch - 4ss I'll be picking up some Crooligans like yourself as they're amazing runners for Hamelin
  12. There's a local event coming up next month using fixed lists @ 35ss & I'm thinking that I would like to try out a grow list for this event (been itching to try one out & this seems like a prime opportunity). The trouble I'm having is that I usually play 50ss & so it's hard to judge what works well at this size as I've played 35ss since 1st edition. I've come up with three fairly similar iterations & could use some advice from experienced growers. ____________________________________________ List #1 Lilith -- 5ss +Beckon Malifaux - 1ss +Living Blade - 2ss +Rapid Growth - 1ss Primordial Magic - 2ss Nekima - 13ss +The True Mother - 2ss +Nexus Of Power - 1ss Terror Tot - 4ss Terror Tot - 4ss Terror Tot - 4ss ____________________________________________ List #2 Lilith -- 7ss +Beckon Malifaux - 1ss +Living Blade - 2ss +On Wings of Darkness - 1ss Primordial Magic - 2ss Barbaros - 10ss +Obsidian Talons - 1ss +Rapid Growth - 1ss Terror Tot - 4ss Terror Tot - 4ss Young Nephilim - 6ss ____________________________________________ List #3 Nekima -- 4ss +The True Mother - 2ss +Nexus Of Power - 1ss Primordial Magic - 2ss Barbaros - 10ss +Rapid Growth - 1ss +Nephilim Gladiatus - 1ss Terror Tot - 4ss Terror Tot - 4ss Young Nephilim - 6ss Looking forward to hearing your thoughts
  13. Says it all in the title, UK based & in need of a couple of cards. Let me know if you can help a brother out
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