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  1. Nice easy, quick index for players learning The Dreamer and wanting to know what schemes to take him with / against. Tell me what you think!
  2. Started doing the Scheme Pool advice. If anyone has any questions they definitely want addressed, please ask now!
  3. Waldgeist are up. I don't know what CTRL+___ I hit, but I closed the window after an hour of writing Baby Kade's entry. My heart hurts. Rewrote it. Yaaaayy~
  4. I just posted my own guys here, or at least the links to them.
  5. Envy, Gluttony and Wrath, Pride, Lust, Sloth, and finally Greed. ;w; Opinions are always welcome, I've never posted any models on here before. On the forums here, at least.
  6. For the most part, even when you are playing Lord Chompy Bits, the Dreamer should activate in a way that maximizes his Pleasant Dreams healing. If you're playing Summoner Dreamer, for example, and plan on summoning 3 models in one turn, or plan on ending with Waking +2 for some reason or another, you should activate him later so that his healing is the most effective. In the same vein, if you're having models go defensive and hold points, perhaps its better to move him sooner and get him into a position where that helps. In the same way, you should plan on activating him in a way that replacing him with Lord Chompy bits doesn't make you bang your head because you suddenly lost a powerful healing aura. Don't activate him early if you don't have to and lose out on that! Of course, as a support master, it's all about context. You don't ever really have to activate him soon, like Nicodem, because his buffs are either during his activation or are static. You either activate and throw out condition removal / push / heal / free attacks / fast or you simply exist close enough to heal. The skill of using a support master is being able to recognize the right place to activate him in all the many different contexts.
  7. A section for problematic situations I can do, especially since I have a lot of hand with playing The Dreamer against Sonnia Criid. I can tell you that the big thing is usually, with far range masters, is to distract them. If Make Them Suffer is in the pool, summon or hire enforcers as much as possible. If you're playing Dreams of Pain, summon models to let them kill, satiate their bloodlust while you accomplish other schemes. If you're playing Restless Dreams, use your Daydreams to push and get right up in their face. Don't let them just freely destroy you, make someone get in their way so that they have to deal with them. Thank you very much, I'll definitely use your input >W<
  8. I can't wait for the Insidious Madness plastics! The renders looked so good ;^; And thank you for the bookmark C: I'm glad you like it
  9. Thank you! I'm glad it helped someone out in an actual game. C: is there anything I didn't expand on enough? Anything, besides other models of course, that I haven't included enough information on? I know that I mentioned Summoner Dreamer is very resource intensive, but I'm glad you managed it! :3 And how did you like the twins? May I asked what they did, besides just outright killing Misaki? And did you take any Stitched together? Edit: Sorry if I'm asking too much! ^^; I just wanna know what I can improve on or help with!
  10. A-Million-Different-Colours is my and my sister's Tumblr. Check out some of her painted models!

  11. No more putting things off. My sister and I just got moved in, signed back up for college, started a Tumblr... everything is nice and in line to continue this. I'm really sorry if I've been away for too long. :c I updated Coppelius and will be finishing the rest as soon as I possibly can. I have quite a bit more free time now, especially after having been down at Gen Con myself, so expect me to be far more active than I have been!
  12. I agree entirely, actually. Rereading it, it was less than fair on the limited upgrade. I'm actually very thankful for your way of putting it, as it let me explain it quite a bit better. As well, I added in the Lord Chompy Bits section, cleaned up the comparison between the two limited upgrades and took a spot-cleaning brush to wipe as much of that bias-gunk out of the text where I could find it. As always, feedback is both welcomed and appreciated. <3 Thank you to Joel and Insidiouslymad for their posts, in particular! Edit: In addition, I also added more to the section on Lelu and Lilitu, with suggestions and, ahem, reminders on some useful tactics.
  13. Finally got back into a good place for this, especially with the Beta having me play 4 or more games a week. Plus, a little encouragement is always nice. Lelu and Lilitu added, with Chompy coming tomorrow.
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